1945, in World War II Germany, the tough Sergeant Don ‘Wardaddy’ Collier commands a tank and survives a German attack with his veteran crew composed of Boyd ‘Bible’ Swan, Trini ‘Gordo’ Garcia and Grady ‘Coon-Ass’ Travis. He receives a rookie soldier Norman Ellison as the substitute for his deceased gunner and he tries to harden the youth along the way.

Also Known As: Ярост, Fury, Herz aus Stahl, Niknais, Fúria, Raev, Furie, Za'am, Corazones de acero, Bes, Wardaddy, Zelezné srdce, Iniršis, Cuông Nô, Furia: Eroi anonimi, Лють, Ярость, Furia, Corazones de hierro, Srce od celika, Harag, Corações de Ferro, Qezeb

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  • monique-byrd
    monique byrd

    I can gladly say that David Ayer’s World War II flick ‘Fury’ lived up to my expectations. The audience are confronted with the horrors of war, accompanied with some truly spectacular well-crafted battle scenes that proves Ayer’s desire to create something new and profound. Ayer keeps the gritty realism he employed on his other acclaimed films only this time uses it to depict the journey of a tank crew in Germany in 1945. The performances are strong from Brad Pitt, Logan Lerman and even Shia LaBeouf has proved he has a hidden acting talent after his heyday on the set of ‘Transformers’. An emotional war-drama that packs a punch with visceral action scenes and an atmospheric score, definitely worth a watch.

  • ann-matthews
    ann matthews

    When one watches this movie you need to keep in mind that not all war movies are the same and the focus of the movie depends on who made the movie, how it was made and who is watching it? Make sense…of course not but in a nutshell keep an open mind. Is it about war? Yes some of it is. It is about bonding and camaraderie? Yes of course, it highlights strained relationships in very stressful and violent situations. I enjoyed the movie and being ex military in the 3rd Armour Division you do tend to pick things out BUT I could do that in just about any military movie I have seen especially from WWII to date. Without being too specific I spotted armor and infantry tactical strategies which confused me a bit but other than that I did enjoy this movie. War is ugly and this movie does not miss that point.

  • hayley-o-sullivan-mitchell
    hayley o sullivan mitchell

    As a military enthusiast, this kind of Bull**** war movie is a f****** contempt of my intelligent. The director obviously played too much War of Tank, he can’t hide his stupidities and ignorance by borrowed the only movable tiger tank from England. There were two reason which kept me in the theater. Firstly, I was expecting the tiger which showed up until the last 30min of the movie, after a total disappointment, I told myself 2 tanks play hide-and-seek is F****** bull**** enough, there are only 30 min left, there couldn’t be anything worst than that. However the last theme which is the theme that the Fury killed a whole company of Germans proved that I overestimate the director’s intelligent and underestimate my ability of endurance. The second reason is that I don’t want to upset my friend who dress in US army suit sat right beside me. I don’t understand why people give this movie 8 or 9 stars, everyone sane men can tell this movie is a f****** garbage from whatever perspectives. To watch this movie at cinema is a total waste of time and money

  • kirsten-lund
    kirsten lund

    Well, I had high hopes for this movie. I had awaited it’s release and enjoyed the build up… hearing that Shia Lebouff didn’t wash for weeks in order to get into role; much to the annoyance of the other cast members… Though, in truth this movie didn’t reveal a lot about what it was like living and fighting through the war. I understood nothing after watching the movie about how cramped or what it might be like to live, fight and die inside a tank. Instead it seemed like “it’s the best job ever” – alcohol in the pantry and (seemingly) plenty of space…The movie did provide loud noises. Colourful explosions. Some gruesome and somewhat shocking deaths. Some love. Some hate. And about as many war movie clichés as could be fit into the running time. Seriously, the end of the film will have you thinking – This is definitely an American made movie. I would still rate it as a ‘decent’ war movie. Though, do not get your hopes up. There has been such a dry patch and nothing can come close to Saving Private Ryan or the characterisation of band of brothers series…This movie played all the stereotype characters and yes they did play well. But I wanted so much more from the film. I wanted to feel like I had learnt a bit of history or at least a bit of insight after the screening. Instead all I learnt was that American blockbusters still play the stereotypes, the clichés and SO much cheese at the end the movie ends up stinking. Enjoy for an easy war flick but don’t expect too much.

