Based on the thrilling and inspirational life of an iconic American freedom fighter, Harriet tells the extraordinary tale of Harriet Tubman’s escape from slavery and transformation into one of America’s greatest heroes. Her courage, ingenuity, and tenacity freed hundreds of slaves and changed the course of history.

Also Known As: Freedom Fire, Harriet

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  • sowk-ias-garaseferyan
    sowk ias garaseferyan

    Excellent, IMO! Loved it! Don’t know if old age is causing me to be so sentimental, but it’s been ages since I left a movie with puffy teary eyes. Most likely because I knew it’s an (untold) true storyline. It’s very educational, as well. I feel everyone should watch it. That movie was very educational (for me). Now I understand/learned why (1) Black Americans are so religious and God-fearing, (2) why and how such a large Black (American) population ended up in Canada, and (3) why Harriet was so brave, and possessed such an unique prophet/alien-like ability/gift.

  • meghan-roberson-md
    meghan roberson md

    “You’ll be free or die!” Harriet Tubman (Cynthia Erivo)After so many films about arguable heroines, it’s fine to have one about a true one, “super” in modern parlance. In the 1849 antebellum South, Harriet Tubman is on her way to becoming “the slave stealer” and eventually “Moses.” During the first part of this emotional and reverential biopic, Harriet needs to leave her family by way of the 100 miles from Maryland, mostly on foot to a slave free Pennsylvania.Director and co-writer Kasi Lemmons does an admirable job of showing this relentless heroine begin to become a conductor and eventually leader of the Underground Railroad by saving a few friends and relatives from the tyrannical and torturing whites. Eventually she will have led over 70 black slaves as far as 600 miles to Canadian freedom.The film romanticizes and beatifies this historical heroine, aided by Terence Blanchard’s telegraphing, swelling score, with too little depicting her struggles as a slave or as a woman in later life reaping the glory of her experience and pain. Her rapturous direct connection with God adds to the pious, preachy tone.However, the gifted Erivo (a Tony winner among other honors) quickly draws the audience to Harriet’s side as a caring and resourceful future leader, a Nina Simone’s “Sinnerman” perfectly supports a rousing montage of Underground escapes. Her facing down authority is not as early as could be expected; she is compliant and obedient for a leader who emerges in her 20’s as a liberator and an historical saint.The movie Harriet is a glowing tribute to a real hero. Seeing her in action as an armed assault leader in the Civil War would have been the right realist touch to offset the preponderance of seemingly excessive adulation.Her face will be on the $20 bill if this positive biography has anything to do with it.”Now I’ve been free, I know what a dreadful condition slavery is. I have seen hundreds of escaped slaves, but I never saw one who was willing to go back and be a slave.” Tubman

  • theophile-gkiritzione
    theophile gkiritzione

    Up to now, her story has been little told. That is unfortunate, but not unusual when it comes to black heroes of the Civil War era. Hopefully, this is one of the first of many. However, as with many of the long-lingering characterizations of legendary American men (and women), “Harriet” has been gracefully “airbrushed.” Not unexpected, and perhaps even necessary at this point in the spectrum of black history in America. We need many more black icons in our country’s history, so maybe it will be good to see them lionized, at least at first.

  • christopher-greer
    christopher greer

    This film had the potential to be much more, but nevertheless it’s a story that needs to be told. First, the writing and acting was flat; because of that, Harriet and the secondary characters were one dimensional. Additionally, some of the characters motivations were questionable and were just plan unnecessary to the story. Also, I felt like the film was too quick thus no time for character development. I do like the message of the film as to show how important black women are to American history. Also, it shows how important black women are in general. I felt that this film showed that idea in many aspects not only Harriet, but also in Marie Buchanon, played by Janelle Monae. Contrastingly, I felt that black women empowerment ideology was at the expense of black men. For example, the black slave catcher Bigger Long, played by Omar Dorsey. His character was an unnecessary antagonist that, proven historically, the slave owners who, in real life, didn’t employ a slave catcher to find her and there was a minute amount of black slave catchers. Overall I’ll give it an 6.8/10.

  • tiiu-kirss
    tiiu kirss

    This movie was not good, just like the other 473 films that released this month about slavery that no one asked for or wanted to see.

  • miia-miettinen
    miia miettinen

    Terribly inaccurate! This is a revisionist story which tries to make light of slavery and ONCE AGAIN makes the black man the bad guy. If you want truth, this is not for you! SHAMEFUL!

