Based on a true story of the American Civil War, culminating at the Battle of New Market, May 1864. A group of teenage cadets sheltered from war at the Virginia Military Institute must confront the horrors of an adult world when they are called upon to defend the Shenandoah Valley. Leaving behind their youth, these cadets must decide what they are fighting for.

Also Known As: Поле потерянной обуви, North & South - The Battle of New Market, North & South - Die Schlacht bei New Market, Battlefield of Lost Souls, Field of Lost Shoes

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  • jennifer-lawrence
    jennifer lawrence

    This is a film dedicated to the boys of the Virginia Military Institute who in May of 1864 answered the call from Confederate General Breckenridge to go to defend their homeland from the oncoming Union Army of General Ulysses S. Grant.They were mere cadets of varying age and all went to fight at the Battle of Newmarket Gap. The film follows the plight of seven cadets and incorporates their back stories up to a point and the issues of slavery. The slavery aspect is used as the sole reason for the Civil War and is posted right up front. That kind of myth should really be stopped from any more propagation as the causes were never that simple and it is only with retrospect that the nobler cause of emancipation was ever used to justify the slaughter. Still I digress.The film itself is rather good; it balances the comradeship and action perfectly and is filmed using real actors / re-enactors for the main battle which is also done very well. It is overly sentimental but then I am a sucker for such and never mind that at all. The title ‘The Field of Lost Shoes’ is in reference to the many that became unshod in the fog and mud of the battle. Noteworthy performances are aplenty – but Jason Isaacs as Breckenridge is extremely good at getting the Southern charm with steely resolution just right. All in all a film that war fans and indeed some history fans will appreciate.

  • eva-matias-esteves
    eva matias esteves

    It had just about everything you would expect for a movie about the civil war. Ithought the reinactors did a great job. There were no fake beards, the uniforms looked good, there were some not so original Southern accents but not as bad as some I’ve seen. As with most movies they embellished in a lot of areas and some parts were not historically correct but it was overall close enough for entertainment. There was a love story in the movie and there was some humor too. There was reference to slavery but it was not over done, they didn’t make the whole movie about racism. The movie was much better than I had anticipated judging from some of the reviews.

  • jonathan-owen
    jonathan owen

    This movie is simply terrible, a low budget attempt to re-enact a true civil war battle, this low budget flop with a cast of maybe 20 total is a lame boring excuse of movie making. In truth this looks more like a high school production than a major movie project. The acting is weak, the screen writer completely misses the mark, the war scenes are corny with a total of maybe 20 extras trying to look like a major army. All in all this is a complete waste of time. If you decide to download this dud keep your finger on the fast forward button. If you waste precious money to see this in a theater, just remember you could of used your cash for something worthwhile like a root canal which would of way more enjoyable.

  • matthew-good
    matthew good

    I believe that this movie was sufficiently accurate to support the events of history during the civil war. Throughout this movie, the viewer was clearly able to see how the lives of the cadets were at the time. It showed their struggles at the young age, along with their sacrifices for their people. In addition, the movie provided the fact that not all southerners supported slavery. There were some who were willing to fight for their family, but wanted a change if they were victorious. However, “Field of Lost Shoes” became a bit cliché. The love story that began in the film was too focused on. I felt as though the story of slavery and the stress and efforts of the cadets and soldiers did not get the attention that was expected given the current situation of the story. Overall, I thought that the movie provided good facts regarding the locations, uniforms of both sides, weaponry, women’s clothing and responsibilities, and the tactics used. It is a movie that could have focused more on effects and the main plot, but the details and information were accurate.

  • essaa-dddhaal
    essaa dddhaal

    Some actors stood out for being very dull and stiff in the movie, which given that most of them are very young, it’s almost expected. I recognized Most of the main actors/actresses from other movies and their performance was good but far from anything memorable, besides the younger actors performances the movie seemed to do a fair job of explaining the story and expressing the battles. I give it 6 out of 10 because it was fine to watch the first time,but i probably wouldn’t want to watch it again. If you want to watch this movie solely because its a civil war movie , you’d most likely be better off watching Glory or other well known civil War movies.