  • petra-vieira
    petra vieira

    If you don’t know anything about the war, it was a great movie. However, where does Troy start? How about with the opening credits! According to them, Hitler didn’t declare total war until April 1945, not in Feb 1943. Credit for showing the personalised detail of the tank, inside and out, where each crew stows gear etc differently from other crews. Well done there! However, on the inside there is a collection of medals that have been taken as trophies. Fair enough you’d think. Except there is a Mothers Cross as well! As if any mum would be walking around Germany in late ’44 or’45 actually wearing her Mothers Cross! Even if by some chance there was such a mother, are we to believe Brad would strip it off the body of a (presumably) dead women as a trophy? From memory there was also an EK2 on ribbon in the tank, they weren’t worn with the ribbon attached, so where did he find that Troy wonders? These are very simple things to research, blunders like this do not and should not happen. The deplorable scene with not one, but two German anti-tank guns failing to hit Shermans from 100 metres, maybe with school boys firing them but not with experienced artillery crews, those Shermans would have been toast. Then there is the scene where the Sherman comes into a town, without clearing the houses out with infantry first. What is stopping some of the sneaky Germans who are hiding up in the houses from blasting the Sherman with a Panzerfaust? Nothing! Except apparently, even though it’s April 1945, and there were a gazillion made, well, only over six million, these guys didn’t have any? So they attack the tank with a machine gun – d’uh! Then there is the atrocity when the 75mm anti-tank shell BOUNCES OFF the Sherman from 30 metres range! It would have gone straight through not bounced off. Now we get to the disgraceful Tiger tank scene. A Tiger could knock out a Sherman from well over 1100 metres away, so what does the dumbest Tiger commander in the Heer/Waffen-SS do? He misses with his first shot from 700 metres away, then proceeds to drive forward and engage five Shermans from way closer than he ever needed to do. While he does knock out four of the five, he ends up engaging Brad Pitt from FIVE METRES away! Naturally, dumbkopf lets Brad get behind him and gets knocked out. A travesty if ever there was one, he could have just stayed 800 metres away and knocked out all five Shermans. Oh, Troy forgot the pointless (and war crime indictable) exercise when Brad makes the new guy shoot a German prisoner in the back just to toughen him up. Now, the horrendous and totally ludicrous end scene. Fury hits a mine and blows off a track. Whilst being repaired, they become aware of 200-300 crack Waffen-SS men, armed with MG42’s by the score, and Panzerfausts, marching and singing towards the disabled Fury. They’re looking for trouble! Brad says he’s staying, and then the others stay too for the final showdown. Did Troy mention the Waffen-SS had shouldered Panzerfausts? Brad has this ingenious plan to pass the Sherman off for a knocked out tank, while the five valiant US tankers hide inside. When the hundreds of Waffen-SS stroll into view, and a couple of them climb up onto Fury to check it out, when they open the (unlocked) hatches, they are quickly shot and then it begins! Did Troy mention they were carrying Panzerfausts? They start getting mown down left, right and centre by the Sherman’s machine guns, not to mention the main gun taking out scores of evil Nazis who are just running around in a panic, instead of reacting like well-trained men who have years of Eastern Front experience. Literally a hundred must have been shot! FINALLY someone remembers they have some Panzerfausts! Someone brings over a BOX containing four of them, what the hell happened to all of the ones that were being carried only minutes earlier? From point blank range, one misses! And another! At last someone scores a hit, and all it does is kill one guy inside the tank! It would have TOTALLY destroyed it from 3 metres! Not Fury! On and on it goes with SS guys getting killed like flies, until Fury runs low on ammo. The commanding officer rallies his remaining SS troopers with a sterling speech, then walks in the opposite direction while his men charge off! He’d be leading from the front! Finally it’s down to Brad and the new guy. Brad jumps out and starts hosing even more SS with the .50 cal on the outside of the tank. A sneaky SS sniper is crawling towards Fury, and fires…only to wing Brad! And he’s only 30 metres away! He fires again…and only another flesh wound! He fires a third time…this one hurts! Brad slumps back into Fury, then a couple of stick grenades get lobbed through the still unlocked hatch, but these ones don’t have the regular four second fuse, not for Brad! Brad has time to order the new guy out through the bottom hatch and as he’s crawling away, they explode. Satisfied that everyone is dead, the SS come to order and start to march off. THEN one SS guy decides to look under Fury,and sees the new guy still alive. Now bear in mind he’s just seen hundreds of his kameraden killed, so what does he do? Looks at him then walks off! WTF!?! The only good thing in the movie was that Brad was toting an StG44! No stars! 15 mins · Like

  • eryk-wolan
    eryk wolan

    I still don’t understand why Hollywood movies have to be like this… These people have millions of dollars, some of the best actors out there, unlimited resources and still they manage to screw up.The plot goes like this: A bunch of American soldiers with the most unintelligible accents ever, ride on a Sherman tank kicking ass during the end of WWII in Germany. They have fun killing children and executing surrendered PoW’s. They even help capture a city and have romantic sex (it is not rape if you caress her hand first) with German women. More tank riding follows, more killings, a Tiger ambushes them but at the end they kill it too!Finally they have this mission to defend a crossroads against a German SS battalion that is going to attack the allied supply train. The tank breaks down however and instead of abandoning it, they prepare an ambush for the unsuspecting SS battalion. Suddenly, while preparing (by drinking whiskey and smoking, not looking out for enemies), they realize that 300 Germans are (litteraly) on their tank. Time for battle!Our heroes randomly throw grenades out of the hatches killing 3-5 enemies with each one. Then they fire the machine guns (that only aim at the front of the tank) killing everyone who approaches. The Germans follow the old and reliable tactic of “running headlong towards the front of an immobile enemy tank that has only front facing guns”. The attack is furious and the Germans show their ferocity and tactical prowess by crouching 100m in front of the tank and firing their MP40s and MG42s. Not until almost half of their men are dead, their officer remembers that they have some antitank weapons with them. They attack the immobile Sherman with Panzerfausts from 5m away and they miss. Thrice. After so many misses there is no use firing the rest of the Panzerfausts. Our heroic crew kills even more of them until they run out of ammo. Then the evil Germans throw grenades in the tank that manage to kill (gently without dismembering or even drawing blood) every one but young Norman. While not shown in the movie, there is an additional scene where the German SS officer having lost 90% of his men and all of his trucks and weapons, realizes that they could just go AROUND this IMMOBILE tank and destroy the allied supply train completing their mission. But who can think of basic military tactics when you have Brad Pitt looking at you seductively through his commander’s hatch?TL;DR: Americans good, Germans bad. Americans clever, Germans stupid. Americans heroes and strategic geniuses, Germans retards without basic military training.Conclusion: If you liked the Expendables and the Rambo movies then Fury is for you! Nice action scenes with lots of blood and killings! Never mind the plot or historical accuracy, who cares about such stuff?