  • guy-de-breton
    guy de breton

    Really inspiring movie does get a bit slow in the middle but a really good biopic.

  • shelby-phillips
    shelby phillips

    I saw a screening of the film Harriet last night, and was riveted to my seat. I don’t generally like to see movies about slavery with a group, because I get too emotional and/or too angry about the violence against African Americans portrayed in these types of movies. There is some violence in this movie, however it was more subtle and restrained than in most movies of this genre. This movie is one that you can enjoy with others. We were clapping and cheering and at times, holding our collective breaths as we rooted for Harriet and others in the film. This was an excellent human portrayal of this great conductor of the Underground Railroad. As I watched, I was thinking/wondering if any of my ancestors had escaped slavery, or if like so many others, were they too ‘afraid to run’.One of the reoccurring themes in Harriet’s life, as it is portrayed in the movie, was her faith in God, and the belief that God was with her, guiding her and ordering her steps. I really enjoyed this aspect of the movie, as it reminds us that with God is with us too, and that all things are possible with him. This is definitely a movie that you will want to see with others and make sure that your older children and grandchildren see too!

  • gogi-k-evxishvili
    gogi k evxishvili

    Though I should cease to be, I remain amazed by persons who believe we no longer need pieces of work that detail the horrors of American slavery, and the heroes who sought to end it. The Diary of Anne Frank can remain a timeless piece of literature, movies about WWII still need to be made, but anything dealing with slavery is old news? Wrong! Harriet is a beautiful tribute to an American hero who sacrificed her life over and over again to free others. Her story comes to life in this film. See this movie!

  • nugzar-gulua
    nugzar gulua

    WHY? How difficult is it to get first hand and historical accounts and stick to THAT SCRIPT? What on earth is to be gained by taking a larger than life figure, a real person and throwing in random people and events that never happened?If you want to see a REAL MOVIE on Harriet Tubman, look at the Cicely Tyson version: A Woman Called Moses.

  • magda-t-arak-ajyan
    magda t arak ajyan

    One of the worst movies ever made.Why does Hollywood feel it’s entitled to constantly re-write history to fit it’s left wing agenda?And bTW have you ever gotten a look at the REAL Tubman? Fugly is too ind a word.

  • lisa-gardner
    lisa gardner

    I am still trying to find the words to describe my experience! Kasi Lemmons did a phenomenal job. I have been waiting for someone to tell her story and this way. Finally the spirit of rebellion and survival is highlighted!!! You see the power and majesty of African descent people!!!!

  • irene-nordstrom
    irene nordstrom

    Story, costumes, characters, dialog, its like Battlefield Earth but not quite as good….aaagh.