  • travis-tapia
    travis tapia

    A “Field of Lost Shoes” takes a insight of the Cadets at the Virginia Military Institute and their contribution to the Confederate victory of the Battle of New Market. The viewer can take a view into some views and beliefs of the Civil War from eyes of a Confederate soldiers. Some do it to protect their family and homeland, while others fight for slavery and to protect their southern heritage. While the battle scene in this movie is really cheap, “they used other film battle scenes” the interim fight scenes is ok. The ending shows the aftermath of losing friends and families. Due to the cadets acts of valor newly trained cadets at the Virginia Military Institute must remember their acts and the ones that lost their life.

  • loknaattyon-bhrt
    loknaattyon bhrt

    The field of lost shoes is historically very accurate representation of what happened on May 15th 1863 where teenage boys were told they were being sent off to war in the Battle of New Market where they would fight against union troops until eventually the confederate troops or probably better known as the teenage boys we see first hand experience the terrors of the civil war. The movie is also seen to be very historically accurate in the way that as the boys move from place to place in the movie we see real world places from the area come up in the bottom of the screen as a subtitle leaving it to be very historically accurate with almost nothing left unturned from this unbelievable battle

  • kathleen-marquez
    kathleen marquez

    It was a very good movie, it was inspirational. Although it was relatively short, I think that it stuck to the true story it was based off of and it did what it needed to in such a short time.

  • jennifer-robinson-dds
    jennifer robinson dds

    Ever since having seen Ken Burns’ magnificent documentary, “The Civil War”, I’ve become somewhat of a “Civil War buff”. Remember that episode of “Seinfeld”- George is like, “I always wanted to be a Civil War buff”- ?? LOL I saw this movie off Netflix the other day- pretty much standard direct-to-video fair in terms of overall production values. But I still liked this movie. It is based on the Battle of New Market fought in Virginia on May 15, 1864 in the American Civil War. The cast was good- Jason Isaacs, Lauren Holly, Keith David, David Arquette and Tom Skeritt played Ulysses S. Grant. President Lincoln was played by an actor named Michael Krebs, who has portrayed Lincoln in film and presentations throughout the United States. The main characters were a group of young people mostly played by unknowns, which worked out since it was less certain who would make it out alive at the end. All-in-all, thumbs up for this one.

  • haley-smith
    haley smith

    “Field of Lost Shoes” is far from perfect. After all, it’s obvious that the folks making the film had a rather limited budget. In many scenes which should have featured many hundreds, only a few dozen are used. However, I don’t necessarily see this as an awful thing. After all, the Battle of New Market is NOT the sort of thing that Hollywood would ever make a movie about, so of course the film isn’t as fancy or has quite the look of a big production. I can look past this to a certain extent and think considering everything, the film actually looks pretty good.As for the film apart from the low budget, it’s okay…not great, but okay. Instead of focusing on the battle like a documentary, the filmmakers chose to include a lot of fictional subplots–some of which worked and some of which seemed a bit anachronistic (such as Southern students who believe in equality and hate slavery–not something you would have likely heard ANYONE say in the South at that time) or which just didn’t work (the love story). I see it as a noble attempt and a reasonably good one at that. Worth seeing if you are a Civil War buff or love history. The ending was quite touching as well. Otherwise, there are a few better films about the era, such as “Glory”. Hmmm….now that I think about it, there really AREN’T that many good films about the Civil War and this one is about as good as any…and not nearly as long and ponderous as “Gettysburg”.

  • mr-maurice-wood
    mr maurice wood

    “Field of Lost Shoes” is very close to being a great civil war movie. The start of the movie was a promising one, with the initiation type scene and the comradery that followed with friendship. The group faces hardships even before the battle and they grow as characters. I am happy that they didn’t try to much with Abe but they did enough that it wasn’t a drag. Unfortunately they tried to push to much love story into the plot and I ended up becoming invested to the wrong characters. I did enjoy the underlying tone that was anti slavery, although it was unreasonable that all of the boys that died believed in anti slavery. Not to mention that it was painfully obvious during the battle which of the boys were going to die, with the exception of Jefferson. In the end it was a good movie that commemorated the death of the soldiers on both sides of the war.

