Three 6th grade boys ditch school and embark on an epic journey while carrying accidentally stolen drugs, being hunted by teenage girls, and trying to make their way home in time for a long-awaited party.::Universal Pictures

Also Known As: Dobri dečki, Jó srácok, Grzeczni chłopcy, Uslu Çocuklar, Bons Meninos, Labie zeni, Tudo Bons Meninos, Nhung Cau Trai Ngoan, Les bons garçons, Хорошие ребята, Good Boys, Хорошi хлопцi, Chicos buenos, Момчета за пример, Geri berniukai, Yeladim Tovim, Dobri momci, Good Boys - Quei cattivi ragazzi

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  • yeet

    Great movie

  • giacinta-galli
    giacinta galli

    Great movie. Recommend to anyone with a great sense of humor.

  • andre-du-bodin
    andre du bodin

    Who thought of putting children in a sex comedy a good idea? I watched Superbad and let me tell you that that title did it justice! I felt physically sick when I watched it. This movie is a disgrace and the children are way too young to be in a movie with sexual storylines. This is an R rated movie for adults watching children drop the F bomb and being sexualised. Does anyone see the hypocrisy in all this? This is NOT comedy or even cinema. It caters the very worst in our society. I can take a funny joke and I can even laugh at few smutty X-rated scenes in a movie. But, when they use children who are barely out of puberty who participate in constant vulgar humour and squalid language then it’s not worth watching. After the first five minutes the obscenity gets really stale and sickening. I give it a 1 because I can’t give it less.

    • not-a-boomer
      Not a boomer

      OK BOOMER!

  • henriks-lapsa
    henriks lapsa

    Not funny. The actors are to young. If you have to use this age in this way to create a laugh, your lacking more than creativity. You can yell out, oh lighten up all you want, that in itself is a problem. All this lightening up is pushing the youth away from having a childhood, pressure to be more & choose more than their still developing minds are ready for.

    • boomer-hunter
      Boomer hunter

      Ok boomer

  • gennadii-bandurka
    gennadii bandurka

    And we wonder why kids today act the way they do. Why does Hollywood like to push vulgar Toxic movies on to our kids? Instead of promoting values,morals, and teachable lessons Hollywood and Seth Rogan push vulgarity. If I knew Seth Rogan was behind this trash I would have given those free tickets they were handling out to the dumpster. Hollywood is pure filth and the children of satan who run it.Another disappointed More Review from a WOC.

  • aksenova-regina-iulevna
    aksenova regina iulevna

    I am not even going into stupid content of this garbage, but I am wondering if Child Protective Services should be involved and the kids , whose parents allowed them to play the roles with horrific dialogue, should lose the parental rights. As to Hollywood in general, it has become complete disgrace to cinematography

    • i-hate-karens
      I hate Karens

      Shut up soccer mom Karen

  • wayne-lloyd
    wayne lloyd

    Good Boys movie tells the story of 3 corrupt 13 year old boys who watch porn in secrecy and swear like whores!. I did not find comedy in offensive bad language and no plot at all . The only useful thing about this movie is that it will sure corrupt your children and your teen boys and girls.

  • catherine-moore
    catherine moore

    I didn’t laugh once. This movie is really bad, really cliche, and beyond stupid. Falls flat on every “joke” and is so slapstick. Please, take me out to dinner before you screw me.

  • artan-cetin
    artan cetin

    Shame on Universal Pictures for producing this trashy film. Shame on director Gene Stupinitsky for thinking this piece of garbage was worthy of putting on film. Shame on Lee Eisenberg for writing such filth. Shame on the young actors’ parents for allowing their children to perform in such a disgusting movie.The entire movie makes these young actors say and do disgraceful, disgusting, illegal, immoral, and unsafe things for the amusement of adults. This is one of those movies that is worthy of walking out of because it is so offensive. Let me just save you some time and money but encouraging you to skip this awful movie. Don’t just skip it but protest against it. We wonder why the world is going down the toilet and then we allow this kind of garbage to entertain us?HORRIBLE MOVIE

  • pani-janina-rebis
    pani janina rebis

    There is a charming, funny, and well-made film underneath all the garbage on display here.Then some Hollywood executive thought he had to make it street smart so insisted they add the F word in every scene (IES), that at least one of the kids screech at the top of his voice IES, that there is a sexual reference IES, that the 11-year old boys act like they are on drugs IES, etc., etc.I walked out after 35 minutes (how did I last that long?), 10 minutes after someone else.Afterwards I wondered whether the writers had been high on cocaine when they wrote it, it has that hyper, tunnel-vision, totally sef-involved ambience. I’m sure they would have put the kids on drugs like old Hollywood if they could have gotten away with it.P.S. I’m really angry with newspaper reviewers for not giving me any clue about what this film is like.

