In exchange for his little brother’s life, the reformed car thief, Randall “Memphis” Raines, has to do the impossible: in less than three days, he has to steal not one, but fifty exotic supercars for the ruthless crime lord, Ray Calitri. To stand a chance of pulling off this intricate and time-sensitive grand theft auto, once more, Memphis has to rely on his old gang–his knowledgeable mentor, Otto; the old friends, Sphinx and Donny; his reluctant ex-girlfriend, Sway, and a band of tech-savvy young thieves–however, the police are already onto them. Now, fast Lamborghinis, precious Ferraris, luxurious Porsches, and Eleanor–a rare Ford Shelby Mustang GT500–are just some of the cars in Raines’ long list. Can Memphis execute the perfect car heist?

Also Known As: Да изчезнеш за 60 секунди, 60 Segundos, Partis en 60 secondes, Dispari în 60 de secunde, Σε 60 δευτερόλεπτα, Samo se 60 sekund, Puhallettu 60 sekunnissa, 60 secondes chrono, Se 60 defterolepta, Викрасти за 60 секунд, Gone in Sixty Seconds, 60 saniye, Nur noch 60 Sekunden, Nestao za šezdeset sekundi, 60 sekund Czech, Tolvajtempó, Kadunud 60 sekundiga, Угнать за 60 секунд, Nestali za šezdeset sekundi, Fuori in 60 secondi, 60 sekúnd, 60 sekunder, 60 segundos, 60 sekund, Gone in 60 Seconds, Dingti per 60 sekundžiu

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  • aaron

    Pls upload Gone In 60 Seconds (2000). Nicholas Cage 1

  • aaron

    Pls Reupload Gone In 60 Seconds (2000).

  • aaron

    A lot of thies comments here are on Gone In 60 Seconds 2000 but this is the 1974 version and if you find the 1974 version here which it is here that’s the 1974 version as well. So sorry to break it to you all but until sum1 actually puts the correct movie up here y’all are stuck watchin Gone In 60 Seconds 1974. It would be nice if ppl put the correct movies up on this site.

  • cheryl-huynh
    cheryl huynh

    What a flat movie. My friends and I rented this crap and had a ball trashing it all the way through. Not since Armageddon or ConAir have I seen this much posturing towards homophobic male machismo and testosterone. One can only assume that the writer and director were targeting 15 year-old redneck boys with this one because every line, every emotion displayed, every plot twist was comic-bookish, sophmoric and portrayed in the way that a high school boy would think it should be portrayed. The writing was hands down the worst of all the movies elements. We’re supposed to feel empathy towards the lead character played by Nicholas Cage because his brother was targeted with a death threat by some low-life foreign crime boss whose main beef was that he couldn’t let his criminal reputation be spoiled by the young brother’s botched car heist. Who gives a crap. Wow, that guy was peeved. I, the movie audience member sure hope his seedy reputation is kept in tact! Why did Nicholas Cage and Robert Duvall say yes to this movie script? Just reading it alone had to signal NO PLOT to these decent actors. One can only assume they were taken over by the same 15-year old boy mentality when they found out that the sexy Angelina Jolie would be on the set looking like a mechanic’s dream. Uninspired acting, awful plot, predictable twists (the SUV with the “snake” liscense plate – didn’t see that one comin’) all added up to zilch. My interest in any and all characters was gone in 60 seconds.

  • petra-polakova
    petra polakova

    I’ll tell ya guys, it’s way better than anything Ricky Gervais has ever produced. I mean dang, what about when Nic Cage is all “Don’t kill my brother,” and the bad guy is all “Get these cars or I’ll kill your brother.” Filmmaking at it’s finest right there. Director Dominic Sena really puts the pedal to the floor (LOL). I especially enjoy the Enlightenment era symbolism. It’s crazy to think that Giovanni Ribisis’ character echoes a young John Locke, while Angelina Jolie’s character “Sway” ,in a very progressive role I must say, portrays Rene Descartes fresh, witty idiosyncrasies. As I sit here pondering whether or not NASCAR was truly inspired by the events that take place in this film, I find myself wondering, could Delroy Lindo be any more scrumtrillescent.

