Elliot Hopper, a widower with three children, is currently working on a deal. His late wife’s illness was very expensive and this deal could bring them out of the red. But he gets into a cab that the maniac driver crashes, and the next thing he realizes is that he’s floating around and landing in the lab of a scientist who studies the paranormal. He asks the scientist to send him back so he can finish the deal and make sure his children will be taken care of when he’s gone for good.

Also Known As: Papai Fantasma, Papà è un fantasma, Titta han spökar, El fantasma de papá, Ghost Dad, Ghost Dad - Nachrichten von Dad, Isäni on kummitus, Papa est un fantôme, Papá fantasma, ゴースト・パパ, Ghost dad, Tata duch, Татко дух, Папа-призрак Soviet, Túlvilági papa, O Papá Fantasma

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