Jennifer Conrad is a small-town girl starting over in the big city. Fleeing an abusive relationship, all she wants is a chance to begin again. But it is hard to start over when something is eating you while you sleep . . . one painful bite at a time.

Also Known As: Квартира 212, Apartament 212, Apartment 212, Gnaw

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  • tina-boyce
    tina boyce

    This is definitely not your run of the mill creature horror flick……in fact you don’t even see the “creatures” until 1 hour 13 minutes into the movie! and the film is only 1 hour 38 minutes long so you need to be patient In saying that the acting is very good and it’s a solid film overall but I think this film can’t make up it’s mind if it wants to be a creature horror or a psychological journey in escaping domestic abuse seen through the eyes of Jennifer I liked it, but it won’t be for everyone’s taste

  • beatriz-sastre-noriega
    beatriz sastre noriega

    So stupid, no logic, I’d say it’s a funny movie rather than horror. Waste of ti.e

  • lorena-costela
    lorena costela

    A slow yet solid movie with good acting, nice production value and an excellent last act!

  • rein-puusepp
    rein puusepp

    This starts off slow, but has an entertaining end sequence. camera work is good and soundtrack matches the mood of the movie. But i would urge you to seek out the Trilogy of Terror starring Karen Black. made for TV in 1974 the end story almost mirrors this… abused woman, living alone, plagued by a evil doll. even the end sequence is copied.. Karen Black puts her evil doll in a normal oven and in this movie she uses a microwave.worth a watch but not amazing!!

  • maarit-riihimaki
    maarit riihimaki

    I had no idea what to expect from “Gnaw” (aka “Apartment 212”), aside from it being a horror movie. Which, incidentally, was also the sole reason for me picking the movie up and deciding to give it a view.While writers Jim Brennan, Haylar Garcia and Kathryn Gould did manage to put together an interesting enough story, then it should be said that this movie is rather slow paced at the helm of director Haylar Garcia, for better or worse. Sure, the movie was gradually setting up the atmosphere and introducing the characters, but it just took way, way too long in doing so, and the movie suffered from that, because nothing much happened throughout the first hour of the movie.With that being said, don’t get me wrong. Sure, it was somewhat of a drag and an ordeal to sit through the first hour with so little happening, but the last 30 minutes or so of the movie, well, see now that is where it got interesting and started to really pick up the pace. Just a shame it took an hour to get there. The last 30 minutes of the movie luckily managed to steer the sinking movie back on track and salvage it enough to pull it out of the generic and mundane highway, to the point where it actually was worthwhile watching.While I can’t claim to be overly familiar with Penelope Mitchell (playing Jennifer in “Gnaw”), then I must admit that she really handled the lead role quite well and lifted the movie quite nicely with her performance.”Gnaw” is frightfully devoid of scary things actually. While it spent an hour setting the atmosphere, there was hardly nothing spooky or scary about that whole hour – aside from how long it took director Haylar Garcia to do so. And while the last 30 minutes of the movie sure was a wakening up call for the movie, it hardly was laced with much of anything scary.I will say that the creature design in the movie was actually quite good, and I loved the way the creature looked. Just a shame that it had so little on-screen time. But the special effects and CGI team definitely also lifted up the movie quite a way with their efforts, getting the movie lifted out of the mediocre gutter.All in all, a slow-paced movie that eventually becomes worthwhile watching, but hardly a horror classic in any way. And this is really not the type of movie that you will watch more than once, because there just isn’t enough contents to the storyline to support multiple viewings.

  • ustinov-vadim-ignatevich
    ustinov vadim ignatevich

    I honestly don’t even know where to start with this. Good premise. Nothing super original, but good. The acting by every single actor is atrocious. The lead, Kyle Gass, the ex-husband, the landlord…all terrible. The script didn’t give them much to work with, however. Every trite thing you could possibly imagine being said, is said, and by people doing a terrible job. The final 30 mins I’d probably rate a 6 or 7, the first part I’d give a 3 to. There seriously wasn’t a single character that wasn’t played poorly. I just cannot stress it enough. If you don’t mind wasting a solid 50 mins of your life (for the first part of the film), watching piss-poor actors reading a terrible script, then this film should be okay if you’ve got a Wednesday evening to yourself. I was just so disappointed in the acting out a terribly written script. There are moments of suspense and stuff toward the end. The beginning is just a bore without many answers, acted poorly.

