An innocent discovery of a well-preserved mummified Chinese Emperor from 200 B.C. unearths a two-thousand-year-old nightmare, a secret that should have remained buried.

Also Known As: 7 Guardians of the Tomb, Vê Binh Lang Mô Cô, Zhuwang, Tomb of the Mummy, Spider Nest, Guardians of the Tomb, The Nest, Guardiãs do Túmulo, Čuvari grobnice, Michao 3D, Zhuchao, 7 хранителей гробницы, Spiderweb, Nest, Riddle Nest, Guardianes de la tumba, Nest and the Search for the Venom of Eternity 3D, The, Michao

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  • maija-hakkinen
    maija hakkinen

    This movie wasn’t bad bad bad but it was bad bad.Just a little suspense here and there.Asides that it was horrible.And I was waiting for the 7 guardians but they never showed up.

  • rachel-sutton
    rachel sutton

    Decent movie. Kept reminding me of Arachnophobia, but not as good. I think it could have been better without Kelsey Grammar. He just didn’t fit and threw the movie off when he appeared.

  • wesley-anderson
    wesley anderson

    After hearing this name of film that was introduced thru trailers.apple.com, i saw the trailer, and thought it is nice horror movie, after watching this full movie. This sounds to be more of year 1920 horror movie which doesnt make any sense. This all scene contains mix of more on all indiana jones episodes, pirates of Caribbean episodes, tomb raiders!Looks that this was composed and written by something 4-10 yrs old with lollipop in the mouth., and oozing saliva coming out of mouth must have led to this film produced with lots of spider saliva followed by dried saliva spread all over…

  • mike-roberts
    mike roberts

    Except for the facts that the title has nothing to do with the movie and the last scene, the movie is okay. Unlike Blade Runner 2049, at least I can watch the whole movie without feeling boring. But I don’t like the final scene and I don’t get it’s meaning. The spider went out from the girl’s mouth, does it mean the girl’s infected? They didn’t explain it. So, it’s kind of confusion. All in all, it’s watchable.

  • dolores-gallart-ferreras
    dolores gallart ferreras

    I lasted 13 minutes appoxiamtely , i dont know which is worse , the acting , the script or the really bad voice dubbing (adr), avoid , total rubbish , the chinese lady asked so many questions early on, it was disrespectful to chinese people why werent the americans asking the question but i still wanted her dead lol , terrible movie

  • elizabeth-roberts
    elizabeth roberts

    It did take a while for me to watch ‘Guardians of the Tomb’ and was really not sure whether to do so. The trailer and advertising looking absolutely terrible, enough to make one giving the film a wide berth, but ‘Guardians of the Tomb’ happened to be the film choice for the family/friend film night (being a massive film fan of all genres old and new missing it was out of the question) and was watched with low expectations felt by all prior.’Guardians of the Tomb’ did turn out to be as bad as the advertising made it look and as has been said about it. It has often been cited as one of the worst films of 2018 and it’s on my personal worst films list. It completely fails to be cheesy fun or a mild diversion, as was clearly intended. Watched ‘Guardians of the Tomb’ bearing that in mind and judging it from that standpoint, being someone who judges a film for what it is trying to do and be and the film is a failure when it fails to achieve its goal, something that in my mind ‘Guardians of the Tomb’ does.Only two decent things here. One is the scenery, which is pleasing on the eyes and has atmosphere.The other, and the best thing about the film, is Kelsey Grammer (have always loved him in ‘Cheers’, his voice work and especially ‘Frasier’, though he does done quite a lot of bad films in recent years) giving his absolute all and having a blast. Not subtle at all by all means, but he is the one aspect where the film showed signs of trying.Rest of the acting is awful. As chronically dull as Kellen Lutz is, it is the insufferably annoying Bingbing Li who wins the dubious award of worst performances. The cast are saddled with characters that are never interesting or endearing, which makes it difficult forgive that they are every archetype in the genre ‘Guardians of the Tomb’ falls into, and a script that goes well overboard on the cheese factor.Furthermore, that the story in ‘Guardians of the Tomb’ has not one original thought, and instead a mix of done to death genre tropes, is the least of that component’s problems. More problematic are that there are no thrills, fun or suspense to be had. It is too excessively predictable and perfunctory in pace to be thrilling, far too intelligence-insultingly dumb and muddled with too many ideas handled vaguely to be fun and with never a sense of anything at stake or menacing threat to be suspenseful. It doesn’t even look good, with a direct to video-like look similar to films made for the SyFy channel, with special effects that would look out of date 20+ years ago.Concluding, very poor. 2/10 Bethany Cox

  • dakota-hamilton
    dakota hamilton

    It’s an enjoyable B movie. Never less never more. Maybe a little more. At the end is fun and I like it. It’s an enjoyable B movie. Never less never more. Maybe a little more. At the end it was fun and I liked it.

