Joe Pendleton is a football quarterback preparing to lead his team to the Superbowl when he is almost killed in an accident. An overanxious angel plucks him to heaven only to discover that he was not ready to die, and that his body has been cremated. Another body must be found without his death being discovered, and that of a recently murdered millionaire is chosen. His wife and accountant, the murderers, are confused by this development, as he buys the Los Angeles Rams in order to once again quarterback them into the Superbowl. At the same time, he falls in love with an English environmental activist who disapproves of his policies and actions.

Also Known As: Раят може да почака, Der Himmel kann warten, O Céu Pode Esperar, Himlen kan vänta, Le ciel peut attendre, Himlen må vente, As perimenei, o Paradeisos, Himmelen kan vente, El cielo puede esperar, Taivas saa odottaa, Ας περιμένει ο παράδεισος, Ép testben épp, hogy élek, Cennet Bekleyebilir, Небеса могут подождать Soviet, Der Himmel kann warten West, Der Himmel soll warten West, Heaven Can Wait, Niebiosa moga zaczekac, Il paradiso può attendere

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  • anonymous

    Please note that what is shown here is the 1943 movie of the same name, not the 1978 movie.