  • amanda-lee
    amanda lee

    Revisionist history ruins the standard-issue, tragic, American Civil War saga “Field of Lost Shoes” about gallant teenagers recruited from the Virginia Military Institute to participate in the real-life battle of New Market in 1864. VMI celebrates the exploits of these brave young cadets annually, and their story is certainly the stuff of compelling drama. Unfortunately, “Soul Surfer” director Sean McNamara and scenarists Thomas Farrell and Dave Kennedy have taken liberties with what actually occurred with regard to various real-life participants. For example, the filmmakers paints Henry A. Wise as an anti-slavery proponent when in fact he championed ‘the peculiar institution.’ This low-budget but handsome looking six million dollar epic features a handful of recognized stars, including Lauren Holly, Tom Skerritt, Keith David, and David Arquette, but they have little to work with aside from their celebrity personalities. Jason Issacs comes off looking the best with Tom Sherritt not far behind. Ultimately, as well-intentioned as it is, “Field of Lost Shoes” is barely memorable when compared to “Gettysburg” or “Gods and Generals.” The production values look spectacular, and the Civil War re-enactors give the movie a sprawling sense of scale. The orchestral music is atmopheric. The writers fall back on clichés too often, and the structure of the story is predictable, especially with the doomed lovers. Sadly, the issue here is the white-wash job that the filmmakers have performed on the Confederates. “May God forgive me,” mutters Confederate General John Brekinridge (Jason Issacs of “Daredevil”), when he commits these valiant youngsters to battle. The uniforms, firearms, and staging of the action is not without distinction. The film draws his title from the shoes lost in the muck by these young Confederates who charged into cannon fire. Apparently, McNamara has an obsession with maimed youth because both “Field of Lost Shoes” and “Soul Surfer” focus on youth.

  • horvath-krisztian
    horvath krisztian

    I’ll give it a 3 because the Civil War re-enactors did a great job on the battle scenes. Otherwise this is a poorly acted movie. All the actors seemed stiff, just reading their parts. Many of the scenes seem contrived and unrealistic. I doubt if the cadets had time to party the night before the big battle.The costuming was done very well as well as the battle scenes. In fact these 2 things saved the movie from getting a 2 star rating as far as I’m concerned.I watched it through the end, but should have cut my losses after the first 20 minutes.

  • stephanie-cooke
    stephanie cooke

    Despite the lack of actual ‘punch’ within the plot, the portrayal of wartime and issues with regards to slavery during and after the war was interesting and well-represented. It provides a new perspective for viewers, as the Confederate Army is often demonized in many Civil war movies; the Field of Lost Shoes, instead focuses on the morality and humanity of many young soldiers and cadets. Robert, as portrayed by Nolan Gould, even mentions in the beginning that his father was opposed to slavery and took him to see a slave auction as a ‘lesson in life’, to which he witnesses a black family being separated. In fact, many of the young cadet boys held anti-slavery sentiments, scenes such as the Old Judge and slave lady who got stuck under a cart really illustrates the notion that not all soldiers enlisted or reserved to fight with the confederate army all held the same values with regards to slavery. Many of the boy’s motivation to fight was to defend their land, seek ‘revenge’ for the fallen and uphold honor- many in which are disregarded in many Civil War movies and the Field of Lost Shoes does a great job at providing another perspective. There is a somber contrast between the cadets and the old soldiers, many of which are portrayed to be rude old men who jeered at the cadets. In a turn of events, during the actual fighting, it was the cadets that marched in order and upheld their bravery and honor, even suggesting they should charge through union fire. All in all, the movie, although a little lacking in plot, provided a great and entertaining representation of the Civil War and specifically the Battle of Newmarket.

  • lovisa-mattsson
    lovisa mattsson

    While this movie may have not been the most accurate as far as miniscule detail goes this movie was actually quite an emotional roller coaster showing different more personal elements of the civil war. This movie not only shows how personal the civil war touched many but also showed how for many confederate soldiers they did not know what they were really fighting for. When many think of the confederacy and the men who fought to defend it many in their minds will be quick to blame slavery however these boys who were drafted into the military were actually fighting in the name of their family and friends and not for slavery. In fact one boy was actually emotionally scared by slavery and seeing it first hand, having sympathy for them. This just goes to show that the civil war was not just a passing crossfire between the North and South but rather something that broke up families relationships. Which is why I give this movie 7 stars.

