American car designer Carroll Shelby and driver Ken Miles battle corporate interference, the laws of physics and their own personal demons to build a revolutionary race car for Ford and challenge Ferrari at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1966.::Fox

Also Known As: Untitled Ford vs. Ferrari Project, Κόντρα σε Όλα, Le Mans 66: Gegen jede Chance, Ford v Ferrari, Kings of the, Le Mans '66, Contra lo imposible, Ford против Ferrari, Le Mans '66 - La grande sfida, Go Like, Le Manas'66. Plento karaliai, Аутсайдери, Le Mans '66: O Duelo, Le Mans 66, Ford v Ferrari: Cuoc Dua Lich Su, Ford vs Ferrari, Asfaltın Kralları, Ford v. Ferrari, Marea provocare: Le Mans '66, Le Mans 66 - Täydellä teholla, Az aszfalt királyai, Пълно ускорение, Ford v Ferrari: The IMAX 2D Experience

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    Great story and great acting, bit unsure about Christian bale’s accent but that aside was good, although it was quite a long film it didnt drag, the dialogue was solid the action sequences great and you felt like you were there with them

  • okseniia-pavlichenko
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    Ford v Ferrari thrills by simulating the record-breaking pace of the cars on the tracks, but really captivates because we care deeply about the men trying to make the victory happen. Before his back-to-back dips into the comic-book universes of Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) and the X-Men – in the films Logan and The Wolverine – James Mangold nimbly danced through genres in search of compelling characters. He’d make a Tom Cruise actioner like Knight & Day, but add on a bumbling innocent character to spice up the routine spy genre. He’d plunge into a conventional biopic like Walk the Line, but reinvent it with the aide of two commanding performance at the head of his Johnny Cash story. Mangold’s back at the helm of a sturdy, red-blooded American story of ingenuity and stick-to-your-guns re-invention for the spectacular new Ford v Ferrari. You’ve probably seen this type of story told before, but rarely this well, with supreme talents overcoming nearly impossible odds to achieve a goal everyone tells them they can’t get. It’s the late 1960s, and Henry Ford II (Tracy Letts) faces a serious issue. The Ford brand, time-tested and baked into the American popular culture, is struggling to contend against an onslaught of cooler, hipper cars. Kids coming back from the war hardly want to plunk down cash on the cars on which their dads used to depend. Ford needs bold, company-saving ideas, and Lee Iacocca (Jon Bernthal) has one. Iacocca wants Ford to compete on the global racing circuit. Specifically, Iacocca wants Ford to go head-to-head with the dominant force of the international circuit: Enzo Ferrari (Remo Girone). To do that, Ford recruits two men with intimate knowledge of this field: celebrated automotive designer Carroll Shelby (Matt Damon), who raced in and won the annual 24 Hours of LeMans in 1959; and Ken Miles (Christian Bale), a hard-headed and short-tempered grease monkey who has a seamless connection to his automobiles, and might be the only person talented enough to drive the car Ford needs to build from scratch. Even if you know the results of the 1966 24 Hours of Le Mans – and the outcome has been famous in the race world since the moment the event concluded – Mangold’s Ford v Ferrari captivates and entertains with the peaks and valleys of the team’s journey. The riveting drama spins a classic narrative of teamwork and ingenuity in the face of stifling adversity, as Shelby and Miles constantly had to convince Ford of the risks that needed to be taken if they actually wanted to win the race, and not just contend. Mangold recruits two of the greatest male actors working today to play his leads, but they are overshadowed by one intangible co-star I like to call “speed.” The racing scenes in Ford v Ferrari are breathtakingly innovative, with Mangold and his team routinely figuring out new ways to put us in the driver’s seat of some of the fastest vehicles on the planet. The chief obstacle facing Shelby and Miles was making their protoptype race car faster, so the tests performed in the film had to convey that achievement. Ferrari thrills by simulating the record-breaking pace of the cars on the tracks, but really captivates because we care deeply about the men trying to make the victory happen. Bale, in particular, is fantastic as the flawed and conceited Ken Miles, a dedicated husband and father who can’t help but put his passion for cars ahead of the family he loves. He’s conflicted by his desire to be around for them, but unable to resist the temptation that comes with the challenge of being right about the cars that Shelby fights to design. Arguably, Ford could not have competed at 24 Hours of Le Mans without Ken Miles’ contributions, and I’d shudder to think of a version of Ford v Ferrari without Bale behind the wheel. Under Mangold’s watchful eye, Ford v Ferrari tells a stirring, inspirational story about professional pride, and tells it extremely well. The screenplay creates rich, complicated characters out of its underdog-sport template (though two supporting characters drag the main plot down with their unnecessary contributions), and Mangold’s precision for filmmaking helps the ride stay perpetually smooth and swift. Hollywood used to specialize in these audience-bonding crowd pleasers. Now they are few and far between, so when one speeds along and is firing on all cylinders, so out of your way to support it.

