Having survived the farcical but utterly life-threatening events in Happy Death Day (2017), the feisty sorority sister, Tree Gelbman, finds herself in the same college dorm, thankful to be alive. However, this time, it’s Carter’s roommate, Ryan, who claims that he is reliving the same paradoxical day over and over again, as a mysterious paranoid killer in a single-toothed baby-faced mask with a big kitchen knife has made a habit of murdering him. Under those circumstances, a valiant but vain attempt to face the challenge, once more, will send Tree back to square one, trapped in an all too familiar and blood-drenched time loop. How many deaths separate Tree from a truly happy birthday?

Also Known As: Všechno nejhorší 2 Czech, Sinh Nhat Chet Choc 2, Happy Birthdead 2 You, Γενέθλια θανάτου 2, Srećan dan smrti 2, Boldog halálnapot! 2, Feliz Dia Para Morrer 2, Happî Desu Dei 2U, Maz'al Tov 2, Happy Death Day 2, A Morte Te Dá Parabéns 2, Ölüm Günün Kutlu Olsun 2, Bonne fête encore! 2, Happy Deathday 2U, Všetko najhoršie 2, Srecen smrtni dan 2, Zi de naştere mortală 2, Честита нова смърт, Feliz día de tu muerte 2, Happy Death Day to You, Happy Death Day 2U, Happy Death Day, Mirties diena 2, Щасливий день смертi 2, Ancora auguri per la tua morte, Счастливого нового дня смерти, Smierc nadejdzie dzis 2

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  • adam-newton
    adam newton

    I liked the first film. It’s a clever idea for a horror film, and over all I would say decent.But wow! This sequel manages to take the films concept, and go even further, get a little bigger and more crazy. I was completely entertained from start to finish. Really love the cast, it feels more like a group ensemble this time. The story some how finds a crazy balance of being a fun, drama, horror, mystery film, and it’s all those things and more and it totally works.I had a blast with this. Better than the first film. Totally would recommend it.P.s. It is essential that you watch the first film before seeing part two.

  • katrina-higgins
    katrina higgins

    Discovered the original “Happy Death Day” accidentally in theaters during its initial run when looking for something to see and half-heartedly choosing it, only to be wowed and thoroughly entertained. My best friend and I both agreed it was one of those under-the-radar gems you are lucky to find only once in a great while. While the entire cast’s game performances added up to an entertaining whole, lead actress Jessica Rothe’s all-in performance was the revelation. The script had her juggling horror, comedy (not to mention slapstick physical comedy), drama, and rom-com genres, sometimes switching between them in a moment’s time, and she made it seem effortless. This was a character you came to truly care about and root for. When we saw the trailer for this sequel we were hopeful, but, frankly, the trailer was so frenetic we thought they might’ve gone too far, risking losing the balance of the original. Happily, that’s not the case. While “Happy Death Day 2U” does go for broke in continuing to juggle so many genres you think it can’t possibly hold together till the end, it does, and the character Rothe created only grows even more sympathetic and appealing. We found ourselves rooting for her even more, and, once again, came away dazzled and thoroughly entertained–and hoping for another sequel to come!

  • leon-van-de-pavert
    leon van de pavert

    I loved the first movie, I knew i had to watch it from the trailer months before it came out. It was a lot more fun, and it also kept you laughing but interested.This movie however, was a bit all over the place. There were too many ideas. I checked my watch a few times wondering when the end was coming, which is not good! The trailer gives off the slasher vibe, yet it’s more time travel meets emotional family film. There were so many characters and plots that there was no main focus.In my opinion, 1 great idea and character is far better than 20 average ideas, and if you don’t know how to merge different genres, don’t.In the alternate reality with her professor and his wife being the killers trying to kill Lori? It just didn’t work and was totally OTT. At least Lori’s plot in the first film worked really went and was believable.

  • rusne-gailius
    rusne gailius

    Let’s say this! You won’t want to leave the theater after this movie there’s lot of heart, laughs and enough to keep you invested.

  • patricia-chapman
    patricia chapman

    I swear i could literally hug and thank all the cast/ crew right now! It is soooo gooood I enjoyed it much! I could watch it over & over again!!!! I just wish there would be another third one ;( !!!

  • andrea-gibbons
    andrea gibbons

    Ok so first off, who let them make this movie? Like no offense BUT oh my god. I expected nothing and oh my god was I still disappointed. This took (most likely) 15 minutes max to craft the story for. Then, they try to talk about alternate dimensions like the movie changes what it is half way through. All in all don’t waste your time you may lose a brain cell or two.

