Medical student, Sunita, is driven by curiosity to study the case of Sanjay Singhania, who is afflicted with short-term memory loss. She runs into him, befriends him, and finds out that he is out to kill a seemingly benevolent citizen, Ghajini Dharmatma. After warning the latter of the impending danger, she subsequently comes across a number of diaries written by Sanjay and attempts to put together a jigsaw puzzle as to how a successful and wealthy businessman became a crazed recluse, who re-lives his past through tattoos on his body, notes and Polaroid photographs on the wall of his Hiranandani Complex flat, and his sole obsession of carrying out his deadly mission – little knowing that Ghajini and his goons are out to erase every bit of evidence he has gathered and thus ensure that he ends up remembering nothing.

Also Known As: Ghajini, Гаджини

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  • june-williams
    June Williams

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  • sami-rasanen
    sami rasanen

    Ghajini is perhaps one of the best Hindi movies of 2008. Like Taare Zameen Par last year, Aamir Khan does something special in the second-last week of the year. And Ghajini belongs almost entirely to him. He makes you relate to his character. If it wasn’t for Asin, the movie would’ve been all about Aamir Khan. She is probably the find of 2008. You cannot even compare her to Deepika Padukone or Anushka Sharma, both of whom had equally hyped launches. The movie packs in almost everything in those 3 odd hours, without compromising on content. The music, by A. R. Rahman, is consistent with his reputation, and doesn’t take anything away from the movie or the performances. But, the star of the movie is Aamir Khan, and if there’s one reason to watch the movie, it has to be his performance.

  • genovefa-abols
    genovefa abols

    There are already many reviews of Ghajini even before its release. All who follows bollywood forums knows that there is a fight between Aamir and SRK fans and since Rab Ne has become such a hit Aamir fans are having hard time swallowing it. That’s why you are seeing lots of great reviews of Ghajini for past 4 days.Luckily I am neither Aamir or SRK fan. I just came back watching Ghajini and I will say its a big disappointment. I don’t need to tell about the story because everyone knows about it.Film has a good first part mostly because of Asin, She has done a remarkable job only bright thing about this film. Where Aamir has you know worked more on his 8 Pack Abs and nothing more. He did not put much effort as he usually does. Result after the death of Asin films gets boring its more action, senseless action. If you are trying to get over 26/11 don’t watch this movie as everything you watched on Television about 26/11 will come flashing in front of your eyes. Any way another weak link about the movie is Giya Khan, She just can’t act. Director has tried to fix all these problems with more and more action which is impressive if you don’t watch Hollywood Movies but If you have watched some good Hollywood Action Movies, you will find Ghajini’s action ordinary.This film is remake of a tamil movie with same name but when you watch the movie you’ll find that it has taken lots of scenes from successful Hollywood Movies as well like Hulk and many more. Its not a movie but Hindi verison of trailers of many Hollywood Movies.Only watch it if you are Aamir Khan’s fan or you like action movies otherwise skip this movie. It has nothing what we use to see in Aamir’s movies.

  • petra-guerreiro-nascimento
    petra guerreiro nascimento

    I am still in shock after hearing Aamir Khan criticising Memento. He criticises a film a remake of which he is going to star in??? And then I decided to watch this film. And what’s new? My first reaction is: why was this film made? Scene to scene copy of Memento. And even then again, it was already remade into an Indian film in the past, so why then was that needed? Aamir Khan hams throughout and his acting is pretension at its worst. It’s not the young actor I used to like, whose simplicity covered the entire screen. He is now someone who pretends to be a good actor, who pretends to portray himself as someone who takes a role seriously, but in the end, his acting generates into annoying hype. No intensity, no skills, nothing. And BTW, he is not at all that fit. If I were the director I’d rather cast John Abraham or Hrithik Roshan, who could make full justice to this role in terms of physical appearance and general credibility.Asin is nice; overacts in some scenes, but does have some charm. She’s not a great actress, but she is an actress without a doubt. Giah Khan is average.It’s sad that this film was such a big hit. Indian mass audiences generally like to watch films which are melodramatic and overdone or just mediocre films which show a fake world. Ironically, Raja Hindustani (a cheap film without any vivid storyline) was one of those films.It’s sad because, while many of the films deserve the money they earn (take Sholay, Dilwale Dulhania), many are just terrible disasters that seem to appeal to all those who prefer to see a different, plastic world, and that’s how many small-great films are simply and shamelessly left out.I’m not against any film as long as it is entertaining, exciting, interesting and well-made. But I am against films that are just not needed, that are pretentious, that are made to fool people, to insult their intelligence by pretending a film is of a high standard; and above all, films that were made just to publicise the leading actor. Ghajini is one of those films that apply to all these descriptions.

  • olav-isaksen
    olav isaksen

    An ‘Indianised’ Memento, Ghajini is a masala pot-boiler revenge film that is low on distinctiveness, instead relying on vibrant cinematography, over-the-top action sequences, and superlative performances by Aamir Khan and Asin to deliver the goods. Not surprisingly, Ghajini is another tour-de-force turn by Aamir Khan, as he effectively takes to the skin of his character, exuding the laundry list of human emotion, and even bordering on animal-like in his revenge-driven state. Elsewhere, Asin infuses the right-amount of over-the-top histrionics, charm, and girl-power to make her character appealing and ultimately the emotional center-point of the film. The rest of the cast is barely adequate, with the so-called medical student, police inspector, and the main villain verging on the comedic with their clichéd, wooden performances. But, it didn’t really matter. The main characters were crafted with such integrity and likability that by the end, I can honestly admit I was on the verge of tears. In the end, Ghajini was a somewhat unremarkable film that was lifted by its high-emotional quotient and some outstanding compositions by A.R. Rahman (Guzarish, Kaise Mujhe), the screeching background score aside. Worth watching once.

