Alessandro, a young epileptic with paranoid inclinations, decides to relieve Augusto, the only sound brother, from the burden of a numerous family plagued with hereditary diseases. After a first aborted attempt, the dreadful series of accidents/murders is started by pushing the blind mother into a ravine. Then comes the turn of Leone, the idiotic brother. Will Alessandro be able to bring to completion his obsessive project ?

Also Known As: Mit der Faust in der Tasche West, Con los puños en el bolsillo, Cu pumnii în buzunar, Nävarna i fickan, De Punhos Cerrados, Las manos en los bolsillos, Fist in His Pocket, I pugni in tasca, Les poings dans les poches, Юмруци в джобовете, Öklök a zsebben, Кулаки в кармане Soviet, Cepteki yumruklar, Piesci w kieszeni, Die Fäuste in der Tasche West, Oi grothies stin tsepi, Fists in the Pocket

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