  • siv-goransson
    siv goransson

    Most of this movie, it seems, revolves around scenes in a garage where the lead actors tell the audience what they’re going to do. The actual doing is then reduced to quick, almost montage-like scenes of the cars being stolen.The film is essentially a car chase (at the end) padded out with lots of mostly unimportant dialogue and scenes (the rest of the movie). As an example, the pace of the movie grinds to a halt when, having found the keys for three Mercedes cars they need, the dog swallows them. There’s then an entirely unfunny set of scenes involving ex-lax and waiting for the dog to crap out the keys. All the while you keep hoping the movie will continue but it doesn’t until the dog poops up the keys.The film is saved only by the final car chase, which rivals anything the Matrix series has provided, and which has the only half-way decent cinematic portrayal of what a compressed gas cylinder will do if the valve snaps off. Also a saving grace is Vinnie Jones – awful actor, but you can’t help but like him anyway. His few scenes are worth looking out for.And that’s about it for Gi60S. Mostly dull with a few spots of brightness and a good car chase at the end.

  • lovre-pesa
    lovre pesa

    I have mixed feelings about this movie. I do prefer movies that are a little more… intelligent per say, but I still feel Gone in Sixty Seconds is quite underrated. Actually, my biggest complaint is that the movie was too short. There was simply too much story and way to many characters to fit into the movie’s time frame.The basic story is about a car thief, (Cage) who has achieved legendary status and then retired. His younger brother, trying to be like his brother, falls into car boosting too, but soon gets in too deep and ends up on the hit-list of a ruthless crime lord after he messes up a very important job. Now, the only way to save his brother’s life is for Cage to come out of retirement and finish the job: Strealing fifty high profile cars in one night. Together with many other top thieves, they set out to do the impossible.While the cast is truly star studded, with big names such as Nicholas Cage, Angelina Jolie and Rober Duvall, most of the acting and characters aren’t that sympathetic. The movie simply has too many characters to really get deeply into any of them. Delroy Lindo does a fairly engaging job as the old arch-nemesis of the protagonist, and Cage is good as usual, but the rest of the cast is nothing special, except perhaps for the mysterious coroner who never talks, Sphynx.But, the movie is still worth watching for the suspenseful action and the truly incredible chase scene at the end. Is there anything more beautiful then that Shelby Mustang GT, nicknamed Eleanor, roaring down the streets of Los Angoles? There are many other exotic cars in this movie too, from a very unique Hummer to a Lambourgini Diablo.Don’t go into this movie expecting a deep and involving, dramatic story. While it does attempt at this, it doesn’t necessarily succeed. But the action is suspenseful and although a tad unrealistic at times, it is a great kick to watch. This movie is better then the average action movie. A true classic for the car chase genre.My rating: **1/2 out of **** Other recommendations: Bourne Supremacy, The Italian Job (1969), Smokey and the Bandit

  • ermanis-zvaigzne
    ermanis zvaigzne

    If you like cars, if you like being on the thieves’ sides, if you like Angelina Jolie, or if you just like being entertained, check this movie out. one of my favorites. Nick Cage is the retiree coming back to help out someone, but he needs his old team if he wants any chance of pulling off this very risky deal. the only problem is, most of them have worked hard to turn a new leaf, and some weren’t quite happy with how he had up and left years before. not only that he has to deal with old rivals and the many competitors who aren’t happy to have this car thief legend back in town. and i said all that without as many car references. awesome.

  • sarah-porter
    sarah porter

    I should have known. What was I thinking? I knew Cagey was in it yet I still went ahead and saw it. Admittedly, I was hoping to see some nice cars in the flick, but even the cars were few and far between. This movie was a very strong representation of Hollywood Trash. It made you laugh, it made you cry, but as per usual it was for all the wrong reasons.

  • bradley-jensen
    bradley jensen

    I admit that `Gone In 60 Seconds’ is no `Gone With The Wind’, but it does have some admiring qualities. This action-packed bubble-gum summer smash is about a former car thief who joins up with his old `stealers’ team in order to do some quick car-jacking so his brother’s life could be spared. Yes! It does include some of the idiotic theme plots that destroys action films: boring kidnappings, repetitious slogans, and lengthy chase scenes. These qualities should have been put on reverse in the editing room. However, what drove me crazy about the film is the chemistry or should i say gaseous substance between stars Nicolas Cage and Angelina Jolie. My eyes were tailgated on screen whenever they shared scenes together. `Gone In 60 seconds’ is no autobahn, but it is definitely worth the ride.*** Average

