18 yr old high school student Andrew looks human in every way but in reality he is the Incarnation of Satan himself. Two archangels name Mikhail and Gabrielle (who are in human form) are sent from heaven to stop him before his evil takes over the world.

Also Known As: Fear No Evil, Luzifer West, Не бойся зла Soviet, Pacto Infernal, Mark of the Beast, Effroi, La profecía del año 2000, A Classe do Demônio, Lucifer, Sin temor al demonio, Antihristos, o vasilias tou Skotous

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  • salvador-guillermo-orta-linares
    salvador guillermo orta linares

    This somewhat hokey thriller takes itself more seriously than it should; although it does have some moderately effective sequences, it really suffers in comparison with the archetypal Antichrist movie, “The Omen”; it lacks the maturity and strength of that 1976 classic (despite a very solemn beginning). To be fair, though, it’s no worse than the “Omen” sequels. (**)

  • jack-negri
    jack negri

    I recently picked up FEAR NO EVIL out of a bargain bin of cheap DVDs because the cover art looked vaguely familiar, but I could not recall if I’d ever actually seen the movie. After sitting thru FEAR NO EVIL last night I came to the conclusion that I must have missed it back in its heyday, because I definitely would’ve remembered seeing a movie this BAD!! FEAR NO EVIL is a story about Andrew, a young high school genius who also happens to be the reincarnation of the Antichrist. You’d think that having supernatural powers would make high school easier on a kid (You’re getting picked on by other kids in the locker room? Make their heads explode! Why doesn’t THAT ever happen in a teenage-Satan movie?), but Andrew is a rather wimpy, effeminate looking Satan-in-waiting, surrounded by the usual stock characters that populate nearly every early 80s high school horror film (the tough Vinnie Barbarino clone, the greaser girls who smoke dope, swear and meet guys in the school boiler room for “quick and dirty sex,” etc.), all of whom make Andrew’s daily life a living Hell (sorry, I had to say it). After a lot of seemingly unconnected scenes that show these characters going around in circles without doing much, Andrew eventually kills a dog, drinks its blood, and goes out to the creepy old castle outside of town (where his predecessor was killed by Priests back in the olden days) to accept his Satanic birthright, while two Archangels (in the form of a crazy old lady and one of Andrew’s high school classmates, whom he has a crush on) prepare to destroy him; all the while, there’s a local Church production of the Passion Play happening in the background. (??) If this sounds like a mess, it is. Due to absolutely wooden acting by all involved, poor editing, and shoddy script writing (to say nothing of the Atari 2600 style “Laser” special effects), we never get to know enough about ANY of these characters to really care much about what happens to them, and the few disturbing gore sequences that DO work feel like they were tacked on at the last minute to briefly wake the audience up before everything slips back into talky, pretentious oblivion. The last 20 minutes are somewhat interesting, when Andrew unleashes his army of the Undead on his high school tormentors, the guy playing Jesus in the church Passion play suddenly starts bleeding REAL blood all over the first ten rows and general chaos ensues, but even those disturbing images aren’t enough to save this movie after sitting through the absolutely craptacular first hour. Especially hysterical is when the Archangels finally encounter Andrew in his full Satanic regalia, which appears to be a black evening gown and dark lipstick. He looks more like a Goth club kid than the Lord of All Evil. Trust me, the effect is more likely to invoke laughter than horror. I turned to my wife and said “That’s the gayest Antichrist I’ve ever seen.” Even Dr. Frank-N-Furter from “Rocky Horror” is more macho looking than this guy!! I could go on about the unusual amount of male nudity in FEAR NO EVIL (some of it frontal), the male-on-male kissing scenes (One of which causes a guy to grow breasts!!) or the hilariously wide-eyed, vacant performance of the girl Andrew has a crush on (seriously, was she on Valium during filming?)but I think I’ve wasted enough time describing this mish mash to you. Suffice it to say that the highlight of this movie for me (aside from the end credits) was when Andrew’s father ordered my favorite beer (Genny Cream Ale) in a bar. Apparently FEAR NO EVIL has become a cult film over the years, but I’ll be damned (sorry, I did it again) if I can see why. Avoid, avoid, avoid!!!