  • kaitlyn-dunn
    kaitlyn dunn

    As far as a movie goes, it was fairly entertaining. Many times the script seemed cliche at best and cheesy at worst. The romantic element of the movie seemed rather overplayed, and as far as a war movie goes, the plot should have relied more heavily on the war and the politics and less on the romance. Frankly, a movie about a bloody battle in the bloodiest war in American history was no place for a romeo and juliet story. The reenactors did an excellent job, the uniforms, weapons, and battlefield effects were very accurate, and the battle itself did a good job of showcasing American military tactics at the time (specifically, the way the tactics resulted in a high death count, something the US learned from very quickly after the war.) Overall, worth the watch.

  • patricia-thornton
    patricia thornton

    A “Field of Lost Shoes” takes a insight of the Cadets at the Virginia Military Institute and their contribution to the Confederate victory of the Battle of New Market. The viewer can take a view into some views and beliefs of the Civil War from eyes of a Confederate soldiers. Some do it to protect their family and homeland, while others fight for slavery and to protect their southern heritage. While the battle scene in this movie is really cheap, “they used other film battle scenes” the interim fight scenes is ok. The ending shows the aftermath of losing friends and families. Due to the cadets acts of valor newly trained cadets at the Virginia Military Institute must remember their acts and the ones that lost their life.

  • julia-janssen
    julia janssen

    The movie focused on Confederate cadets which was an interesting way to view the civil war. The characters were young and close to my age. This gave a sense of reality to me, that people around my age lost their lives. What was more intriguing was how an effect on the deaths of the cadets was so severe to people around them. They were all friends with each other, it is impossible for me to imagine losing my friends, especially in such a traumatic way. The storyline between Libby and Sam gave the audience more to think about with soldiers personally, how their loved ones are effected and the heartbreak of losing a loved one. Another very interesting concept shown was how compassionate the cadets were towards African Americans, especially being Confederate soldiers. The scene where the boys snuck out of line to save a black woman was very surprising. The overall the movie was very interesting and easy to follow, and it gave me lots more to think about with the war.

  • david-matos
    david matos

    This movie was a good depiction of the events of the civil war, but I personally didn’t agree with the tendencies of the directors during the movie. I somewhat liked the fact that love is expressed even in the middle of the bloodiest war in American history. It reminds us that we are all human; we are allowed to feel emotions of love, joy and happiness even during times of despair, death, and loss. Yes, people did have loved ones and families that they thought about when they went off to war, so it was an interesting movie to watch next to loved ones because it springs that thought of “what would I think if i were in that situation” into your head.

  • dott-emanuel-damico
    dott emanuel damico

    Unlike the reviewer in “The Village Voice,” I found this film to be moving and touchingly old fashioned. The “love at sight,’ for example, between one of the cadets and a southern girl rings true and is a familiar, though often sad motif to those of us who work with teenage boys and girls. The jocular and sometimes hostile relations between the older boys seems authentic, as does their possessive and protective feelings toward the boyish ‘Sir Rat.’ To return for a moment to “The Village Voice” review: the arrogance and ‘know it all’ attitude of the reviewer toward the South reminded me why my southern relatives refer to this conflict as “The War of Northern Aggression.” It is precisely this air of superiority which contributed to the Southern break with their brothers in the North. I do, however, find the modernist desire on the part of the producers to distance the cadets from their region’s stance on slavery to be forced. I feel that history and a better story would have been served to portray the boys as fighting for Virginia and their nation, the Confederacy. Part of the southern lore surrounding the Battle of New Market is that Breckenridge wept when he ordered the cadets into battle. I can believe that he cried when he gave the order. What a terrible burden it would be to send boys into battle! I can’t believe that the northerner commander would not have felt, at least, a twinge of conscience when he ordered his troops to fire upon and engage with the cadets. The film’s portrayal of that man as a ruthless murderer ordering his men to kill boys does not ring true. The fact that the cadets fought like lions might have surprised him and his men–but those of us who have worked with this age group know that teenage boys would make fearsome opponents. In the end, I applaud the film makers for their efforts—they did much more than produce a period piece bedecked with false whiskers—they gave the viewer insight into this brave but terrible episode in the Civil War, or the War Between the States, as my southern relatives would ask me to write.