  • joonas-liimatainen
    joonas liimatainen

    My first clue should have been the very shoddy intro with the black and white freeze frame shots. Very very cheesy.

  • david-atkinson
    david atkinson

    I thought the plot sounded kinda unique and gave it a try. Im a big horror fan. I actually really liked this one. It wasn’t big on graphics, which was honestly a nice change for once cause ppl tend to overdo it sometimes these days with that aspect and it just comes across as too cheese if it’s not done well. but the creature is actually really well made. The filming was good, the acting was really good, especially for the roles they were playing. I’d honestly buy it to add to my collection. And I almost NEVER buy movies anymore

  • neyran-nurhayet-bilir
    neyran nurhayet bilir

    I’m used to really hardcore rated R horror movies with gore and all, and I know this movie is pretty tame. I actually enjoyed this movie, especially the ending. Enjoy the movie.

  • amber-zuijdveld-van-den-brink
    amber zuijdveld van den brink

    Straight away, you should know: this movie’s horror aspect only really comes in at the last 30 minutes or so of the film. This is a story about a woman who escapes her abusive ex, steals a demonic box from a shop, and finds herself waking up with sores and bite marks all over herself. Most of the plot comes from the drama and mystery, of what is doing this to her, what happened to her neighbor, and what her ex did to her to make her run away. If you enjoy storylines like that, you’ll have a good time watching. If all you want to see is the horror and the creature, it doesn’t come until the very end of the movie. It might be boring to some, but my interest was held. The payoff at the end was worth it. The creature was very well designed, and in my opinion, was actually kind of cute. The ending was very satisfying to me as well. It’s something you don’t see in many movies. Definitely worth a watch at least once.

