It is Friday and Craig Jones (Ice Cube) is unemployed, having, yesterday, been fired. . This has lead to trouble with Smokey’s supplier, Big Worm, who now wants his money, or his product back, or Smokey is a dead man. Then there’s Deebo, the local bully, plus Craig’s jealous, psychotic girlfriend, Joi, and Debbie, the neighbour Craig has a crush on. A lot can happen while lounging around your house on a Friday.

Also Known As: Végre péntek, Пятница, Cuma, Penktadienis, Vineri, Petak, Petek, Todo en un viernes, Ci vediamo venerdì, El viernes, Sexta-Feira em Apuros, Friday, Friday New, Piatek, Петък

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  • ethan-wiseman
    Ethan Wiseman

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      princess tiana


  • brendan-collins
    brendan collins

    Friday stars Ice Cube and Chris Tucker as two young adults and best friends going about their daily lives. One Friday morning, Tucker’s character Smokey gets into trouble with a local loan shark. Ice Cube’s character, Craig, is unwillingly dragged into the mess, adding more complications to the character’s current life situation. The two are told they have until that evening to pay the money Tucker owes or they’ll both be killed. I had a great time watching this film due to its laid back vibe. It doesn’t feel like the audience is watching a movie with a coherent narrative, but instead watching characters hang out and interact with one another. And I mean this in the best possible way. Part of Friday’s enjoyment stems from the energetically funny cast, particularly the two leads. Smokey and Craig share an onscreen chemistry comparable to other hilarious duos such as Cheech and Chong or Wayne and Garth. They’re not the film’s only shining stars, however. The supporting cast which includes F. Gary Gray, John Witherspoon, Bernie Mac, Angela Means, and many more. Each actor gives their performance just the right amount of effort and pure fun to create very memorable characters that may not have a lot of screen time, but certainly leave a lasting impression. The amount of slapstick and lowbrow humor the writers use is also very refreshing and proves that humor can take many forms. This type of comedy is usually looked down upon as immature, but humor is humor. Immature or not, these jokes were funny. This movie made me laugh a lot and I recommend Friday to any lover of film and/or comedy.

  • gabriel-nistor
    gabriel nistor

    “Friday” holds a special place in my heart. It came out when I was in high school and when Chris Tucker was the funniest human being alive to me. Eddie Murphy had left stand-up year prior which left a gaping hole in the stand-up game. Chris Tucker filled that void for me.”Friday” isn’t my favorite comedy but it is an oft-quoted comedy in my small circle. This was Ice Cube’s coming out party in the movie industry as more than just an actor playing an L.A. hood (Boyz in the Hood). Friday is a cult classic and will always be fondly remembered.

  • aadity-bnaa
    aadity bnaa

    Writer and director are both only 25 years old — and provide another example of why it’s best to beware of young men with movie cameras.

  • anze-kosir
    anze kosir

    I couldn’t have asked for a better comedy movie. I laugh my [email protected]# off every time I watch it and I’ve seen it at least a 100 times!!! Chris Tucker was hilarious as usual, and Ice Cube did an excellent job compared to the rest of the rappers that don’t really give much of a performance. They especially did an excellent job showing the everyday life of two guys hanging out in the black neighborhood. I can’t think of another comedy like this one that compares. Once again, very VERY well done!!!

  • okhrim-ovsiienko
    okhrim ovsiienko

    Just with the title of this movie’s name mentioned. It conjures up scenes that made me laugh so hard. In a time of my life when things looked grim. I had just bought my first house for a really cheap price. And after a few months being there. I had invited my friends over to celebrate my good but broke new life. They brought over this movie tucked discreetly under one arm. It was in our minds that this was going to be the last movie for the night. Nobody could say for sure if this movie was going to be good or not. The cover looked cheesy and of poor quality. Ice cube we new well. But everything thing else was saying NO! Don’t get bored!! Not Funny!!I too was doing Mary Jane as well at that time in my life. About two years. But had told my friends that I wanted a break. I had just a little (3 ounces) to cover any NEEDS (^_<). We watched Braveheart first. Another great movie to watch. But then came out Friday. This movie really captured a day in the life of me and my friends. The daily language used was right on. It also coined the phrase DAAAAMN!! for all of us. The comedic performances by Chris Tucker and Ice was sharp! Especially Chris. He really made his career with that movie. Because I have seen everyone one of his later films just to see a glimmer of "Smokey" in them. And he hasn't let me down yet! The way the movie flowed on the screen was flawless. Every character was well played and unforgettable. So this movie came at a great point in my life. I can still sit with my popcorn in one hand and laugh my Butt off. The "Next Friday" the sequel was good. And also had it's moments. But it is nothing without Smokey. Make another with him. Pleaseeee!By the way, after the movie we sang with the stars!