  • vitor-souza
    vitor souza

    Let’s cut to the chase. This is a visual dumpster of ciches, predictability, stupid premises, and muddled, convoluted storytelling that clumsily attempts to unfold a narrative, but rather than unfolding, it oozes from several sores at once from the plot body. It’s The Mummy meets Scooby Do In the Lair of the Deep-Throated Spider.The Jia character, a Chinese female scientist who must have been the adopted grand-daughter of the Professor from Gilligan’s Island, takes the trophy for annoying. Her non-stop dialogue consists of a series of all-knowing speeches and declarative statements like: “these spiders were trained to …..” She knows everything about everything about what the chinese mummy emperors thought, felt, did, you name it. She’s the movie’s deus ex machina via a writer’s dialogue. Through her character, the writers just spit out factoids so we the audience have some clue what’s supposed to be going on. Of course, the factoids don’t make sense except in the rules of reality in the fake world the movie tries, and fails, to sell us.One character’s job is simple — he just makes wise-cracks. Kellan Lutz provides almost all the action and stunts and of course, hunkiness. For the life of me I can’t fathom why Kelsey Grammer signed onto this. His acting is solid — considering his role is so….so….simplistic. They’re underground most of the movie, yet their flashlights and phone lights seem to last forever. More annoyingly — their underground caverns, which have no light source, frequently glow with inexplicable light from no source that makes sense. Without this fiction, the whole movie would look like one long boy scout ghost story inside the tent scene, where all we could see was what was in any given flashlight’s overglare, about two feet wide at a time. No one would watch that. Just like no one should watch this.

  • dawn-howard
    dawn howard

    I suppose a mild spoiler would be that it reminded me of the game Tomb Raider 2: the Dagger of Xian except with different characters and some plot points.Sure, it’s a bit cheesy: THAT’S WHAT THIS KIND OF MOVIE IS FOR! The appropriate amount of scenery chewing takes place, and it’s just that touch exotic for NOT being A Hollywood Production.It’s fun. Arachnophobics should avoid it.

  • christopher-wright
    christopher wright

    Ok look, it’s no Hollywood smash, but it is and hour and half of absolute hilarity. Of course if you don’t like spiders then maybe this isn’t for you. But I thought the plot was good, acting was ok and then ending, well, that’s the bit I didn’t get. Personally I laughed my way through this with some great one liners it’s a good Sunday evening watch!

  • anthony-roy
    anthony roy

    Here’s the breakdown for every scene in the movie:1: The main characters are leisurely exploring a room. 2: The spiders show up, and the main characters suddenly remember they’re on the run from these spiders. 3: The main characters escape into another room to repeat the process.The movie tries to set up a twist ending where they think they’ve escaped from the spiders but haven’t, but it’s not really a twist when you’re just repeating the formula from every other scene. It’s incredible how bad this movie is. Definitely check it out if you’re into trainwrecks.

  • cassandra-fuentes
    cassandra fuentes

    Biotech CEO Mason (Kelsey Grammer) is searching for a missing exploration party in Western China attempting to locate a legendary cave and possible elixir to extend life. The party includes Gary (Shane Jacobson) who has his eye on Milly (Stef Dawson) who has her eye on Jack (Kellan Lutz) who has his eye on Jia (Bingbing Li)….Oh these Chinese films, full of glances and no advances. They go into a cave and find a group of mutant swarming spiders from Australia The storm effects were Asylum grade. Not as good as “Kung Fu Yoga.” Guide: No swearing, sex, or nudity…just lots of ugly spiders.

  • linda-torres
    linda torres

    This movie without a doubt is about a 7.5 imo. Good special effects, good plot line, good acting, great reflection of movies like Indiana Jones and other archaeological movies. I enjoyed this movie a lot and did not stop it to miss much. Then again, to each his own. I liked this movie a lot.

  • edward-nelson
    edward nelson

    I managed to watch perhaps 5 minutes of this atrocity before I gave up. I’m not certain how I lasted that long…..

  • dominique-wright
    dominique wright

    Regardless if the previous review. I thought I would give it a chance and watched the entire movie. And came to the conclusion that the previous reviewer was right. Total waste of my life.

  • alexander-hodge
    alexander hodge

    A group of people goes to rescue two missing employees of a pharmaceutical. This is a weak movie, one of the most important things you can say with a movie like this is that you have to be patient and brave to watch it until the end. Well I was, but on the end I just felt like I lost 90 minutes of my life. The plot is confuse, who are the guardians? The acting is what it is , with dialogues like this you can´t do much about it. Even the guy that was supposed to be funny is far from it. I´m disappointed to see the beautiful an amazing Li Bingbing take part of this. On the end I just say that if you did not see this don´t waste your time on it, you will not be sorry that you didn´t see this movie.

  • chad-matthews
    chad matthews

    This is the first movie I have ever reviewed. It is so awful it’s laughable. There’s a bit of several movies here; Indiana Jones, Arachnophobia, The Mummy etc, but it just doesn’t work. At first I thought it was a piss take but I think it was meant to be a serious attempt at an adventure movie. The acting is terrible, especially Kelsey Grammer, but nobody comes out with any credit. If anyone has seen a worse movie than this I would be surprised.

