This is the story of Doug, a fantastic fighter but not so fantastic businessman, who must save his beloved gym by training a gentle giant for a bare-knuckle fight.

Also Known As: Gloves Off

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  • umusan-eraslan-ertas
    umusan eraslan ertas

    Gloves Off is the perfect balance between drama and comedy with laughs all the way from start to finish. Brad Moore gives a sterling performance as Doug, supported by a great British cast. This is just great fun viewing. If you fancy a good night in, movie on the sofa, this is the film for you.

  • brent-morgan
    brent morgan

    Very well made, good music and very funny. Well done to all the crew. Happy to look for the next one coming. Thank you.Nathalie Riverside

  • iris-van-dagsburg-de-smit
    iris van dagsburg de smit

    Full of laughs and drama. A great story, great acting, great production. Don’t miss out on this one.

  • arild-rune-rasmussen
    arild rune rasmussen

    If you enjoy fight films and are tired of people trying to out-glamour each other, this is a good one to try. It’s consistently fun, and it’s intentionally loaded with classic fight-film stuff which, for those who realize it’s intentional and not a cop-out, gets increasingly funnier as each typical bit plays out. It’s not trying to reinvent anything or sell itself on a ludicrous amount of pretty faces, and the characters are a lot of fun to watch and I appreciate it hugely for these things. Anybody giving this film less than five stars is trying too hard to be critical.

  • marko-kasper
    marko kasper

    A movie like Gloves Off comes around once in a generation, if we’re lucky–Clean, witty, exceptionally funny, and at times off-beat, with raw realism and heart reminiscent of The Full Monty. Steve Nesbit elicits monumental performances from his cast. This is perhaps one of Paul Barber’s best and most complex. Newcomer Kab Silva rises effortlessly to the occasion, the bar set sky high by comedic genii Alexei Sayle and Alan Ford et al.,, to give an award-worthy comedic performance which leaves the audience wanting more. And the entire cast shines, each one seemingly brighter than the next.

  • mrs-megan-evans
    mrs megan evans

    I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed a British comedy the way I enjoyed Gloves Off. The story flowed, the laughs flowed and the poignant bits were just right for the tone of the film. Well done to all involved. More British comedies like this, please!

  • jesse-henric-van-den-nuwenhuse-stook
    jesse henric van den nuwenhuse stook

    Gloves Off is a very funny, extremely well cast and superbly acted drama, which has viewers on an emotional rollercoaster as it alternates seamlessly from touching hearts to hearty laughter. To say that the cast does a superb job speaks to the vision of casting director Shakyra Dowling who found relatively unknown comedic prodigies such as Kab Silva, Gary Cargill and Greg Orvis and combined them with familiar favourites such as Alan Ford, Ricky Tomlinson and Paul Barber Denise Van Outen and Adam Fogerty to create a fantastic ensemble. Cinematographer Kyle Heslop’s eye captures the otherwise minute details to paint a canvas with a broad range of themes and interconnecting backstories. But Auteur Steven Nesbit wins the grand prize as he outdoes himself–and specifically his tragically underrated feature North V. South. And one can only hope there will be sequels, prequels and/or TV series adaptations.

  • aaron-garcia
    aaron garcia

    Lazy filmmaking and acting. I think if me and my mates wanted to make a movie with our iPhones after 8 pints we could do a better job. This is my first ever review and I’m writing it because in the last 48 years I’ve never seen a film this bad. Embarrassing – Joseph

  • carla-klapp-schacht
    carla klapp schacht

    Rocky meets The Full Monty.This British comedy drama has some good character actors. Ricky Tomlinson, Paul Barber and Alexei Sayle. It is let down by a banal script that mistakes silliness for comedy.Doug (Brad Moore) plays a once promising boxer. Now he is managing a boxing gym which has debts that he cannot pay. Some fight club type posh boys are pressurising him especially as one of the old geezers in the boxing club knocked one of them out.One day Vera (Denise Van Outen) comes to his gym wanting Doug to train his son. When the money pressure gets too much for him, Vera who is a gypsy wants Doug to get her dim brother in shape for a £100,000 bare knuckle fight. This would enable Doug to pay off his debts but the brother has to win the contest and these types of fights get dirty very quickly.The film has too many broadly sketched caricatures. Posh boys who think they are hard, Irish, gypsies. It feels dated and lazy.

  • dr-erkan-zorlu
    dr erkan zorlu

    Meh very poor i somehow got through the whole film and i think i had a slight giggle twice , very predictable and a cheesy cheese fest …..!!!!!!!

  • valentina-alves
    valentina alves

    I think that there must be two films, with the same name and same cast?!?The cast are likeable enough – some real favourites – but the film is embarrassingly poor. We could imagine the silence at the first showing, post-production, with all cast and crew struggling to think of something positive to say to the director, whilst wondering what damage they’d just done to their careers.As for the review comparing this to Snatch – what have you you been drinking? I’d like to try a pint.The real mystery is that we watched it through – it was a really lazy, tired, Sunday night though…I felt sorry for the cast, who somehow managed to throw themselves into this rubbish whole-heartedly. Pleased for them that this amazingly won a BIFFA for the best feature film. Wonders will never cease.

  • antonia-miguel
    antonia miguel

    Big plus, I watched it all the way through knowing how it would end. The cast were great at their roles, the laughs weren’t actually that plentiful. It was like boys from the blackstuff meets Snatch. It’s nowhere near worth 10 but worth watching.