  • daniel-figueroa
    daniel figueroa

    The basic idea of two guys sitting on their porch all day watching the neighborhood go by is good, but the actors need to be really talented to make it funny or interesting. Ice Cube plays the straight man to Chris Tucker but for me both of them weren’t funny. At times they would just kind of sit there and look around and at each other with nothing to say. Blank stares. Ice Cube had his shining moment in Boyz in the Hood but let’s face it, I’m about as good an actor as he is. Chris Tucker is mildly entertaining in a few scenes, but most of the time just annoying. Sometimes the characters sit around and have conversations that go nowhere and make absolutely no sense. Now, obviously I’m in the minority. Many people thought this was funny.I thought it could have been great, but only with a scriptwriter who knows how to write a funny line. But I didn’t think Scary Movie was funny either so maybe, MAYBE, it’s just me. It’s obvious you have to be high to enjoy Friday. I’ll try that next time.

  • hakon-mikkelsen-christensen
    hakon mikkelsen christensen

    ………………………………………………..from Pasto,Colombia…Via: L.A. CA, CALI, Colombia & ORLANDO, FL I was feeling like a GOOD Comedy, (SO hard to come by nowadays, ne c’est pa?) I recalled a recent note from a Friend, touting Friday, saying that only ONE Friend had rated it below 6*. Clicked to check…Nine out of Ten = 10* Reviews and one 8* on PAGE One! Takes place in South Central L.A… Hey! I grew up in SOUTH CENTRAL!…WOW! Sounded like a 100% sure bet, Right? (Queue LOUD Buzzer Sounding) WRONG!!! Was REALLY disappointed…Here’s WHY: Friday did not really offer up much in the way of anything fresh or original. In a DVD Extras’ interview, the principals claimed that Friday would show a much more true-to-life, much less violent HOOD, unlike some other famous late 80’s early 90’s flicks. Hmmm……OK, let’s see: One of the two main “Buddies”, played by a then relatively unknown Chris Tucker, smokes weed, non-stop, 24/7, and is named “Smokey”! Oh! BTW, he also deals Marijuana! …WOW! We’ve NEVER seen THAT in an inner- city movie before, huh? Excuse me!?! Did they say “True to life…or True to Stereotype?” Well, how about the “much less violent” angle? Hmmm…Two machine-gun toting Gang-bangers spray their house with at least 100 rounds! Hey, just another typical day of peace and quiet in the HOOD, right! There are a number of other negative stereotypes presented as well.Two things I resent: First, why are these things OK if it’s supposedly Black movie…or do I have to say “Afro-American”? Secondly, why are so many people afraid to bring it up, for fear of being labeled, “Racist”? I have African ancestors. They are 6 or 7 generations removed, so I’m pretty bleached out, but I must still have a couple African genes in my genetic profile. So, PLEASE, spare me the racist label, O.K.? Must admit though, HOOD did deliver at least a few good laughs! 5*…ENJOY/DISRUTELA!?!…(I Hope Much More Than I) Any comments, questions or observations, in English or Español, are most welcome!

  • michelle-brock
    michelle brock

    Friday was a good comedy to come out in the midst of Menace II Society, Boyz N The Hood, New Jersey Drive, etc. Unlike the urban dramas out, this is a movie that shows that people in the ghettos do have fun – and this I do know from personal experiences in my life. A well-casted movie for one, Ice Cube shows that he can hold his own in a comedy which at the time I wasn’t expecting that from him as he just came off of Tresspass and Higher Learning; Chris Tucker introduces himself to the silver screen and acts a total fool(which is a good thing, he’s known for it anyway), plus Bernie Mac and Faizon Love contribute with their own comedic performances making the ride worth-while… F. Gary Gray successfully blends realistic situations and humor make this movie a classic comedy and a very fun ride…One of those movies that can easily cheer you up