  • maria-mueller
    maria mueller

    I enjoyed this movie about the involvement of cadets from the Virginia Military Institute in the Battle of New Market which delayed U. S. Grant’s invasion into the Shenandoah Valley. Most of the movie takes place at the academy in 1863-4 showing the cadet’s dedication to duty, honor and concern about the war. The movie takes a decidedly ant-slavery stand though this is mostly in the background. This first scene in 1858 shows the governor of Virginia, who opposed secession, taking his 12 year old son to a slave auction to see the misery and pain inherit in the practice of slavery. Five years later the son is one of the cadets called to serve in the reserves of CSA General Breckenridge’s army for the battle.The cadets experience romance, fear, death, loss of comrades, fear but finally victory. The title comes from one of the last scenes when Confederate soldiers recover boots and shoes from the battlefield. Their sacrifice is still honored each year at VMI. This movie will only appeal to a small audience of course. It received no advance publicity of any kind. I was the only person in this theater at the multiplex. It probably won’t last long wherever it plays.

  • dr-jean-sawyer
    dr jean sawyer

    Yes, it was worth the wait. I had been expecting the great movie, and I have gotten this. Everything is good about this movie – actors (with Jason Isaacs and David Arquette staying power), music, the setting, the tonality, the mood, the pace, the message. Deep, anti- slavery motif is strong throughout, and even those young Southern cadets from VMI are not all pro-slavery men, they just defend Virginia the way they could. The poignant scene of the pre-battle talk of General John C. Breckenridge with 7 cadets is a real gem of the movie and it underlines the tragedy to come, as the next day was that battle. The battle is depicted with all that urgent brutality, mud, blood, mercilessness, honest severity and terrifying chilling accuracy. There is no beauty in men killing each other and shelling to shreds. There is no fun in dead enemy and joy in lost comrades. The characters of President Lincoln, General Grant, General Siegel are all well drawn and only add much to the spellbinding truthfulness of the story. It has the elegance of Gods And Generals, deep tragedy of Glory, warm humor of The Blue and The Gray, grandeur of Gettysburg, and I am sure this work will stand the test of time well. Highly recommended

  • anthony-adams
    anthony adams

    The film Field of Lost Shoes is a wonderful, gripping picture concerning a group of VMI cadets and their valiant stand against grizzled Union veterans during the 1864 Battle of New Market. Jason Isaacs turns in a superb performance as General John C. Breckenridge, who during a particularly poignant scene prior to the battle, speaks frankly to the cadets. He asks each of them their thoughts on the war, and their dreams for the future after the war. Each of the main characters describes their future hopes, and why they are fighting. The cinematography with the battle scene is excellent, and is particularly surprising given the very limited budget used making the film. The only downside of the movie is the hackneyed perspective that the South fought the war solely to perpetuate the institution of slavery. Slavery was one of a many issues as to why the war was fought, but to single it out for particular attention is myopic. Taking this tact the producers acquiesce to current political correctness. That said, thankfully the film does not dwell on slavery for very long. This film is a real gem. It was well written, well filmed, and well acted. It is too bad that it has had a very limited release. The accolades that it receives are well deserved.

  • tarmo-kutsar
    tarmo kutsar

    The American Civil War is by far the war that lasts forever in this countries collective memory and was decreed in absentia by the flawed original signing of the Declaration of Independence leaving slavery intact. You would think that makes for great films and in many cases it did,however rarely do they have mass appeal. This 2014 release that sometimes seems longer then its 96 minutes,a flaw in pacing,is not preachy yet stark in some of its depiction that may seem uneven at times.Its based on a historic battle fought by cadets from VMI (Virginia Military Institute) that still exists today.However its also a coming of age film and in that sense some might find it corny,I didn’t.The young actors were good but unknown to me.The “b”level adult actors were also good and you’ll recognize a few,yet less screen time than the youngins.So if you like a somewhat different twist to a Civil War film yet keeping it “real”you might enjoy it.I certainly was pleasantly surprised.One of my lesser known gems.

  • cynthia-floyd
    cynthia floyd

    A great part of the movie was it’s historical accuracy. Showing confederate soldiers without shoes and low on supplies, with the facts about the tributes to the group of cadets by the Virginia Military Institute today in the beginning and the end. It tells stories of perseverance, love, and sacrifice all at once. Right when it felt like it was starting to drag in the middle it threw a twist to keep things interesting. This movie is underrated, and a great showing of the side that isn’t shown as often.