  • daniel-nilsson
    daniel nilsson

    Nick Cage is Randall Raines, a retired car thief who is forced out of retirement when he’s forced to save his the life of his brother Kip (Giovanni Ribisi) when he screws up on a job, by completing his brothers job of stealing 50 cars in one night. He has to get together his old crew that he can trust to help him pull it off and get his bro out of dutch. But the cops are onto him, so can he pull it off? This was one of the great candidates of a film to re-make as the Original was far from a classic. And if you don’t go into it expecting much, and turn the thinking portion of your brain off so you can ignore the plot hole ans just take the movie for what it is. You’ll end up enjoying the ride. Watch it on a double-bill with “The Fast and the Furious” for a night of high-speed hijinks, just don’t take the car out for a spin right afterwards.My Grade: B- DVD Extras: 7 minute Jerry Bruckheimer Interview; Bruckheimer Bio/Filmography; Action Overload: Highlight Reel; The Big Chase; “0 To 60” featurette; “Wild Rides” featurette; Stars On The Move; The Cult “Painted On The Heart” music video; Theatrical Trailer, and Trailers for “Shanghai Noon”, “Mission to Mars” and “Coyote Ugly”

  • joshua-cunningham
    joshua cunningham

    Gone in Sixty Seconds came on TV the other night and proved me right in avoiding it in theaters back in the day. Nicolas Cage offers his standard performance, Angelina Jolie gives a lesson in “wooden acting”, while the rest of the crew duly follows.There is nothing essentially new or wrong in this movie. It introduces us to a world of small time crooks, car thieves and semi-competent police officers. Since the story revolves around cars, you might even enjoy it if you’re into cars yourself.I’m always impressed how such mess of a movie gets funding and then even earns money at the box office.

  • andres-rios
    andres rios

    I just got through watching “Gone in Sixty Seconds” and I have to say I really enjoyed it! You know, for what could probably be best described as an action movie, “Gone in Sixty Seconds” actually features some well-developed characters, a refreshing change of pace from what we’re used to seeing in films of this genre. Simply put, when watching this movie you feel for the characters, are genuinely concerned for their well-being and root for them to succeed. The movie just works! I think Nicolas Cage does a great job in this movie. What’s kind of weird, though, is how my feelings for Nic Cage change depending on what movie I watch him in. Sometimes I think he’s a genius (in roles like “Matchstick Men” and “Adaptation”) and sometimes I think he’s a hack (in roles like “Drive Angry” and “The Wicker Man”).Overall, I think the most exciting part of this movie is the big chase at the end, as I’m sure it was intended to be — that’s why they saved it for the finale. That being said, though, I also think the whole movie leading up to that is good, too. You wouldn’t be so into the ending if you weren’t interested in the circumstances that brought it about.I would definitely recommend checking this movie out, it’s just a lot of fun.

  • panas-ivasiuk
    panas ivasiuk

    Movies about cops and robbers are a classic theme of cinema. The organized crime, in turn, is an undesirable reality. This film is excellent when trying to portray the methodical way in which these thieves act, even from a pure and unpretentious fiction film, which doesn’t want to be an artwork but merely entertain its audience and give us good action moments. Pursuits that look like street racing, shootings, almost-ruthless bandits, resolute policemen and a good guy trying to help his troubled brother. Oh, and Angelina Jolie playing a character who takes advantage of her physical attributes.The script, of H. B. Halicki and Scott Rosenberg, has nothing extraordinary except the huge amount of cars to steal. But the script falls into an error of many theft films by making the thief a true hero. Memphis Raines (Nicolas Cage) is a retired thief who is forced to steal to save his brother. He acknowledges that is wrong and tries to prevent his brother from stealing but, if we exclude this ideas, the rest of the film is like a “glorification” of car theft. At this point, the script needed to have been amended. I think this film could be more interesting with some more profound psychological conflicts surrounding that, and that troubled familiar relationship. Our society is quite degraded today, why not explore the conflict “good vs. evil” in another way, instead of making the street villains the good guys? The film has two very good things. First, it has a star cast led by Nicolas Cage, Angelina Jolie, Robert Duvall, Giovanni Ribisi, Christopher Eccleston, among others honorable names. A cast too good for this kind of movie. Maybe the film would gain if the director and the writers had been more demanding with the actors, pushing them to their best and allow them to explore the full potential of each character, but this did not happened. For example, Jolie’s character simply does not make any honor to her talent. Its just body. Second, the action scenes. Some of these are classical, but are always well, and the visual and sound effect make them even better.