  • rocco-gatti
    rocco gatti

    Every year there is a film that has a little bit of everything to please anyone out there. A film that has heart, passion for a craft, strong performers, dreams that become reality – a film worth watching on the big screen, that keeps you entertained for 150 minutes. Well, Ford v Ferrari is that film.American car designer Carroll Shelby (Matt Damon) and driver Ken Miles (Christian Bale) battle corporate interference, the laws of physics and their own personal demons to build a revolutionary race car for Ford and challenge Ferrari at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the world’s oldest active sports car race in endurance racing, in 1966.Shelby and Miles aren’t doing this for fame or the prize at the end of the finish line, they do it because they love racing, building something from scratch and making it even better than ever thought possible. That’s where the heart of this film lies. Just like those guys, you can tell director James Mangold and his team made this film with a passion for filmmaking. From production design, to camera movements in- and outside the race cars, to the attention to detail when it comes to costume design and historic accuracy. A true feat for Hollywood and for cinema goers worldwide.20th Century Fox/Disney does seem to want to attract an audience that’s interested in cars and racing, but this film is more than just that. It’s about business and family, the message this film tells without any hesitance is universal and will keep everyone intrigued for its entire two and a half hour runtime. There’s never a dull moment in this what might seem boring on paper event-film. Even the longest dialogues are riddled with Bale’s over-the-top face acting and writers Jez Butterworth, John-Henry Butterworth and Jason Keller made sure to have serious conversations supercharged with dry humour. Bale proves how much of an acting-chameleon he is – I’ve never seen him do anything like this before. Even Damon, who I’m personally not the biggest fan of, since I find him very one-note, deserves my recognition as being simply incredible as Bale’s on screen “co-driver”.The supporting cast might not be filled with household Hollywood names, but this cast is without a doubt one of the best ensembles you’ll see all year. Noah Jupe (A Quiet Place) and Caitriona Balfe (Outlander) as Miles’ son and wife will have many viewers look up their names. Jupe has a joyful screen presence that makes you want to protect him at all costs, while Balfe stands her ground with her mesmerising charisma. Her chemistry with Bale feels so naturally intimate, as if they’re a married couple in real life – I found myself smiling every time they interacted with each other – magical! Jon Bernthal, Tracy Letts and Remo Girone each give compelling performances in every scene they bump and run.Although I said this wasn’t just a movie about racing, it does have the most spectacular race sequences I’ve seen in years, thanks to Phedon Papamichael’s off the charts cinematography, flawless VFX and the amazing sound design team. Following the cars on ground level in hair clip turns is sweat inducing and will have you gasping for clean air when stuff completely goes wrong. There’s never a moment you won’t believe it’s not Bale himself who sits behind the wheel.Ford v Ferrari is the kind of movie everyone will enjoy. It has big Hollywood stars telling a timeless story about friendship and making dreams come true. In a year, full of sequels and remakes, what more do you want? This is one of the most entertaining films you’ll see this year.

  • donald-mcdonald
    donald mcdonald

    Nothing really surprising or deep here, by the numbers script, showing the all-american cliches: manly American men, each more charismatic and talented than a hundred Italian men, their loving and hot American housewives, great professionals at wonderful Ford, etc. You know: USA Is No. 1. Yaaawn.