    • ok-boomer
      ok boomer

      no it is back off karen.

  • dimitrina-ardelean
    dimitrina ardelean

    Where do i even start…The humor in this movie is PEGI-3 ffs blumhouse what did you do.Its so goddamn cringy..The concept of the movie is just bad.Three high school students make a machine that can close the loop or something, like they are the smartest man living on earth.I dont know did the makers even think this through?Probably super rushed cash grab movie.And i was even more pissed off that i had to wait like 5 minutes in the closing of the movie to watch even more stupidity in the end oh my god.Just..just dont watch it trust me, forget that there is a second one and be fine with the first one.

  • traudel-gehringer
    traudel gehringer

    I enjoyed Happy Death Day. I didn’t think it was great, but I came to like it more on a second viewing. I was happy to see the trailer for a sequel, since it looked like it was expanding in a direction that could make things wonderfully complicated.This movie is… bonkers.As we start, we get a different person caught in a time loop. Then it turns out that he has a duplicate. Somehow, an effort to fix that problem results in Tree being swapped into a parallel reality where her mother is still alive, but she doesn’t have her boyfriend. The boyfriend is now coupled with an annoying sorority friend of hers.A lot of that comes out within the first 20 minutes.I was much more happy with this movie than I expected, for a few different reasons. It doesn’t try to spend too much time recapping the first movie. It goes through everything of importance in probably less than a minute. It doesn’t try to replicate the plot of the first one, with the exception that she wants to find a way to end the loop. It embraces the absurdity of everything. This movie stretches the genre much further than expected.The first movie also wasn’t much of a horror movie. There were horror elements, but they tended to fade as the rest of the story got more interesting. I would estimate that the first movie was maybe 30% horror. This one, probably closer to 10%.This isn’t a problem. We would be left with a much more frustrating movie if they tried to keep it scary somehow.There are legitimate problems – the girl pretending to be blind seemed almost cringeworthy. She figures out who the killer is without much effort. On the other hand, how much of a problem is that, if we really don’t care who it is?This isn’t for everyone, especially those who expect a stronger horror element. In the meantime, it’s really fun, and remarkably self-aware, which gives it a lot of flexibility and freedom to push the boundaries.

  • stine-thea-antonsen
    stine thea antonsen

    Enjoyed the first one immensely. But this is up there with Space Camp as one of the worst. 10/10 ???cmon………!!! The scene with the girl dressed as a blind french woman trying to retrieve a set of keys was truly toe curlingly bad. One of the worst scenes ive ever seen in a movie and totally desperate.

  • katja-hyttinen
    katja hyttinen

    I am a huge fan of the first film. In a wave of cashgrab horror movies that spill out every year the first film felt like a lot of care was put into it. The characters were likable, the suspense scenes were excellent, and the comedy aspect didn’t sour the movie. Moving on to the sequel though, audiences can expect a much more comedic tone than the first with the who-dun-it aspect being thrown to the backseat and the character’s relationships being put in the forefront. That doesn’t necessarily make the movie boring or without suspense. With it’s sequel, our protagonist Tree finds herself in another dimension where not only she is targeted but her friends as well, and if she wants to get out of the loop again she must figure out a way to survive the day along with her friends or they will be gone forever. This change in plot causes a lot of suicide in Tree’s limitless lives, more so than an actual killer getting the job done. This might sour some viewers that are expecting another campy slasher that the first film executed well for a PG-13 film, but personally, I saw it as a huge character arc that Tree is now capable of handling the killer by herself, but uses her loop as an advantage to save others from being dead forever. It was impressive to see even minor characters return for this film just for the sake of skipping plotholes since the day resets to the day we are familiar with in part 1 towards the second act. Without spoilers, just to name a few returning minor characters there are scenes with the asian sorority sister, the doctor Tree was having an affair with along with is wife, and even Tim, the boy interested in Tree that has a secret revealed in part 1 that I won’t spoil if you haven’t seen. Which brings me to another point, I strongly suggest renting the first if you haven’t seen it, and would also recommend for a rewatch just to recap everything. The movie does a fine job of doing that in a small scene, but when the day resets in THIS movie, some things are different. And you might not catch them if you don’t remember the movie that well! I thought they were fun, dedicated twists that kept loyal fans of the movie intrigued. And with this amount of detail put into the sequel, I can safely say the movie was handled with just as much care as the first. The makers of this movie, including Director Christopher Landon, clearly have these characters and this world stored in a place in their heart. The secondary characters like bitchy Danielle, Nerdy friend Ryan, and even new characters that are crucial to Tree’s storyline, all are handled perfectly with it’s script and development from the first that make it a somewhat nice reunion to see them again, like a good season 2 of any show. And this goes without saying that Jessica Rothe AKA Tree is brilliant here. Jessica carries Tree’s character and the rest of this movie on her back with her level of emotion and comedic timing. There are quite a few heart tugging scenes that would definitely fall flat if it wasn’t for Jessica Rothe displaying such raw emotion for a campy Rom Com Horror. Having said that, Happy Death Day 2U is short on scares, but that’s not to say there aren’t suspenseful scenes, because there are (the hospital chase scene with Tree and Lori for instance is one of the films best scenes) but if you walk in expecting a thriller/horror comedy, you will be disappointed to see that the movie plays out like a Sci-Fi comedy, masked as a horror film. Which, is why I have to give it 8 stars instead of 10. I think the movie would have benefitted if it had left science out of the franchise all together. Because of the scientific aspect, the film asks the audience to believe certain things that just make things too far fetched to handle. And once the film unravels as a sort of Back To The Future knockoff rather than a Groundhog Day one, this shoves the potentially iconic babymask killer to the back for Tree and her multi-dimension subplot to fully take over. But, overall, having these Back to the Future comparisons doesn’t hurt the film. This movie did what any good sequel should, and that’s to tell an original story without jumping the shark, and I think the film managed to make use of it’s 1 Hr and 40 min run time perfectly, because not once was I bored. In fact, I had a blast seeing it. But I might be biased because some people in fact, did not like the original at all where as I helmed it as a favorite of that year. So with that I say, if you didn’t like the first Happy Death Day, Happy Death Day 2U won’t leave you feeling happy.