  • ivan-arellano-carrera
    ivan arellano carrera

    Memphis Raines used to be a car thief, the best in the business, but now he has retired and living a quiet life. All that ends when his younger brother, Kip, agrees to steal a number of cars for a dangerous gangster and fails to deliver. If Memphis is to save Kip’s life he will have to fulfil the contract and steal fifty prestige cars in seventy two hours. In that time he will have to get his old crew back together, locate all of the cars in the Los Angeles Area and plan how to take each one. The cops know he is back in town and as soon as the first car is reported stolen he knows the heat will be on… so he decides they will steal them all in on night!If you want a film with lots of cars and plenty of action that isn’t part of the ever expanding ‘Fast and Furious’ franchise then you could do a lot worse than this. There is a large cast, which includes quite a few familiar faces, but it is Nick Cage who dominates proceedings to such an extent that I found myself wanting to see a bit more of the other characters. He does a fine job as Memphis Raines. The first half of the film is an effective set up followed by the obligatory ‘getting the band back together’ as Memphis reassembles his old crew. The action then kicks off as they start stealing the cars. Some of these amusing, others exciting. This all leads to an impressively over the top chase as he tries to deliver the final car before the deadline. Overall this is a pretty solid film; it might not be the best of its type but if you are a fan of the genre it is well worth watching.

  • caleb-williams
    caleb williams

    gone in 60 sec. where do i began, it keeps you in the movie with some good action and some cool cars. people say its not a good movie i disagree sure it has some cheesy parts but what action movie doesn’t. i gave it an 8 out of 10 cause of the action and the comic relief if you like the Rock or Face Off than this movie is right up your alley cage dose a good job along with one of the most under rated actors in my mind Del-Roy Lindo. i think sometimes people look to far into movies some times you need to sit back enjoy the movie and after words ask yourself did they achieve what they where showing. meaning if they where going for action was it action pact. if they where trying to make a movie to change how movies are made and trying to win every award out their well did they? i think they made the action movie they set out to make, give it a chance and you wont be sorry.

  • gorbachev-martyn-vilorovich
    gorbachev martyn vilorovich

    To make it short and not to spoil everything this film is about Kip (Giovanni Ribsi), a car thief, who messes up a big delivery of stolen cars (50 in total). He is then threatened to be killed by the man who gave him the ‘order’. The objective now is to get 50 cars stolen in 3 days, with the help of Randall (Nicolas Cage), a ‘retired’ booster and also Kip’s brother and a couple of old friends of Randall’s. As you can see this is the same old, big bro’ needs to get lil’ bro’ out of trouble routine and of course Randall is the best thief there ever was. Of course as in all other movies there are also a few setbacks and surprises you never would have thought of, but at times it is predictable too, so there is nothing fancy about the story. You are by now probably wondering why this is about 51 times the HOT STUFF, since there are only 50 beautiful, fast, cool and expensive cars to be stolen. Well the other hot item in this film is Sway (Angelina Jolie (who will be a big STAR (trust me))). She is not only very convincing in the role as a car theft, but she is pretty hot too. OK not hot as in pretty, but hot as in damn cool and sexy. She was very believable in this role, probably because she is some kind of a wild woman in real life too (don’t believe me, read her biography) and for the sexy part well just see for yourself man. I only know, that she plays the kind of girl I like in this film, because she is not too mainstream, a bit alternative look and she even comes with a tattoo. OK the only downsides I felt while watching this movie was, that there is not very much action, there is one totally unrealistic scene, the story is only OK and that there are not much jokes. Hey but after seeing the whole film I must say: WHO CARES. Why must I say that, well because it was still entertaining; had a couple of cool car chases; good music; some Bruckheimer scenes (where the combination of music and the lines of actors make your eyes go wet); good actors who all did their jobs; pretty cars; one cool, wild, sexy lady (yes, I mean Mrs. Jolie) and last but not least very nice and cool tools to boost the cars with. So some downsides here but still a pretty good and entertaining movie. All in all the best way to describe this film is that it is an overall OK movie with a cool – feelgood ending. As for Nicolas Cage, well… He is actually one of my most favourite actors in the action genre nowadays after such good films as The Rock, Con Air, Face / Off, Snake Eyes and finally this one. Plus what actor has had so many good action / thriller’s in the last years and such successful ones ? Well no one!!! Maybe Jackie Chan, but he is one of my favourites too. One thing that is true though about Mr. Cages Bruckheimer films is that they keep getting worse. The Rock, was a clear 9, Con air was a nice 8 and this well this clearly is a 7. Not that that mark is bad. Does it not show that his films under Bruckheimer keep getting worse and that maybe Cage has to think longer before he accepts a role in a movie and probably he should make a few less movies ? No it doesn’t show us that, because almost all of Cage’s films were successful in the last few years, except for 8mm and Bringing out the Dead. 8mm was not great, I admit that, but that was never Cage’s fault and the story seemed good to me. About the latter film I can not say anything, ‘cause I have not seen it yet. One thing though I know for sure, if Bruckheimer would have asked me for those three films, I would have said YES to all of them. I would have said yes to The Rock, because the story was great and because you would get to play with Sean Connery and Ed Harris. I would have said yes to Con Air, because there would be a lot of action in it, because the story was good and because you got to act with John Malkovich and Ving Rhames. In this one I would have starred because I would have gotten a big paycheque, I would have been able to ride some cool and fast cars and because I would have been able to kiss Angelina Jolie (can’t wait to see her in that Lara Croft outfit). This one was a good choice of Mr. Cage and it certainly was worth a look at in the theatre. 7 out of 10