  • sinikka-oksanen-vuorinen
    sinikka oksanen vuorinen

    The very first time I heard about this film was when I was spending some time with my grandmother when I was younger and she told me that she had got a new movie called Friday. I had nothing else to do, and neither did she so, we pulled out Friday and watched it. Even, though this film does have a lot of language that is pervasively strong spoken. It is still funny due to the fact on how they say it. Now, yes the language might be alittle too strong. But, mainly in my opinion the drug material was pretty unnecessary. And, last time I heard Chris Tucker who plays Smokey, (Craig’s friend) refused to return in the two films because he did not want to play a drug dealer. Anyway, Ice Cube as he’s called plays Craig who’s out of job and has absolutely nothing to do. Except, smoke weed with Smokey, beat up a bratty little kid from knocking over trash cans overthrew, hiding his priced possessions from a thug named Deebo, and keep Smokey from smoking the weed he’s supposed to be selling for a guy named “Big Worm”, before they “both end up dead meat. Anyway, despite the fowl stuff this film is still pretty good and funny. I would recommend this film to any Comedy lovers out there. This film is a good one. I give it “7”. But, before watching it pay attention to the rating. (R) And also why it’s rated that.

  • lisa-hill
    lisa hill

    Friday is the most classic, ghetto movie of all time. I grew up near that area in South Los Angeles and know a little about what it is like down there. The way people who live down there were portrayed in the movie was very accurate. Chris Tucker cracks me up in any movie he’s in, and Ice Cube is just all-around talented. I make it a point to take this movie out and play it at least once a month. For those who haven’t seen “Friday”, you have to see it, but remember, make sure to watch all three Friday movies in order, as all the movies progress in order. “Friday” is beautifully directed and I think it will remain as the classic “ghetto” movie of all time. Two thumbs up, nigh.

  • april-boyd
    april boyd

    This here is a film far more interesting and relevant than it knows itself to be.As a piece of comedy cinema on its own, it’s alright. It’s very simplistic, almost overly simplistic, where there are the good guys on one side and the bad guys on the other. As in any film, sure, but it’s particularly emphasized here, almost in the fashion of a cartoon. Good guy does good and stands up for justice, and on the other side the big bad guy, the bully.The film is terribly stale and strangely uneventful to begin but kickstarts pretty fast.There are some pretty funny characters here and there.The answer to my title is very simple. The sub-cultural differences between the white and black communities in America. Not that only black people could like this film, but it is uninterruptedly and genuinely addressing the young black community, basically an anti-gangster propaganda. “Do the right thing”, “be a man, the right way”.Along the way, some gags are funny enough, and the acting though no Oscar-worthy performances is very realistic, feels very ‘real’, an essential component to get to the young black mind, using a star rapper and a star comedian for more influence.It’s no masterpiece, but it holds up well enough. 6/10.

  • kim-fitzpatrick
    kim fitzpatrick

    F. Gary Gray has made a sweet touching hood film if that makes any sense. A comedy-drama take on the life of two jobless African Americans who basically sit on the porch all day and discuss modern day tactics. My kinda movie.The film is about Craig Jones (Ice Cube) a crabby jobless “two cool for school” type kid and his drug-dealing best friend Smokey (Chris Tucker) sit on the porch all day, thinking it will be an easy day in the hood. When really it will be a life or death type day.The neighborhood bully Debo (Tom Lister, Jr.) harasses them and says they have to pay him $200 by nightfall or they “will not live to see Saturday.” Friday is a sweet movie, it his hilarious in most parts. And is loaded with dialogue. Its the kinda movie you watch and chill out too. The dialogue is actually pretty well written. Ice Cube and DJ Pooh provided a script. From two small names in the film industry at the time, they didn’t do bad.I too like the sequels of Friday, and find them true to the original. Mainly “Friday After Next” is my favorite of the franchise. I hope F. Gary Gray and Chris Tucker return to do one last Friday. Maybe this time they will move on to Saturday.Starring: Ice Cube, Chris Tucker, Tommy Lister Jr., Nia Long, Bernie Mac, and John Witherspoon. Directed by: F. Gary Gray.