  • john-myers
    john myers

    Excellent sequel with surprisingly creative writing mending nicely with the first film, but it just wasn’t as entertaining or suspenseful as the first one. Felt a little longer that its 100 min run-time compared to the first film that was almost the same run-time but breezed through. Still impressive writing, directing, acting and entertaining. 8/10 from me.

  • vitolins-davis
    vitolins davis

    There’s a plot point in this movie where the lead character cannot decide if she should sacrifice her mom’s life so she can date some random guy she’s known for less than two weeks, or let her mom live and not date the guy she literally just met. Like, yeah, choose the new guy over your mom’s life. There are plenty of mom’s in the sea! Boyfriends are forever! And that’s just the tip of the stupidberg. The science behind everything is so cartoonish. At one point, the scientist who invented it even tries to kill his other timeline self in order to stop the device from going off. That’s right, he resorts to murdering his other self instead of, you know, just explaining things TO HIMSELF. But wait! There’s more stupid! The timelines now get changed so much that the killer is now someone else. And this is where the movie will really piss you off most. With the first killer, the motivation worked, but with the new killer, the motivation is so paper-thin, it’s like the writers had to pick someone so they rolled some dice. And if you’re here for the horror, guess what? The real horror is finding out this is secretly a feel-good, rom-com. Not even kidding. The (actual) killer is rarely even in the movie. If you must watch this movie, get a bunch of friends together so you can at least share some laughs while you all make fun of it.

  • anya-ghazaryan
    anya ghazaryan

    After I’ve liked the first part, this puts it on again. In addition to many new scary scenes, the second movie also have a kind of “Back to the future.” The story about tree is in this part amazing revised and brings many surprises

  • blanca-izaguirre-badia
    blanca izaguirre badia

    Entertaining, fast paced, and really funny. And also a good amount of Back to the Future references. It definitely worth a watch.

  • varadi-balazs-laura
    varadi balazs laura

    Seen the first film? Of course you have, but if it’s not fresh in your mind there could well be moments in this follow up that’ll seem a mite confusing. The whole new scientific explanation for the Groundhog Day phenomenon certainly takes a bit of following and a lot of swallowing: the convoluted time travel exposition covered in the first half of the film travels at breakneck speed and doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. And let’s not forget about the overall uneven tone, the film frequently veering from its horror roots into sci-fi and absurd comedy territory. It’s quite a departure from the original, and to be quite frank I don’t think that it was very successful.A hot mess of a movie for the most part, the chaos that unfolds is reasonably fun for a while despite the preposterous story developments. Unfortunately, the repetitive nature of the plot eventually takes its toll, and the final act really labours the point, taking its merry time to wrap up proceedings in a not too tidy fashion. The cast are fine and do what they can with the material, but the slapdash script and seemingly random approach taken by director Christopher Landon ultimately makes for a disappointing sequel.Still, Happy Death Day 2 U is so silly at times that I can see it gathering a cult following, even though, if truth be told, it’s not all that good.

