On September 11th 2001, four domestic flights are hijacked by terrorists in the United States of America. After the collision of three against selected targets, the passengers and crew of United Airlines Flight 93 fight against four terrorists to take back the control of the airplane.

Also Known As: Flight 93, Le vol 93, Lot 93 z Newark, Voo 93, A hős 93-as járat, Рейс 93, Flight 93 - Es geschah am 11. September, Let 93 Czech, 11 septembre - Le détournement du vol 93, Flight 93 - Todesflug am 11. September, Airport United 93

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  • tim

    No offense but this happened in 2001 I took a flight in 2016 and you can.t make phone calls from a flight you can however use internet,it’s bull to believe in 2001 people could make phone calls,people will believe anything they hear this movie never happened it was all the government that did this to justify it’s wars in the middle east,7 nation’s need to be destroyed Iran is the 7th.these people never faught America mystery babylon always plays the victim while they kill all over the world ask yourself if this happened why hasn’t it happened again only the U S government could pull this off but they pulled it off on themselves.and dumb nonmelonated white people bought it.