  • amy-todd
    amy todd

    This is probably my favorite comedy of all time.I could watch this movie again and again and never be bored by it. Chris Tucker steals the show as Smokey the drug smoking best friend of Craig(played by actor/rapper/co-writer Ice Cube). The whole movie basicly follows Craig Jones and his best friend Smokey who on one friday end up the targets of drug dealer Big Worm(or Big Perm as Smokey calls him:)after smokey smokes up all of the drugs that Worm gave Smokey to sell for him. So Craig and Smokey have to find a way to get the money($200) by the end of the day while also dealing with other problems(Craig getting fired,dealing with neighborhood bully Deebo who pushes them and others around,etc..)or else they wont live to see saturday. Other great characters to look for in this awesome movie include Mr.Jones,Red,Stanely,Mr.and Mrs.Parker,and Ezal. With great music,characters,comedic moments,and acting this movie is definatly worth checking out at least once next time you want to see a comedy.Basicly I LOVE this movie.Give it a chance and it will grow on you. My Rating: 10/10

  • richard-perez
    richard perez

    Friday is one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. It includes comedy, drama, realism, and can even get you emotional if you need to be. It has exquisite acting that makes you wanna stay for Ice Cube’s charm. I would watch it ten million trillion billion times again.

  • vik-tor-merebashvili
    vik tor merebashvili

    Chris Tucker and Ice Cube what more do you want for a Movie like this!? This movie was funny, bright and original. theirs not a point in the movie where it goes dull or boring.Its starts off when Craig (Cube) wakes up on a Friday morning with his friend Smokey (Tucker) outside of his house for only Smokey to find out Craig got fired on his day off, Smokey tries helping Craig feel better by Rolling him Joints and drinking beer, Craig doesn’t touch weed, until Smokey forces him to, they both end up getting high, Along comes Big Worm, the man that gives Smokey the weed to sell, only for Smokey to smoke, later on Big Worm finds out Smokey doesn’t have the cash to cough up so Big Worm gives Smokey a deadline warning, or a drive-by. Craig has nothing to do with it, but nothing matters no more.Through out the movie comes local bully’s, Stupid Neighbours, dumb friends, Early 90’s rap music, drive-by’s, Horney midgets, fights and Craig & Smokey. A lot can go down between Thursday and Saturday!10/10

  • johan-lund
    johan lund

    OPEN LETTER: I have been watching this movie since I was 6 years old.This movie? This movie right here? I can watch this movie over and over and I still laugh. ALL my friends love it. White, Black, Asian – It’s great and funny! It can be defined in one word: CLASSIC! ACTUAL REVIEW: Wanna laugh? Watch this. Classic characters, classic soundtrack , classic tale, classic LINES! It is also very relate-able. We all know a Smokey “the pothead” or a Craig “the responsible one.” Even though it was made in the 90’s, this movie defies generations because of that fact. It is truly underrated by A LOT of critics! IN THE END… WATCH IT! RENT IT! BUY IT! STEAL IT! (okay don’t do the last one) But just watch it! I give it 9 out of 10 stars.

