follows FBI Special Agent Ana Gray as she hunts for a kidnapper. As Ana develops a rapport with the kidnapper’s latest victim, the suspect suddenly changes his pattern. Now Ana must race to find him before he strikes again.::Anonymous

Also Known As: Buenos días, asesino, Nunca me olvidarás, Vergiss mich nicht!, La trappola dell'innocenza, Good Morning, Killer, Le visage d'un prédateur

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  • laura-fischer
    laura fischer

    James Jordan is exceptional as a very sick man. There is however nothing else exceptional about this movie. The writing is poor; at least this movie version. There is nothing special about the story.Much of the drama is from the FBI agents not getting along. We need stories of people cooperating with each other and working as a team. Part of the story seems to be about the FBI agents working things out, but there seems to be too much emphasis on the disagreements. I think the disagreement was used to create drama.I suspect that the original story, the book, placed more emphasis on the cooperation and resolution of difficulties. It is typical of movie versions of books that the more healthy interpersonal interaction is sacrificed to increase drama, and that is likely what happened here.

  • mathias-einar-nguyen
    mathias einar nguyen

    Of the recent mystery movies showing each Tuesday on TNT, “Good Morning, Killer” is so far the best. Catherine Bell stars as Ana Grey, an FBi officer who is investigating the case of a young woman who appears to have been kidnapped — she’s called her parents in distress, and then the connection is broken. Soon Ana and her team have put together the profile of a serial rapist who rapes and tortures his victims, and then lets them go with the words, “You won’t forget me.” However, one of his victims dies. They need to stop him before he strikes again.The story is based on a novel by April Smith, which is part of a series. Therefore, we are left to wonder at the end about Ana’s relationship with her boyfriend, played by Cole Hauser. Also, maybe I missed it, but the disappearance of the homeless man was unresolved. And obviously Ana’s grandfather (William Devane) features more prominently in other books. It was great to see Devane again, but he didn’t have much to do.Catherine Bell, of Army Wives and JAG, does a good job and makes an attractive, strong heroine. Of the rest of the cast, James Jordan as Ray Brennan had a juicy role and made a great impression. You’ll recognize several actors, including Titus Welliver from The Good Wife as well as some young newcomers.On the whole, this series on TNT seems to be getting better.