The painter Goya becomes involved with the Spanish Inquisition when his muse, Ines, is arrested by the church for heresy. Her father, Thomas, comes to him hoping that his connection with Brother Lorenzo, whom he is painting, can secure the release of his daughter.

Also Known As: Goijas rēgi, Ta fantasmata tou Goya, Les fantômes de Goya, Goyas Geister, L'ultimo inquisitore, Goyini duhovi, Τα φαντάσματα του Γκόγια, 宮廷画家ゴヤは見た, Sombras de Goya, Goyovy prízraky Czech, Os Fantasmas de Goya, Goya's Ghosts, 哥雅畫作下的女孩, Goja, Goya'nın Hayaletleri, Goyas gjenferd, Goyove prízraky, Duchy Goi, Goya y la inquisición, Gojine utvare, Призраците на Гоя, Привиди Ґойї, Los fantasmas de Goya, Goyeve prikazni, Goyan aaveet, Goya kísértetei, Призраки Гойи, Goya et ses fantômes

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