  • t-agowhi-k-rmoyan
    t agowhi k rmoyan

    hello. first review here. why? because i cant stand that this turd is so highly overrated. I’ve read a couple of reviews here… all has been said before. the clichés get served one after the other, the Germans AND allied behave like untrained wannabe soldiers without a brain, the hero takes a boatload of bullets before he dies and looks better after getting 2 hand grenades exploding right at his crotch than me when i cut myself when shaving. to be honest, its watchable. but it should be more rated around the 5.0 to 5.5 max, not as high as it is now.what really drove me nuts was also explained in detail before. usually, when a movie has a good pacing and story, i forgive flaws when watching it without even noticing it. its very hard to bring me to a moment where i just face-palm myself because of stupidity DURING my first view.here, that happened.holy fudge, is the final battle stupid. now, its not related to who fights who. its about the general situation. we have 200 to 300 highly trained elite soldiers. with roughly 100 missile launchers (panzerfaust). with also boatloads of grenades. plus several crates with ammo for the launchers. and they cant take down that piece of junk, that has broken chains, thus cant move, only turn the gun-tower at a very slow speed. suddenly from afternoon we move into midnight… like this would be the excuse for a German dude missing a 3-meter-bazooka-shot…. yeah, sure. oh man.i cant go on with that crap anymore. wanna watch another dumb movie that wastes your lifetime? … well, give this one a go.wanna watch a realistic war movie? … then for fudges sake skip this turd.

  • connor-ford
    connor ford

    Even though I said this may contain spoilers, I will try hard not to write any. I think the writers made a big basic writing mistake: The main characters weren’t likable(OK, I kind of liked the “new guy” character). They were jerks and bullies and immature acting and I ended up cheering for the Germans hoping they would kill them. And also, one of the main battles was just plain goofy. There were like 200 German soldiers trying to take out one tank, but there were waves of them running in front of the tank one way, then later another wave was running the other way with no real purpose. It looked really stupid. I actually started laughing because they looked like the Keystone Kops. It is just a really bad movie all around with very unlikable characters.

  • armenak-madat-yan
    armenak madat yan

    Wasn’t the Tiger VS Sherman kill ratio 14:1? Fury should have been over in the first tank battle scene that lasted a total of a few minutes.Would never think that 300 SS soldiers would not have the common sense to fire a couple RPG’s at the disabled sherman in the final battle scene .Of course, Brad Pitt survives three large rounds from a sniper, and miraculously lay in one piece after the two potato masher grenades are thrown inside the tank right next to him.Very unrealistic film. very disappointed with the effort. ill- conceived story that insulted my intelligence.The scene in the apartment with the 2 woman, intended to show the damaged psyches of these men, was awkwardly executed and fell flat as the day is long. I sat impatiently waiting for it to end.Brad Pitt should be embarrassed to have ever uttered the words “Ideas are peaceful, history is violent,” which is not profound or true. This is the sort of intellectually sluggish claptrap that should be avoided at all costs.If you haven’t seen it yet, please do not.

  • roman-primachenko
    roman primachenko

    Reviewer after reviewer criticizes this movie for its phony depictions of the war, clichés and unrealistic battle scenes. There is only one significant fact that is crucial to know when it comes to the accuracy of the depiction; Shermans were going to be your coffin in a face-off with a Tiger. If you want serious historical detail then consider watching a WWII documentary. I think the overall depictions were secondary and only serve as the backdrop for the director’s real message which was the painful slow process of the relationship that was built between these guys in a tragic situation. I think Ayers did a masterful job at this. You think Brad Pitt is a second rate actor? Watch his facial expressions during the scenes in the room with Logan Lerman and the 2 women; Watch his nervous breakdowns. Watch him in the “Why are you such an asshole?” scene. Watch him as he jokes with his guys about Hitler and chocolate bars. Even with Wardaddy’s personal weaknesses, by the middle of the movie you understand why these guys liked, admired and respected him, and I’ll bet you do also. His timing and delivery, in my opinion, are better than Tom Hanks on this best day. Watch LaBoeuf’s nervous leg, and a list of other endearing nuanced details; He plays a very convincing religious proselytizer. During the tank battle if you didn’t feel like your life was threatened then you were probably on xanex. I’m not sure that there is another film that conveys this kind of claustrophobic camaraderie from a tank crew’s viewpoint. If there is, I’ve never seen it.