  • gailius-migle
    gailius migle

    Le Mans ’66I saw this at the Cineworld secret screening and my heart sank having already condemned it from the trailer. I loath movies about racing cars and I hate Christian Bale with a vengeance. Well despite these “minor” prejudices this was a really great movie.Centering on a biopic of Ken Miles life as a racing car driving, played by Bale, and his friend Carroll Shelby, played by Damon. These two central roles were delivered with passion and some very fine acting. I could be wrong but Christian Bale’s diction was so much better in his native english rather than the mumbling guttural we are usually straining to unjumble.The elongated driving sequences were exhausting and to long for me but I could see others around me lapping this up. The entire ensemble were brilliant and really created the atmosphere of the racetrack and the maverick sportsmen of the 60’s.With regard to awards my mind tells me that there are merely supporting actor nominations here because neither of the leads here displayed any comprehensive array of emotions and that discounts them. Ditto for best movie.

  • bernarda-cuk
    bernarda cuk

    I thank god every day for the bless he give me,, thanks to him (and some people in hollywwod) i can enjoy this movies so early on! This is definitely something you wann watch in the theatres, incredible movie, plot and PERFORMANCES OMGGG,, this is some oscar material guys i mean it!

  • nicholas-barton
    nicholas barton

    Jesus Christ – Bale does it again.Great script, great casting, incredible acting from everyone, but especially Bale.

  • pani-krystyna-goliasz
    pani krystyna goliasz

    Ford V Ferrari (Director. James Mangold)James Magild once again delivers us another bloody great film. Ford v Ferrari is wild and thrilling film which I seriously did it expect to enjoy so much.At 153 minutes, the pacing honestly flies by. I wouldn’t say it needed trimming down at all. The whole film is a load of fun, thanks to brilliant performances, a great script and racing scenes which are brilliantly directed and filled with so much energy. The last race is honestly so well done, it is one of the best film moments of the year. The visual effects are for the most part spectacular. Even the more drama scenes are still just as interesting. Also ther racing scenes are downright brilliant with their sound mixing and editing. Christian Bale once again proves he is one of the best actors of this generation. He alone makes the film worth watching. Noah Jupe, Matt Damon, Jon Berthnal and the rest of the cast are so amazing as well. Overall it’s one of the most energetic and memorable films of the year. Mangold is such an ace director and his talent really shines here. It’s a really stylish film and such a likeable film and definitely worth watching.Overall Rating: A-

  • meagan-hurley
    meagan hurley

    I went into Ford v Ferrari a little unsure, as I’m not a huge racing fan, and wondered if the movie might be boring to me. My worry was unfounded – Ford v Ferrari is the best movie I’ve seen all year. It’s surprisingly funny, completely engaging, historically accurate, and now my favorite Christian Bale movie. In fact, you’ll forget you’re watching Matt Damon and Christian Bale as they both completely disappear into their characters. So no spoilers here, just a recommendation to go see a great movie.

  • david-green
    david green

    One hell of a ride, your heart will beat and race faster while watching this movie especially if you are a fan of racing cars or etc. Directed by James Mangold (Logan, Walk the Line). Based on true story about American automotive designer Carroll Shelby (Matt Damon) and British race car driver Ken Miles (Christian Bale), together they plan to compete against the race cars of Enzo Ferrari at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in France in 1966. The story itself was so emotional and adrenalin pumping, I’d really recommend if you haven’t know the story yet before watching this movie. I’m not really a fan of racing cars but I’m not disappointed either with this one, either you fan or not- you’ll enjoy this movie.It’s not just about the cars even the race or the business, that’s why I liked this movie. It is personal, heartfelt, and touching. With all the long racing scene it won’t even bore you, I wasn’t even know before about the rivalry between Ford and Ferrari back then but big bravo on the writer and director, the racing scenes had me sitting up on the edge of my seat! This movie manages to get the audience feel the excitement and thrill of racing. A strong screenplay with phenomenal performance by Christian Bale and Matt Damon, not to mention other supporting actors like Noah Jupe and Josh Lucas. The chemistry between Bale and Damon is engaging, their characters fit so well.Solid movie from start to finish, I’d really recommend you to watch it with IMAX. One of the best movies for this year. The ending may wasn’t explored enough but if you know the real story, you might know why it wasn’t explored enough. It is for the best I guess.