  • sara-barreto
    sara barreto

    This is absolutely a no-brains movie that relies on foul language, sex and drugs to try very hard to be funny. I couldn´t give it a 0 unfortunately. I am not giving this movie a low rating because they use kids on it (swearing every 2 minutes) but that is a new low. Do not believe the good reviews, avoid this movie at all costs and save money and time.

  • samuel-da-rosa
    samuel da rosa

    I don’t understand the bad reviews for this film given who the creators were. I mean, come on! You should know what you’re getting yourself into here. If you found those other movies funny, 100% go and see this. And the people giving it a one star for just the trailer, without even seeing it, shouldn’t even be allowed to rate!It’s been awhile since I’ve laughed pretty much through an entire movie like this one. I am willing to bet those bad reviewers haven’t even seen the other movies from these guys, because Sausage Party had worse scenes than this. But it all is the same type of humor. I loved it. My friend loved it. We’re both chicks and were laughing throughout the whole thing.When an entire theater is completely full (no seats left), all laughing and clapping throughout the whole thing, those bad reviewers are the minority.

  • cesar-jose-antonio-garate-salas
    cesar jose antonio garate salas

    I can’t believe the parents of these children let them be in a movie like this. Honestly. *face palm*

  • stauroula-taphrale
    stauroula taphrale

    Terrible, not funny and sad movie. Disgusting language .

  • ioannis-heinz
    ioannis heinz

    It’s important to note this movie is very very inappropriate and not for everyone! I loved almost everything about it on top of having a rough time in my life this really uplifted my spirits no matter what anyone thinks it’s definitely worth a chance. I loved the rebellious humor, soundtrack made me smile, the cast was great, and believe it or not there is some well written dialogue.

  • kalina-dreszer
    kalina dreszer

    Superbad was original and funny,good boys is unoriginal and not funny (at all!!),I cant understand the 10/10 reviews . Avoid

  • b-szilagyi-karoly
    b szilagyi karoly

    If you have enjoyed superbad, Harold and Kumar, pineapple express type of movies, then you will love good boys. They should have named the movie as superbad: highschool or superbad:-1 minus one. I was stressed out at work today and watching this certainly helped me to relax

  • mohamed-noriega-llanos
    mohamed noriega llanos

    “Good Boys is sporadically funny, but it quickly falls apart due to lazy writing, wonky plotting and repetitive gags… 3/10″Good Boys is a hard-R comedy directed by Gene Stupnitsky (Bad Teacher, Year One) and produced by Seth Rogen and company, responsible for films such as Superbad and Sausage Party. The film revolves around three 6th grade kids who are invited to a “kissing party”. Since they have no idea what they’re getting into, the three boys try to do some research and “practice” before the party. This quickly leads to trouble, and each attempt to fix things only digs them into a deeper whole. While the 3 leads have some decent chemistry, there’s little they can do to support the thin material they’re given to work with. Good Boys is sporadically funny, but it falls apart due to lazy writing, wonky plotting and repetitive gags.Warning: Spoilers Ahead!From the opening scene of the film, things seem off. The dialogue is bizarre and forced, especially from Max’s father. He comes into Max’s room and says he’s proud of him for learning to “sexually himself”. Yes, this really happens.In the first act, we get to know Max, Lucas, and Thor. While all three young actors do a solid job with the material, it can’t save the thin characterization or repetitive jokes. There’s a gag early on where Max brings out his dad’s “CPR” doll to practice kissing on, but it’s actually a sex doll. Not much later, Thor brings out “weapons” from his parent’s closet, but they turn out to actually be sex toys.Many of the jokes follow this same copy-paste formula: The kids are presented with subject matter/objects that they misinterpret or misunderstand. The audience is more aware than the kids in most situations, so you could drop them into basically any scenario and the jokes practically write themselves. The film coasts along relying on the innocence and ignorance of kids as it’s template for cheap punchlines, and it quickly grows tiresome despite an occasionally chuckle-worthy line.Good Boys reaches for an overarching tone of sentimentality and innocence, tossing in various topics that are common in coming-of-age stories, but they don’t amount to much. The film touches on heavy concepts such as divorce, bullying, and self-acceptance, but these concepts are never fully realized or explored. The emotional beats feel unearned and underwritten.There’s a sequence towards the middle where Lucas gets in a slapstick bike wreck and dislocates his shoulder. Afraid to go the hospital, Max and Thor decide to take matters into their own hands. There’s multiple shots where Lucas’s shoulder is clearly visible, and you can see that someone forgot to reattach the prosthetic prop-arm in between shots. Max and Thor decide to pull on Lucas’s arm to fix it as he cries out in pain. As soon as his arm pops back into place, things go back to normal immediately, and Lucas sits upright and says “my parents are getting divorced”. The scene changes from slapstick humor to childhood drama in a split second. This sequence is especially sloppy in its execution, with an abrupt, awkward tonal shift.Comedy has different appeals for everyone, so you may get more out of this movie than me. That said, it’s practically indefensible as being a great film. It plays things too safe, doesn’t have enough ideas, and none of the emotional beats ring true. There are some funny moments sprinkled throughout (the action sequence involving a paintball gun is extremely entertaining) but mostly, you’ve seen all of this before in better films. If you haven’t, it’d be much more worth your time to seek them out instead of sitting through Good Boys in your local theater.3/10

