Rivalries, dark secrets, and sexual tension emerge when three best friends find themselves stranded on a yacht in the middle of the ocean desperate for survival.::Epic Pictures Releasing

Also Known As: Harpoon

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  • kate-bell
    kate bell

    Prep school attempt at refashioning the Polanski film. A modicum of style but absolutely no substance. Repellent characters, schoolyard dialogue, idiotic decisions.Not funny. Not tense. Not worth the time.

  • baadaamii-rcnaa
    baadaamii rcnaa

    The narrator can’t stop talking! throughout the movie there is an awful lot of narration that is not even funny. I watched a few minutes and forward to the end and still narrating. Horrible acting, the narration is very distracting, it’s like an audio book mansplaining to you every single thing.

  • voronova-fiokla-rubenovna
    voronova fiokla rubenovna

    Well talk about your surprisingly great movie. Seeing the title and picture I thought “ok teens and sharks.” Boy was I wrong. This movie is filled with great twists and turns with a very unique story line. Very fresh with just enough gore and a few desperate situations that made me actually belly laugh. My 1st 9 stars in a long time. Loved It!

  • jerneja-marolt
    jerneja marolt

    I went to see this with low expectation.. but it wowed me.. I love this kind of middle of water psychological movies.. and the narrator made the movie more fun..

  • curtis-guzman
    curtis guzman

    Started this off in the background one busy evening and took no notice of it at first, but then blood, violence screaming and so I had to rewind in case I had missed something. Powerful acting with such a small cast but they held my attention all the way through. Great twists and quite brutal in parts but I have been telling all not to miss this . Very dark very funny

  • taylor-ochoa-md
    taylor ochoa md

    This is a beauty! It’s got love, and friendship, trust, and betrayal. It’s the most intense “ship adrift” movie that I have ever seen. It takes human desires and failings, and exposes their underside. Three people on a boat and not ONE boring minute. It flows seamlessly until the end. Great acting, and writing, and for a change, an original story. Give it your complete attention. You won’t see another film this good for awhile.

  • t-engiz-kirt-aze
    t engiz kirt aze

    This was surprisingly good. It’s not laugh-out-loud hilarious for the most part but maintains a dark comedy throughout, never taking itself too seriously. It’s snappy and fast-paced. I sat down expecting to watch maybe 20 minutes and finish it later and ended up watching the entire thing. I found it to be quite original. Things aren’t exactly as they seem which keeps it interesting right up until the end. I definitely recommend if you can handle the violence and the gore, which is sometimes quite shocking.

  • rene-lebon
    rene lebon

    Pitch black comedy with a very capable cast attached and perfect narration to help with scene breaks and transitions. I was impressed with what a good fit each actor was for their character and what good use the filmmakers made with their small set. I spent the run time laughing and grimacing but without ever losing the feeling of dread attached to their situation.

  • stankevicius-sigita
    stankevicius sigita

    I didn’t have big expectations, but i absolutely loved it. awesome acting skills and wonderfully dark humor. i’m still smiling thinking about it. right up my alley <3

  • khoma-bandera
    khoma bandera

    Went in blind as a bat, didn’t read the synopsis or even know the fact that it’s a comedy. Much to my satisfaction, “Harpoon” turned out to be a neat, smart, pleasantly weird black (horror) comedy.Lies, schemes, friendships, pride, betrayal and more is explored in “Harpoon”, the Director Rob Grant has managed to pack a lot in 82 minutes and one yacht – the result is a constantly entertaining low-budget indie horror with lots of pitch black comedy undertones. Much respect to the trio of actors without whose considerably great performances the movie would be a lesser experience, solid work. A nice & comicly fitting addition was the occasional narrator (voiced by Bret Gelman, Murray from “Stranger Things”), I’d be obliged to give style points for this and more. Even though I’d like to call “Harpoon” a black comedy / thriller, the horror excelled in regards of the well done gore, not excessive amounts of it, but all practical and effective. Aesthetically, the movie is thought-through and utilizes creative camera work and editing.”Harpoon” packs a few surprises & maybe not a very memorable or thought-provoking, but certainly witty and entertaining story, as well as strong performances and offbeat black comedy vibes. Given the space and resources the filmmakers had to work with, it’s an admirable indie horror comedy flick. My rating: 7/10.

  • dr-g-toth-ildiko
    dr g toth ildiko

    Three “friends” each with secrets they would prefer the others not to know, one weekend at sea on a pleasure boat, oh and a harpoon no SpearGun … what can go wrong. Well so much that you would not believe, all delivered with impeccable timing, huge amounts of black humour, a fair bit of blood and a very witty narration. A wonderfully dark and twisted comedy.

  • james-bright
    james bright

    Ignore the review from the idiot saying about the narrator being distracting…. it was not distracting at all… loved the film.