  • emilie-chartier-du-bonnin
    emilie chartier du bonnin

    Opening Scenes Preview:Mixed with the opening credits, APARTMENT 212 opens with some blurry images of a woman walking in to what seems to be a small antique shop. She calls out a couple of times, but no one answers. Within moments, something catches her eye; an ornate box, perhaps half the size of a shoebox, with a strange looking little filigree winged figurine on its top.Convinced that no one is around, she indulges in a quick five-fingered discount and beats a hasty retreat out the door and away. The whole larceny takes less than a minute. To bad for her.With a slow zoom, we soon discover why it is that no one answered. In the store office, a dying man lies on his back on the floor, bleeding profusely from a number of small wounds, eyes wide open and staring, mouth agape and gasping his last.Through the remaining 70s-esque opening credits and music we see a pretty young woman driving a beat up car pulling a trailer loaded with her stuff; the young woman is apparently moving away to start a new life. And her new home is an apartment in a somewhat cheap-looking apartment complex. We watch as she moves in her few beat up belongings. She begins to meet her new neighbors. First there’s the abusive husband/beat up wife set and the chubby but friendly and genuinely kind and earnestly helpful maintenance man. We soon learn that our heroin’s name is Jennifer and the maintenance guy is Terry. Oh, and there’s Fuzzy, who is apparently the apartment complex nutcase/pothead.Terry introduces Jennifer to the apartment complex manager, Claudette. (Exactly how Jennifer managed to rent the apartment without ever having met the manager is a little unclear). There is nothing friendly about Claudette, which would seem to be a matter of principle for her.That night while still unpacking, Jennifer’s cell phone rings with a call from someone named Boyd. She doesn’t answer. Between the strained look on her face, the photo of Jennifer with a man on the cell phone, the apparent bruises on her arm, and the abusive voicemail she listens to after the phone stops ringing, we are given to understand that Jennifer herself has just left an abusive relationship. Now we know why she has moved here. And Jennifer has definitely moved on… Boyd gets deleted from her phone.We begin following Jennifer around as she tries to rebuild her life. She inherits a new pet turtle, she suffers through the vicissitudes of trying to land a new job, and so on.But apart from the stresses of her new life, there is something strange going on in the apartment next door. Every night there are very loud sounds of a sobbing woman echoing through the vents. Eventually, Jennifer has had more of it than she can take, and goes to knock on the door of her neighbor’s apartment to find out what’s going on, but just before she knocks, there’s the sound of a gunshot and bits and pieces of her neighbor’s head come flying through the exploding window that’s immediately next to the door upon which Jennifer was about to knock. The sobbing neighbor has committed suicide. Well, no more sobbing neighbor to worry about.Adding to her inconvenient, uncomfortable life, Jennifer must find somewhere else to stay for a bit while the suicide’s apartment is fumigated, which turns out to be a night of bad dreams as she sleeps in her car. Upon waking, she finds Terry, wearing an air filter mask, outside the complex throwing away the belongings of the dead woman. Before she leaves, Jennifer notices a little box with an ornate, winged figurine amongst the pile of general junk, and the next thing we see, Jennifer is placing it in her own apartment. After all, it was only going to be thrown away…The next morning, Jennifer awakens and looks out an open window. For the first time in the movie, Jennifer seems at least a little happy. Maybe things are turning around for her. As she begins to get dressed, she feels something on her back. She puts her hand behind her to see what it is and winces. There is some kind of quarter-sized wound on her back with an infected-looking pink margin around it. She doesn’t think much of it and goes on with her day.Jennifer doesn’t realize it, but this is the beginning of a nightmare that will make the one she left look like a holiday…Review:The first hour and 12 minutes of APARTMENT 212 could only be described as “glacial”. The reason for this is obvious: the movie has but a single punch line and it has to kill time until it can get around to the payoff at the end. About the only interesting, and sensible, thing that happens prior to the hour and 12 minute mark is when Jennifer finally gets around to visiting a doctor who informs her that the wounds, which at this point are literally all over her body, appear to show teeth marks.Also disappointingly, while APARTMENT 212 oozes along at a snail’s pace, it also relies on the irritating but apparently traditional idiocy of monster pictures throughout history: the primary protagonist does not act at all like an actual person WOULD act in similar circumstances in the real world. If you woke up every morning with new bloody wounds all over your body showing teeth marks, you would do something rather active about it, wouldn’t you? Set up a camera, drive 50 miles away and sleep in your car, or SOMETHING because clearly SOMETHING is eating you alive… just very gradually. I was very optimistic when Jennifer put up mosquito netting to frustrate whatever it was that was having at her, but when she wakes up with more wounds and discovers that the netting was got through by whatever it is, she just looks at it dully and goes about her business. Who would do that? As far as I’m concerned, forward plot progress by virtue of characters being too stoopid to live is an unmistakable hallmark of horrendous writing.Still in all, I would actually recommend this movie to anyone who likes monster pictures, even given all the bad things I’ve said (and more). I suggest you think of the first hour and 12 minutes as sort of an investment for the last, oh, 15 minutes or so. This is because those last 15 minutes are really quite good. There is a little bit of blurry camera work which is a special-effects copout, but the monster is very well done when we finally get to see it, very convincing, exhibits a terrifying cockroach-like dynamic, and has a nice design. Conceptually, the final battle scene is similar to the African fetish doll battle out of TV’s TRILOGY OF TERROR from 1975 with Karen Black, but this rendition has much better special-effects of course and has a happy ending.The acting was also good for an iffy monster movie. The bald pudding cup of a maintenance man was actually very convincing. He might be the best actor in the movie. I’d like to see him in a better role.I gave the movie a 6 for the quality of the workmanship, the suspense and terror of those final scenes. I took off a lot of points for all the dog paddling. If the entire picture had had the quality and impact of those last scenes it would’ve been a 9 or 10 for monster movie lovers.

  • maksimiljan-pavlic
    maksimiljan pavlic

    The Plot. Jennifer Conrad is a small-town girl starting over in the big city. Fleeing an abusive relationship, all she wants is a chance to begin again. But it is hard to start over when something is eating you while you sleep . . . one painful bite at a time.Wow. This is yet another one of those seemingly endless Gravitas releases that are currently flooding the market. Cheaply made and poorly written. This one struck my interest because formerly hot Sally Kirkland is in it. Well guess what? If you were not specifically looking for her you’d never know it was she! She doesn’t even resemble herself any more. Wow that was sad. Former hotties like Edy Williams still have a glimmer of hot but not Sally. It literally looks like a different person.Any way this movie is absurdly slow and has been done better in other movies becore.

