Gerard Depardieu plays a sleazy Paris nightclub owner and ex-detective who flies to Hong Kong to rescue the young son of a friend murdered by the Chinese mob. He leaves the boy in the hands of an earnest priest (Christian Clavier), who escorts him back to Paris. Soon Clavier and Depardieu are fighting it out, each shadowed by his good or evil guardian angel.

Also Known As: Между ангелом и бесом, Koruyucu melekler, Soldi proibiti, Les anges gardiens, Dos locos en Hong Kong, Anioł stróż, Ángeles guardianes, Skyddsänglarna, Guardian Angels, Los ángeles guardianes, Fylakes angeloi, Die Schutzengel, 俺たちは天使だ, Suojelusenkelit, De beschermengelen, Ангели-хранители, Les Anges gardiens, Анђели чувари, Zűrangyalok, Os Anjos da Guarda

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