  • pedro-baptista
    pedro baptista

    GONE IN 60 SECONDS was one of the most fun experiences I’ve had at the theater in the last couple of years. Though a little too long and not really full of action until the final twenty minutes, it moves well and has a good cast: Nicolas Cage, Will Patton, Robert Duvall, Giovanni Ribisi, Delroy Lindo, Christopher Eccleston, and others. Angelina Jolie is the only weak point. She’s in desperate need of a talented hairstylist, and while she’s hardly a good actress, she really doesn’t do much in the film when you look at it, which is a good thing. But the film has style and a good pace, with some great theft scenes, well-spotted humor, and a final chase that (while not among the greatest ever filmed) is certainly a wild ride. GONE IN 60 SECONDS isn’t a great film, but it sure as hell is fun.

  • duaa-srlaa
    duaa srlaa

    gone in 60 seconds is a very good action comedy film that made over $100 million but got blasted by most critics. I personally thought this was a great film. The story was believable and has probobly the greatest cast ever for this type of movie including 3 academy award winners nicolas cage, robert duvall and the very hot anjolina jolie. other than the lame stunt at the end this is a perfect blend of action comedy and drama. my score is **** (out of ****)

  • silvia-briones-nebot
    silvia briones nebot

    This is one of those films I liked quite a bit the first time, but didn’t think that much of it on the second viewing. I guess enough of it was just good for one look. Maybe it was the immature attitude that prevailed throughout the film that wore thin. But I am not going to knock the movie: it’s entertaining and definitely worth a look if you have not seen it.If you like cars and chase scenes. t’s worth multiple looks. In fact, the car chase scene at the end is one of the best you’ll ever see. Nice soundtrack in here, too, and a pretty good cast with Nicholas Cage leading the way.The bad news? Well, here’s yet another case of Hollywood making “bad guys” into heroes. We’re supposed to root for people that steal cars? Hello??!!

  • yassin-mercks-postma
    yassin mercks postma

    What’s in a name? If the name is Jerry Bruckheimer expect it to be filled with action.In producer Bruckheimer’s latest film, Gone in 60 Seconds, its all about the nomenclature. With character monikers like Kip, Sway and The Sphinx and cars idealized with names like Diane, Sue and the elusive Eleanor, it’s only the non-stop action that keeps you from wanting to just play the name game.Not a deep script by any means, but it is a great vehicle for action as Nicolas Cage as Memphis Raines, along with Angelina Jolie and Robert Duvall, comes out of car-thievery retirement to save his brother’s life by stealing a list of 50 exotic cars in one night. A remake of the 1974 cult hit, this film may not be destined for the same cult status but it is entertaining.Surprisingly, it’s the action that keeps you watching not the acting. Although loaded with stars, none of them have standout performances, including a very weak performance by one of my favorite up and comers, Giovanni Ribisi. Even Jolie, coming off her recent Oscar win, is just a token love interest with hardly any screen time.Can a series of beautiful cars and the car chases they become involved in make a great film? I think so. The film is a pleasure to look at and although one particular scene takes you into the realm of unbelieveablity, the action is non-stop and the suspense is compelling. Just be wary of other drivers fighting for a pole position as you leave the theatre.3 1/2 out of 5

