The story of James Whale, the Director of Frankenstein (1931) and Bride of Frankenstein (1935), in the time period following the Korean War. Whale was homosexual, and develops a friendship with his gardener, an ex-Marine.

Also Known As: Богове и чудовища, Ni dieux ni démons, Боги та монстри, The Father of Frankenstein, Theoi kai daimones, Gods and Monsters, Theoi kai terata, Dievai ir monstrai, Боги и монстры, Demoni e dei, Deuses e Monstros, Elim Oo'Miflatzot, Dioses y monstruos, Bogowie i potwory, Bogovi i čudovišta, Érzelmek tengerében, Frankensteinin isä

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