  • carlos-castro
    carlos castro

    I don’t know if this is the worst movie I have ever seen (because I walked out), but it is the only time I ever demanded a refund from a theater. This movie was supposed to be scary; but instead it was just a jumbled mess of gore scenes. The plot was incoherent at best, and nonexistent at worst. My brother can usually sit through any movie (no matter how awful it is), but HE was the first one to suggest that we get our money back. This movie is simply awful. Don’t waste your time.

  • jose-manuel-velasco-montano
    jose manuel velasco montano

    boring flick has wretched effects lousy direction terrible acting although decent looking zombies this is a cheaply made flick that never quite works because of a dull and boring pace this had potential but suffers from tons of flaws do not bother with this cheap flick it is too uninteresting

  • irmantas-narusis
    irmantas narusis

    Caught this the other afternoon and really enjoyed it. A tad bit slow in some spots, but the “slow” parts really were developing the story. It had a good creepy atmosphere, some totally weird stuff happening, some gore, some nudity (male and female) and a plot. The ending was a “special effects extravaganza” straight from the 80’s, but I enjoyed that as well. I certainly couldn’t see anything like this being made today, so I’m grateful that it was made at all.If you get the chance, I’d recommend renting it or watching it on cable. It’s cheesy, but it’s also creepy and tells a good story. The actors range from passable to good, and they get the story across. It really had everything I could ask for from an 80’s horror flick.

  • stephanie-johnson
    stephanie johnson

    This movie featured some excellent acting by Stefan Arngrim, who grew up a lot from his days in the tv series “Land of the Giants”. Not only is he an outcast among his classmates, but he turns out to be the anti-Christ. One of the better scenes is when he gets his revenge on his classmates for a gym shower beating he took.

  • vanesa-mascaro-barcena
    vanesa mascaro barcena

    Here’s another film that was marketed well, but failed to deliver. Catching the tail-end of the Satan boom (`The Omen,’ `God Told Me To,’ `The Amityville Horror,’ `Alucarda,’ etc.) ushered in by `The Exorcist,’ `Fear No Evil’ attempts to mine gold from all predecessors, but instead comes up with a highly clichéd, highly tedious film that brings Lucio Fulci’s `Gates of Hell’ (which came out two years later) to mind for me. The film offers up a ridiculous prologue before the credits run, then adds another when they’re done, setting viewers up for a story of a hapless, effeminate anti-Christ (Stefan Arngrim) who must contend with two meddlesome arch angels in human form (a young woman and an older, pious woman, played beautifully by Elizabeth Hoffman, the one person who could act in this flick). Arngrim, especially toward the film’s end, looks more like Brian Eno or Gary Numan gone goth – pale, ostentatious, androgynous, and emaciated. And while director Frank LaLoggia puts together competent scenes – the dodge-ball incident, the dog’s blood occurrence, the town’s annual sea-side re-enactment of the `Passion Play,’ the bloody baptism – his plotting and pacing are just atrocious! Everything seems jumbled together, somehow linked conveniently to Satan… and because it’s `supernatural,’ plot-holes never have to be filled! An optimist when it comes to film, I actually thought all the little intricacies were going to converge into something. Instead, I was treated to a last-ditch effort that added zombies (for no reason whatsoever), a hokey laser-beam showdown (not as bas as `The Manitou’), and absolutely no fear factor. To the film’s credit, there’s a bizarre homoerotic undertone running through the film, which we first see in a high-school gym shower scene. The school’s sexually-active, chauvinistic, burn-out/thug sexually harasses Arngrim while they’re both naked, then engages in a full-on kiss with him (for laughs, I guess). Still later, the two kiss again, and (making a reference to an earlier marijuana joke) the thug suddenly grows breasts (Satanic augmentation at work). Personally, I don’t see many occult films with this angle, so it was a bit refreshing and disconcerting. Outside of that, this film has one hell of a soundtrack — the Sex Pistols, the Talking Heads, and Richard Hell, doing “Blank Generation.’ This movie runs 94 minutes long, but it seems like an eternity in Hell for a good soundtrack and one weird transexual scene!

