Gay girls just want to have fun. Join bad girl Evan, blonde bombshell Bridget, party girl Ryan and their friends as they live and love as young lesbians living in a not so modern world.

Also Known As: Girl/Girl Scene, Girl/Girl Scene - The Movie

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  • lisa-franco
    lisa franco

    When people are reviewing this movie they have to understand that this is an indie film. It was well put together. That being said the reason I give this movie 9/10 is that my favourite character Trista (who I was really glad returned) appeared to be weak and broken which is a huge change from how she was portrayed in the tv series.

  • inga-karys
    inga karys

    As in the headline, the two from all three seasons (yes, there was a short season after Evan & Bender kissed at Season 2’s conclusion which expanded the story; you can see it thru the website) return with a new beautiful cast.The absence of the others is felt, as I feel the story would have worked better with more time knowing the characters which the first two seasons provided. L.E. Baron as “Dov” was the standout new actress, who (aside from the beginning) had good lines and gave a great performance. Amanda K. Morales as Bridgett managed to deliver some long lines quite well and in an engaging way.The story has some elements which did not quite land or did not get explored as much as they could have been. Evan’s work for her father’s political campaign seems like it could have proven interesting, especially touching on polarized 2019 politics, but there was no office time. I was not quite sure where the Evan being part ethnically Arab was going, but love triangle between Dov-Evan-Bridgette carried through. Trista’s storyline of divorce could have been explored some more.Nonetheless, it was nice to see the kind of entertainment which the Girl/Girl scene web series provided in the past. To be honest, it was more a 6/10, but I rated it higher after seeing the other three reviews and their complaints, because it deserves to average higher than 3.

  • kissne-balazs-erzsebet
    kissne balazs erzsebet

    I don’t know what to say about this other than I have been watching indi films lately and thought this would be the most enjoyable, but it is the worst indi film I have ever tried to watch. It has no plot, no sex scenes, only ugly and semi attractive girls kissing every other gay girl they meet, as soon as them meet.

  • daniel-vesely
    daniel vesely

    Seriously, I thought it was gonna be bad, as in funny bad, but it was cringeworthy bad, as in poor production, probably shot on an iphone.SKIP THIS!

  • jessica-jamieson
    jessica jamieson

    To the only other reviewer…how can you not love this film?! Your telling me that their joke about how you should learn to french kiss at 13 wasn’t hilarious? Haha….First review was absolutely correct. This movie wasn’t even worth a so bad its funny laugh. You can tell they are trying to be funny, but I can honestly say Ive never seen something this NOT funny. Its kind of hard to explain, but it’s about as funny as a CNN broadcast about foreign trade policy. Whoever wrote, fimed and funded this movie needs to get taken out back to go by the way of Old Yeller.I am not going to lie….I put this on with the expectation of it being so bad its funny. Also it seemed worth a watch because….lesbians. My life is complete because my dreams have been filled and then some! No nudity to speak of, it was horrendously unfunny, and had zero redeeming qualities.To sum up…the best way to picture this movie is soft core porn on late night Cinemax. Acting wise and story that is. It is much much more unfunny, a little worse as far as camera work, surprisingly the same music, no nudity, and about the same quality looks with actresses (albeit worse actresses than their Cinemax counterparts). So I probably owe Cinemax an apology. I always make fun of the story, acting and quality of a low budget soft core, but clearly they are far from the worst. Stay far away, and hope that the writer and director get their computer/camera taken away in shame!

  • troy-hall
    troy hall

    A lesbian film. An 80’s homage movie. For reasons that will likely never be known or understood (and probably involve an acid trip), someone decided to merge these two genres. And, in its own bizarre way, it works. Here’s my breakdown:The Look – Because it’s an homage to the eighties, the entire movie, especially the first scenes, look like they were shot on a VHS Camcorder. The lighting is interesting, with pinks and purples that are reminiscent of the decade. It takes a little getting used to, and I wonder if the film would have been better if they had shot it like any other movie. But it’s their creative decision and maybe I don’t especially like it, but I’ll give them credit for taking the risk.The Writing – At first I thought the jokes were horrible. Painfully bad. Then I began noticing references to Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and The Breakfast Club. Then I figured out that the humor was meant to be reminiscent of that era. From that point of view the jokes are good bad jokes, meaning they’re good at recreating teenage angst-y jokes that today would be very dated.The Story – Perhaps it’s a little too over dramatic and self indulgent for its own good, but maybe that’s the point. The characters are colorful and horribly flawed human beings, and it shows in the most awkward and endearing moments of the film. You may not understand their decisions or why they choose to bring so much drama down on themselves, but you’ll at least relate to it in one way or another.The Acting – The best acting performances come from Maya Jamner as Ryan and LE Barone as Dov. Ryan is a beautiful, quirky neurotic and is the funniest character. Dov (Dove?) has an interesting plotline that I can’t get into without giving too much away, but the acting is flawless.The Bad – It was very hard to hear the dialog at times. Closed captions are a must, especially for all the little jokes and quick asides. Some of the scenes could have been shorter, especially the ones with Bridget and Dov talking. Two hours is hefty and 20 minutes could have been cut out.Overall – I hate myself for how much I love this movie. I’ve watched it three times, and I suspect I’ll give in and watch it again. There are so many reasons not to like this. But I do. I love it. I’m sure many others will too.