With her widower father currently living it up in Paris with a young, new girlfriend, Lilian (Van Patten) has been placed into the care of family friends over in Brooklyn, New York. Under the roof of famed author, Julia Price (Mortimer), Lilian has no real motivation to live any other lifestyle than that of her hermit housemate. To impress her ex-boyfriend, and the other cynics around her, Lilian suddenly decides to make a documentary on Julia – albeit, an unauthorized one – with the help of some new people in her life.

Also Known As: Good Posture

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  • ahti-heikkila
    ahti heikkila

    Mortimer’s Julia and Grace Van Patten’s Lilian are at daggers drawn the second they set eyes on each other, an antipathy that only heightens once Julia insists that her houseguest should start earning her keep. Gradually, though, their frosty relationship, largely conducted through notes penned in Lilian’s private diary, begins to thaw, a softening that happens in tandem with Lilian’s own stumbling towards maturity. Written and directed by Mortimer’s friend and Doll & Em collaborator, Dolly Wells, Good Posture is a slight but affecting yarn that cleverly makes you root for outwardly unsympathetic antagonists. Along the way it amusingly punctures the publishing world’s precocity, Lilian’s self-serving decision to make a documentary about Mortimer’s “Miss Havisham” prompting hilariously po-faced contributions from Martin Amis and Zadie Smith, as well as a downright dotty one from a dancing Jonathan Ames. The insularity and selfabsorption of the drama’s upscale milieu won’t be for everyone. Yet those who give it a chance might be surprised how touched they are by a film that’s both a love letter to New York and a spry salute to sisterhood.

  • brett-villa
    brett villa

    A quirky enjoyable film that is centred around Lillian (Grace Van Patten) whose character finds herself in a situation with some interesting we played characters especially John Early plays a really wacky film producer called (Sol sometimes) and Timm Sharp a dog walker.There are some great scenes like where Lillian first meets Emily Mortimer who isn’t actually in the film visually very much and the ends up getting stoned with her husband and the interactions with Lillian ex really captured some early adult phase scenarios.The length of the film is also well measured from the scope of the story. Nice One

  • steven-pugh
    steven pugh

    A girl in the transition of her life versus women who had achieved her acclaims. The movie Good posture surely made my weekend. Good movie, must watch.

  • nikol-blazkova
    nikol blazkova

    A film so far up its own arse that it uses the uvula as a disco ball. I have no idea as how this even got funded, what is there to like? The laughable Great Expectations reference, seriously, has the writer ever read the novel? The critics will tell you how the characters are crafted and cooly delivered to the screen etc, twaddle, there is no middle to the film and you couldn’t give a toss about the two lead characters. The usual boohoo, nothing new, arty film where everyone concerned pats their own backs.

  • johnny-gibson
    johnny gibson

    Quirky and strange one can say, free and ravishing to others.to me , the grumpy old man and his grumpy better half, do both feel we sit leftwith an empty shell of a story experience, with loads of vocalali, uncareingness, adolescent adults and a writers cramp..its like drinking tea on the titanic at 12000 feet below waters edge, accompanieged by a self illuminating deep sea sculpin, dangling its fluorescent bait back and forth, to lure you into the belly of silver screen fun and entertainment, but what you get are just a blurry gulch of blood and gall stories of a punch and judy way of life, where the seriousness does kill the magic, and the narcisissm kills the fun.acting, are very free but not a good way to tell the sad story.score, some nuttyish feature songs on string instruments sung by a striving female hanging upside down with her gutters pressing againt her vocal chords, may be something for youbut not for me ,im still grumpy, and the max sum of 4 stars goes to some of the shoots at the new york streetlevel. just a small recommend