  • marie-hakansson
    marie hakansson

    The only good thing about Ghajini is its marketing. With so much hype created for such a long period of time, this movie is sure to draw packed houses for the first few days. The movie is marketed as the story of a revenge of a man who is suffering from short term memory loss. Well, in reality you get this and much much more..To start with, within the first ten minutes of the movie any movie lover can see the lack-luster screenplay. And then it doesn’t get much better. The story line is seriously flawed and you don’t have to apply any brain to see the gaping holes in story.The idea of short term memory loss – only able to retain things in memory for 15 minutes – should have been the central theme of the movie. Sadly, this part is grossly underdeveloped and hugely diluted by flashbacks of romance and ‘comedy’ . For one who has watched Nolan’s Memento and went to see Ghajini with similar expectations, this will be a very frustrating experience.Director has not tried to develop any character in the movie. Ghajini is the main villain on whom the movie is named. Director is not successful in making the audience hate the villain and hence feel sympathetic towards Sanjay (Aamir).High part of the movie is Aamir Khan. He is looking good with his new chiseled body and has done a superb job. Few action sequences are nicely shot and edited and you feel the force in the scenes. But apart from this the movie falls flat and you are left wondering where it is heading to. Songs are again a sad part of the movie. Nowhere fitting in the story line, almost all of them are dream sequences.Having ‘wasted’ my money on this movie, my suggestion to you would be better wait for some satellite TV channel to air it.

  • richard-shaffer
    richard shaffer

    Carry a pack of pop corn and cans of cold drink and enjoy this film with friends ,it has everything , starting from action , humour , sympathy , thrill , romance , revenge and what not and not to mention Aamir was the captain of all these departments . Out of so many positive things the most important thing is the actress Asin , never saw an actress so expressive and ,not to mention, so beautiful . Asin and Aamir was enough to make the film a HIT.Aamir’s hard work on his body paid off , he really transformed himself from a teacher in taare zameen par to a Hulk in this filmThe picturisation and the music was excellentAction scenes were well shot and quite enjoyable seeing the villains fly but was astonished to see the villains had no guns during their fight . Though the idea was from Hollywood blockbuster ‘Memento’ but the film had no similarity with it but yet enjoyableIn a nutshell its a its a Solid Hollywood idea Bollywood masala filmI am giving Ghajini 9/10

  • dr-mauricio-partida
    dr mauricio partida

    The wait is finally over! An Aamir Khan film is nothing short of an event. The supremely talented actor acts in one film a year and no two films are ever identical in terms of plot line. No wonder then that you await an Aamir starer with bated breath. the Hindi adaptation live up to the humongous expectations? The hype is unmatched and you expect no less than a present-day masterpiece. Running time almost 3 hours? Not at all! There’s so much happening in every scene and the screenplay is so gripping that you don’t feel the need to look at the auditorium ceiling or at your watch at brief intervals. You aren’t restless. As moviegoers, we’ve watched countless good versus evil fares over the years and although GHAJINI belongs to the same family, not once does it take the beaten track. The story has been told differently and most importantly, the story offers so many twists-n-turns that you just can’t guess what would unfold next. Director A.R. Murugadoss tells this one differently. It starts off with what happens in the past, comes to the present-day, goes back in time again and returns to the contemporary again. This is a breathless, exciting story, heart-breaking and exhilarating at the same time. On the whole, GHAJINI is a winner all the way. The film will set new records and has the merits to emerge one of the biggest Hits of all times. The weekend business should be historic, the Week 1 business should be unparalleled, the lifetime gross should be amongst the biggest of all times. In short, GHAJINI has ‘Blockbuster’ Cancel whatever you’re doing today and go watch GHAJINI instead.

  • eloy-elisa-montalvo-lerma
    eloy elisa montalvo lerma

    Aamir Khan is truly mad and goes at them with his entire anger….All the recent records in the bollywood industry have been broken by this one man….Ghajini is a masterpiece…..the recent release like RNBDJ and the rest don’t stand a chance at this movie…It is already the highest grosser ever in the history of Bollywood…I am an SRK fan but after seeing this I have decided to change my mind….Aamir has proved that what SRK and Akshay can do.he can do it better…SRK’s OSO needed the entire the entire industry to make it a hit but….this has broken the week’s record collection of OSO in just 4 days…[:O]..so no more arguing needed here Aamir Khan is the god…

  • okhrim-chaban
    okhrim chaban

    Watch it for Aamir. Movie ain bout action… its bout Aamir’s intensity…It’s gripping, it’s got a good flow. Just when you find yourself being carried away with the moment, it justifiably changes.The reason why I gave it a 9 rating instead of 10 is only for the sake of neutrality… action scenes are a bit dramatized. Although it defies my statement of watchin it for Aamir, yet thats the only flaw for “me” in the movie.The movie doesn really need a long feedback… for Bollywood followers, Aamir – “naam hee kaafi hai”.Aamir speaking 5 mins in a 160 mins movie def’ly made W.O.R.T.H it!~ Hrithik Fan! (lol)