  • mitchell-reed
    mitchell reed

    (Re-review in 2015): It’s interesting to see how this has been labeled the first “Hood” comedy. I’m sure there have been others – though written by, of all people, Joel Schumacher, I’ve always thought of 1976’s Car Wash as the grand-daddy of them. It’s also become a benchmark for stoners; for the 20th anniversary, it was screened for a special event on 4/20. Sadly, I couldn’t attend full of the green stuff, but it was still an enjoyable experience seeing it again. Not great, but good.For all of the comparisons to it being Boyz N tha Hood as a crude comedy, that it is in part. But it’s also like the Watts equivalent of something closer Clerks, also by first-time filmmakers: it’s mostly about two guys who don’t have much going on with their lives or prospects or action, but they’re surrounded by so many ‘lively’ personalities and moments that are meant to get BIG laughs, regardless of a story structure that is super-strong outside of the Day-In-The-Life thing. And both borrow of course from Do the Right Thing, though Cube actually goes for his own version of the violent climax with a fight. The lack of any cops shows this is a fairly insulated world. Works for me.If it doesn’t really have the same existential heft as Clerks, well, it’s not fully trying to be that anyway. What we get here also, of course, is the breakthrough for Chris Tucker – an opportunity he’d only really pursue for another few years before spending his life, it appears, on Rush Hour checks (and a surprise guest spot in Silver Linings Playbook, of all things). His work here is still electrifying and high-charged, though maybe this time I saw more of the obvious “tics” of the character (like, we get it, the Angel Dust bit is one of the major highlights of the movie, but can’t you move on?) And Cube is good as straight man for Tucker’s foole, and has a few moments too.This is one of those movies I watched a LOT ‘back in the day’ as one might say. It’s really a movie, despite being rated R, for 13 year olds, black or white, and seeing it at 13 made as big an impression as seeing Clerks or Pulp Fiction or whatever. At the time I thought it was that good on the level. But some things do last better than others, and the seams in Friday show much more over time. Some bits don’t work – the crackhead (?) hustler is hit or miss, mostly great in the “HEY, SMOKY BACk HERE TAKING A S***!” bit – though Tony Lister, DEEBO of course in capital letters, is still amazing. And I found myself laughing often through the film, in part due to things still working, like anything with Bernie Mac (and Tony Cox!), and sometimes just nostalgia. It surprised me just how much I remembered in terms of dialog – if only I remembered everything from school like this, I’d be probably a smarter man today… oh well.Bottom line, enough of it holds up to recommend as a fun comedy, but the effect of 20 years of stoner/hood/black comedies have diluted some of its effectiveness; any time Craig narrated, or that quick montage of ‘things that happened today’ right before the fight, drag the movie down. And why do they go OUTSIDE knowing that the drive-by is going to happen? That they might shoot the houses whether or not they’re there? Doesn’t make sense.Maybe I’m putting too much thought into it here. But, for what it was, and is, it’s fun, dirty stuff.

  • mathias-dahl
    mathias dahl

    After listening to Ice Cube’s song “Friday”, I was very curious to know how good the actual movie was. Then when I finally bought the DVD of the film, I was very pleased. The movie was a great comedy, filled with laughs and an interesting story.The whole movie’s story takes place on a Friday. It’s about two friends (played by Ice Cube and Chris Tucker) who try to get through a regular Friday in their urban neighborhood. Little do these two fellows know, this Friday will be anything but regular. This Friday will be the most different Friday they will ever experience.The best thing about the movie is Chris Tucker. He gives a very comical and humorous performance as Smokey, the weed-addicted home boy. I’ve heard that Chris Tucker didn’t star in the sequels to this film, so I refuse to watch the sequels. Ice Cube was pretty good in the movie too, but I wish he didn’t have to star in the Tucker-less sequels, since Cube & Tucker go well together as buddies.The soundtrack of the movie is great as well. There are lots of hip hop songs played in various parts of the film. I particularly like the songs from Dr. Dre, Cypress Hill, and Ice Cube himself.The bad part about the movie is that the story itself seems to be over-simplistic. I think a way to improve the movie would have been to add more sub-plots, therefore making the movie contain many funny twists. But still, the movie is pretty good as it is.To sum up, this is a great movie to watch on a day when you’re in need of some good comedy. I’d recommend watching the movie on a good ol’ Friday night!I give this movie a 7/10.

  • robert-powell
    robert powell

    When someone asks me which movie i have seen the most times, i have to answer Friday. I know the movie pretty much verbatim, and have seen it well over 30 times. Chris Tucker is one of the funniest people ever. This is his best performance, followed closely by Rush Hour. There are so many funny moments in this movie it would be impossible to name them all here. My favorites would have to be when Smokey meets his blind date, who turns out to be fat and bald, and the scenes where Deebo confronts Smokey and Craig, played by Ice Cube. The movie has a hilarious supporting cast, including John Witherspoon, Tiny Lister, and Bernie Mac. Critics don’t know anything. If you ever have a chance to see this and enjoy urban comedy and Chris Tucker, don’t even hesitate to watch. 10/10

  • robert-mcneil
    robert mcneil

    I am only writing this because 7.3 rating is to low for this movie and just to say that you do not have to be black or live in the “hood” to like it. Not only is it very funny movie but it has a good message with a very good cast and still holds up 23 years after it came out.

  • quasimodo-carbone
    quasimodo carbone

    Believe me, If you could relate to SMOKEY and CRAIG, then you would see why this flick is so funny! While Dumb & Dumber and Austin Powers:The Spy Who Shagged Me, had me rollin’ at times, it didn’t do enough to throw me at that front porch where our two main characters sit and do nothing but get high and jive! Yeah I can understand those critics who say “what’s the point”? But in this flick, You don’t need a point! Just plain and simple laughs! This is already a camp classic in case y’all don”t know! Please give it a look.