  • joshua-khan
    joshua khan

    Not as great as the first film, but still pretty damn good and a clever sequel given the genre. What really makes it work though is the charming cast and the fact it picks up exactly where Happy Death Day left off.

  • emily-kennedy
    emily kennedy

    Loved the first movie because the actors did a fantastic job meshing slasher and comedy. This sequel, while not as intense as the first, still was highly entertaining. It’s not Citizen Kane, but this genre isn’t supposed to be. The acting again made me laugh all the way to the very end while still holding the “who is the killer?!” suspense with all the alternate realities.The actors make these movie-especially the lead actress. The cast are believable in an unbelievable setting and blend well together.It’s a fun popcorn movie for sure.

  • mara-reis
    mara reis

    This is how you do a sequel. What an absolute thrill ride this was and I hope they do a third movie to cap off a decent trilogy. Don’t go into this expecting full slasher either because the first movie wasn’t a full slasher.

  • gujuweon

    Perfect sequel to an innovative horror comedy. Wonderfully balances comedy, slasher-horror, science-fiction & heart-filled drama Plus Jessica Rothe delivers a dedicated performance which makes the experience all the more richer. Stay during the mid-credits for a hilarious epilogue

  • jiri-kolar
    jiri kolar

    Quick review. I recommend watching the first one as closely as you can to this one. This one picks up right where it left off. The cast pops with some side characters coming to the front of movie. Great scares. This movie will literally give you all the feels. Jessica Rothe and Rachel Matthews are perfect in this movie! This movie takes you on such a wild ride that you will want to ride again and again! I plan on seeing at least two more times before it leaves the cinema. Also stay for the post credit scene you won’t regret it!

  • ann-carlsson
    ann carlsson

    Unfortunately this movie is not as good as the first one. I really enjoyed the first one but this one is nowhere near as entertaining. I am shocked how its rating is almost the same as the first movie.

  • heikki-lepisto
    heikki lepisto

    Quick Review. Thought the first Happy Death Day was decent (7/10) but this sequel was surprisingly really good and better than I expected. It expanded on the universe and the characters from the first one, while introducing a few new ones. I’m a big horror movie fan but I was okay with it losing some of the horror elements as it makes the most sense for the continuation of the story. The characters already know the drill, it’s not really a “scary” situation for them anymore, nor should the filmmakers try to force it for the audience. I don’t think it would have worked if they went that route.So the new sci-fi/time travel direction that this film takes, with a good dose of humor and heartfelt moments, surprisingly worked for me and maybe it’s because I didn’t see it coming. It’s not perfect, I would give it an 8.5/10 if I could. The ending was a bit much but overall it was a really fun and enjoyable movie, better than the first in my opinion. I’d highly recommend checking it out, especially if you’re a fan of the first. (Unless you are looking for a more serious slasher film, in that case, I think you’ll be disappointed.)Curious to see what Happy Death Day 3 will be like and if it will have yet another new tone different from the first two movies.Happy Death Day – Slasher/Comedy Happy Death Day 2U – Sci-fi/Comedy/Drama Happy Death Day 3 – ???

