Paranormal researcher Abby Yates and physicist Erin Gilbert are trying to prove that ghosts exist in modern society. When strange apparitions appear in Manhattan, Gilbert and Yates turn to engineer Jillian Holtzmann for help. Also joining the team is Patty Tolan, a lifelong New Yorker who knows the city inside and out. Armed with proton packs and plenty of attitude, the four women prepare for an epic battle as more than 1,000 mischievous ghouls descend on Times Square.

Also Known As: Мисливцi на привидiв, Flapjack, Hayalet Avcıları, Ghostbusters, Biêt Dôi San Ma, Охотники за привидениями, Cazafantasmas, Ghostbusters 3, Ловци на духове, Caça-Fantasmas, Γκόστμπαστερς, Gjuetarët e fantazmave, Istjerivači duhova 3, Untitled Ghostbusters Reboot, Cazafantasmas: Responde al llamado, Mekaskhot ha'shedim, Isterivači duhova, Vaiduokliu medžiotojai, SOS Fantômes, Ghostbusters: Answer the Call, Szellemirtók, Vânãtorii de fantome, Ghostbusters. Pogromcy duchów, Izganjalci duhov

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  • univ-prof-gerold-bauer-b-a
    univ prof gerold bauer b a

    Crappy story with nothing sensible, utter nonsense ! Graphics look cheap, like some world of warcraft game graphics. Then there is crappy performance from crappy actors spare Chris Hemsworth who has done a good job as always ! Melissa McCarthy is a huge disappointment. This is the worst Ghostbusters movie ever. Don’t waste your time over this movie, watch one of the old ones if you must.

  • sonjaehyeon

    I’m not sure what’s wrong with this movie apart from the predictable script, hackneyed plot, poor acting and disappointing special effects. The four leading actresses really don’t work well as a team. Kate McKinnon’s ‘zany’ character is unconvincing and downright irritating. Kristen Wiig seems to play the same character in almost every movie. Chris Hemsworth’s character (a clunky attempt at role reversal) is just plain embarrassing. The special effects are really not that special – they don’t appear to have moved on much from those in the original movie. Overall, The sheer fun and exuberance of the original has been lost. A great shame.

  • helge-lie
    helge lie

    Wow, is this crappy or what? Downright the worst movie I have seen in a while. To add insult to the injury, managed to stumble upon an extended Blu-ray version which is 18 minutes longer than theatrical – whopping 134 minutes in all! Yes, this is the all-girls-remake of the 1980’s darling “horror comedy” franchise, this time starring Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, and, er, the other ones. Most of the original cast return with “surprise” cameos too, excluding, of course, the late Harold Ramis. This is just a sad fuckup of a movie where everybody tries and tries for two hours and more, but nothing worthwhile emerges. The only good thing I can think about the movie is that at least they have tried. For a long time, they try to make us laugh with their witty bantering dialogue and good chemistry but none of it materialises and the result is dead on arrival. Alongside “Anchorman 2” and “Zoolander 2”, this must be one of the biggest failures of recent times, where they tried to bring back some cult classic and just fell on their asses. “Ghostbusters” is so bereft of laughs or joy that it feels shitty even by movies starring Melissa McCarthy’s standards, who’s still desperately trying to define and recreate this little magic she managed to create in her breakthrough role in 2011’s “Bridesmaids”. The same goes to Paul Feig, of course, who has mostly directed McCarthy’s movies, the first and only creatively successful one being “Bridesmaids”, of course. He should go back to TV world or something. Rotten Tomatoes’ and Metacritic’s reviews are far too kind this time, the most telling would be the latter’s user score of 2.9 out of 10. The only bits I at least semi-enjoyed in the movie were original ghostbusters’ surprise cameo appearances, and maybe Chris Hemworth as the good-looking but stupid assistant to the girls. He’s the closest thing this “entertainment” had to offer to make me smile. The visual effects look cheap too, although this may be some kind of homage to original movies.

  • hugo-emanuel-batista
    hugo emanuel batista

    I am not against remakes because sometimes they can be good like “The Thing” or ” A Fist Full of Dollars” or “Little Shop of Horrors” etc But this was a pile of overrated rubbish that was made purely made to further an agenda of feminism and that women are the best and do not require men. This is purely a man hating film and tanked as it deserved to do. Some might say it was misandrist.What a waste of an opportunity to make at least a reasonable modernised version of a great film. Even the music was rubbish

  • gelengul-sener-duran
    gelengul sener duran

    The original obviously has its fans but even if you try to ignore the sexual politics of the marketing campaign, the movie itself seems to detest its core audience, with the script often striking out at people who love the franchise and hatefully labelling people as ‘man-babies’ and ‘basement dwellers’. A franchise that was loved the world over seems to have spawned a ‘reboot’ that is fuelled by nothing but hatred, and it shows. It’s not a comedy. It’s an overly-improvised excercise in bitterness. It’s like being punched in the boobs by Paul Feig’s angry sister.

