Reforms have offered opportunity in Cuba but the children of the Revolution are unsure of the best route forward. For a half-dozen drag racers, this means last-minute changes to their beloved American muscle cars, as they prepare for the first sanctioned race in Cuba since 1960. Punctuated by a lively Cuban soundtrack, Havana Motor Club offers a fascinating glimpse at the resilience and ingenuity of the competitive spirit.

Also Known As: Havana Motor Club, Against the

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  • gintalas-rytis
    gintalas rytis

    06Jan2020 {7/10 stars = B} Could have easily been shortened to a one hour documentary. Recommend? Yes, especially for people interested in motorsports or Cuban culture.Interesting documentary about automobile racing in Cuba. It includes how racing is a part of their national culture and some interesting tidbits about Cuba’s history. Ironically, even though the documentary has a lot of high speed racing, at times it feels really slow and drags. This could have easily been a one hour documentary.There is no English spoken. If you don’t understand the Cuban language your only option is reading the English subtitles that are part of the movie. The subtitles are large white letters and easily read. Some of the subtitles move quickly to keep up with what is being said. It is easy to miss what is being said if not making a consistent effort to read the subtitles. Reading the subtitles makes it difficult to enjoy the scenery and other things happening on screen.During filming the Roman Catholic Pope visits Cuba. There is some talk about the Pope visiting and how his visit delayed the scheduled race. People are shown lining the streets to see the Pope and the Pope’s motorcade is briefly shown.CONTENT ADVISORY: The most common profanity in the subtitles is the f-word that is said approximately 6 times. There may have been another one or two stray profanities that I am forgetting.{1=F 2=D- 3=D 4=C- 5=C 6=B- 7=B 8=A- 9=A 10=A+}

  • alla-melik-adamyan
    alla melik adamyan

    If you love cars then I promise you you are going to love Havana Motor Club.This film captures an interesting part of Cuban Culture I had no knowledge about. Havana Motor club’s focus is on organizing the first legal car race in the country since the rebellion in 1958.It was beautiful watching this film, seeing what a beautiful country Cuba is, watching these car lovers put together these classic machines with the limited resources they have, and listening to those machines war. Amazing.My favorite part thought was watching the male egos of the drivers (and the driver’s overbearing fathers in some cases) gloat over who’s car was the best, but I must admit, they had some great cars to be proud of.Absolutely wonderful documentary and an incredible inside look on Cuba.