The pert Tina is sick of school and the muff in her Bavarian village. She wants to go with Tino – attendant of a visiting auto-scooter – who has to leave the place for dubious reasons. However he lets her down and leaves alone. Now Tina persuades fellow student Robby, who has a crush on her, to take her on a random trip with his motor-scooter. It seems only to be a matter of time until he realizes that she’s just using him to follow her boyfriend – or will the shy Robby manage to win her heart on their chaotic journey?

Also Known As: Nena, eres un problema, Pohiti, zabava se zacenja!, Hangin' Out, Gib Gas - Ich will Spaß!, Nena gir den gas, A fond les ballons!, 恋のロックバルーン, À fond les ballons!

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