Freebie and Bean, two San Francisco police detectives, have one goal in life: to bring down Red Meyers, a local hijacking boss. After many fruitless months they finally collect an important piece of evidence. However, before they can get an arrest warrant, they hear the news of the hitman being hired to kill Meyers.

Also Known As: Una strana coppia di sbirri, Os Anjos da Guarda, Freebie si Bean, Фриби и Бин Soviet, Duas Ovelhas Negras, Una extraña pareja de polis, Der Superschnüffler West, Szaleni detektywi, Die Superschnüffler West, Tampen brenner, karer, Ursäkta, här kommer snuten!, Les anges gardiens, Knust bil til frokost, Freebie and the Bean, Zsarufrász, Dos contra todos, Der Superschnüffler, Jästipääjeparit, Dyo trelloi trelloi astynomoi

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