  • lindsay-fernandez
    lindsay fernandez

    Tank Commander Don Collier (Brad Pitt) leads a group of soldiers on a mission to hold a crossroads from a Nazi SS division in 1945. His loyal subordinates have fought with him from Africa to France on D- Day and now into Germany. The veterans, Boyd Swan, (Shia La Bouf) Trini Garcia, (Michael Pena) and Grady Travis (Jon Bernthal) try to break in a new assistant tank driver, Norman Ellison (Logan Lehrman) who used to be a clerk typist before entering combat. Can the tank soldiers hold the crossroads until reinforcements arrive?I have heard that Fury is based on a number of true stories from World War II. If that is the case, the collection of stories seem awfully disjointed, and lacking in continuity. Every movie about WWII had a mission to complete. In Saving Private Ryan, the soldiers try to recover a missing soldier, in the Great Escape, a group of allied POW’s try to escape a Nazi POW camp, In Stalag 17, the allies try to uncover a Nazi spy in their midst, and probably the best of these is Band of Brothers, which follows the exploits of Easy Company the first parachute infantry regiment during World War II. There is no mission here, no cohesive story, the soldiers just hop from mission to mission, with seemingly no rhyme or reason. It’s supposed to be a character study, but the characters are paper thin. Pitt is the leader of the group, but why do these soldiers follow him around through the whole war, and why are they willing to lay their lives on the line for him. The rest of the characters are little more than stereotypes, Swan spouts scripture at every turn, which is an insult to a true Christian. Garcia is a loutish Hispanic character, Grady Travis is the stereotypical Hollywood redneck, which is an insult to Southern people. And Lehrman is the new guy being put through the requisite amount of hazing before being accepted by the group. To top it off, the ending is shockingly unrealistic. If it wanted to concentrate on how muddy, and filthy and bloody war is they succeeded, but again, what kind of story do they want to tell, a heroic war story or a gritty anti-war war movie? The length of the movie, is far too long, and one scene, where the soldiers hold two women prisoner, encapsulates the problem. The scene goes on and on, and doesn’t provide any insight to these men, or why they behave they way they do. 2 hours and 14 minutes is horrendously long for a movie with seemingly no point.The acting is underwhelming. Pitt gives a dull, listless performance, and expects the audience to follow him regardless. It’s like he’s saying, “I’m a star, that’s why you should spend 2+ hours watching me.” Sorry, that’s not good enough. After two lackluster performances in 12 Years A Slave, and World War Z, I’m beginning to have serious doubts about Pitt’s acting ability. He is capable of giving a good performance, he did give a great performance in Inglorious Basterds, ironically a World War II movie. Logan Lehrman gives the best performance, but the character is so hackneyed and clichéd, that it’s hard to appreciate his performance. Shia La Bouf easily gives the most insincere performance of his life as a Bible thumping evangelical, and Michael Pena should be ashamed of the lines he has to say. If I want a sermon, I’ll go to church, if I want a negative Latino stereotype, I’ll watch John Leguizamo.There is one scene with outstanding cinematography, unfortunately it’s the first scene, and then the rest of the movie is filled with a dull sepia imbued film. This is undoubtedly done for effect, but instead of illustrating an uplifting tone, it adds to a depressing tone. The pacing is slow and ponderous, much like a tank ride though Germany. The story meanders for a long time, before trying to build to an exciting ending. It doesn’t.For more Pitt-thy reviews visit my blog, reviewswithatude.wordpress.com.

  • tiina-lahtinen
    tiina lahtinen

    That was one of the worst war movies I have ever seen. And I have seen A LOT. Sincerely, I can’t understand why Hollywood, that has proved again and again that can create true masterpieces in the war movies sector, continues from time to time to produce such unrealistic scum.The scene with the US tank in the final part of the movie, with the elite, battle-hardened SS troops acting like brainless goblins in the LOTR and Hobbit movies and are simply used like cannon fodder in order to have Brad Pit and his crew appear like a combination of Rambo, Superman and Aragorn is one of the most ridiculous scenes I have ever watched in the cinema. Jesus, are there still people in the US that feel some kind of national pride in watching movies where their soldiers act like almost invincible superheroes and their enemies like the legionnaires in the Asterix movies? Apart from pathetic sight, I believe such movies are an insult for the (true) heroic sacrifices the men of the US Army made during World War II in order to make the Nazis kneel. Kind of hard to imagine another reason for which Hollywood continues to produce such bullshit from time to time. A great disappointment, if you are a fan of war movies, DEFINITELY stay away. As for the rest, there are far more entertaining ways to spend two hours from your life.

