In this fact-based melodrama, Joe Fisk is a juvenile delinquent who falls in love with Lisa Taylor, a Catholic girl’s school student, in an Oregon forest. The two meet by chance when the troubled young man stumbles upon her while being chased by his peers in a training exercise, sees the lovely young girl floating in a small lake as she works on a photography assignment. The two are immediately drawn to each other, but neither of their custodians encourage contact of the opposite sex. However, when their relationship is discovered there’s trouble all around, forcing the young lovers to flee. The question then remains: Will they be able to escape the law and other authorities long enough to find happiness?

Also Known As: Ogien z ogniem, Fogo com Fogo, Captive Hearts, Fire with Fire, Le feu par le feu, Tra due fuochi, 禁じられた恋, Brincando com Fogo, Ateş ve ateş, Fuochi incrociati, Fotia me fotia, Ogenj z ognjem, Fire with Fire - Verbotene Leidenschaft West, Fuego con fuego, Клин клином Soviet, Tuliset tunteet

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