A group of friends head out for a mountain retreat only to witness a gruesome murder at a near by cabin. They head home wanting to forget the experience… but are followed home by the murder.::Jenny Rivera

Also Known As: Followed Home

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    BIG REQUEST: Can you please stop putting watermark on the movies? And maybe even replace the older ones with version without watermarks. It’s a great website, that is really ruined with that. Personally I can’t watch a movie with watermark. Look, I know that it’s to attract viewers to the site. But really, having run a few streaming site back in the days, I know that people that’ll come directly from that watermark are small compared to others (returning visitors or google visitors). So you would be sacrificing a bit of visitors, but the website would be much better. I think that’s really a shame to have a great, big website like that and messing it with the watermark.

    Actually, you may even lose visitors like that. Think of it that way: Imagine you have a big movie like Avengers type or something. No one will want to watch it with a watermark, so they’ll just leave the site and get a clean version on torrents or elsewhere. So in definitive you probably lose more viewers like that than gaining with the watermark.

    Anyway, that was my two cents, but I really hope you’ll consider my request. And yes, I’m fully aware this is a big one. Thanks.