  • floor-scuylenborchs
    floor scuylenborchs

    As much as I like big epic pictures – I’ll spare you the namedropping – it’s great to kick back with a few beers and a simple action flick sometimes. Films where the plot takes a backseat to the set-pieces. Films where the dialogue isn’t so cleverly written that it ties itself in endless knots of purple prose. There are HUNDREDS of films that fit the bill… but in my opinion Gone In Sixty Seconds is one of the better ones.It’s an update of the movie that shares its name. It also shares that picture’s ethos, but not quite it’s execution. Whatever was great about the original has been streamlined. Whatever was streamlined was also amped up thanks to a bigger budget. Often these kinds of endeavours are recipes for complete disaster – see the pug-ugly remake of The Italian Job for one that blew it – but here, thanks to a cast of mostly excellent actors, Sixty succeeds.The plot and much of the dialogue isn’t much to write IMDb about. Often you’ll have scenes where the same line of dialogue goes back and forth between the actors, each of whom will voice it with different inflections. A lot of people found this annoying; I find it raises a smile. Each actor gets a chance to show off his or her definition of style here, with Cage, Jolie and Duvall leading the pack of course (and it should be noted that it’s also amusing to see Mrs Pitt not given first billing here). The chemistry between good ol’ Saint Nick the stalwart (see date of review) and Angelina leads to a couple of nice moments.The villain is not even a little scary – I’ve seen Chris Eccleston play tough-guy roles before so I know he can handle them, but I think he was deliberately directed to make his role inconsequential as not to distract from the action. We know the heroes are going to succeed, somehow; we’re just sitting in the car with them, enjoying the ride. I think a lot of these scenes were played with tongue so far in-cheek that it went over the heads of a lot of people giving this a poor rating. In fact, I wouldn’t have minded some fourth-wall breaking winks at the camera: it’s just that kind of movie.All this style and not so much substance – something that often exhausts my patience if not executed *just* so – would be worthless if the action wasn’t there. And for the most part, it is. Wonderfully so. I’ve noticed that it seems to be a common trend to be using fast-cut extreme close-up shots to direct action these days. I personally find this kind of thing exhausting. I prefer movies like this where the stunts are impressive enough to not need artificial tension ramping by raping tight shots all the time. I’ve been told that Cage actually did as many of the car stunts as he could get away with without losing his insurance (in real life I mean – his character clearly doesn’t care) and it shows. The man can really move a vehicle and this is put to good use in the slow-burning climatic finale where he drives a Mustang into the ground in the most outlandish – and FUN – way possible.So yes, this movie isn’t an “epic, life-affirming post-9/11 picture with obligatory social commentary” effort. The pacing is uneven, some of the scenes could have been cut and not all the actors tow the line. But car movies rarely come better than this. So if you hate cars… why are you even reading these comments?!I’d take it over the numerous iterations of “The Flaccid And The Tedious” (guess the franchise) any day. 7/10

  • celia-luisa-valdivia-galindo
    celia luisa valdivia galindo

    Also, poor Nicholas Cage, I knew him well… Once upon a time (possibly in Las Vegas) he was a Box Office heavyweight. Now… well, you can probably pick up one of his latest films from those buckets you find of DVDs for £2.99 in petrol stations. However, before his decent into depressingly-bad cinema, he made some pretty fun films. Yes, he’s won an Oscar in his time for his deep and meaningful acting, but you won’t find any of that here. Just fun.Nicholas Cage plays (basically) Nicholas Cage – only a Nicholas Cage who used to steal expensive cars, only to retire. However, his loose cannon of a brother steals (or doesn’t steal – I forget – it doesn’t matter!) for (or from) the wrong mobster in L.A. meaning Nicholas Cage the now not-so retired car thief must steal a load of flash motors in one night or his brother ends up in the car crusher (literally!).If you like fast cars driving even faster (and, judging by the ‘Fast and the Furious’ franchise a lot of people do) then this one is basically for you. It’s an action film and it’s pretty much by the numbers, but, when it’s such fun, who cares? Everyone cranks their performances up to eleven and it all comes across as one of those adorable eighties and nineties ‘over-the-top’ action flicks (yes, I know it was made it in 2000, but it sure feels like a nineties movie) with a real cartoony vibe to it. You have Christopher Ecleston plays the ‘evil Brit villain’ much like any other evil Brit villains you’ve seen in cinema. Vinnie Jones and Angelina Jolie are on hand to show their faces, but feel a little underused for what they could have been.Ultimately, it’s all on Nicholas Cage’s manic shoulders and he does the film proud. It’s loud, dumb and it’s basically one long car crash that you’ll probably be unable to tear your eyes away from.

