Kato’s (Ken’ichi Matsuyama) death changes Kurono’s (Kazunari Ninomiya) view of life completely. He decides to keep fighting until he earns 100 points so that he can bring back Kato. GANTZ calls back several other unwilling participants that were allowed to leave after scoring 100 points. Before Kurono succeeds in resurrecting Kato, he unexpectedly comes back. GANTZ and the fighters take on another enemy worse than ever before. To make matters worse, GANTZ starts acting up. GANTZ chooses the next target… this time it’s not an alien but a human girl. Each unwilling participant in GANTZ’s twisted game has a different motive for fighting, whether to protect a loved one or to do what they think is right.

Also Known As: Gantz: Kôhen, Odred protiv vanzemaljaca 2: Savršen odgovor, Gantz Revolution, Ганц: Идеальный ответ, Gantz: Perfect Answer, Gantz - Die ultimative Antwort, Gantz 2: Perfect Answer, Gantz: Perfect Answer, Gantz: Part 2, Gantz: Révolution, Gantz: Resposta Perfeita

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