As a bid to pay off his family’s randsom a security specialist named Jack Stanfield is forced into robbing a bank that he is protecting! His family gets kidnapped and taken to the middle of nowhere and it’s up to Jack Stanfield to rescue his family and get the money back!

Also Known As: Firewall: Segurança em Risco, Brannmur, Le coupe-feu, Огненная стена, Firewall, Ugnies siena, Firewall - Accesso negato, Tűzfal, Firewall, kodikos prostasias, Firewall - Ein todsicheres Programm, Tulemüür, Firewall: Κωδικός προστασίας, Firewall - Program de protectie, Защитна стена, The Wrong Element, Palomuuri, Pritza ba'reshet, Faiyâwôru

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