  • tatiana-jessica-domingues
    tatiana jessica domingues

    Greetings again from the darkness. As far as I can tell, there has never before been a feature film profiling Harriet Tubman. Given her remarkable accomplishments and historic standing as an iconic American hero, we should all agree that it’s high time. The film plays as a passion project for writer-director Kasi Lemmons (EVE’S BAYOU, 1997) and her co-writer Gregory Allen Howard (REMEMBER THE TITANS, 2000). Cinematically speaking, it’s a fairly formulaic biopic; however, from a historical perspective, HARRIET is story that was due to be told.Cynthia Erivo (WIDOWS, BAD TIMES AT THE EL ROYALE) stars as Araminta Ross, known as Minty. She was born into slavery, and the film picks up in 1849 Maryland when she is being sold ‘down south’ by her heartless owner Gideon Brodess (an understated Joe Alwyn, THE FAVOURITE). Rather than be separated from her family, Minty runs (she does a lot of running). She runs until cornered, and then leaps from a bridge into rushing water. It’s only after her treacherous 100 mile walk to Pennsylvania that she becomes a free woman and changes her name to Harriet Tubman – in honor of her mother and husband.She receives help along the way. Reverend Samuel Green (Vondie Curtis Hall) plays a recurring role in her escape and later rescues. Once in Pennsylvania, she meets abolitionist William Still (Leslie Odom Jr, MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS, 2017), who runs the Pennsylvania Anti-Slavery Society and introduces her to fellow abolitionist Marie Buchanon (Janelle Monae). Ms. Buchanan is a free black woman, as elegant in her manner as she is dedicated to the cause … and she’s worthy of her own story.Harriet decides she must go back and rescue her family. She is told the trip is foolish and too risky – which doesn’t stop her from making 13 trips and saving 70 slaves. We learn of her work with the Underground Railroad – not a train, but rather a secretive organization committed to helping slaves escape to freedom. After the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850, Harriet’s work becomes even more difficult, as she must guide the slaves all the way to Canada. Omar J Dorsey plays Bigger Long, an expert slave hunter – yes, that’s an actual occupation – hired by Harriet’s owner to capture her. When Harriet converts Walter the scout (Henry Hunter Hall), the colorful character becomes a valuable ally and strong believer.As a young girl, Minty/Harriet had her skull cracked by a slave owner whilst standing in the wrong place at the wrong time. After that, she experienced episodes, “spells” that she claimed were visions from God. The film captures quite a few of these and treats Harriet as someone “touched”. Was this the prophecy or was Harriet an extraordinarily resourceful and tenacious woman? The message of God is present throughout, and it’s difficult to not view this as unintentionally taking a chip out of what Harriet accomplished.Slave owners were baffled by the rescues conducted by this mythic figure they named “Moses”. Of course, they assumed it was a man, and once Harriet’s identity was exposed, her former owner was held accountable by other slave owners. It’s at that point where Gideon Brodess’ mother Eliza makes one of the most cold-hearted, racist speeches we’ve seen on film. Eliza is played by Jennifer Nettles, the singer for C&W band Sugarland. In 1858, Harriet crosses paths with abolitionists John Brown and Frederick Douglas, and delivers an impassioned speech of her own in the presence of Senator William Seward (one of Booth’s targets in the Lincoln assassination). Harriet assisted Brown with recruitment for his raid on Harpers Ferry. In 1863, Harriet led the Comahee River Raid, which resulted in 750 slaves being set free.The film might be a bit slick, but the acting is top notch, and Harriet’s story is remarkable. Director Lemmons forgoes the brutality of 12 YEARS A SLAVE, and tries to cover Harriet’s time as a slave, her first escape off the bridge, and her continued work freeing other slaves. Harriet went on to become a Civil War spy for the Union, and later a respected elder who worked for women’s voting rights and to make latter life a bit easier for former slaves. It’s possible a movie was not the best format to tell Harriet’s story … a story that continued to develop until her death in 1913 at age 91 (or thereabouts). But it’s important to have her story documented in some way other than the textbooks kids likely won’t read. A film that tackles such a towering historical figure deserves a little slack.

  • mauro-neto
    mauro neto

    Trashhhhhh! Script was trash and so was the casting. I’m willing to bet that no one who is Ados wanted to touch this mess with a 10 ft pole. This film somehow managed to attack the character of blk men who should be victims of their circumstances created by Europeans, while glorifying or making massa a person with a conscious when we all know that the brute animals of that time had no conscious. I’m glad I didn’t pay a dime to support this mess. Nope, never.

  • dr-l-molnar-jozsef
    dr l molnar jozsef

    Harriet is a sincere tribute to the real-life freedom fighter. Excellent performances and a developed story add layers of entertainment. Anyone interested in documentaries or the subject material must watch this. The story tells the heroic tale of Harriet Tubman’s escape from slavery and transformation into one of America’s most influential figures. The film recounts how her courage and intelligence freed hundreds of slaves and changed history as we know it.Cynthia Erivo, as Harriet Tubman, brings out something award-worthy. This actress of Broadway fame launches her star potential to greater heights as she perfectly captures Tubman’s appearance on top of her distinguishing characteristics. The film is truly a vehicle for Cynthia’s many talents. Other cast members include Leslie Odom Jr. as William Still and Janelle Monae as Marie. While Odom Jr.’s role is relatively one-note as someone Tubman sends runaways to, Monae adds heart to Marie as she settles Tubman for city life. As the film progresses, a heartbreaking scene sticks its landing due to the dynamic between the two.Kasi Lemmons aptly directs, as the story is told chronologically. However, the cinematography does leave a little bit more to be desired, as it lacks nuance and something of interest, during extended dialogue-heavy scenes. Due to this, I felt the runtime and was left desiring the thrilling rescues that follow. It is worth mentioning that you must be interested in American history, or else you will truly remain bored during its two-hour runtime. My favorite scene is Tubman’s first escape, because a thrilling scene follows where Tubman jumps downstream into the river rather than get captured. It is truly a testament to Tubman’s courage and agility.The message of this film is that Tubman always stands for justice and treats even her opponents fairly; really everything Tubman stands for speaks truth in heroic qualities. I give this film 4 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 12 to 18 due to violence, thematic content and language, including racial slurs.Reviewed by Arjun N., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic. For more reviews by youth, visit kidsfirst dot org.