  • lena-tsatowryan
    lena tsatowryan

    Ghajini… where to start. This movie has kept me on my seat for almost the entire 3 hours, and left me with wanting to watch it once more. The direction, screenplay, acting and music everything was truly amazing. A very well co-ordinated movie.Some might look at this movie as a ‘Dark Comedy’. It truly is… This movie reminds of Momento and Kill Bill (both great super-hits).Pros: – Very well known, and super-hit story (from Tollywood). NOTE: Even though concept is same as in Momento, the story is very different. Plus I liked the Bollywood flavor, since it introduces a love-story aspect.Excellent acting by Aamir Khan, as usual. Brilliant new comer – Asin.Mix of Comedy and Thrill and Drama and all the Action. Perfectly balanced story, extreme violence and moderate comedy. You’ll be left with a movie belonging to multiple genres. (Not sure why that was a complaint by some reviewers, even though it is brilliantly executed.) – Excellent screenplay and cinematography. Present-Flashback-Present-Flashback, yet no break in story, very good flow. Almost 80% of the time, the movie kept me thinking about both the past and the future of the story (what must have happened, and what will happen, both at the same time).Cons: – Well, the one thing I didn’t like is the length of the movie. There were one or two places where I felt like the scene was unnecessary and the movie could have been shortened.Nevertheless, I might just go watch this movie again. In fact this movie has inspired me to watch Momemto again. This movie is not for everyone, and the only reason is too much violence. But I can guarantee that anyone who is tolerant to violence, and looking for a new story (and hasn’t seen the Tollywood version) will definitely love this movie.9 on 10 from me. Best movie of 2008 (and 2009 for me).

  • natasha-henderson
    natasha henderson

    Ghajini was promoted well that even a person who won’t be Amir’s fan could go and watch it to find out what would be about the story that made Aamir to work out for this one. From promos, the obvious parts and facts about the movie was it’s action flick movie well wrapped with songs and dynamic dialouges. It’s true this movie has mind blowing action sequences, but with that even story is also good. Ghajini is a chase saga between goons and Aamir. Ghajini starts off with a lab where Jiah Khan is a student who is looking for a project to work on. She finds a file of Aamir khan who is a short term memory patient. Professor insist and deny her to take that project. Right after there, first action sequence you will witness where aamir is fighting with one of the goon. He kills him. Right after that fight Aamir goes the place where he lives and you can observe that he things all tidy regarding to his revenge that he is taking. Every morning when he wakes up, he reads what happened to him and become provoked. He excercizes with anger and then starts moving on for his mission. One of the cop finds out about Aamir’s place through a ticket that was left on a murder place. Somehow he’s able to get hold of Aamir. and then tie him up. He finds a diary on which Aamir has wrote about from the time he came to India and what happened. The cop reads through it which also let the audience know about the flash back story. In the dairy, it tells how aamir and asin met up and how their love story goes on. the dairy ends with where aamir decides to reveal his original personality that he is not an ordinary guy, he is a well accomplished businessman. He will only tell her that if she accepts his love. The cop tries to wake him to find out what happened after that. But Aamir somehow manages to untie himself and start beating up the cop. Aamir was about to kill him when he hears the door bell rings. Aamir hides him somewhere and then he goes out to the college where Jiah Khan is studying. Jiah tries to talk to him but aamir denies to tell her what happened about the accident. Aamir then goes to the place where he would be able to see Ghajini. Ghajini is a villain whom aamir is targeting. There aamir takes his picture. And then He tries to kill him. But by mistake he kills someone else. Then Ghajini tries to kill all his enemy. but he seems to realize there is still someone who is left. At the same time Jiah goes to Aamir’s place to talk to him. She mistakenly finds That cop. She unties him and then the cop insist her to flee. But at the same time Aamir shows up. He doesn’t remember who they are. The cop starts to run and Aamir starts to chase him through the streets. Jiah is also running after them. Accidentally the cop dies by crushing down from a bus. Then Aamir starts to chase Jiah.Jiah some how manages to escape from him. The entire movie is tied up with back forth sequences of romance, action and songs. There is not really any comedy in this movie. The action sequences are well executed. The movie is quiet violent at places. Will aamir be able to find out who is ghajini, that something now you have to look out by watching this movie. The entire team of Ghajini has done a good job. Asin is worth watching. Though she is teaming up with super star, She manages her space for this movie. Mostly it’s said that to get Hindi dialet isn’t easy for a Tamil actress. But you wouldn’t experience anything like that in this movie. Even the villain is done good. there would be definitely nominations for him for his work. Jiah is a surprise pack and also has got important role. And Again for those , who was comparing Ghajini with Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, I would have only one thing to say, you need to learn differentiating a musical movie and a revenge saga movie. The theme is like watching Hollywood style movie in Hindi.