  • tereza-novotna
    tereza novotna

    This crap is too much. After watching this garbage I felt like someone urinated on my childhood (a safe place where Ghostbusters was admired as fantastic cinema).Go ahead and search Paul Feig (director and writer) and Katie Dippold (writer) and you’ll figure out in two seconds that these clowns should never have been allowed to go near this film.The acting sucks, the plot sucks, the editing sucks, the effects suck, the casting sucks, the attempt to do role reversal sucks, the directing sucks, the writing sucks, the staging sucks.The only good thing in this film is the few seconds you get to see Bill Murry on screen.I’m actually sorry I watched this because now my beloved memory of Ghostbusters is tarnished

  • purmals-daiga
    purmals daiga

    Awful. I love the original Ghostbuster. There was chemistry between all the characters. But this movie is horrible. The 140 million dollars would of been better spent on the homeless that this travesty.The jokes are dull. The acting is dull. The men are mindless dunces, while the women are sexist brainiacs, that objectify the men. The black character is a typical stereotype angry, abrasive and rude. Avoid it. The ghost are all the same green glow. Waste of time watching this on dvr.The story is a rehash of Ghostbusters II, where an evil man wants to bring ghost to destroy and take over New York. I enjoyed dental surgery more than this nonsense.

  • margot-rossi-cordier
    margot rossi cordier

    OK,we’re 75 minutes in, and I didn’t laugh once. In my humble opinion a movie that advertises itself as a comedy should as at least make you giggle once every 20 minutes. I’m not going into the question if it’s feminist agenda movie or not, it’s Just Plain Bad. It’s a shame IMDb doesn’t allow a zero as a grade, otherwise I believe it’s overall grade would be so much worst.

  • wendy-bishell-fulton
    wendy bishell fulton

    I wanted this movie to be decent. But it is absolute garbage. I watch his movie from start to finish without laughing at all, and find myself cringing at the acting that was happening. There is nothing at this movie brings that is worth sitting through an hour and 59 minutes. I’m not quite sure what Kate McKinnon’s character is supposed to be she walks around like she’s got some lame legs and she cannot walk normally and if you watch closely you see her constantly smirking and laughing at her own stupid lines. Don’t waste your time

  • grethe-aasen
    grethe aasen

    Having heard many things about this movie and seen the trailer, I finally decided to watch is. Thinking back on my life, I believe I’ve made 2 HUGE mistakes : 1st one was marrying my now ex-wife. 2nd one was watching this movie.Filled with stupid “jokes”, quotes and references this movie attempts to reintroduce us to a newer version of the Ghostbusters movie I loved as a child. Some claim, that this is “empowering women”… sorry, but it does the opposite. It dumbs down the women, and I will teach my little daughter, that women CAN be scientists… They DON’T have to act SO stupid as seen here.

  • marija-bicanic
    marija bicanic

    I really tried, I’m a year late I know. I got this movie for free because I connected my Vudu with my Disney account. Even for free, I couldn’t get through this movie. I stopped after 30 minutes of the Extended cut. It’s painfully unfunny, sexist, and terribly written. The biggest sin of this movie to me is that the actresses here are really talented. I love Kristen Wigg and Kate McKinnon. And I think I laughed at one joke in that first 30 minutes out of all the jokes they were dropping. Nice try Sony but it was dead on arrival. Don’t patronize your audience when you want them to like your movie.

  • toth-a-klara
    toth a klara

    I don’t know if they succeeded making money from their stupid gender switch, but in its honor here is a poll:Which is the worst film of recent times?1- Ghostbusters 20162- Spy3- The Farce Awakens4- The Last Jedi (please keep your promise) or5- Thor Standupcomedyarok?Vote away.

  • narusis-greta
    narusis greta

    And there is yet another remake and reboot coming. Unbelievable.

  • jaime-day
    jaime day

    This sucked and they have no shame. They are already rebooting it this time with men. They cannot learn a lesson. Stop these remakes and reboots. What a waste of time. In short: stupid men, gross ugly unattractive lesbos.

  • sandra-pich
    sandra pich

    Why not? Money talks. In a country that votes for an orange babboon who imported Chinese steel, stiffed American vendors and workers, hired illegal aliens in Florida, married a tourist visa carrier who worked here illegally, declared bankruptcy five times and of course is making his caps in China, but is voted for by “nationalist” voters LMAO we have a reboot that is a remake that is devoid of any merit, art, imagination, hope or acting/directing capability and yet makes millions of dollars.Enough Said.

  • avt-andil-gongaze
    avt andil gongaze

    Awful.darned.awful.Working on this film or appearing in it is the movie business equivalent of having McJob. It is low quality, bad for you, bottom of the barrel and you will regret it afterwards.When did it become fashionable for men to have the brains of an algae, for the women to be gross and severely unattractive and for us to pay to watch it all? At least this film proves that it is best to read reviews before watching films even if the film has an attractive pedigree. reboots, sequels, aaarrrghhh

  • vicente-almeida
    vicente almeida

    It is a bad idea to keep reboot everything under the sun. It is lame. Not as lame as people who go to the cinema to watch this nonsense, but lame nonetheless.It is also a bad film that is advertised as a comedy, but has no funny content. Even as a fantasy the ghosts look bored.