  • ljudmila-nikitin
    ljudmila nikitin

    This isn’t an historical movie. It’s propaganda of the worst kind. The Harriet lead was so bad I found myself being looked at in the theater due to busting out in laughter during some of her lines. As a history major I saw so many outright lies in this film that I’m surprised it’s even labeled as a “documentary”. The US seems to take a lot of liberties with historical facts & that is frightening. They’re even trying to endure us to Hitler now. Lol. What in the world is going on in Hollyweird??

  • mary-juarez
    mary juarez

    The movie has no energy or life! very disappointing

  • phreiderikos-koutsikopoulos
    phreiderikos koutsikopoulos

    There litterly added a character called “Bigger long” who doesn’t exist

  • narine-zelveyan
    narine zelveyan

    This has to be the biggest disappointment of 2019. Whenever a movie is made about historical figures, there’s always some degree of fiction. However, they went above and beyond this to a degree that was ridiculous. They needlessly created primary characters that aren’t part of the historical record . Also, some elements of the relationship between Harriet Tubman and the slave master were totally unbelievable.The acting was ok but, never reached the caliber that one would expect for this type of film. Finally, the cinematography wasn’t that great. It was done in a way that made it seem like a Lifetime movie or something that should have gone straight to dvd instead of being in theaters.

  • mr-billy-thomas
    mr billy thomas

    This was a hit piece and white supremacist propaganda. I sat there enraged to see the horrors and cruelty of slavery ignored when in reality black suffered horrific atrocities. Violent white supremacy is given a pass but somehow a historically non existent Villainous Black Bounty hunter made it in and was hell bent on killing Harriett and he also violently killed Monae’s character also a fictional characters & one added just so this blk man can kill her. This was awful. So white supremacy terroism and law of the land slavery isMy showcased but instead blks are the real villain of slavery while White people weren’t that bad and just people of their time. This was pure propaganda trash.

  • sussanne-holm
    sussanne holm

    There were so many problems with this film. A black man is made to be the antagonist in a film that is literally about the enslavement of black people by white people, her white slave master is somehow her love interest (terrible terrible terrible), her white slavemaster saves her (evoking a common and cliche white savior narrative), and the actress who plays Harriet is a Nigerian woman who has made incredibly offensive remarks about Black Americans! This film is tone deaf and should have been left in the archives. This is not my Harriet.

  • mateusz-wojtunik
    mateusz wojtunik

    It’s a bit of an insult to African Americans being the story wasn’t depicted clearly in the way it should’ve. Although Harriet is a hero it was played as a super hero movie . It took greatness and turned it into a joke. Cynthia’s performance was corny as well as others

  • susan-shah
    susan shah

    Putting aside the directing, editing and overall story line the films most egregious aspect may actually be the score. Think cheesy lifetime TV movie style of music. It is so terrible in fact it is actually distracting. This might actually be the only silver lining considering the sluggish pace of the film that also unfortunately only tells one part of Harriet Tubman’s incredible life. It is unfortunate that it has taken Hollywood this long to make a film about Tubman; however, perhaps they should have waited a little longer to get it right.

  • rozitis-arnolds
    rozitis arnolds

    I wonder if the people giving this film a “nine” or “ten star” review or rating even saw this film? We are rating the film, not the person. If there is a botched and problem ridden film on da Vinci we don’t rate the bad film highly because we like the person who is putative its subject.Please. The scripting is insultingly lowbrow, almost patronizing. The acting talent has a good record in other productions but in this film is unrealized due to the other problems. There are quite a few ahistoric, frankly false, events in this film which are not needed and make the film more a less than credible hagiography as opposed to the plenty sufficient bravery, courage and strength of Tubman herself. Why maker her some kind of mythical comic book type character???? Is this the story about a real life hero, or about a graphic novel superwoman who people will just assume is fictional?Lastly, I am not a religious believer. I am a confirmed atheist. But I find it troubling that Tubman’s deep religious feelings and expression, whihc she used as the main, if not sole lens though which she saw the world, and which motivated her, is discounted.The film is not a total loss, but Tubman deserves better, much better, as do contemporary audiences.