  • biserka-milicic
    biserka milicic

    I was hopeful but wasn’t expecting much by this little creature feature. There are a few movies out there which are kinda along the same line (Bug, Bite & Itsy Bitsy is coming out soon too)but this is one is fairly original and I like it. It reminds me a bit of the famous Trilogy of Terror Episode with Karen Black written by Richard Matheson which all serious horror enthusiasts should be familiar with. without any spoilers, it’s about a woman who after recently moving into a new apartment suffers some increasingly worse mysterious bites on her body while she sleeps. The movie has decent production and chose wisely when to spend money on effects where they needed them. A big named actress, budget and a little script tinkering could have made this an 8 or 9 in my opinion. There isn’t much here that you don’t see coming by the end but it was enjoyable and entertaining. If the above sounds interesting to you, you’ll probably like it. It scratched my horror itch, if you’ll pardon my pun.

  • delia-suciu
    delia suciu

    Horror films truly suck in the 21st century, and It makes me wonder how even straight to dvd films are being produced. I watched this crap yesterday, and I knew it was going to be a stupid, but I said, what the hell, and gave it a go. Let me just say that I have not gone to a movie theater in years to purchase tickets, for the simple reason of not wanting to pay for failure anymore, and this film among-st others, have not failed to prove me wrong. This movie was silly and made no sense whatsoever, especially the part when she goes on an interview with sores all over her body and covered none of the up, after being referred by a friend. Who the hell does that? But you cover sores when you go see your ex? This is how inexperienced writers write stories. Do I recommend? Hell no, but if you have a afternoon to burn, go for it. Other than that. Don’t waste your time.

  • nato-chiglaze
    nato chiglaze

    Acting was really good across the board, the young actress in this was amazing. The direction was well paced, characters were believable, sets, if U can call them that, were realistic.The ending went the way i thought it would, but it was still an excellent addition to the genre.If U like suspense and plot build up in your horror movies minus buckets of blood (but still some ‘icky’ is in the movie), with very good acting for most of the characters, U will enjoy this

  • dr-kovacs-jozsefne
    dr kovacs jozsefne

    I wanted to give 5 stars, but due to the tedious editing, I decided to give it 4 stars.What is the definition of a slow movie? Too much filler? Then Yes, this is a slow movie, however I wouldn’t say this is a slow paced movie. It’s just it could be condenced quite a bit; it seems as if too many scenes were lengthened to make this movie a full feature. Maybe the director’s intention was to build tension, but the audience doesn’t want to see the same scene repeatedly. For example, when the heroine sneaked into the neighbor’s apartment, so many similar shots are inserted till she finally finds the creepy thing on the walls. Even then, the director included a few cuts of different walls which look basically the same. When she is being attacked by the creature, she gets knocked out, wakes up, gets attacked, and then knocked out all over again. Those scenes are supposed to be the climax, but the editing makes the movie dull.Another thing is that it takes wayyy too long for the heroine to go to see a doctor. A decent parson who has a job interview in the near future wouldn’t overlook this kind of situation; it’s a life threatening kind! The other reviewer mentioned about her lack of common sense in the interview. I totally agree with him. She doesn’t even make an attempt to cover up her issues and then she puts makeup on and shows up in a pretty good condition at her ex’s house. That scene blew my mind. So if she tries, she can hide bloody scars very well? What!? That’s just too sloppy a story line even for a B movie.Although I have criticized this movie so far, there were some worth mentioning good parts. The apartment super was a nice relief and I liked his acting. I also liked the creature design. It reminds me of ’80s horror creatures which were created not by CG, but by the special technicians with their hands. And it was kinda cute, too. The fighting with the creature was a bit redundant, but pretty good in the end. I really liked that some small details of the heroine were used effectively in those scenes. I have my own personal taste towards a strong female lead thus I was quite happy when the heroine finally showed her guts. Some people may see it as if stupid, but this is not a movie to take it seriously. If you watch this movie on DVD or some sort which you can fast forward, give it a try especially your liking is a creature movie. Keep your remote handy 😉 but don’t miss the extra scene after the credits as well.

  • terry-diaz
    terry diaz

    I think this movie is waisting time…you´ll wait near end for some action..,and the german speakers were outstanding bad….

  • iudin-ignatii-feofanovich
    iudin ignatii feofanovich

    As soon as the movie starts, with a chick in a car nodding on real bad music, you get the feeling this is going to be a B-movie. But I’ve seen good B-movies before so why not giving it a shot. The first half of the movie there is some mystery and the story is entertaining enough to watch even though there is not much ‘horror’ going on for a horror movie. Penelope Mitchell is doing okay as the main character, as well as Kyle Gass playing the handyman. The acting is all okay aspecially for a B-movie. And that it is a B-movie became all clear at the end, the so-called horror part. They obviously didn’t have the budget to create a decent monster. It’s more laughable than anything else. I guess to watch once it’s just about okay. Don’t have too high hopes.

