It’s 1949 Los Angeles, and gangster Mickey Cohen has moved in, with the intention of controlling all criminal activity in the city. He has bought local judges and police, and no one is willing to cross him or testify against him. Everyone except Sergeant John O’Mara, a former World War II soldier, whose goal is to settle with his family in a peaceful Los Angeles. Police Chief William Parker decides to form a special unit whose mission is to take down Cohen, and chooses O’Mara to lead the unit. O’Mara chooses 4 cops and asks another cop and vet, Jerry Wooters to join him but Wooters is not interested. But when he witnesses the murder of a young boy by Cohen’s people, he joins them, and they decide to take apart Cohen’s organization. Cohen wonders if a rival is going after him, but eventually he realizes it’s the cops.

Also Known As: Gangster Squad. Brigada de élite, Fuerza antigángster, Gangster Squad: Pogromcy mafii, Gengszterosztag, Suç Çetesi, Yehidat gangsterim, Gangster Squad, Gangsterska enota, Escouade gangster, Gangsteru Mednieki, Gangsterski odred, Gangsterisota, Elita gangsterilor, L.A. Gang Story, Οι διώκτες του εγκλήματος, Мисливцi на гангстерiв, Gangsteriu medžiotojai, Gangsterite jahtijad, Гангстерски отдел, Caça aos Gângsteres, Охотники на гангстеров, Escuadrón antigángster, Força Anti-Crime, Oi dioktes tou eglimatos, Fuerza antigangster

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