Major Daniel Kirby takes command of a squadron of Marine fliers just before they are about to go into combat. While the men are well meaning, he finds them undisciplined and prone to always finding excuses to do what is easy rather than what is necessary. The root of the problem is the second in command, Capt. Carl ‘Griff’ Griffin. Griff is the best flier in the group but Kirby finds him a poor commander who is not prepared to the difficult decision that all commanders have to make – to put men in harm’s way knowing that they may be killed.

Also Known As: Infierno en las nubes, Latajacy marynarze, Jagdgeschwader Wildkatze West, Flying Devil Dogs, Kommandos ton ouranon, Flying Leathernecks, 太平洋作戦, Heroji Gvadalkanala, Sminarhia thanatou, Stählerne Schwingen West, Горящий полет Soviet, De veroveraars van de Pacific, Horizonte de Glórias, Guadalcanal - Entscheidung im Pazifik West, Guadalcanal - Entscheidung im Pazifik, Luftens hårde halse, Inferno nas Alturas, Les diables du Pacifique, Σμηναρχία θανάτου, Repülő Vadmacskák, Jagdgeschwader Wildkatze, Guadalkanal cehennemi, Devil Dogs of the Air, Les diables de Guadalcanal, Lentävät villikissat, Iptamena liontaria, Stählerne Schwingen, Gulerele de piele zburătoare, I diavoli alati, Attack i luften

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