  • roger-herman
    roger herman

    Extremely uninspiring. Totally unfunny.Each and every scene and dialog is so clichéd. Exactly 5 minutes into the movie and the plot becomes extremely obvious. The screenplay is probably written by a 12 year old while he was sitting in detention.

  • regina-rodgers
    regina rodgers

    Just like 1 of the other review , i was forced to watch this film because my dumb friends bought the tickets. Already base of the name of this movie i knew this movie was going to be bad , and it is. The acting is so bad it acttualy made me laugh just because how bad it is , the dialogue is so cringy sometimes. And for the title , this title doesn’t even related to the movie , there is no guardians neither ” 7 ” , just another spider in a cave-movie, wow , how ” Original “. The plot is so predictable that me and my friend were having fun to predicted who is going to die next and who will survive. The CGI look okay if this movie was made in 2005 , and oh my god, the ” flashback ” scenes is absolute garbage , it hurt my eyes everytime i saw it to the point i have to close my eyes. Shitty movie , i do not recommend anyone to watch this.

  • keith-rodriguez
    keith rodriguez

    So, this is how burnt money smells like.what were the financiers & executive producers of this garbage thinking?The acting made my skin craw. The plot was stupid and patronizing – especially to Chinese audiences.What makes the Chinese investors think Chinese audiences want to see Chinese men play inferior roles to a white man in China?Who are the idiots burning their money to fund this trash?I suppose the morons paying for this trash will keep burning their life savings until the lesson is learned.

  • jennifer-fields
    jennifer fields

    This film was begging for Nicholas Cage. Dr Fraser Crane held the post but there’s nothing that some good old fashioned Nic Cage wooden acting wouldn’t have done to put this film up in the Oscar nominee category. If you like spiders that growl, ok-ish CGI, sets where cast walk through one door (scene cuts) and they walk back through the same door the other way to a different mediocre set …. then this bad boy is for you!!Likes: 1) the spiders are considerate enough to always leave a web free safe passage for the cast tonthe next scene 2) these spiders have learnt to growl – it’s about time our arachnid friends had a voice 3) Kelsey Grammer accent keeps you guessing and on the edge of your seat for the length of the whole flickDislikes: no Nicholas Cage. Summary: You’ll be gutted if you don’t watch this and the awards start rolling in at the oscars, baftas etc etc etc etc. **SPOILER*** The only thing that would make the plot and cast of this film better is if ‘Fraisers’ ‘Niles’ popped up at the end and rescued his brothers soul.

  • lagzdins-irena
    lagzdins irena

    I was looking forward to this Movie, but alarm bells went off the moment it started. The Direction is shocking and it doesn’t matter how good an actor you are if the director is poor you are going to come over as the worst actor ever. I like Kelsey Grammer and Kellen Lutz but both don’t come out of this very well, it says a lot when the big hairy Australian comedy relief character comes out of it better than the actors you paid the big money too. The special effects were half decent and spiders were quite scary and it seems the movie had a decent budget. They just let it go horribly wrong. The movie was primarily funded by Australia and China so I would have said that Russell Mulcahy would have been an ideal Director choice. They chose someone else and this is the end result. What should have been a 7/10 is actually a 5. Disappointing.

  • justin-murphy
    justin murphy

    I was, forced to watch this movie. I saw the trailer and thought “That looks terrible” then I watched the movie and… it was terrible. It is getting a 2/10 because it made me laugh a couple times, so it did bring a little pleasure to my life.The key issues was the inclusion of a character that had no purpose, literally zero. The constant explanation on things that didn’t need to be explained. Seriously, there are too many times that a question is asked and then BAM the answer is over-explained the audience is stupid or something. Which leads to a fair bit of the dialogue being boring and poorly written.There is one scene that is amazing thought because it is so funny. So you will get at least one good laugh at t he movie.

  • jasmine-ho
    jasmine ho

    Sometimes you get fed up of Hollywood films and big blockbusters. Saw the trailer to this, thought it looked ok. Well watched it, and must say I enjoyed it. It was not brilliant, but neither rubbish, but I thought it was good, well it entertained me for an hour and half. Isn’t that what films are supposed to do, entertain. Give it a watch, it aint that bad.

  • aleksandra-semenov
    aleksandra semenov

    Take a bevy of actors and give them an awful script with risible dialogue and you get this…a small group overacting and running around an old Star Trek set. Stef Dawson’s character ‘Milly Piper’ could’ve died after she first open her mouth as far as I’m concerned, she’s THAT bad. The quest to find a lost brother is their aim, except for Kelsey Grammer’s Mason who is really trying to track down the elixir of life…bwah ha haaaa (twirls imaginary moustache). The main threat to their journey is hundreds upon hundreds of deadly spiders who appear to be made of black shiny leather and can hiss and squeak…Yes, you read that right…hiss and squeak. By all means, watch this, suspend all disbelief, let the film wash over you and drown in its ridiculousness. It’s a real hoot, soon to be considered a classic amongst godawful movies that you can say “Yes…I sat through that film and survived.” Now go and enjoy!