  • juan-rocha
    juan rocha

    Ghajini is an out an out action thriller set at the backdrop of romance and revenge drama. Its almost a frame 2 frame remake of Tamil hit Ghajini, which was originally inspired by Memento. Since I loved both the versions. It was difficult to expect anything newer or better from the Hindi version. So the verdict would mostly revolve around “did the makers ensure the benchmarks are met”. Its a definite ‘A’ for being able to meet the gigantic expectations. No, the director has not disappointed you. The high points are the few thrills that are part of the narrative, the edge of the seat kinds.While avoiding comparisons, Aamir is done a terrific job playing a confused and furious person in search of the killer of girl friend. His corporate getup was styled differently and looks convincing. I can already sense, the style being a rave shortly in the corporate dressing. His toned up body looks fab, and justifies few of the over the top fights.Asin has won my heart again, din’t think she would be able to do so, repeating the feat she did 2 years ago. In few of the reels she literally stole the movie from Aamir. The climax is different and is better picturised. Overall when you leave the theatre you do feel if you missed something.. I can only sum up the following could be why i felt so.. 1. I knew the story and could predict the dialogues in advance. 2. The length was a mild problem 3. The action sequences looked dated in parts, one blow and 4 on the ground. 4. The originals were too good to repeat it.Oh I wished, I had the bliss of not having watched the originals, to take a fresh look at it.For the humongous effort of the team, go watch it if you are hungry for masalas beyond cakes and wine this holiday season..

  • igor-kuzmin
    igor kuzmin

    After a dull period of bollywood movies, Ghajini can be described in just one word, AMAZING ! Right from the word GO, this movie keeps you on the edge of your seat . Everything from the Script, The Direction,The Action and The music to the Performances Win your heart ! The action scenes are well captured and the choreography is a job well done by Ahmed Khan. Though it is 3 hrs long not once you end up feeling bored . Moreover, the telling of the movie is done well wit back and forth time travelling… Of the performances, Aamir towers above the rest wit his ‘short term memory loss’ , Asin matches head to head wit aamir for a debutant and jiah proves that she is not just a damsel . The villain though could have been Better . But the real question left to be answered is Ghajini worth the hype ? Indeed it is my friends… All in all a great movie wit all the ingredients required to make a movie A BLOCKBUSTER ….. A must see…!

  • armas-valimaki
    armas valimaki

    well…everyone has the right to their own opinion….but in my own i feel ghajini has heart..it is on of those movies which take you down to reality and touch every human emotional chord in your body…LOVE is what it talks about and how it drives a person so mad when he loses it…i think there is a person inside us who wishes he could play the role aamir did ….but we are scared of doing that…i think aam ir has done a fabulous job and my final judgment is…people who love crying and don’t feel ashamed to let their emotional side touch them..its worth a watch..well you should deffo watch it…people who are heartless the main comment wud suit u….that is that aamir cant act no more…well guess what he can and and only passionate and emotional ppl who have loved once in their lives can understand that…5 out of 5…cheers…

  • dan-rak
    dan rak

    Ghajini only goes on to show what hype can do for a movie.The movie may well be on its way to become one of the biggest grosser in Bollywood. But at best, it matches up to an above-average Sunny Deol flick. Had the movie not featured Aamir Khan it would not have been nowhere close to what it is now.Bollywood has had a history where many a venture has sunk despite hype but what worked for Ghajini was a sustained and immaculately planned publicity campaign. That it was Aamir’s sole movie in the whole year, and was coming a whole year after his poignant Taare Zameen Par, already had the nation in good anticipation. This combined with the publicity given to Aamir’s (over-hyped) physique and supposed eight-pack took the hype to newer altitudes. The marketing team also made sure the bulked-up Aamir was visible in malls and public places. Days before the release, one could see the once-considered reticent Aamir giving interviews on every possible show on every possible channel. Newspapers and websites were flooded with Aamir’s 13 month rigorous training to get his look. Also, to engage a larger segment of the audience, romantic promos augmented the initial action-oriented posters.The end result of it all had to be a bumper opening for Ghajini. Needless to say, all this wouldn’t have worked so well for another actor; but Aamir’s hysteria is unparalleled and his fan following spans all sections of gender, class and religion. The loose ends of Shahrukh’s “Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi” also proved beneficial for this film and the “thinking” audience thronged the halls to see if Aamir had fared better. For the rest, who weren’t really the star’s fans, they went anyways to see what all the hype was all about! So how did I find it? The film is loud and the background score louder. This morning I concurred with my colleague who told me that he left the hall with a heavy head after watching this film. Even the overall music, barring a song or two, is forgettable and below-average by Rahman’s standards. Majority of the songs stand out of the story and merely extend the length of the film.If action happens to be your genre of choice, you will enjoy the punches and villains being banged on walls and windows. If not, then you’d be sitting at the wrong place for those parts of the movie. What however holds your attention is the narrative; the director manages to engage you through the entire film. When the gore goes heavy, a romantic flashback alters the tone and pace of the movie. In this regard, the editing is slick and crisp. So even if the film could put some of you to sleep, it won’t give you the opportunity to yawn! In terms of performances, Asin wows with her refreshing act. She lights up the screen and (due apologies to Aamir’s fans) steals the thunder from right under the actor’s nose. It’s a pity she didn’t get her due with the superstar taking most of the credit. You wait for her to come on screen; be it simple acts of helping people around her or faking up her romance with the business tycoon – she portrays the character of affable Kalpana with élan. In fact, it is the flashback sequences in which she appears, that were most enjoyable.It is surprising that Aamir, known for choosing his films very selectively, opted for this South Indian remake. Even though his character is central to the film, he doesn’t have too many dialogues. As a guy suffering from short term memory loss, he shows his frustration to a degree but doesn’t have much else to do than beat up anyone and everyone coming in his way. Perhaps, the director could have focused more on the confusion and tribulations he faced due to his problem. As the business tycoon in flashbacks, his witty act makes you laugh. But in one of the scenes when giving interviews to international media, he didn’t sound convincing as a magnate. All in all, his performance was satisfactory in the context of the film. He didn’t break any new ground with this, as some people claim. As for achieving the macho look, I don’t think with the support available these days it is such a Herculean task for an actor known for his sincerity and perfectionism.As the bad guy Ghajini, Pradeep Rawat disappointed; he tried hard to mouth Haryanvi dialogues but was neither effective nor convincing. Perhaps, the movie would have been elevated to another level had the villainy act been more polished.The cinematography by Ravi K. Chandran was par excellence. And be it the exotic locales of the Guzarish song or dark shots of the climax sequence, he has shot them all brilliantly. The action sequences have a South Indian influence even though some of them are executed well.Ghajini, as a one time watch, was entertaining even for someone like me not particularly into action movies or Aamir Khan. But the cult status to which it has been elevated is definitely not justified. It is a clearly over-hyped and has garnered undue credit than what it is worth. I’m sure people had higher expectations from Aamir but for fear of being sounding different, no one wants to admit that.