  • pan-maciej-osiadacz
    pan maciej osiadacz

    I was at the Philadelphia Film center premiere on 11/11/19 to view this terrific movie. At the age of 68 and a tifoso of Ferrari since age 8, ( 1959 ), this movie hit a nerve. Truth vs Fiction. This was a David vs Goliath movie, however Goliath wins. The movie recreates a golden era of auto Racing. It was seriously dangerous with death and injury a guarantee at every race. These drivers were absolute warriors and we’re fearless. Now Ferrari winning LeMans six straight years in a row from 1960-1965 is actually the David in this movie. Ferrari for all their dominant winning form was still a tiny company that sold fancy $15,000 sportcars to support his racing team. Winning LeMans was a $16,500 team prize. These Ferrari drivers were salaried. The prototype class at that time was wide open with no upper limit on engine size. There was an under 2 liter class that Porsche and Ferrari dino control, but the over 2 liter was unlimited. I read carefully about the Ford move to acquire Ferrari, as daily news reports would cross the associated press. The movie is spot-on about Ford cars lacking desire back then. Chevrolet had the Corvette, Corvair and sporty looking Impala and Chevelle. Now Ford is the Goliath in this movie. They are the big corporate giant with unlimited resources. Ford paid for the Ford GT. It was really a Lola Gt with a Ford badge put on it. Ford put their name on every innovation provided by all the racing/equipment suppliers that went into that race car. Unlike Ferrari being designed, engineered and built handmade in that Italian factory. Ford spent more money on developing a racecar than the total price to buy Ferrari outright. Hired every Nascar team to provide expert pit crews, engine builders and offered 80,000-100,000 to each driver for one race . Now the movie, it’s a movie that non race cars fans can and will enjoy. It shows how Shelby and Miles are really the heroes of the winning team. This was true. Their relationship is spot on in the movie and they know what is needed to win. They battle off the track against Ford executives and against Ferrari on the track. What is not disclosed in the movie is the quitting of the Ferrari ace driver John Surtees. When he left Ferrari, the team was devastated. He along with Ford’s Ken Miles were two true warriors. Also not shown but lightly covered in the movie is the three years of disastrous outing for the Ford racing team. Did Shelby steal the Ferrari pits stop watches? Did Shelby actually throw spear lug nuts into the Ferrari pit lane to make the Ferrari pit crew think that the race car was missing a nut on the car out on the track? Did Enzo Ferrari actually tip his hat to honor Ken Miles? Who really knows. Everybody is dead. I remember the lug nut rumour in the 1960s, as that was a southern stock car trick. I never heard about the theft of Ferrari stop watches by Shelby. As far as Ferrari tipping his hat. Ferrari was known for or not attending many races. All that aside, did I as a Ferrari fan enjoy this movie. My answer is a Yes, Yes, Yes. With the exception of James Garner in Grand Prix, this is the best movie to deal with the sport of autoracing. Bonus is that it is also a great human interest story and they create the mood of the sixties as U vividly remember it. I rate this movie a ten and should be nominated for Oscars.

  • ioulios-galatios-kharmpilas
    ioulios galatios kharmpilas

    Having just stepped out of an advanced screening of le Mans 66 or Ford vs Ferrari if you prefer, I was really looking forward to this film and I wasn’t disappointed. As a fan of the 24hr race I found the racing scenes to be heart pounding, adrenalin pumping and visually breathtaking. The core performances from Bale as Ken Miles and Damon as Carroll Shelby really sold the film to me as a couple of die hard car fanatics with a complicated friendship put together beautifully by James Mangold in the big chair. It’s not just thrills either. There are genuinely touching moments in this film with a great supporting cast and a great villain in Enzo Ferrari. I loved it and if you have an interest in the source material you won’t find a better petrol fuelled film this year. SA