  • paula-jones
    paula jones

    Brad Pitt killing Nazis again. This time in a tank. Possibly, no probably, the worst movie I have ever seen. Horrible. Last scene: Brad Pitt’s tank is set to hold an important crossroads. Loses tread on mine. Lookout spots 250 SS infantry troops on the way, with an armored car or two. Brad Pitt says were gonna duke it out. (um, I haven’t been in the army, but I would at that point hide in the woods and call an air strike. Long columns of troops hate being strafed by fighter planes.) SS gets up to the tank and then the tank opens fire. Kills a bunch of SS. Germans send wave after wave of infantry guys with machine guns against tank. (somehow, even though it is April 1945 and the Germans have been fighting for 7 years or so, they don’t realize a machine gun can’t hurt a tank.) They have a guy with a bazooka but he positioned himself at the front of the tank and the tank shot him first. Not sure why he didn’t walk around to the rear to the immobile tank and blow it up. After a hundred or so Germans have been killed by doing wind sprints in the limited field of fire, Brad Pitt says the hell with it with it stands on the top of tank and shots more Germans. He is silhouetted against a burning building and a wily German sniper sneaks up. He hits Brad Pitt 3 times, but Brad Pitt crawls back into tank. (Hmmm…usually one shot is all a sniper needs. This sniper goes for the rarely used “shoulder shot”). At this point there is only Brad Pitt and one other guy left. The other guy says “Sarg, Im scared.” Brad Pitt also discloses that he too is scared. German opens the top hatch and drops two of those weird looking hand grenades a foot away from Brad Pitt. Must of maxed out the timers, because Brad Pitt has time to tell the other guy its OK to run and there is a bottom hatch he can use. The guy opens it and drops to the ground. Two explosions rock the tank. The guy crawls in a hole beneath tank. Bunch of SS troops are milling about the tank. One peeks under the tank with a flashlight, he sees the American, but pretends he didn’t. Lots of the SS guys were pretty OK dudes I guess. American goes to sleep. Wakes up next morning the Germans are gone. He goes into tank, instead of the turret of the tank having Brad Pitt wallpaper, his body is resting peacefully. He looks good. He is Brad Pitt after all. Looks like he passed away from embarrassment from being in such a horrible movie. Last guy covers him up. He gets rescued, medic says to him, “you’re a hero.” I think that was suppose to be meaningful, ironic or something. Its called “Fury” because thats the way I felt after spending $10.50 on it.

  • lidia-lorena-cespedes-chaves
    lidia lorena cespedes chaves

    It is hard to put into words just how loathsome a movie ‘Fury’ is. The self hating writer/director must have correctly calculated that any WWII veteran of the European Theater must be in his or her’s late eighties by now, thus avoiding the real potential of one of them slapping the living scheisse out of him for this atrocity. It begins with a ridiculous scene, is of the war movie genre that demands German soldiers running upright and without cover toward machine guns so our anti-heroes can mow them down conveniently, and consistently opts for opportunities to shove the new hip narrative that lovingly depicts American soldiers as murderous, war crime committing, raping thugs. See: ‘Inglorious Basterds.’ Much of it is hard to watch, especially after ‘Saving Private Ryan’ which set a high bar for any war movie following, the rest is drivel. And, not even good drivel at that. High marks (pardon the pun) though, for the German soldiers surrounding the tank, who stop firing for inexplicable reasons, but which coincide with long discussions on war and friendship by the tank crew.

  • robert-ahmed-eide
    robert ahmed eide

    That was 2 hours of my life I will never get backBrad Pitt and the Director should of done some research on German weapons and battle tactics before making this film3 Sherman’s and Mr Pitts Firefly line abreast attacking German positions that are dug in and camouflaged with not 1 but 2 anti-tank guns that would of been at least Pak 40’s that could penetrate 5.2 inches of Armour at a 90 degree angle at 1640ft they would have shot holes through that attack but alas no one can aimAn advance through a town and once again an anti-tank crew where no one has been trained to aim and Mr Pitt lives again The scene where they battle with the Tiger tank is just stupid. They would of identified Mr Pitt in his Firefly and took it out straight away as this was German tactics of the day because they knew that the firefly was the threat to them not the standard Sherman Which brings me to the last battle scene What a load of RUBBISH 99% of the Waffen SS were the premier troops of the German armed forces of world war 2 They might have lost a few when they came down the road but they would of soon flanked this broken down tank and shot holes in it. Remember these troops learned there ways on the eastern front against hordes of t-34’s and kv-1’s they would of known how to deal with a broken down Sherman in the middle of a road As for the two stick grenades into the tank to finish of what the worst sniper in German history could not do well I’m just going to say this they would of needed a vacuum cleaner to pick that lot up if it was depicted rightBrad if you are thinking of doing another WW2 movie go and talk to Mr Spielberg and he will show you how to get it right because it does not even stand up to Saving Private Ryan

  • harbinaz-yildirim
    harbinaz yildirim

    Why is it that WWll lasted as long as it did? After all the Germans in all these movies are killed by the bushel and have absolutely no tactical battlefield ability! Fury brings this to a new height with the final battle scene. An entire SS Battallion armed with Panzerfuasts decides to attack a disabled Sherman Tank frontally not once but repeatedly! Say Hans you think it might be better to pin them down with fire and circle round to the rear of the tank to finish it off with the Panzerfausts? No I think sacrificing the entire battalion in a frontal attack makes more sense. Besides doing it the right way destroys the tank in fifteen minutes and turns a heroic stand into the suicidal idiotic idea it is in the last month of the war. Please Brad stop playing Achillies in every movie!