  • mr-wayne-berg
    mr wayne berg

    First of all…. GREAT MOVIE!!! I just wanted to say a couple things, clarify a few more things…First Half: For those who have seen the Tamil version, the first half is very very predictable. The only change I could see was Amir instead of Surya. The scenes, the jokes, the locations, everything is the same. It was hilarious in parts, just like the Tamil version.Second Half: Similar, but the ending is very very different. After seeing the first half, I was predicting the next scene in my head and watching it come to life. Half through the Second Half, I was not able to predict too much as it deviated from the Tamil version quite a bit.Conclusion: For those who have seen the Tamil version, please keep an open mind as the last half hour or so is different and quite interesting. For those who haven’t seen the Tamil version, what the heck are you waiting for??

  • veres-peter
    veres peter

    Movies like Memento gets made once in a while. It has nothing to do with the story, it has nothing to do with the direction, it has nothing to do with the cinematography, it has everything to do with the execution(Now, I’m not saying that direction,editing,cinematography was not good. It was A-class. No second thoughts there for sure. But, the point here is the movie doesn’t STAND out for me due to these factors.) I mean the whole movie was played backwards. How more innovative can you get? And not only it was innovativeness, Nolan did a damn cool job of changing one’s thought process and the way one analyzes each character. You side/sympathize/loathe with some characters in the beginning and after a point it is the other way around. How many movies have been able to achieve that? Not many. I’m sure. This is what makes Memento great. This is what makes Memento MEMENTO. This is film making raised to the power infinity.And then comes Murugadoss, says he was inspired by Nolan and he wrote his own version of the film. Nothing wrong with that. Nothing. Although, I still feel Aamir’s body tattooing( just like Leonard’s method of remembering things) is too much of a coincidence if not anything else. Now, the movie might be completely different from what Memento is, or what Memento showed. But, it would be very tough for me to watch the movie in isolation. I mean granted, the movie might not be a Memento, but hasn’t it taken the central idea( and also the tattoo’s part?) . And then what does the director do? He adds an Asin, subtracts some clothes, adds some songs again, shows us a love angle? Why? Why so accommodating all of a sudden Murugadoss? And then Aamir Khan steps in. The man who knows it all, have been there and done that kind of air with him. “Momento I couldn’t understand,” he writes with a nonchalance. Also, he didn’t ‘enjoy’ it too. No problems there too. Movies are just like opinions. To each his own. Disliking ‘Momento’ doesn’t make Aamir a bad actor/director. But, what does he do to make the movie talked out, is to get a new look for the movie. I mean how bloody convenient? You took one of the strongest ideas, played around with it. Walked with it up to a certain extent and then when you developed cold feet, added what the audience would like? I’m not against songs, romance in the movie( esp. Hindi movies) but, just for the heck of it? Build up an original idea, do what so ever you want to do with it. Make love to it, seduce, rape. Whatever. But the idea has to be yours.But, please don’t flinch someone else’s idea, toy with it mercilessly, get someone to back you up by saying, I didn’t ‘enjoy’ it. Though that ‘someone’ is the superstar is a different thing all together. I wouldn’t have any problems had Ghajini been Murugadoss’s and only Murugadoss’s baby, I would have cared too hoots. Had he added a zillion songs, it wouldn’t have mattered. But, I would be very, very sad if Murugadoss kills one of my favorite movies of all time.

  • maria-hansson
    maria hansson

    It is very pleasant to see, in the past decade, the Indian movies has raised themselves in standards. Ghajini definitely is one of the toughest project that Aamir khan would have done, there is no doubt in that. It is not always easy to remake a hit version and alter the storyline here and there and still come out good. It is only possible through the best men in the industry. And Aamir is THE best. ARRahman – WOW!!! He made the Kaise mujhe song echo in all the audience’s heart as they leave the theater. Its like “Every night in my dreams” song from titanic. Soul touching performance from the music Guru!! Overall, this movie has to be watched for its storyline, humor, sentiment, twists. Overall Ghajini is a great entertainment-packed. Go! watch it today!!!!