  • roza-tudor
    roza tudor

    Young high school misfit discovers he is the antichrist and gets revenge on his cruel classmates while fighting off two arch angels in human form. Good premise is well plotted, but some over the top acting, laughable special effects, and a disappointing finale ruin it. Good soundtrack though. Rated R; Graphic Nudity, Adult Themes, Violence, and Profanity.

  • olga-durczok
    olga durczok

    The plot is murky (at best). Something about the devil in disguise as a teenage high school boy. The boy is tall, very thin and is teased on by the other kids. When his powers come out he takes revenge. And there are also some archangels out to do battle with him.Now this isn’t a good film. The acting is terrible! No one is good but the WORST has to be the high school gym teacher who acts like a Nazi during a game of Dodge Ball—and actually KILLS one student (don’t ask). The dialogue is lousy and the film looks bad but it was shot independently (it shows).But the film has a kick-ass soundtrack and has two STRONG homoerotic scenes–at one point a boy gives a lengthy kiss to another in the shower when they’re both nude. Also we get a good look at one guy’s best parts. Later on they share ANOTHER kiss (fully clothed this time) and one grows BREASTS! Easily these are the two best parts of the film. Let’s face it–most horror films totally ignore gay subtexts or use it as a joke. Not here. I applaud the movie for those scenes alone. Some fan boys have attacked these scenes saying they were “unnecessary”. I wonder how they would have reacted if it were between two girls…The film has some interesting ideas and it was a labor of love for the director–but it was cut by an hour (the original print was 2 1/2 hours) which may explain some plot loopholes and the story wanders all over the place. It has acquired a cult following and Anchor Bay put out an incredible looking DVD of it back in 2002 along with a directors commentary. So, I really wanted to like it and it has some great scenes but it just doesn’t work. I give this a 5.

  • maiken-lind
    maiken lind

    Fear No Evil, the 1981 directorial debut of Frank LaLoggia (who would also helm Lady in White and Mother), is all about Andrew Williams, a high school student who turns out to be Lucifer. That sounds simple. But this movie is anything but.First off, nearly every other student in this film is a complete miscreant. Andrew (Stefan Arngrim, Barry from Land of the Lost) is a weird kid that gets good grades and is well-liked. But again, you know, he’s the Antichrist.Let’s go back to the beginning. Father Thomas arrives at a destroyed cathedral to fight Lucifer (producer Charles M. LaLoggia discovered the Boldt Castle in Alexandria Bay, NY and told his director cousin that this would be an ideal location for a horror movie), whose defeat only puts him into the body of baby Andrew. His parents constantly battle over his origins and the fact that even his baptism didn’t go right. Yeah, the water all turned to blood. You know how that happens.But that’s all well and good, because on his 18th birthday, Andrew’s powers create an accident that paralyzes his mother and leaves his father a drunken mess.If someone can make the Antichrist’s life hell, it’s Tony Indavino and Mark Landers. Tony is near relentless in his abuse of Andrew, where he calls the young man gay and they have what I can only refer to as a kiss fight.Another shocking moment, as full frontal male nudity is still verboten today and this scene is full of it. It makes the shower abuse in A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2 seem tame by comparison. During his second attempt to kiss Andrew and repeat this action, he suddenly grows breasts!Read more at bandsaboutmovies.com/2017/10/09/fear-no-evil-1981

  • hanss-saulitis
    hanss saulitis

    As far as horror movies go, this one is above average (definitely not warranting less than four). Yeah, there were some drawbacks. Some scenes were a bit drawn out and others were completely irrelevant. What was up with that homoerotic male shower? That was over the top and pretty much as gratuitous as most female shower scenes. Lucifer’s character shows flashes, but never really seems inherently evil as you would think. It’s clear that he knows who he is from the start, but the role is written as if he’s going through the puberty of devilhood. If Julie/Gabriel had been required to be nude, I would have given this a 10. Sadly, her clothes stayed on. The gym teacher overacts with a hilarity of epic proportions.