  • alfred-cordier
    alfred cordier

    First, the good news: Brat Pitt plays Achilles again! Callous, cynical, merciless, he piles the corpses of slain enemies a mile high around him. Everyone who likes old John Wayne movies, in which the heroes slaughter faceless masses of victims without work up a sweat, will love this one.Most interesting is the fact, that obviously most (even ‘professional’) critics fell for the completely artificial psychological aspect. The heroes are unhappy with what they see? Bad luck, man, you went there by own choice. What did you think war would be like? The characters in the movie doesn’t depict something like men following a comprehensible downfall due to what they witness or do. They’re plain sociopathic lunatics! There’s been millions of men in that war, and though only a small fraction has really been in the midst of fighting, postwar society would have broken with legions of burnt-out killers, ripe for padded cells, flooding back. No, folks, think again: this movie isn’t about psychological trauma and gruesome but necessary hebetude. It’s most voyeuristic carnage with embedded paltry excuse. The disability of most authors to tell enthralling stories lead more and more to the simple idea to just add more blood and gore and atrocity and cover it with flimsy homemade psychology. To enhance the bulls**t even more, the director fantasized a completely hilarious made-up scenario: the lonesome, heroic tank crew, standing strong amidst a sea of raging enemy troops – in 1945. Too bad, though, that in that phase of the war the western allies outnumbered the Germans multiple times, having total air superiority and more tanks on the western front than the Germans had built during the whole war. Forcibly generate old fashioned underdog heroism without any logic isn’t just bad storytelling, but a slap in the face of any thinking audience. So the glorious final battle degenerates as expected to utter ridiculousness. Our larger-than-life heroes slaughter masses of enemy soldiers who seem unable to hit a barn from the inside and being void of any experience or even basic reflexes. By my opinion, this always is the worst insult to all real WW2 vets: when the enemy soldiers were that completely inapt, how did so many of you die? So far, directors have proved completely unable to think war as not glorious, not heroic and not a great adventure in which people die just so their friends have a reason to take revenge. David Ayer failed likewise.I gave two stars for good effects and for using real tanks instead of ugly dummies.

  • dott-artemide-bianco
    dott artemide bianco

    I walked out of the theater speechless, that it is 2014 and we can still produce movies that are so historically inaccurate. Heck I dug up my old IMDb account just to neg this movie.Like my title says, this movie is an absolute slap in the face to the millions of World War II vets who fought to secure our freedom. The conduct and parlance of these soldiers was extremely out of character with the 1940’s. Please, don’t curse like it’s 2014 when you’re portraying an event that happened 70 years ago. They couldn’t even display proper military discipline. I knew it was going to be bad just from a the first few minutes of dialogue and acting, then the combat scenes began!So totally unrealistic you can’t even suspend your disbelief and enjoy it. Were the Germans firing blanks? Hundreds of dead Germans with only a few GI casualties. The Waffen SS – the most revered fighting force of the time – running aimlessly into machine gun fire like a cheap video game. Missing their mark at point blank range. Germans typically portrayed as weak, inferior and dumb. I think you could live in a test tube and probably be smart enough to realize the final battle was a JOKE. So silly nothing more needs to be said. The reality is, all four tanks would have been likely knocked out in the first battle by the Germans in the tree-line with their AA and panzerschrecks. The Tiger tank in the second battle would have knocked out all four Sherman tanks, on the first shot, Fury never would have got behind it to make the kill (research some famous tank battles). The SS in the final battle would have made short work of their disabled tank in a few short minutes. This movie best exemplifies the quote:”History is written by the victors”

  • erika-carlsson
    erika carlsson

    I recently saw the new movie “Fury” with Brad Pitt, and keep reading how “realistic” it is supposed to be. Here is my take on this movie (SPOILERS): Brad Pitt plays a psychotic tank platoon sergeant who kills an unarmed, clearly surrendering POW to teach a new tank crew member “how to kill”. No officers or senior NCOs make any effort to stop him. His company commander next gives him an important mission for his tank platoon. On this mission, thru poor crew discipline, poor road march discipline, and very bad tank tactics ends up getting his entire platoon wiped out. If you look closely, this movie is just a very cynical version of “Saving Private Ryan” with some “Cross of Iron” thrown in. It reminds me of those “Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos” comic books of the 60’s, and the end is very similar to the “Ghost Tank” story lines in that comic book. In fact, I suspect strongly that this scrip started out as a film script version of that comic book. The vast majority of the real members of the 2nd Armored Division were not psychopaths, and by April 1945 they had very good discipline and knowledge of tank tactics. Despite the hype, this is another case of Hollywood WW II, not the real one. Brad Pitt’s character needs to be given a Section 8.