  • szabone-dr-toth-maria-aranka
    szabone dr toth maria aranka

    In the absence of fantasy and original ideas, the Hollywood producers get out of mothballs old stories and they serve us as new, using this time four women instead of four men. No-one from the four actresses is funny, only Kristen Wiig has just a little bit of something. Actually, I do not understand what this Melissa McCarthy is in the movies business, she has nothing specific, no beauty or talent. She’s as boring as it is annoying. After watching this, you’ll have to find a real movie to watch…

  • milica-kramberger
    milica kramberger

    The women are bright and sparkly and smart and oh so tolerant of the stupid ditzy husband/man/boyfriend.What a cliche.Shame on all concerned (especially the so-called man in this film).

  • aashaa-raamshrmaa
    aashaa raamshrmaa

    They want me to pay for their movies ($11) and also to drive there and park and spend time. They want me to buy styrofoam popcorn and chemical detergent orange juice. But they refuse to come up with anything new! So, why don’t you take the money I paid you for the original and reuse it for this one?? Oh, not a single laugh (I don’t mean gross out stupidity I mean actually funny scene) or a single pretty babe (yes I am a heterosexual man).Conclusion: I reject the studios and this film

  • constanca-faria
    constanca faria

    It is up to us to force feed them!Hollywood, stop your stupid reboots, remakes, sequels and prequels. We are sick of them. Enough gender switches and re-imaginings and… we know it is all an excuse for CASHING IN!this film sucked big blue balls, Hemsworth if a ho who will sign onto any dotted line and they are already making yet another Ghostbusters. SIGH

  • martim-machado
    martim machado

    And it is our fault.It is my fault.It is your fault.This gender switch Ghostbusters was unfunny, gross and mostly forced. The bigger picture is the lack of originality and freshness. Hollywood has normalized the endless remakes and reboots, a world where everything is a franchise, but it should not be. It is about new experiences and not the staleness of the familiar. This one was distinctly angry and put women into a position of adequateness when in fat body suits, but we the audiences need to demand better.

  • dr-renan-da-mata
    dr renan da mata

    When I heard that they were remaking the movie Ghostbusters with female cast members, I admit that I was actually looking forward to it, specially considering the four particular actresses they had chosen for the part. I understood that movie remakes are typically the greatest, but considering the fact that 3 out of the four cast members are currently or were once members of SNL, I had some hope. Unfortunately, Wigg’s comedic talent wasn’t able to shine with her boring character with a lack of personality, McKinnon’s character was just upright stupid and unrealistic, Jones’s character was just a black stereotype, and McCarthy’s role lacked character as well. Many of the jokes just fell flat (Steve Higgins small role and joke with the middle finger, the won tons, Kevin’s (aka. Chris Hemsworth’s) logo scene, the thing with the hair dye at the end, and so on). Also, the had many references to the original ghost busters throughout the film, and yet I suppose the setting takes place in a universe where the original squad had never existed, it’s like a slap to the face to the original cast. Sure they had Bill Murry and few other actors for the older version show up in a few small parts, but they play such tiny roles, and as different characters..And what’s the deal with remaking older movies with female actresses or poc as the main characters. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with Hollywood wanting a bit of diversity in their work, but they’re doing it all wrong. While this movie has good intentions when trying to cast female members, I guess either to have more representation for younger girls to look up to or show that women are equal to men or whatever, but when they try to do with a remake of a movie that was already amazing, it only makes matters worse. This movie will be forgotten within a few years from now, unlike the 1988 version, which most people had at least heard of reguardless of age before this one. On second thought, this movie isn’t trying to create diversity, they’re doing this for profit. They know that with the adults and their nostalgia these days, and with the younger now being obsessed with the classics due to them being conditioned to think that everything from their own generation sucks (which is clearly saying a lot about the older generation ironically, they’re the ones whom produce our movies, not us), they can get some quick and lazy bucks by bringing back a film that should’ve been left alone in the first place instead of thinking up of a new script and story (that of which could also have female and/or poc leading characters), because they know people are more drawn to things that they are familiar with (as was I obviously). Whatever, I’m so done with remakes. There are many movies out there in today’s time (yeah they exist) with original plot lines that are currently or were recently successful in the last year or so, so why watch a crappier version of a movie you’ve already seen before?

  • charles-espinoza
    charles espinoza

    Listen to me and believe what I say. This is the end. This is the doom of all remakes, reboots and sequels. Hollywood has gone too far. All this crap fest was missing was Adam Sandler looking stupid.

  • tereza-romanchuk
    tereza romanchuk

    Hollywood wants my money, Hollywood wants me to getd ressed, get in the car, drive to the theater and pay to watch its movies.Yet, Hollywood does not want to present anything new, anything exciting or fresh. I am at a loss. Is it like the old song ‘money for nothing’? Is that what Hollywood wants?Hollywood has reached peak remake/reboot/franchise/sequel.My prediction for who will direct the next Ghostbusters: Jar Jar Abrams.