  • owilyam-at-machyan
    owilyam at machyan

    This movie is hilarious! As far as comedies go about the hood, this one is hands down the best. Chris Tucker and Ice Cube really mix up nicely in this one. This is a feel good movie and doesn’t glorify the gritty hard reality violence of the inner city at all, but rather focuses on strugglin to make it with good humor and staying positive. Sure they smoke weed all up and down side to side through this movie, but you have to remember that brings a certain audience and humor to it that wasn’t present before. This movie is downright laugh out loud caliber. The situations this odd couple is forced into are interesting and very funny. The re-watch value for Friday is tremendous and the characters are beautifully developed. There are some true memorable moments in Friday, and even more memorable characters. This is just a fun movie from start to finish and never tries to be perfect. Thank you for keeping it light, and to the point. All we wanted was some fun and it was delivered with Friday.

  • hanseonghyeon

    Eleven years ago (one year before this movie debuted), if you’d have told me you can get an entire movie from two guys sitting on their porch on a hot Friday afternoon, I’d have said you were nuts.I first saw this movie on a date with my girlfriend as a teenager way back in 1995 (it’s hard to believe that was 10 years ago, I laughed through it then and I laugh through it now.It’s also the movie that made me a Chris Tucker mark.I see everything that guy is in.The same goes for Cube.I love this movie’s ability to show that ghettos aren’t all like the ‘Good Times’ TV series.This movie keeps it’s lightheartedness throughout especially with funny characters to support Cube and Tucker like DJ Pooh, A.J. Johnson and Tiny Lister.It also doesn’t hurt to have Nia Long with her fine self in it either.But as I stated this movie is very lighthearted and doesn’t begin to get serious at all until the end where Craig tears Smokey a new one for getting him involved in the mess, Big Worm’s assassination attempt on Craig and Smokey and Craig coming to the aid of Debbie (Nia) when D-bo (Lister) is beating her up.It’s at those two points you almost forget this is supposed to be a comedy movie.The most important message in this movie actually came from Johnny Witherspoon who portrayed Craig’s father.He gave his son some very fatherly advise…which I hope to follow with my own son one day.Although I can’t say I’d have been that calm if I walked into my son’s room and saw him holding a semi-aotumatic 9mm pistol.But I did like his advice….as I believe it was meant to be a message to the audience.”You kids today are nothing but punks, so quick to pick up a gun. You scared to take an ass-whipping!” (referring to his fists) “These are all the protection you need. You win some, you lose some, but you live!”

  • albert-kabanenko
    albert kabanenko

    When I was 14, I first saw Friday and almost choked from laughter. The script by Ice Cube and DJ Pooh is right on target with it’s ghetto humor. Another plus point for the film is it doesn’t stereotype. But it’s Chris Tucker as Smokey who makes this film. His high pitched voice and mannerisms are classic.Hard-core rapper Ice Cube, after appearing in such hard-hitting films as Boyz ‘N the Hood and Higher Learning, played his first comic role in this picture he co-wrote with frequent musical collaborator DJ Pooh. Craig (Ice Cube) manages to get fired on his day off (though he claims it’s through no fault of his own) and spends the day hanging out with his buddy Smokey (Chris Tucker) and trying to avoid his father (John Witherspoon), who wants him to find another job immediately. Smokey (whose name might have something to do with his tremendous fondness for marijuana) has even more serious problems; he was given $200 worth of weed to sell by Big Worm (Faizon Love), but he ended up smoking it instead, and if he can’t come up with the money by the end of the day, he’ll be in a world of hurt (and will put Craig in the same place just for being his friend). And Deebo (Tom “Tiny” Lister, Jr.), a gargantuan bully who roams the neighborhood on his bicycle, has it in for Craig, while Craig tries his best just to stay out of his way. As one would expect, Friday features a strong hip-hop soundtrack, featuring tracks by such artists as Dr. Dre, Cypress Hill, Mack 10, and Funkdoobiest, as well as old-school R&B selections from The Isley Brothers, Roger, and Rose Royce