  • thomas-green
    thomas green

    For a low budget film shot in basically one location this has more dynamic special effects than you usually find in such fare. The cast is attractive and likeable and the lead actress delivers a meaty performance.The only negative is lazy scripting, particularly in the first half. The writers and director didn’t try very hard to map out the logic of the main character’s actions which made for some head-scratching viewing.For example, after blowing a job interview the leading lady “fortuitously” bumps into an old high school friend right outside the building, leading to a second chance at a job, But despite being tortured by large mysterious lesions and with three weeks to the next job interview, she doesn’t bother to see a doctor until after her disturbing appearance blows the second interview, nor does she make any effort to cover the lesions with make-up (which again she does after the interview) or opaque stockings. She shows up looking like a diseased junkie.It does get better. The ending is predictable but satisfying enough. Despite its flaws, the crisp direction and fresh special effects make for a fun little creature feature.

  • eba-suat-gulen
    eba suat gulen

    “Apartment 212” is a pretty good horror story, as a young woman definitely moved into the wrong apt.. After a neighbor upstairs cries night and day, and keeps her awake, and then blows her brains out, she all at once starts breaking out in sores all over her body. She had shop lifted a mysterious box from a shop and took it home, and it ends up causing her some severe trouble. It’s nothing special, but I liked the characters, and the story has been done many times. I would recommend it, just for fun, because it was well done and pretty entertaining. 3/5

  • wilson-vasco-martins
    wilson vasco martins

    When I sat down to watch this film, I clearly knew I’m doing it out of boredom and having nothing better to watch. So I was expecting to see something very silly just for the fun of it. But I was very nicely surprised that this film turned out to be decent! True, it is quite cliché but the story is coherent and develops nicely, it doesn’t get too slow or boring even if at a point it reaches the verge of it. But then we get this (to me at least) cute little creature and everything and it balances very nicely.For those that may be looking for a heavy mystery OR slasher-kind of traditional gore.. well, it won’t be your thing. But for those looking to kill some time while having their curiousity maintained, entertained and are open-minded to some humor, as well as not being judgemental or expecting wow-s, it’s a pretty good movie. Compared to the majority of the stereotype of “stupid teenagers running around while being chased by a monster or villain” Apartment 212 is a real jewel, it has none of that. In fact, you’ll find some quality presentation and interesting elements. The characters are relatable and likeable, it’s pretty simple really, and has an unexpectedly catchy atmosphere. After I watched it, I really want to see something similar but I’m actually having difficulties finding something with equal quality – which to me means it managed to more or less impress me somehow and is better than most of the rest of cliché choices. I’d say it’s a good and enjoyable watch! If you have time you don’t know what to do with, give it a chance.

  • mirthe-honing-tirie
    mirthe honing tirie

    Was expecting this to be terrible but this wasn’t half bad. The special effects aren’t the worst & the main actress is pretty good. Amusing approach to horror. Stick around at the end of the credits because you see extra bits.

  • liudmila-golik
    liudmila golik

    It’s a bit slow at times, but still held our attention throughout the film. I read a review that criticized the actresses “hotness.” I don’t think it would be possible for any actress to keep her “hotness” in this role. Also, enjoyed the role of Terry the handyman. Good ending.

  • juraj-ljubic
    juraj ljubic

    I’m a sucker for creature movies, and I enjoyed the creature in this movie. The special effects were sometimes quite adequate and other times a little silly (usually while stationary). The film itself never fully commits to being a horror movie, but I still found it enjoyable enough. The story was solid, more so than most of these kinds of movies.The acting was solid. The characters were solid. The logic defying stupidity that plagues characters in horror movies was fairly light. The creature was a cross between the pixies from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and the creatures from Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, and I loved it. Should you see it? I have a wall of horror films, and if I were to buy this on DVD and add it to my collection the overall quality of my collection would increase slightly. If you like creature movies, then I’d say give it a try.

  • pothete-siolou
    pothete siolou

    Acting was good across the board. Story was fine, but moved pretty slow – not much happens in the first hour. Could have used more comedy, tone was all over the place. If Gremlins only had a single gremlin and it didn’t show up until the last act of the movie, it would be this. I liked the ending. Can’t say it was scary at all, but it was a serviceable Creature Feature that is worth a watch.