  • stanislav-vidmar
    stanislav vidmar

    Happy Death Day wasn’t my favourite movie from 2017 but it was in my top 10 and it qualified as the biggest surprise of that year for me. It was a solid slasher movie with a lot of funny material and a unique take on the time loop concept. The trailers for Happy Death Day 2U didn’t deter me from seeing it but it looked like they could be repeating the successful formula from the first one. What may be the most surprising part of Happy Death Day 2U is the fact that other than providing a recap of the first movie, so little of it is recycled. This isn’t a horror movie, its a science fiction/comedy mashup with horror and romance elements thrown in. It not only works but it works so well that it rivals the first one in execution for me. They broaden the scope of the movie and it switches genres. I can’t think of another sequel (I’m sure there has been somewhere, I just can’t think of one off the top of my head) that boldly chooses to go in a completely different direction. It not only makes that choice but it succeeds at it completely. The best part is that 2U is that while it is inventive, it retains a lot of what worked previously. The sense of humour carries over and there’s more than enough funny material to go around. I laughed a lot throughout it was key that they kept things light to keep the pace up.The movie choosing to change things up was the biggest surprise but the wonderful development of the characters was just as impressive. Tree’s development into being a better person was a highlight of the original Happy Death Day, it added an interesting dynamic to the story. Tree continues to grow (no pun intended) and I have to hand it to writer/director Christopher Landon for developing the characters further with new aspects without just repeating the same arc. With Tree facing the same scenario but with many changes, the characters are the same yet completely different and it keeps things intriguing. While 2U was funny there were also some emotional moments that were very heartfelt. I liked how the original included the evolution of Tree’s relationship with her dad, they double down on that in this one with the surprise inclusion of someone from Tree’s past. The genuine joy that comes out of that realization for Tree and the pain that it causes later had a lot of pathos that you wouldn’t expect from this type of movieJessica Rothe’s second performance as Tree is a fantastic work. 2U requires so much varied work from her doing physical comedy to involving drama and she pulls it off handily. She’s outstanding here and I really hope she’s on her way to bigger things because this is a great follow up performance. Almost the entire supporting cast returns and they all perform capably. Rothe and Israel Broussard still have a lot of chemistry as Tree and Carter, and their relationship has some sweet moments scattered throughout. I liked that they gave both Rachel Matthews and Ruby Modine different things to do as Danielle and Lori. They both were fun to watch. I also thought Phi Vu was better utilized in this movie as Ryan, it was cool that they took a minor character from the first one and expanded on his part. Vu’s performance helped make that a solid choice.I’m sure plenty of people will be complaining about the genre shift and tonal change from the first entry in this potential franchise and while I did have to adjust but it didn’t bother me. I only had a few complaints when it comes to this movie. Just like the first one, they border on having too many twists when they’re wrapping up. I liked all of them but the movie wants to bring a lot of new elements in at the end and the final 15 minutes feels a little overstuffed. They also jam some of the more juvenile bits of humour in the very beginning and the very end of the movie that can feel a little out of place tonally.I was a huge fan of the first Happy Death Day and if you made me pick I still think the first one is a better stand alone film. But Happy Death Day 2U is wildly creative, the script is really sharp and Jessica Rothe proves how wonderfully versatile she is in another great lead performance. People always complain about sequels just being carbon copies of the original or that the plot is recycled or how originality in movies is dead. I was blown away by how Landon and his team were unafraid to blaze a different path with the continuation of this potential franchise and give the audience something fresh to chew on. If you’re stuck on having another slasher movie, this might not be your cup of tea but I can’t recommend this highly enough. If you enjoyed the first one and can keep an open mind, go see Happy Death Day 2U.

  • kuznetsov-demid-afanasevich
    kuznetsov demid afanasevich

    Sometimes it’s better not knowing how the sausage is made. The first Happy Death Day was a fun little slasher flick that never took itself too seriously and was thoroughly entertaining for what it was. The sequel, Happy Death Day 2U, tried to provide explanation to the phenomenon that befell Tree in the first film. It all involves a science project gone wrong and a bunch of time-looping sci-fi mumbo jumbo that isn’t nearly as smart as the movie thinks it is. This should be a franchise where you can just turn your brain off and have a good time. Instead, 2U wants the audience to think. That’s the big mistake. Most of the “science” stuff makes little to no sense, and making us think about it only makes us realize how convoluted a mess this story is. I won’t even get into the eye-roll worthy plot conveniences that have to exist for the film to even move forward in some spots.Another issue is this isn’t a horror movie. There may be a couple short scenes that lend themselves to horror, but this is much more so a sci-fi story, a far cry from what we started with in the first movie. Also, the movie reaches a satisfying ending place, but then decides to not end there and throws in a ridiculous “heist” movie at the end. Why not? We’re already watching a horror-comedy-scifi-romcom?Now, it’s not all bad. The movie does keep moving at a steady pace and most of the characters are entertaining (even if they aren’t particularly engaging). The sub-plot about Tree’s mom feels genuinely heart-felt and gives the movie a little emotional weight. There’s plenty of decent laughs throughout. And, as in the first film, Jessica Rothe seems to be having a ball in the lead role. There’s also a mid-credits scene to suggest we’re gonna expand this universe even more. And while I’ll welcome a third movie in this fun franchise, I wish the writers would understand that more isn’t necessarily better. Sometimes keeping it simple is best. 6/10

  • jeffrey-vasquez
    jeffrey vasquez

    Rating 8.4/10 Surprisingly entertaining !! It definitely worth a watch. This film isn’t perfect and is possibly quite unoriginal but it’s still tons of fun and puts a fresh twist on the concept. The characters are likable and the humour is brilliant at times. It’s just lots of fun and excitement. Very enjoyable !!