An all-enveloping darkness. Suddenly, a child’s voice, frightened, questioning, pierces the darkness… The first flickering rays of light begin to sculpt mysterious shapes out of the darkness … Among them, a very old man. He reassures the child, exhorting him to see the wonders of the earth. And it is with this child’s eyes that we will witness the creation of the world. Nature comes to life at the first light of dawn, recreating the seven days of the Creation. Adam appears, and is soon joined by Eve. Paradise could be theirs, but as time goes by, they grow restless, inquisitive… They approach the Tree of Knowledge – and discover pain, suffering and mortality. Their sons Cain and Abel play out a story that will continue to darken the Creation until the end of time. And angered by the corruption of Cain’s progeny, by the lust and greed ruling the cities, God vows to wipe away his creatures and begin anew. With Noah and his family. The ark is built, the animals led into their pens, and the rain begins beating on the timbers, flooding the land, bringing fear and death. When the rains have devastated the world, the waters recede, the ark touches ground, and the dove sent out by Noah returns with an olive branch – the sign of new life and of a new pact with God.

Also Known As: Gênesis: O Nascimento Do Mundo, Raamattu: Luomiskertomus, A Biblia: A teremtés és a vízözön, Bibeln - Genesis, Raamattu: Maailman synty ja vedenpaisumus, Die Bibel - Genesis, Genesis: The Creation and the Flood, Bíblia Sagrada - Gênesis, I Vivlos - Genesis, Η Βίβλος: Γένεση, La Biblia: Génesis, The Bible: Genesis, Genesis, Die Bibel - Die Schöpfung, Genesi: La creazione e il diluvio, Gênesis, Genezis - od stworzenia do potopu

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