  • eddie-stewart
    eddie stewart

    In totality, it is a good movie. It’s a movie that was not only successfully made but also successfully promoted. Though, there is always some anticipation associated with Amir’s movies as most of the time he promotes the movie through many channels and for many days and Ghajini was not an exception. Since last one year, he had walked and talked about Ghajini. And as if it is not enough, he had offered a scheme along with the offer, “watch the movie and watch the newly chiseled body of Amir for free”. The movie was properly made and in fact better made than the original Ghajini (which was overly dramatic in its treatment). The climax of the movie is different from the original one and is far better.The new face of the movie, Asin, came as surprise package and she not only looked great but also acted nicely. The background score is well executed and is able to hold the mood as well as to engage the audience. However, the songs are too many and are at wrong times and except “Guzarish”, most of them failed to create any lasting impact on the audience.Now comes the action that is the greatest part of the movie and is thoroughly well executed. The action choreography was done brilliantly and was completely able to convey the anguish and frustration of Amir. The action sequences are well executed and for the first time (Ghulam can be treated as an exception) Amir looked convincing when he beats up a whole lot of bad guys that are too many and too big for man of his size. Amir had not only sculpted a good body but also presented it nicely on the screen.However, the most entertaining and soul touching part of the movie was not the climax but rather the comic as well as emotional scenes between Amir and Asin.The soft, funny and soul touching Cinderella type love story of A business tycoon (Amir) and a gold hearted, beautiful looking middle-class girl (Asin) was so brilliantly written and executed that I felt that it had all the potential for a separate movie. However, the another Highpoint of the movie is that the way both sides and stories of Amir, pre and post the murder of his beloved, were told. The alternative narrating style was well executed and able to build suspense.Despite all the good things I have written about the movie I am very sorry to say that “Ghajini is not Memento”, it just cannot be. Basically Ghajini is just another love & revenge drama that has Amir in it. That is what the movie is and it never lift itself beyond that (though the potential was there). The only difference this movie has with other love and revenge dramas is that here the male protagonist is amnesiac. Sadly though, Amir acted below his standards and most of the time he acted as if there is no difference between being mentally retarded and being amnesiac. No Sir, they are not just one and the same thing. He had used too many stupid head moments and tilts, strange stares, acted unnecessarily confused and walk with abnormal gait.The movie never attempts to explore the plight of an amnesiac. Only thing that it ever attempts to show that the male protagonist is suffering from anterograde amnesia that it gave Amir one or two scenes in which he forgets about his current past. Surprisingly, tattoos that have played an important part in the classic “Memento” are of no use in Ghajini, except for acting as an excuse to show how beefed up our Amir had become (come on Amir, stop this pseudo-rivalry of you and Sharukh, you are better than him even with both your hands tied down behind your back and a mask on your face).Basically this movie has disappointing me more than anyone else as after this I had started to believe that Amir is more of interested in making movies that look different rather than being actually different, otherwise there could not have been so many holes in the script and treatment. All the time that he wasted on shaping up himself and subtly promoting the movie could have been utilized in making the movie more realistic and deeper (without actually losing its commercial value).So, my verdict is, watch the movie for Asin and when you come back then rent “Memento”, watch it and then calculate how high Christopher Nolan stands than A.R. Murugadoss.

  • dipl-ing-wibke-dorr
    dipl ing wibke dorr

    A lot of critics have condemned this film as being a mere remake of the highly acclaimed and popular Hollywood film ‘Memento’. While there is no doubt that this film is at the very least loosely inspired from Memento, to call it a complete rip-off would not only be a stretch of the imagination demanded greater suspension of disbelief than that required for viewing either movie, but would also be unfair to the effort Murgadoss and the rest of the team have put into developing this epic for an Indian audience. Rather, it would be best to view this film as a separate entity, something not quite at the standards of Hollywood’s best but certainly above the usual clichéd Bollywood fare.Ghajini tells the story of a man called Sanjay Singhania (Aamir Khan), who suffers from a condition called Anterograde amnesia, which prevents him from forming new memories, as a result of which he is unable to remember anything for more than around 15 minutes. This condition was caused by the brain damage he suffered when hit on the head by an iron rod, during a violent attack on him which also resulted in the death of his lover, Kalpana (Asin). Haunted night and day by fragmented memories of the incident, he is driven to near-madness with rage and embarks on a quest to avenge the death of his love, by hunting down the gang behind the attack-his ultimate targets being a Mob lord about whom he knows nothing save for a single name-‘Ghajini’. In order to compensate for his short term memory loss, he uses a system of notes, Polaroid photographs and tattoos on his body to remind himself of the facts he has gathered during his quest and the progress he has made. Along the way, he encounters a medical student named Sunita (Jiah Khan) who is intrigued by his condition and wishes to study him and thus ends up being dragged into his violent life. The story of Sanjay’s violent quest alternates with extended flashback sequences of his happy pre-amnesiac past as a savvy corporate honcho and tells the tale of his romance with lively ad model Kalpana and the circumstances which led up to the incident that caused her death and his memory loss. Ultimately, the film comes full circle in an awe-inspiring climax when past and present collide to bring a fulfilling end to the story.Aamir Khan proves his versatility as an actor yet again, playing not one, not two but three roles in this film. As Sanjay Singhania, the savvy corporate honcho, he is polite, yet has a brisk and efficient air to him (a lot like his real life self). As ‘Sachin’, a struggling actor romancing Kalpana he plays the shy and unassuming everyman, albeit one replete with both confidence and sincerity. And finally, most notably, he plays the post-amnesiac Sanjay, an almost insane inhuman monster, a killing machine consumed by rage and bloodlust, haunted by shattered memories and yet lost, confused and disoriented whenever his periodic memory loss kicks in. Perhaps one of the best scenes in the film is one early on where, waking up at home, Sanjay wanders through his house clueless, having no idea where he is, until he reaches a mirror on which is written a note which tells him to remove his T-shirt whereupon he sees the tattoos that remind him of his lover’s death and his quest to avenge her and cause him to be suddenly overpowered by rage and a desire for vengeance-a transition which we observe several times over the course of the film. Asin does a pretty good job as the bubbly and vivacious Kalpana, making her a likable character who’s brutal murder does create the impact on the audience’s mind which makes us truly sympathise with Sanjay’s quest. Jiah Khan does okay as the medical student who gets dragged into Sanjay’s quest for revenge while Pradeep Rawat may come across as an over-the-top clichéd bad guy in his role as the titular ‘Ghajini’-but it works well for the story, believe it or not.This film is actually two films in that the darker ‘present day sequences’ of Sanjay’s orgies of violence seem to belong to an entirely different genre from the lighter comedic flashback sequences, though the shattering of Sanjay’s happy past life makes us understand the driving force behind his present day violence. The style of music, dialogue and even settings for both sets of sequences is drastically different as a result-where on one hand you have fancy office blocks, garden parties and the beach side, on the other hand you have seedy back lanes and darkened parking lots.On the whole despite a few ridiculous plot holes, Ghajini is definitely one of the most entertaining, if not one of the best, films of Bollywood in recent years.