  • dmitri-miller
    dmitri miller

    Oh geez… I hate to say this since I liked the main character girl but… could this have been any worse? This was acting that only a mother could… wait, a mother would disown her child for doing this! The way the movie was carried out made me fall asleep (almost) and the shower room scene… I’ll just shudder about that as this movie recieves its 1 out of 10 from me…

  • cynthia-garza
    cynthia garza

    I remember viewing “Fear No Evil” on video years ago. The funniest thing I remember is Lucifer/Andrew putting breast on Tony while they are in the locker room shower. Also, the coach who nailed the kid with the ball during a game of dodge ball. The father of Lucifer/Andrew staggered into a bar muttering that his son was the devil! He then proceeded to start tearing the place apart after talking to some other loser at the bar. The mother and father of Lucifer/Andrew should have known something was terribly wrong with there son when he suddenly started bleeding profusely at the Baptism when the priest was attempting to pour Holy Water over his forehead! If you don’t have nothing better to do and want to see some blood rent this.

  • angela-maldonado
    angela maldonado

    I can’t believe I’ve never heard of this before. Got it at the comic book show today. I’m remind of a better satanic school kid movie called ‘Evilspeak’. Get that one if you can, but if you wind up with ‘Fear no Evil’ you will be entertained and surprised. During a showing of a Passion Play the crowd begins to bleed. Yes, there is quite a bit of religious matter in this movie. Angels in human form versus the devil. That is not all though. There are high school teens up to their 80’s activities (having sex). Also, naked boys for an odd scene with a violent kiss. This movie is more homoerotic than ‘Jeepers Creepers 2’! In the final scene you can see the devil boy’s genitals if you pay close attention. I don’t know why!?! Then, there are light shows and I expected the beams to come out of the screen in 3-D! Punk soundtrack with the Rezillos, Sex Pistols, Ramones, and Talking Heads.

  • aannd-krssnnmuurti
    aannd krssnnmuurti

    In the spring of 1981, an acquaintance of a first year film student took a Super 8 movie camera to a rural community and asked people on the spot to pretend that they’re in a creepy, demonic horror movie. No…That’s not actually what happened, but it may as well have been. Director-writer-composer-actor LaLoggia (and the guy is no Clint Eastwood or even Kevin Costner!) cooked up this cheap-looking, over-ambitious, pretentious, badly written and acted, illogical, senseless mess. There are two prologues to the film. One is a fairly creepy, but ultimately silly battle between a priest and Lucifer. The second is a godawful christening with ludicrous effects and acting. Years later, Arngrim (scary for all the wrong reasons) is a (26-year-old) high school student. He’s an effeminate, brilliant outcast who alternates between haughty arrogance and quivering fear. (The performance as seen makes no sense at all.) His high school (full of mid-twenties bad actors) is a template for idiocy. Students mouth off to an inane degree, smoke pot on the grounds, sneak off to boiler rooms for sex and blare music from their convertibles (does anyone in the film have a hard top car?) Chief offender Eden plays a Vinnie Barbarino wannabee with gapped teeth and jeans that give too much away. He slaps his girlfriend and picks on Arngrim. However, the best scene in the film comes when he taunts Arngrim sexually in the locker room shower to impress his friends. He finds himself in a violent liplock he can’t break away from. (One thing the film has going for it is a dose of male nudity, some of it frontal.) Meanwhile, Hoffman (who thinks she’s in a good movie….she’s wrong) is an archangel reincarnated who is bent on destroying Arngrim. She teams with another of her kind, young Rowe McAllen (in a comatose performance that dictated that she would never again appear in a feature film.) Rowe McAllen deservedly joins the legion of other film actors who got billed as, “Introducing…” and were scarcely heard from again. It all comes down to a battle between good and evil which happens to occur on the night of a big, tacky play about the crucifixion of Jesus. These final scenes are interesting only because the action in them breaks the tedium of the previous hour. Some of the make-up is effective and a few moments are funny (intentionally?? A guy say to his girlfriend, “You know I wouldn’t let another creep put his hands on you” just as a zombiefied hand reaches for her ankle.) However, like the rest of the film, the lighting, acting, effects, and direction are all horrible. The video box spends half it’s copy touting the soundtrack….not a good sign that the film itself will be an good. The songs are cleverly used, but hard to hear at times and only used in snippets mostly. Camp highlight: A militant gym teacher bellows and screams his head off inappropriately and eventually kills a student with a dodge ball!!!! Hilarious.