  • laura-alvarez
    laura alvarez

    This movie is about preparing for Le Mans ’66 , the way that Mangold made it was phenomenal. The race sequences mixed with the score and the cinematography was truly awesome, and if you a racing fan or love building cars you will love that movie so very much as I did. The performances from Bale and Damon was great, and the whole cast was amazing too and they done their best to serve the story so well. The Last 30 minutes in the movie was breathtaking, Le Mans race and the final scene was perfect. I felt like I’m with ’em in the team, felt happy and sad when they were, the ensemble made me feel like it was my family I loved ’em so much. All thanks to the whole production team for efforts that bring to us that much thrill we enjoyed.

  • joao-gabriel-nogueira
    joao gabriel nogueira

    James Mangold is a highly acclaimed filmmaker, who have made the Copland with Stallone, the very good Walk the Line, featuring Johnny Cash, who played Joaquin Phoenix himself, and the Logan, an extremely good movie, what gave depth to a superhero character , whose name is Wolverine, all in a way that been taken very seriously and we could feel Logan’s drama and fulfillment. As you can see from our director’s filmography, he has done quite a variety of film projects and has not done two films on the same subject, until now, since he has made again a biographical film, just like Walk the Line, to our luck.The story centers on two passionate and unwavering figures, Ken Miles and Carroll Shelby, who are avid racing enthusiasts and experts. Carroll was a Formula One pilot, who has become a car designer, and as a rider and a car designer, he has great success. Carroll’s friend, Ken, a wildly talented pilot is trying to make a living from repairing cars, but not very successful. In addition to buffering cars, he enjoys his passion for racing in his spare time. His wife is very supportive with her husband and they are trying to solve their financial problems together. Their little son, Peter often goes to his father’s races, which his father wins all the time. Carroll supports his friend’s competitions, because he knows, that he’s a huge talent, but he can’t control his temper, what making him a difficult man to handle. Because of this fervor, he cannot break out, even though he is an ancient talent. One day, however, the Ford looking for Carroll to build a vehicle in a relatively short period of time, that will be able to push down the big rival Ferrari. He hesitantly asks Ford management to hire Kent as a pilot for Ford.In the lead roles, we can see famous actors like Christian Bale, who plays the hotspot Kent, and besides him is Matt Damon, who plays Carroll the ex-racer and professional car designer. The cast of the two protagonists have done well, their roles are very good and the chemistry is working very much between them. Christian Bale had to lose 20 pounds, after being cast in the Vice, while in the aforementioned movie he had to lose nearly as much weight, but this is not new from Christian Bale, the master of physical transformation. The whole cast is well-selected, however, the two main actors take over the rest actors, and these actors are not even close to the main performances. Mangold’s work is full of passion, emotion, for example, the moment, when Ken listens to the radio and he lists the mistakes, what they made during the race, even though he doesn’t even see the event. Ken’s relationship with his son has also been very emotional, as the father, who is not the best at expressing love, is trying to establish a kind of bond with his child through his passion. Carroll’s character could not be presented in such depth, but nevertheless it did not become a superficial character, only he hasn’t got as many layers as Ken, played by Christian Bale. We also need to mention the photography, which is wonderful. Some of the film’s races are simulated by real-life stuntmens, and some are solved with CGI, but needless to say, the real and CGI footage are almost indistinguishable, because if the good camera settings and cuts. There is nothing brilliant about the script, the dialogues are character-based, so this part of the piece is totally good.The Ford v Ferrari has become an exceptionally good workmanship carried by the giant actors and by the masterfully composed sequences. I recommend this movie to everyone. To get the full effect, don’t read the story, if you don’t know it, because it made it even more enjoyable for me, so my rating is: 7/10