  • yinthe-dachgelder
    yinthe dachgelder

    This film gave me a feeling of initial distaste, which rapidly grew to anger, and yes FURY, as the story line progressed. Compared to the masterful ‘Saving Private Ryan’ this film was a prime example of how to make a piece of garbage and, with a major star in the leading role and good marketing, turn it into a box office winner. Where do I start? Well, the tank crew is a bunch of thugs who look as if they just came out of jail – yeah we saw it all before in the ‘Dirty Dozen’, the ‘Bridge at Remagen’ and so on. But these guys had no redeeming features at all – just a bunch of psychopaths with guns. Even the Brad Pitt leading character took pleasure in killing enemy prisoners and encouraging the innocent young recruit to do likewise. Yes, these ugly incidents did happen in the war, and US soldiers were often guilty of such ‘heat of the moment’ atrocities, but they were exceptions, NOT the rule! And to make this behaviour seem normal is highly irresponsible, not to say defamatory to the US Army. Then there is the perpetuation of the old myth about the Waffen SS being cruel maniacs etc when in reality they were highly disciplined and effective soldiers who often behaved more correctly than the Wehrmacht. The apex of stupidity came in the long climactic final scene in which the Pitt character and his three colleagues kill hundreds of SS troopers with a single broken down Sherman tank before finally being overwhelmed and killed – the naive young recruit being the only survivor. I could not believe what I was seeing. This is war for the video gaming generation, not for anyone who has actually gone through this hellish experience. The Germans ran around like headless chickens and let themselves be mowed down by machine gun fire like turkeys. This is so unbelievably moronic that it makes one cringe with embarrassment. I felt I should have asked for a refund after watching such crap. Awful.

  • brian-hutchinson
    brian hutchinson

    I had high hopes that Fury might end the dry spell of good WWII movies. I could have forgiven the checklist of war movie clichés Fury manages to work in had it not been for a laughable final battle more akin to something from The Expendables than a serious war movie. The final battle consists of scenes where a battalion of seasoned SS soldiers run back and forth through our heroes’ machine gun fire, only stopping when it is time for a forced emotional exchange inside the tank. While the director chose to have every other enemy brandish an anti-tank weapon in the ominous lead-in to the final battle, for some reason only three of them are fired, two which miss at unrealistically close range. The ridiculousness of it all turned me into that obnoxious movie goer that laughs out loud during what should be a serious and emotional scene. On the positive side it does manage the singular achievement of most war movie clichés fit into two hours:Kill a German officer on horseback – checkChristian singing hymns – checkMexican crew member made fun of for speaking Spanish – check Hardened leader with a unknown pre-war history who has a private emotional breakdown – checkYoung replacement who struggles to fit in with seasoned veterans but wins them over in the end – checkSoldier falls in love with local girl only to watch her die – check A final mission with impossible odds – checkMoment of doubt when facing certain death but where everyone decides to stick together in the face of certain death – checkRetarded enemy is almost defeated only to remember how to do war, and only after our team has completed their emotional bonding and character development – checkOne member escapes death against all odds-checkEnemy soldier shows mercy by not revealing hiding soldier – check….and many many many more.

  • kirnn-mnni
    kirnn mnni

    One of the crappiest war movies I’ve ever seen, if not the worst!Firstly: No story, no real plot. War is almost over, maybe in 2-3 weeks and there are just 5 guys driving around in tank and fighting still resisting Germans. And than suddenly everything depends on them. Namely unit with cooks is left defenseless and if they got beaten whole division would be lost. OMG!!! And we all know what could happen then. The war would be lost! Luckily for mankind there is this Sherman tank equipped with Brad Pitt eager to do whatever it takes to hold the Germans and save the cooks.Well, to this point it wasn’t so bad. Battles were OK displayed. It was interesting to see from tank’s crew point of view how it looks to fight. But then, we have most ridiculous and naive war scene since “Rambo 3”.They got stuck on some crossroad in the middle of nowhere. Tank can’t move and 300 SS troops are approaching towards them. Typical cliché scene where everybody (normal) wants to abandon tank and retreat, but no, Brad just won’t do this, even if he must fight alone by himself. Naturally the rest then decide to stay(and to die like idiots).When battle starts, man just starts wondering how Germany managed to beat anyone and occupy anything with so dumb soldiers. And this is SS company, not some regular soldiers. Even they are so retarded, so they are attacking tank only from the front side practically running to the bullets. Sure they have bazookas, but why using then?!? Let just shoot the tank with machine gun. Then one blind SS soldier with IQ over 80 came to side of the tank with bazooka to try to hit it from 2 meters distance…. AND MISSED IT!!! OMG, if they are not stupid, they are totally blind.Epilogue: Long story short. Brad Pitt & Co. resisted until they are out of ammo. Brad got shot by sniper 3 or 4 times in chest, but it is just not enough for him to die. He still has time to chat with Norman then to kill one more German, more chatting… Ordinary men would die instantly, but this is Brad Pitt for God sake. Anyway acting was pretty good (3 stars are for this), but script was so awful. Cliché scenes, cliché characters. I’m truly sorry, cause this could be descent war movie.

