Anne is investigating the life of her grand-aunt Olivia, whose destiny has always been shrouded with scandal. The search leads back to the early 1920s, when Olivia, recently married to Douglas, a civil servant in the colonial administration, comes to live with him in India. Slowly, Olivia becomes fascinated by India and by the local ruler, a nawab who combines British distinction with Indian pomp and ruthlessness. This fascination is not without risks: the region is being ransacked by a group of sanguinary bandits, and intrigues are opposing the prejudiced British community led by Major Minnies and Dr. Saunders against the nawab. As Anne delves into the history of her grand-aunt, she is led to reconsider her own life.

Also Known As: Upal i kurz, Жара и пыль Soviet, Hede og støv, Verão Indiano, Kuumuus ja kiihko, Hetta, Chaleur et poussière, Calore e polvere, Heat and Dust, Calor y polvo, 1982. In Satipur Town, Kapsa kai skoni, Прах и зной, Hőség és homok, The Nineteen Twenties in the Civil Lines at Satipur, At the Palace in Khatm, Hitze und Staub West, Verão Vermelho, Oriente y Occidente, Heat & Dust, W upale i kurzu, Avak Lohet

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