Willy the smart and rebellious whale and Jessie the orphaned boy team up to escape Willy’s captivity and horrible owner to get back to his pod. Can they succeed with the help of Annie and Glenn Jessie’s foster parents, Randolph the spiritual friend of Willy and Jessie, and Rae Willy’s trainer?

Also Known As: Free Willy 2: A Aventura Voltou, Free Willy 2, Free Willy 2 - Pantotini filia, Free Willy 2: A Aventura Continua, Zachrante Willyho 2 Czech, フリー・ウィリー2, Libertem Willy 2, Ελευθερώστε τον Γουίλι 2: Παντοτινή φιλία, Free Willy 2 - Freiheit in Gefahr, Liberen a Willy 2, Звільніть Віллі 2: Пригоди вдома, Sauvez Willy 2, Eliberati-l pe Willy 2, Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home, Rädda Willy 2, Liberad a Willy 2, Uwolnić orkę 2, Slipp Willy fri 2, Befri Willy 2, Özgür Willy 2, Szabadítsátok ki Willyt! 2., Освободите Вилли 2: Новое приключение, Pelastakaa Willy 2, Волният Уили 2, Pantoteini filia, Sloboda za Vilija 2, Moj prijatelj Willy 2, Mon ami Willy 2: La grande aventure

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