  • golubeva-zhanna-matveevna
    golubeva zhanna matveevna

    “Fear No Evil” combines two of my favorite genres: Horror and Hannah-Barberra animation. I did not expect the film to turn into a cartoon in the last ten minutes, but apparently the producers couldn’t get any real special effects wizzards for the final confrontation between Satan and God’s angels, so they got the animators from “The Wonder Twins.” What starts as a bloody battle turns into mind-bogglingly bad laser beams that literally look like they were taken from a late 60’s sci-fi film. The film then takes off into what one might call “Xanadu” territory,” where the actors are no longer on film, and we see a series of lights flashing at the screen to crazy music. I guess the filmmakers were going for a “2001” type effect here, but what they got was a discount version of the old HBO animation they ran before movies in 1982.The film is a mixture of pretentious, poorly-acted, poorly-scripted, and shoddily directed discussions about heaven and hell, with some brilliant early 80’s high school scenes, set to the music of the Sex Pistols, Talking Heads, and The Ramones. It makes you wonder how a director who is so completely out of touch with how to make an interesting horror film could assemble such a brilliant soundtrack. The high school scenes are worth the rental: all the guys look like they’re 30, all the girls have giant afros and yellow satin jackets, and the teachers have tweed jackets. The one stoke of genius on director Frank LaLoggia’s part is to have a number of scenes with “general chatter,” where people aren’t really speaking any lines specific, but are just hubbub-ing very enthusiastically. The first time we see this LaLoggian touch is when baby Satan is born in 1963, and the proud father is handing out cigars to his buddy. They are babbling like a bunch of chimps, yet you cannot understand a word they’re saying. It’s amazing – you think they’re speaking another language, it’s just a lot of “Heeeeey! Wheeeeaaaay! Yaaaahaaaa! Cigar, cigar, cigar, whoooooaaaa hoooooo!” The next time is after a gym class, which apparently went so well that all the teens run into the locker room indecipherably yelling “whoo-hoo, alllriiiiight, yeeeeeah, gimme that locker, whooooaaaa hoooooo!” This unique touch of Frank LaLoggia, a trademark in all two of his films, truly gives weight to the credit “A Frank LaLoggia Film” that appears before the main title. It definitely is, Frank. It definitely is.

  • kunnddaa-jydev
    kunnddaa jydev

    The high school scenes were filmed during the summer of 1980 at my old Junior High in Webster, NY. So naturally, we all went to the flick when it had a “Special Preview” in Webster in the spring of 1981. Yes, it was a mess. Yes, it is creepy in a few places, and VERY homo-erotic in others. As teenagers, we all left the theater scratching our heads. During the movie, however, we all had the chance to scream “Hey, that’s my old locker” or “So THAT is what the creepy boiler room looked like.” The school itself was the stuff of nightmares: very old, dark, and forbidding when I was going there. Other than the old school showing up, this is a fairly muddled movie. LaLoggia came into his own seven years later with the Lady In White.