  • konstantinova-akulina-eldarovna
    konstantinova akulina eldarovna

    I feel that many of those who have reviewed “Gone in Sixty Seconds” have essentially missed the point of the movie. This is only peripherally a movie about car thieves. At its heart, this film is about cars. Many reviewers have criticized the film’s characterizations and character development. Let’s check the credits… uh huh, yeah, executive producer, Jerry Bruckheimer. I think it’s a little unrealistic to walk into a Jerry Bruckheimer film and expect “Citizen Kane.” That said, I thought the characters were certainly adequate. The villain was suitably unhinged and nefarious, and I thought Nic Cage did a great job as Memphis Raines. He is one of my favorite action stars; unlike Arnie, Sly, or Jackie, he can actually act, and this adds a whole new dimension to his characters that none of the other big action stars have. The closest comparison I can come up with is to the epitome of cool himself, Steve McQueen. The supporting cast was solid. Giovanni Ribisi, Robert Duvall and Angelina Jolie are all capable of far more than they are given here; all three of them could sleepwalk through their roles, but they do a solid job with what they’re given. Angelina Jolie’s character Sway was essentially throwaway eye candy; I would like to have seen the Memphis-Sway story developed further and made an actual part of the movie or scrapped altogether. Mirror Man is a wonderful character, and Scott Caan, one of my favorite young actors from his performances in “Boiler Room” and “Varsity Blues,” did a good job in his all-too-brief role as Tumbler.Enough with the characters, let’s move on to the real stars, the cars. Many reviewers seem to have been disappointed with the car chases, faulting them for failing to turn sufficient numbers of exotic cars into flaming, cartwheeling wreckage. I say, HALLELUJAH!!!! The cars Memphis’s gang steals are not just transportation. These cars (especially the ’67 Mustang “Eleanor,” the ’70 Hemi ‘Cuda, the ’70 Plymouth Roadrunner Superbird and that flamethrowing Merc,) are breathtaking, agonizingly beautiful. They are truly works of art on wheels. Would viewers have been up in arms if filmmakers had destroyed a Van Gogh on film for sheer dramatic effect? Hell yeah. That’s how gearheads feel when watching priceless, historic automobiles meet ugly ends simply because a movie studio can afford to trash them to make a profit. That said, I was glad to see “Gone” avoid the destruction of any truly cool cars, other than Eleanor, and gearheads will be pleased to note that the Eleanor crushed in the junkyard was a junk ’67, stripped of all useful parts and given a good paint job. While on the subject of Eleanor, many reviewers have said that it was a replica ’67 Shelby, and was a bad replica. Well, yes, technically it was meant to be a ’67 Shelby. A tricked-out, customized, [email protected]$$ Shelby. It’s not a bad replica, it’s a spectacular custom. No, no Shelbys left the plant looking like Eleanor. If only they had. Aftermarket lighting, ground effects, hood, wheels, nitrous, roll cage… the list of modifications that have been clearly made to the car goes on and on, and the end result is one of the most beautiful cars the world has ever seen. The chase with Eleanor was very well done, except for that horribly fake-looking jump (honestly, with 90 mil to blow, couldn’t you make that look better?) and the activation of nitrous at 7000 RPMs (I know all car guys got a laugh out of that.)In the final assessment, this was a fun movie. If you want character development, get “Citizen Kane.” If you want to see scads of cars trashed for no reason whatsoever, get the original “GI60S” or “Ronin” (home of the most overrated car chases in movie history.) If you want to see true-to-life, absolutely realistic car chase action, watch Steve McQueen’s green ’68 Mustang GT390 duke it out with the black Charger R/T in “Bullitt,” or better yet, switch on NASCAR Winston Cup racing next Sunday. If you want to have a good time, enjoy a movie, watch some cool cars and some sweet driving, get “Gone in Sixty Seconds.”Postscript- if you liked this, you definitely need to check out the James Bond film, “Diamonds Are Forever,” home of another amazing Ford Mustang chase sequence.

  • lieke-sire
    lieke sire

    This movie doesn’t tell you any new truth or treat your refined taste with amazing characters. It is just an old-fashioned chase movie of the good and the bad guys. The circumstances and the grand theft of 50 cars over one night is of course out of this world but it doesn’t matter because Nicolas Cage and Angelina Jolie charm us out of it. After watching hundreds of car chase movies in my lifetime I didn’t think yet another one would lighten my eyebrow. I was wrong. The smart and humorous execution of the car and car/helicopter chases was a great fun to watch; a good honest adrenalin booster. Perhaps I am little generous but I give it 8/10 for all the fun.