  • anthony-phillips
    anthony phillips

    Loved this movie. The movie stayed true to most 12 year old boys every where. My 17 year old cursed like that with his friends at 11/12 when he thought we couldn’t hear. I laughed out loud throughout this movie. Go see it!

  • basileios-paskhales-kalarguros
    basileios paskhales kalarguros

    I don’t review movies often. But when I do, it’s for a very good reason. This movie was all in the trailer. That’s it. Terrible movie. Bad writing, bad acting, bad directing. They don’t make movies like they did in the 80’s about school high jinks and actual storylines. Avoid this movie at all cost, you’ll thank me.

  • pocius-vilte
    pocius vilte

    The production team worked harder to give it reviews on IMDb than they did to make the movie! I googled “Can I get a refund on my movie tickets” in the first 20 minutes. Had no story line, rushed scenes, I mean…it literally felt like it was produced/written by a middle schooler. Awful acting. Awful plot. Waste of money.

  • brad-curtis
    brad curtis

    This movie is so bad The acting was bad, the story wasn’t entertaining, the “jokes” were all clichés and the plot was insanely predictable.Honestly, the movie didn’t even make me smile in it’s torturous 90 mins. I do not understand how anyone could find this an OK movie let alone a great movie…I’d strongly recommend anyone not to waste their time by seeing this movie.

  • oksana-efimenko
    oksana efimenko

    This movie was awful and painfully unfunny. It’s as if Seth Rogan and the writers thought that letting kids drop 300 F-bombs was comedy. Go rewatch Sixteen Candles, Goonies, Weird Science or even Superbad to see how these movies should be done.

  • dra-leticia-jesus
    dra leticia jesus

    You can’t go into this movie taking it seriously cause it doesn’t take itself seriously. It’s 90 minutes of dumb fun and that’s it.

  • juan-antonio-alfredo-lillo-conesa
    juan antonio alfredo lillo conesa

    I was laughing from beginning to end!! Don’t listen to the uptight naysayers. If you failed to watch the trailer and went to this movie expecting something other than a raunchy inappropriate film you’re foolish! The naivety of the actors is what truly made the movie comical; so why bash the creators for using young actors to deliver?!? Relax, watch the movie for what it is, and fall out of your chair laughing!!

  • jose-angel-olmo-soria
    jose angel olmo soria

    There are some people on here complaining about the crude language and jokes, but honestly, what were you expecting? Some Politically Correct, dull and boring fluff piece? You’re in the wrong movie.I haven’t seen a movie that made me laugh this much since We’re the Miller’s. There were very few times where I wasn’t laughing in this movie, and yes the jokes and humor were crude, but who cares? Can we not use crude and rude humor anymore without people getting offended anymore?If you live as such a sensitive person, you should just stay inside with bare walls and only your thoughts, because if you live like that, then you may as well not watch anything because it might offend you. Stop being so sensitive everybody and calm the frick down.