  • margaret-hinton
    margaret hinton

    Once in a while, a big Hollywood film is made with big Hollywood stars, and big Hollywood production values and occasionally everything works to deliver a dynamic cinematic event. Such is the case with director James Mangold’s new film “Ford v Ferrari”. Armed with superior talent in front and behind the camera, Mr. Mangold has directed his best film yet with bravado. A strong screenplay is the foundation of a great story involving the characters portrayed by Matt Damon playing American Car Designer Carroll Shelby, driver Christian Bale, and Tracy Letts as Henry Ford II, all involved in challenging the famous Italian car maker Ferrari at the famous race at Le Mans in 1966. From the very first frame, James Mangold sets the tone with exciting, bold and energetic images that are visually arresting, alongside a great score that never overwhelms or feels generic. The editing is outstanding, as the pace is so fast moving, pulsating with nail biting excitement, especially in the racing sequences. Cinematographer Phedon Papamichael, along with Production Designer Francois Audouy, and Costume Designer Daniel Orlandi, have created a rich canvas, always authentic in feel, full of subtleties resulting in a formidable palette that comes together beautifully. Flawless performances are a high point under the guidance of James Mangold’s direction. Matt Damon has rarely had the opportunity to show quite a range from confidant showman to a vulnerability we rarely see. Christian Bale as always disappears into his character and delivers another stellar performance, and Tracy Letts layers his performance with strength and flair. Ultimately, James Mangold’s master work delivers on all fronts, and on the whole one of the most satisfying films of the year, and certain to be a major contender for many well deserved awards !

  • liubov-vasilevich
    liubov vasilevich

    Le Mans ’66 is a fast paced thrill ride from beginning to end. It tells the story of how carol shelby and ken miles built a car that could beat Ferrari in 24hr race at Le Mans where they had won the previous 4 years. The biggest strength in this film is the chemistry between the cast, good performances all round from Josh Lucas to Ray McKinnon but the whole film hinges on the chemistry between the two leads. it delivers on that front with the highlights of the film being scenes with Damon & Bale genuinely feeling like two old friends bantering back & forth about cars. Matt Damon does a great job as Shelby but can’t help be overshadowed by Christian Bale who steals the movie with his performance as ken miles a man on the journey to find that one perfect lap. James Mangold does a good job with the direction you feel the gear shifts & the tension when the Ford Gt40 screeches it’s breaks around right corners. There could probably more ambitious or creative shots in some of the races but in my honest opinion I think the performances Mangold got out of this cast outshines the technical stuff. The writing isn’t the best and can come off as cheesy & predictable in certain areas but for the most part I felt it was well written and had a good pace to it. I’d recommend Le Mans ’66 it’s not 1st place but it’s a near perfect lap.

  • eric-walter
    eric walter

    Not a massive fan of motor racing or motor racing movies but i did enjoy this. The major asset for the film is the cast, Matt Damon is very good but the real star of this is the fantastic Christian Bale, a superb performance from a great actor. The story of an unsung British hero, a very modest and a very real hero, he did really drive a tank in WW2, is a tale very much worth telling. It is long bit flies by – go see.

  • ergun-bilgen-sezer
    ergun bilgen sezer

    This movie has as much traction and grip, as the car that won Le Mans 66!Another stunning performance by Christian Bale (without any body transformation this time!) and the same goes for Jon Bernthal! Yes, this movie might be 20mins to long, but it takes you on a long and exciting ride with an end you won’t see coming, unless you spoil yourself with how the race in ’66 ended – my advice: DON’T! it will pay off.I’m a Formula 1 enthusiast and occasionally watch the Le Mans races as well, so I wasn’t aware how the race in ’66 ended. I wasn’t even aware of the rivalry between Ford and Ferrari back then, but this movie won’t bore you with the details to much. It gives the necessary overview of the needed context, so that every viewer understands what’s on the line here.I’d recommend a viewing in an IMAX for sure, to feel the sound and experience the race for yourself. Much like Rush, this movie manages to get the excitement of racing transformed to the audience, without focussing on any crashes or the (back then) still live threatening motorsport.

  • robin-padilla
    robin padilla

    The Actors were magnificent, fit their characters so well. They’re performances added so much to the movie.The story, which obviously is a true tell was emotional and I recommend not looking into anything before seeing the film if you don’t know already. Though I’m sure if you know the story you’ll still enjoy it.Shot well too. Highly recommend this film.