  • gina-zamora
    gina zamora

    GONE IN 60 SECONDS / (2000) *** (out of four) “Gone in 60 Seconds” is an energetic, slick, stylish action picture with high octane star power and lots of awesome looking automobiles. If you are a viewer interested in cars this production, by producer Jerry Bruckheimer (“Con Air,” “The Rock”), is worth seeing just to feast your eyes on the glossy vehicles. Although the film secretes a stench of weakness in many areas, its precise sense of action and excitement make it a moderately successful summer thrill ride. The film stars Giovanni Ribisi (“The Mod Squad”) as a young crook named Kip Raines, who, as the movie opens, fails to deliver a long list of expensive cars to the powerful criminal Raymond Calitri (Christopher Eccleston). When Kip’s life is threatened because of such, his older brother, Randall “Memphis” Raines (Nicolas Cage), a retired but skillful car thief, is called upon to complete a task in exchange for his brother’s survival: steel fifty cars-specified by model, color, year, and make-in only four days. Memphis disburses the first three days recruiting a team of bandits to help him pull off the heist. The crew includes Sara “Sway” Wayland (Angelina Jolie), a sexy yet gruff retired car swindler knowing Memphis through previous business, a fellow named Mirror Man (T.J. Cross), the aging and wise Otto Halliwell (Robert DuVall), as well as Tumbler (Scott Caan), Atley Jackson (Will Patton), Toby (William Lee Scott), and Donny Astricky (Chi McBrde). Contributing to the film’s drive and tension is a subplot involving two police detectives, Roland Castlebeck (Delroy Lindo) and Drycoff (Timothy Olyphant), who suspect from previous experience that Memphis and his crew are up to no good and keep an extra close eye on them.There is not much time for character development here; the audience gets to know these people though their rugged lifestyles and assume tough personalities through the films hard core, stylish atmosphere. To make matters even worse for the film, the dialogue fails to define the characters with a gritty cultural tone. I am not stating I think profanity and vulgarism is necessary for thrillers to flourish; I actually honor the director’s decision to sustain from extreme foul language in a movie that could have very effortlessly earned an R-rating. However, I do believe in a movie such as “Gone in 60 Seconds,” to strongly develop the character’s enlightenment, dialogue needs to be believable and authentic. In spite of problems, the characters are effective due to the top notch, perfectly cast performers responsible. Nicolas Cage’s melodramatic performance is intense and convincing. Angelina Jolie’s sleazy appearance is completely appropriate here. Delroy Lindo is deliciously sturdy and believable. Giovanni Ribisi, Scott Caan, Robert Duvall, Will Patton, and Christopher Eccleston provide persuasive supporting roles. The film contains standard structure, with a satisfactory first act that elaborates on the story’s style and the character’s motives, sets up a fast-paced theme of action, but lacks depth and strong character introduction. In the second act we run into a few more problems: the story wastes time during much of this segment, never really building up for the third act. While the middle of the movie occupies much time, and a sex scene provides a solid mid-plot, not a whole lot happens. The third act is pretty much a sheer adrenaline rush containing furious wall-to-wall excitement and one of the most intense car chase sequences ever filmed. The soundtrack to “Gone in 60 Seconds” contributes a great deal to the inspirational action scenes. It is scenes like the car chases that makes this movie work in spite of several destructive faults. Dominic Sena, whose career has mostly consisted of directing commercials, has an appealing style and a decisive attitude in “Gone in 60 Seconds” which will grant audiences with two hours of commotion, thrills, and excitement…but not much more.

  • james-horn
    james horn

    This movie has taken a lot of stick. It was slated by critics when it came out and was blamed for wrecking Nicolas Cage’s career. The thing I don’t think people get is that it’s not meant to be an epic, Oscar contender of a movie, it’s just some brilliant “Bruck-buster” action at its best. Fast cars, quick editing and a great soundtrack – it does exactly what it says on the tin. Also, for anyone who likes cars its a pure treat. It has everything: Ferraris, Mercs, a Hummer and lets not forget Eleanor! I think you’d be hard pushed to find a better action movie, and personally, a better movie at all!! Then again maybe that’s just me!