  • haley-coleman
    haley coleman

    Well, after much hype, here comes the great ‘Ghajini’. Strategic promotion of the movie really created some havoc. 8 packs, action blah blah blah……..Even before watching this movie, I knew that this is a copy of ‘Memento’, still I went to see, because I had faith and respect for Aamir.After watching this movie, I realized that this is one of the worst movie I have ever seen. The whole plot looks confused and inappropriate. I didn’t want to condemn this movie, but since this movie is so bad and stupid, I can’t hold myself.For Aamir: Dear Aamir, what are you doing? You are not made for this? C’on, I mean after giving so many sensible movies, what happened to your choice? You have even come up as an excellent director, then how didn’t you notice what was happening while making this movie? Please, there are people (including me) who still love and respect you. Don’t spoil your image by making senseless movies like this.For Director: Dear whosoever, please grow up, and start making some sensible movies. You may have kiddo fantasies, but please stop making people suffer because of your fancies.For movie: This movie seems to be lost from the very beginning. And many illogical stupid plots. A cop who loves to handle case on his own, and goes everywhere alone.A lady police constable, who instead of informing her superior officials, calls the witness at midnight to testify if the 2 of the kidnapped girls are missing?? And on top of that, in that hospital the Ghajini himself roaming, as if that hospital belongs to him……..Seriously do you use your brain before showing something?? A girl, who is faking that she is the girlfriend of some big business tycoon, doesn’t even bother to find out how he looks even after months?? …..Dear writer, have you ever reached school beyond 5th standard?? I have many points to bring about this stupid movie, but I have to give some rest to my hand. I can even write a book on the stupidity shown in this movie.Finally, the only person who seems to be suffering from short term memory loss is the Editor, who doesn’t know what and when to show. This movie is a big fiasco, though it collected huge bucks because of strategic promos.

  • michael-phelps
    michael phelps

    This may be the most entertaining thing I have ever seen in a theater. It is apparently loosely based (via another movie) on Christopher Nolan’s “Memento”, and while I enjoyed that, this is far, far more fun to watch. Frankly, I feel like people always give away too much plot in these IMDb reviews, so all I will say is that this movie involves memory, love and some almost superhuman fight scenes.I couldn’t help but have the feeling that if Hitchcock was directing movies today, they’d be like this. This is pretty much our very own “Rear Window” in terms of being so completely entertaining while also being amazingly well made.