  • anneli-moilanen
    anneli moilanen

    SPOILERS!!!I’ve seen the movie and I would rather have them describe it as a WW2 action movie instead of “authentic”. Just because you show gore doesn’t mean it’s realistic. The last combat scene is a disgrace. I wanted to leave the theater.The Allied campaign in the West was NOT A WALK IN THE PARK. The allied casualties were staggering. Even when the Germans lost millions of troops in the East, battling at 3 fronts (Russia, Italy and the West) and the Luftwaffe was all but destroyed. After June 1944 the Anglo-American loses were as high as 2.000 troops per division per month. Educate yourself, don’t believe Hollywood. Read books! Anthony Beevor has great books (Stalingrad, The Fall of Berlin, Normandy,…)SPOILERS!1) The scene with the German anti tank guns hidden in the woods. Very slow moving Shermans while the Germans had plenty of time to aim. They missed all shots. Of course the Allies quickly destroyed them.2) Brad Rambo commits a war crime by shooting an unarmed German prisoner. Although this happened on both sides, it was still a war crime. Funny thing is that they called the German a murderer because he wore an American jacket. Yet a few minutes later we see dickhead Shane from the Walking Dead wearing a German helmet and jacket… Double standards. 3) The scene in town. Fury comes driving slowly from behind a corner with a German anti tank gun aiming at them from within a store from 50 yards away. Yet they miss AGAIN.4) Don’t get me started at the scene with the 2 women. 5) The Tiger battle: somewhat realistic that the Tiger knocks out 3 of the Shermans. Yet Fury gets hit twice (2 times) and survives. A good Tiger crew would just turn their tank on the spot to hide the thinner back side. Also, why do the other Sherman tanks blow up while getting hit from the front, while Fury survives 2 shots from close by? Also the Tiger is close enough the get destroyed by the standard Sherman gun. 6) last scene. A battle hardened Waffen SS battalion with every other soldier wearing a panzerfaust (bazooka). Fury stands disabled on the road. The Germans run like dumb chickens in front of Fury’s machine guns over and over again. Even when the Germans start using the Panzerfausts, they seem to miss from a few yards away. They only use 3 panzerfausts… Yet they continue to shoot Fury with their machine guns… The Fury crew shoots around and throws grenades blindly, killing Germans with every shot/grenade. In reality the Germans would go to cover after the first fatality’s, regroup, get anti tank equipment and take out Fury within minutes after the start of the fight. Fury doesn’t have machine guns at the back or sides… Brad Rambo gets out starts manning the 50 cal but still NOT A SINGLE German hits him, until the worst sniper in German history hits Brad Rambo 3 times from 100 yards and he still survives. Also his corps seems untouched even with 2 German hand grenades exploding within a yard from him. 7) The last survivor of Fury hides under the tank. A young Waffen SS soldier sees him, but decides to let him be. Of course… every Waffen SS soldier would do that after they killed more than 100 of his comrades… 8) The last scene where the camera zooms out showing Fury with a mass of dead Germans around it is just plain dumb. 

  • konstantine-natroshvili
    konstantine natroshvili

    If you want to know about the war, then watch the amazing ‘World At War’ documentary series.If the point of this film was, as so many other reviews have said, to demonstrate the carnage, pain and suffering or war, then why is there no real context to any of the action.Why is Brad Pitt’s body in one piece when the Germans explode 2 grenades at his feet, inside his tank.Why does a crack SS battalion continually commit suicide by walking in front of the machine guns of the crippled tank (instead of walking round the back) Why did the Yanks leave the spare machine gun ammunition on the outside of the tank when preparing the ambush? I know, it was so Brad could look heroic and get shot trying to retrieve it.The SS troops fired 2 or 3 RPG type rockets at the tank, caused damage and killed one of the men, then stopped firing them.The premise of keeping the crossroads was ridiculous. Anyone could just have walked through the adjacent fields if they wanted to get past.This film has pretensions of being a serious movie and the cinematography/soundtrack etc. are very well done, but the whole thing just lacks any reality or validity.

  • stephanie-booker
    stephanie booker

    OK, lets face it. We are over movies where one American kills 20 Germans who seemingly can’t hit the wall of a Barn. They were big in the 1950’s, and 1970s, but not any longer.Fury is a gritty film, with great productions values, really period vehicles, settings and costume. The acting is good, but it is let down by tow things.Clichéd characters. There is the tough commander, the new kid, the slightly crazy guy. There are a lot of clichéd characters here.Unrealistic battle scenes. Seriously I just switched off in the last scene. 20 or 30 SS guys with Panzerfasut would have destroyed an immobilied Sherman tank in 5 or 6 minutes. BUT 200 CRACK SS soldiers can’t destroy a tank with its tracks off, sitting in the middle of a road????? The tank only has machine guns facing forward, so most of its sides are unprotected. Germans are carrying bazookas, but instead choose to shoot the tank with machine guns, which would not do anything? Seriously, one of the silliest, most unrealistic scenes in any war movie. Really spoilt what could have been a good movie.