The story of a man who goes out looking for hamburgers, while he has a beautiful steak at home. Frank and Eva can’t live together, but can’t live without each other either. He has sex with every woman he can get, while Eva wants to start a family. She, on the other hand, seeks more stability and wants to start a family. Out of frustration about his behavior, she starts an affair with their mutual friend, but whether he can give her what she wants?

Also Known As: Frank ve Eva, Scènes de la vie amoureuse d'un couple, Frank en Eva, Shojo Sylvia Kristel: Hatsu-taiken, Tuhmat kuvat - Frank & Eva, Frank y Eva, Skines ap' tin erotiki zoi enos zevgariou, L'amica di mio marito, Frank und Eva West, Living Apart Together, Frank & Eva

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