A Sexy Grindhouse/Action/Comedy where a little brothel in Texas gets robbed by a gang of thieves. The ladies are not going to take this laying down and track down the thieves and take them out one by one in both sexual and violent ways.::Thegin German

Also Known As: Girls Guns and Blood

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  • tellervo-heikkila-korhonen
    tellervo heikkila korhonen

    Take a bunch of B-grade pornstars, have them act in a B-grade movie that attempts to be a slapstick comedy, revenge movie and grindhouse exploitation movie and you come up with this graded F film.Add in a bunch of near pointless scenes, and a god awful unintelegent twist for the ending that you’d have to be brain-dead to applaud, and you have this poor excuse for a bad film that you should not bother with, unless you just get off on seeing exposed breasts in non-pornographic films.It has pathetic acting, just as bad as the attempt at comedy. Extremly poor visual FX that ive seen better cgi by kids on their phones playing with video editing apps and the most unsatisfying ending to a film I’ve seen in a long time.Don’t bother.

  • ciro-esposito
    ciro esposito

    Was at the showing in LA and boy did the crowd love it. Girls Guns and Blood is presented as a action movie, which it has, but in reality it is a great comedy. The audience, including myself laughed out loud on numberous occasions. I do advise getting it and watching it. I bought it after the showing and watched it again. I caught more jokes and found it better the second time.

  • andela-papak
    andela papak

    This is actually a pretty funny movie. I gave it a 9 because for a low budget effort it was much better than I expected. The girls are defiantly hot. There is plenty of breasts, but there is better than expected action and comedy. If you are expecting soft core because of the actresses then you will be disappointed. If you are looking for a good time with plenty of hot girls, jokes and action then this is worth the watch.