  • varga-varga-istvan
    varga varga istvan

    Fear No Evil, the low budget debut from director Frank LaLoggia (Lady in White), is one strange little film: made during the golden age of the slasher but inspired by such films as The Omen, Carrie, and Night of the Living Dead, this offbeat oddity mixes rebellious teen shenanigans with biblical horror, throws in random homo-eroticism without a moment’s notice (in the film’s most memorable and unintentionally hilarious scene, a supposedly macho bully victimises Andrew in the boys shower by trying to engage him in a naked kiss, whilst cheered on by his enthusiastic pals—it makes A Nightmare on Elm Street 2’s towel whipping seem perfectly reasonable), boasts a surprisingly good new wave/punk soundtrack (The Ramones, The Boomtown Rats, The Sex Pistols, Talking Heads), and culminates in a burst of dazzlingly crap visual effects that wouldn’t have looked out of place at a Jean Michel Jarre concert.An undeniably ambitious project for a first-time director, the film features sincere performances, several well executed sequences (the rise of a horde of zombies is particularly effective), and one or two genuine ‘WTF?’ moments (a guy grows breasts for no discernible reason, and a church production of the Passion Play attracts massive crowds), but it simply doesn’t work as a whole: the film changes tone a little too abruptly throughout; Stefan Arngrim is terrible as Andrew, Lucifer in human form, especially when he’s hamming it up and howling like a banshee in his character’s more demonic state; LaLoggia makes sure he gets his money’s worth out of a smoke machine; and there are far too many boring scenes where very little of interest happens.3.5 out of 10, generously rounded up for the decent tunes.

  • aksay-kosukhan-yorulmaz
    aksay kosukhan yorulmaz

    I am from Jefferson County, New York, where the film was shot. It was made at Boldt Castle in the St. Lawrence River, and nearby Alexandria Bay. The castle is ready-made for a horror film, which helps when the budget is as low as this. The film has some scary moments, however, and is fairly stylishly shot. The rock score will certainly date the movie, but, it is worth a watch.

  • espen-eide
    espen eide

    I remember a friend taping this for from a TV movie channel back when I was too young to watch these type of flicks (must have been at age 11). Anybody else of you who first saw it at that age, must know “Fear No Evil” tends to stick in your memory. In 2007 I managed to pick up the US Anchor Bay DVD edition and re-watch it. It will always remain very much a flawed affair all the same, but it’s a guaranteed fun watch. You’ll just have to be able to handle 80’s horror cheese. A whole lot of it. “Fear No Evil” is a pretty ambitious movie (and the same goes for the story and the orchestrated score). Some tension, sometimes frightening, sometimes shocking but safe to say that most of the time it doesn’t make a lick bit of sense. Unbelievable how many songs by 80’s bands they managed to put on the soundtrack (great stuff like The Ramones, Talking Heads, Sex Pistols,…). So what do we have here? We’ve got the Devil incarnated, naked breasts (obviously), angels and demons at play, zombies, some weed-smoking, basket balls that crush & kill, (and for the ladies) we got an all-boys showering scene with all the dudes generously flapping around their ding-dongs (and some male/male kissing with almost deadly consequences). Not nuts enough yet? We also got a solid on-screen hint at female masturbation with a gun. More? How about immensely enjoyable make-up effects & some highly psychedelic, colorful animated effects… 80’s Horror rocked, simple as that.