  • olga-pablo-echevarria
    olga pablo echevarria

    The tattoos on the body, the Polaroid snaps, the notes scattered around the house, and the smoking gun evidence? Short term memory loss, happening every 15 minutes. If this doesn’t seem like Christopher Nolan’s masterpiece Memento, then I don’t know what does. Written and directed by A.R. Murugadoss, I don’t see much of a nod of acknowledgement to Nolan’s work, and in almost all literature, it only falls back on the fact that this is a Hindi remake of Murugadoss’ own Tamil movie of the same name Ghajini, produced in 2005 (Nolan’s was in 2000), which joins the ranks of films having their titles named after the chief villain.In any case this isn’t the first time that we see very obvious similarities in premise and characters being adopted for Bollywood’s own productions, and the shot-in-Singapore Krrish comes to mind as well, as they had the entire setting of John Woo’s Paycheck incorporated into that film. But of course in any version some merits could be found, but I believe some form of acknowledgement would be in order, other than, in this case, a quick flash of a very wordy disclaimer about Ghajini being gleaned from various short stories and material (and another paragraph which I missed given the fine print, and short duration on screen, but I’m pretty sure no mention of Memento).Well, there are some reasons why I chose to watch this. First up, the music’s by A.R. Rahman, and for all the good publicity he’s getting for his work on Danny Boyle’s Slumdog Millionaire, I just had to experience yet another piece of his musical magic on a film, besides one that I’ve watched much earlier this year in Jodhaa Akbar. One just cannot imagine how his musical talent will be put to good use in a film which looks and feels like Memento, and this being the next best thing. “Guzarish” is a track used in the trailer, and it is currently my new ear worm.Another reason is of course, Aamir Khan. Yet another prolific actor with a penchant for perfection, it was interesting to see how his take on the protagonist’s short term memory loss, would rival that of Guy Pearce’s. I’m embarrassed to say I’ve only seen him in action in Lagaan, so this would be yet another opportunity to witness his ability which can be measured against a benchmark. But don’t expect the same though, because Pearce’s version was more of a thinking man who questions and second guesses himself, while Khan’s version was in two parts to serve the story, one as a raging hulk monster who tears through his opponents with savage violence fueled by anger and hatred, coupled with the hurt he experienced and recalled (Hulk producers take note, in case Edward Norton decides against any more sequels, look in the direction of Aamir Khan), while the other as mild-mannered Sanjay Singhania, CEO of a telecommunications company in Mumbai.Yes, Bollywood’s version naturally comes with built-in song and dance, which for once I would have thought looked quite out of place in the movie, if not for A.R. Rahman’s score and music. While half of the movie might be seen as a copy of Memento’s premise and character, the other half served more to allow the audience to share the pain with Sanjay. Nolan’s version had you experience the frustrating condition of the syndrome through its narrative presentation, but this one junks the reverse chronology, and plays it out flat and builds a rich back story for Sanjay, so much so that you’ll root for him as he goes on his rampage of revenge. You’ll find yourself entrenched in the romance between Sanjay and his lady love Kalpana (the stunning Asin, who reprises her role from the 2005 version as well), who’s a model awaiting her big break, and a girl with a genuinely good heart. The plot never fails to give her numerous moments to showcase her good nature, and it’s no surprise why anyone would not fall in love with her instantly. Factor in plenty of lovey-dovey moments of comedy and pursuit (under the guise of a different identity, like Shah Rukh Khan’s Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi) which makes it perfect for a date movie, but with hindsight that you know this love is doomed from the moment it began, which actually makes it quite sad to watch the events unfold since you know what will eventually happen to her.Ghajini doesn’t adopt or try to adopt those very cerebral mind-f* moments from Memento, but as I mentioned plays it out more like a straight forward action thriller, with a handful of inevitable moments of watching our protagonist get taken advantaged of because of his condition. No other structural styles are used besides flashbacks, where the purpose of two characters in the movie are to read the diary of events so that it could be translated visually onto the screen. However you’ll still be kept in the dark for some time as to why the designated thugs of Ghajini (Pradeep Rawat) would want to exact their mettle onto Sanjay and Kalpana, and you’ll be held in suspense for almost 2 hours before the reasons get shown.I can only imagine the flak that this film might receive because of having to adapt, and not properly acknowledge perhaps that it’s not original material, save for the romantic spin on it. But if you would look past those ramifications and treat this like a re-imagining of Memento in more straight-forward terms, that this would still serve as an entertaining thriller done Bollywood style.

  • marten-schleich
    marten schleich

    Ghajini is an entertainer.It has loads of action,comedy,drama and romance which makes it a family packed entertainer.The story is good.Screenplay is penned very well.But the problem is that the movie is long,it could have been trimmed 15-20 minutes and the movie even gets violent at times,which could have been shortened.Direction by A.R Murugadass is excellent.The music is very good.Performance wise-Aamir Khan is menacing.He is superb.Newcomer Asin is very good.Jiah Khan is perfect.Pradeep Rawat is first rate.Overall Ghajini is an entertainer.

  • teija-rautiainen-riikonen
    teija rautiainen riikonen

    After a long and tedious wait Ghajini arrived. There was a lot of skepticism about it being a direct rip of its Tamil counterpart as well as Memento. However when one enters the movie theatre, those factors are hardly on one’s mind. And any thought of all those things indeed vanished from my head the moment the movie started.Ghajini is one of the best thrillers to have come out of the Bollywood stable in recent years. And to top it all, it has a nice dose of humour as well. Aamir Khan once again proves that he’s not just the best in business, but he’s the one leading the way for Bollywood to make better movies. Indeed as many users have mentioned the villain Ghajini does not look menacing enough. But lets face it, gone are the days when villains used to be called Mogambo. And gone are the days when villains used to have a scar faced appearance. The new age villain is what Ghajini is.The acting is superb to say the least. (Although Jiah Khan really spoils the party. She’s better at romancing a senior citizen than playing such characters.) Asin is absolutely brilliant and leaves a lasting impression. She makes you feel the depth and the pain of the “Kalpana was killed” tattoo. And finally, Aamir Khan. Well, what more can one say about this man who has changed the landscape of Bollywood movies. Once again he delivers a power packed performance, I could almost feel his emotions within me!Watch this movie for its complexity and its simplicity. The complex character of Sanjay and the beautiful and cute Kalpana makes this movie one of the best movies of 2008. What an amazing way of making the year so special!