Ghetto teenager Derrick longs to be a professional boxer and represent Jamaica at the Olympics, but the gym that will make him a contender is in the opposing ‘garrison’ community, which means he has to risk his life in order to follow his dream. Ghett’a Life explores the hypocrisy of Jamaican politics, as power crazy ‘dons’, manipulate MPs and kill anyone who refuses to obey them.

Also Known As: Ghett'a Life, Viver na Jamaica

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  • vicente-monteiro
    vicente monteiro

    Review: I quite enjoyed this movie because it didn’t glorify the violence in Jamaica, like many other films do, and it shows that some people can find there way out of the ghetto. As I have Jamaican parents, I didn’t have to bother with the annoying subtitles and I was able to understand the many complex situations. The director put the movie together well and he made the audience care about what happens to the main character who was just looking for a way out. I also enjoyed the cinematography which made the movie more believable and it brought back some good memories. I think that people will find something that they will enjoy in the film because it covers a wide spectrum of life in Jamaica. Enjoyable!Round-Up: A lot of people that watch the movie will have to use the subtitles because some of the twang is quite coarse and the characters talk quite fast. The political problems in Jamaica, still exist and there is a major divide between the 2 parties, which is premise of the movie so the situation is very real. I just hope that the film gets the viewers that it deserved.Budget: $1.2million Worldwide Gross: N/AI recommend this movie to people who are into Jamaican movies of a young boy trying to get out of the ghetto. 5/10

  • grant-gibson
    grant gibson

    I saw this movie for the TT Film Festival and it was well worth my time. Really well-written screenplay that draws attention to this particular political/gangster issue. The actor playing the lead role gives a compelling performance. In fact, the casting, in general, was on point.I, too, don’t understand the 5 rating while acknowledging it to be a good movie.

  • amy-lyons
    amy lyons

    This has got a great great plot, and strikes at some heavy duty issues of life. Postcode wars in UK. And all futile tribalism. Great stuff. Brilliant consciousness.I don’t review films, but I’ve signed up to IMDb just to review this. It deserves to excel and will do sooooo much more positivity than Kidulthood madness. This makes me more proud of Lennox’s Britishness than that he was heavy weight champion of the world. No Joke.I vote it 10 just to counter the haters. I can’t believe that 5/10 vote then saying it’s a really good movie. It’s at least 7, but maybe 8.5. And it’s a must watch cos the ideas in it are so deep and worth communicating to the youth of every generation, and this is an update for this gen.Also got to say, the caste are fantastic and convincing, for this film to get out there, it’s had to far exceed most Hollywood standards, so you really are in for an above average treat in terms of acting quality and plot line. It’s a proper drama with brilliant acting.Peace & love, Tom