  • stephanie-russo
    stephanie russo

    Teenager is the son of Satan and he’s plotting a demonic uprising, while a teen girl and a local old woman are actually angels sent to stop him.Fear No Evil is an interesting oddity among the numerous teen horror flicks of the early 80’s. For one, it’s not a slasher movie. Fear No Evil is a low-budget, but well done throw back to the Gothic horror films of Hammer given a touch of the modern. The storyline is compelling, with some touches of nicely artistic direction from first time director Frank LaLoggia. Still, it’s flawed by some awkward moments of silliness (death-by-dodge ball, shower make out) and some supporting performances that aren’t as good as those of the leads.The best of the cast are Stefan Arngrim as our devilish villain and Elizabeth Hoffman as the elder angel desperate to stop him. Daniel Eden is also memorable as the school bully who gets a most crazy demise.Fear No Evil is a unique entry in the teen horror genre. Though it’s not flawless, thanks to its low budget, it still has enough imagination to be a entertaining and memorable late night movie.** 1/2 out of ****

  • pierfrancesco-mancini
    pierfrancesco mancini

    FEAR NO EVIL was the first movie directed by Frank LaLoggia, who was in his early 20s when he made it. This alone should be reason enough to overlook the film’s many faults, certainly when you consider that the story is ambitious, to say the least. And because of this, I actually give props to the film because it’s not the all-out disaster everyone says it is. For a first film, it’s at times surprisingly good. But the story and direction are, nonetheless, extremely murky. Some scenes are dreadful, like the shot of the front of the house which shows the passage of time and we see the house getting more dilapidated by the second. When the scene ends, the house looks like a tornado hit it but when we see inside the house, everything looks fine. Huh?!?! Moments like these, plus the unknown cast, who at times look like they’re acting in a high school theater production, don’t help much to create a solid, focused production. The ending was good but you saw it coming a mile away.I don’t understand why this movie is so despised. It’s probably due to the shower scene. Fan boys can’t take moments like this, which are, oddly enough for a horror movie, too shocking for them. Oh the irony!In the end, FEAR NO EVIL is an adequate first movie made in the early 1980s. Like I already said above, it’s not the worst horror movie ever made like so many have claimed it to be (see PLEDGE NIGHT!). But the director’s ambitions exceeded his inexperience and the film’s low budget.

  • morozov-gedeon-denisovich
    morozov gedeon denisovich

    Since the gentleman who reviewed this film told most of the story (thankfully, so I wouldn’t have to), I will just cut to the main points of my review and hopefully, this will help you. After reading many many reviews about this being a “bad” horror film, I went into this one with the idea that I was going to be expecting too much and be let down. But, to my own surprise, I was VERY satisfied with this film. The story of the battle between good and evil is told extremely well and I was very astonished about how glued I was to this story. But I did find a few things wrong/strange with this film: 1) Why didn’t we get a story as to HOW Andrew became/is the Devil? In this movie he just IS… 2) Did his parents really know? Why wasn’t more explained about his past? Like in the scene where he sacrifices his dog…why wasn’t his motivation for that explained? 2) The homo-erotic subtext in this film was unexpected. The whole scene in the shower was not what I was expecting. And yes, many of these underground 80’s films get away with the whole male frontal nudity! I’ve noticed that it other films like “Basket Case” and “Pieces” (And to contradict the reviewer above, some of those men were actually *very* attractive). I was very spooked by the whole scene on the beach during the play – that was done very well. But for me, the whole thing falls apart during the last 15 minutes of the film. And only because of how it was executed. They went too far on the cheesy f/x and though I understood the meaning behind it that no matter what happens good will always triumph over evil…but c’mon! When a great story is being told and then it switches to a zombie flick….? Sorry, but no. And the ending disappointed me, as well. I won’t give it away, but when you think there’s an explanation for the resolution, then you don’t find one, it leaves a lot to be desired. Overall, this was great if you love religious thrillers like “Stigmata”, but i wouldn’t consider this a “horror film”. I honestly give this 8 out of 10, so that should mean something. Check it out, you might like it.