  • trofimova-irina-aleksandrovna
    trofimova irina aleksandrovna

    Nice surprise at the Cineworld secret screening with this. Bale and Damon have great chemistry. I struggled with Bale’s UK Northern accent occasionally, but a story of risk, achievement and friendship, with some great driving scenes. Would recommended, especially for any race fans. 8/10

  • lucas-santos
    lucas santos

    Both Matt Damon and Bales performances were fantastic and brilliantly directed by James ( by far his best directed film to date!)Along with the excellent duo Oscar worthy performances the racing sequences were upmost beautifully made along with the films cinematography!Im fully confident and expecting multiple Oscar nominations on all fronts for this joyful movie!!

  • heghine-azbekyan
    heghine azbekyan

    When you think of great sports movies, Rocky, Remember the titans and Rush comes to your mind. This movie won’t be know as the best sports movie of all time but would surely be among the top 20. Everything that needs to be said has already been said about the two leading stars in the movie but big shout out to the supporting cast including Jon Bernthal who was great.The story is good but it’s a biographical drama so not much can be changed even though there were few liberties were taken with few facts that were presented.The sound design was excellent which made your heart race faster when you heard the roar of the Ford GT 40!Cinematography by Phedon (who was also the cinematographer for the pursuit of happiness) gives us some nice shots of the race which immerses you into action.I got to watch it as part of secret preview show! It will get few Oscar nominations but doubt it would claim any big prize. Solid 9 out of 10 for me. A must watch if you are a racing fan or a fan of good sports movie.

  • irene-russo
    irene russo

    I attended the screening at Fox Studios yesterday and It was so good I want to see it again in IMAX. Christian Bale deserves an Oscar nom and definitely so far, the Best Film of the Year!

  • sue-perez
    sue perez

    Biopics can be a hard sell at times. Whether you’re diving into the troubled life of an addict or exploring someone’s sexuality, there are many touchy subjects these days. With that said, I feel there are also those that will stand the test of time, in terms of being able to please a wide audience. Ford v Ferrari is one of the latest true stories out of Hollywood that will be hitting the big screen soon, and here’s why I believe it absolutely deserves attention.Following multiple characters throughout, Ford v Ferrari focussed on the fact that Henry Ford II was given an idea to create the fastest race car in the world. His mission is to take down the likes of the company Ferrari, who have held the title for years. Carol Shelby (Matt Damon) is approached by a member of the Ford team and is recruited, only to be the one finding himself recruiting the driver in Ken Miles (Christian Bale). That’s the core premise and there’s a lot to dive into from there.If you’re a fan of racing or cars in general, this movie will be for you. This is a very well-directed film by James Mangold, and the racing sequences are quite long, taking up a good chunk of the nearly 150-minute run time. Luckily, they are very intense, practically shot, with a fantastic score to back it up, and sound effects to get your heart pumping. Everything about the exciting aspects of this film was top notch.Christian Bale and Matt Damon give stellar performances here as the two leading men in the film and I totally bought their rigid friendship that slowly developed. Sadly, without giving anything away, there is an incident that I feel was not explored enough, which slightly took away when a certain moment is meant to impact the movie. Other than that, this is a fantastic movie from beginning to end.In the end, Ford v Ferrari is engaging, emotional, and downright thrilling when it wants to be. I was invested in these characters and on the edge of my seat during the climactic races. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with this movie. There is a missed opportunity in terms of emotion during a certain scene, but I was able to forgive that, seeing as the rest of the movie was so impressive. Ford v Ferrari is one of the best movies I’ve seen so far this year and it will be one to see when it officially releases.

  • maria-cecilia-almeida
    maria cecilia almeida

    Just saw F v F at the Telluride Film Festival and it is phenomenal. Perfect performances, incredible visuals and editing, immersive sound, and a riveting story. A real winner. Christian Bale lost 70 pounds Defoe the role and is a delight. Damon is spot on. Catriona Balfe is excellent. All the actors playing Ford executives are excellent as well. Masterful direction from James Mangold. A must see.