  • regoula-karagregoriou
    regoula karagregoriou

    Andrew is a brilliant teenage boy who does well in school but does not get along with his peers. His parents are frightened of him because he has exhibited disturbing behavior ever since he was born. When he starts having problems at school, people start dying. It turns out Andrew is Lucifer reincarnated and apparently doesn’t know it. His old woman neighbor and his high school crush discover they are archangels on a mission to stop him.So this obviously has a silly and unoriginal plot. There are so many things wrong with this movie. The pacing and structure of the story is terrible. The acting is awful, especially by the 20-something actors playing the high school kids. And what annoying high school kids they are! There’s a group of “sassy” girls called The Queen Bees (think The Pink Ladies) and an obnoxious perverted bully who smacks his girlfriend and mouths off to teachers. And then there’s Andrew, who is quite an enigma. The movie may have benefited from being told through Andrew’s perspective, because you never know what is going on with his character. One of the other bad things about this movie are the dated and cheesy animated “laser beam” effects that evoke laughter instead of horror. Also amusing is that the Apocalypse appears to only be happening on a very local level.But there are a few things about “Fear No Evil” that set it apart from the other “satanic” horror films of the late 70s/early 80s and make it worth checking-out. While some attempts at creating a creepy atmosphere fail, others are somewhat of a success. Especially of note is the opening sequence in a murky cavern with dangling animal bodies, a freaky possessed girl, and Lucifer himself. There’s an unforgettable scene in the movie where the religious townspeople gather to watch an annual outdoor Passion play. The poor fellow playing Jesus literally gets crucified, and most of the people in the audience get attacked by a stigmata sign! Towards the end there are some zombies in the movie, beckoned by Andrew, and the make-up is great. There is also a scene where a gym teacher (who is apparently on speed) is encouraging aggressive dodgeball and, under the influence of Andrew’s rage, accidentally kills one of his students by slamming a dodgeball into him! Another interesting feature of “Fear no Evil” is its treatment of gender and sexuality. The archangels are both played by women who claim to have been “bonded” together. Andrew is an effeminate boy and this does not go unnoticed by his jockier classmates. There is a shower sequence where Andrew gets sexually harassed by the school bully, who forces a kiss as a joke. Andrew turns the kiss into a violent makeout session! The two characters share a “kiss” again later in the movie in a more frightening/disturbing/hilarious scene. Also significant is the all-male nudity in the shower scene. While none of these men are particularly attractive, this sequence is rather cutting edge and controversial at a time when only female nudity was frequent in horror movies.Make no mistake, “Fear No Evil” is an average low-budget 80s horror movie. But it has tiny quirks and somewhat subversive sequences that, while somewhat random and out of place, successfully set it apart from other early 80s American horror movies. It also features a kickass late 70s/early 80s alt-rock soundtrack featuring Patti Smith, B-52s, Talking Heads, Sex Pistols, the Ramones, and a witty use of Boomtown Rats’ “I Don’t Like Mondays.” Recommended if you like movies about the devil, or if you are looking for an early 80s horror movie that was very different from its peers.

  • benjamin-dawson
    benjamin dawson

    Angels Mikhail, Gabrielle and Rafael form a holy trinity living on Earth to defeat Satan, which they do as the film begins. Of course, he is born again in the 60s and, by the time 1981 rolls around, the Antichrist is a powerful handsome devil. Nah, just kidding. He is an Ian Curtis look-a-like high school geek named Andrew (Stefan Arngrim) who is looking to resurrect his army of the dead in order to rule the world or something. Of course, the reincarnated Angels are here to stop him with their glowing beams of light.I’m not really sure where I fall on FEAR NO EVIL. It is definitely ambitious for a low budget feature and falls into the M.S.U. (Makin’ Stuff Up) genre perfectly. It is almost like director Frank LaLoggia had two half finished scripts and threw them together. I would recommend it just for the dodge-ball bit (watch the hyped up coach) and the bizarre scene at the end where the film’s big bully gets his comeuppance by growing boobs. WTF??? The high school scenes are really funny, like LaLoggia had no sense at all how people behaved in school. One surprising thing is the soundtrack which features The Ramones, Sex Pistols, Patti Smith, Boomtown Rats and Talking Heads. I guess back then music rights weren’t outrageous like they are today.