Heimat is a Space in Time (2019)
Genre: Documentary, History
Director: Thomas Heise
Stars: Thomas Heise
Countries: Germany, Austria

Heise’s latest, Heimat is a Space in Time, is a monumental work that traces four generations of his family’s archives, from the 19th century to the present – their intimate stories revealing the larger cultural and political events that have shaped the past hundred years of German history. The collage of documents in Heise’s brilliant essay film include letters and diaries that he reads, in voiceover, to luminous black-and-white images of various German landscapes and spaces. In this immersive work, silences reveal as much as what is said, with fragments drawing attention to what is missing. Heise’s family was torn apart only to have subsequent generations coalesce and try to make sense of their remnants. Heimat is a Space in Time spans both world wars, economic collapse, a horrific genocide, and the rise and fall of political ideologies, and it is Heise’s focus on the small details of personal experience, the subtlest shifts of light across a landscape, that make for his film’s most visceral experiences.

Also Known As: Heimat Is a Space in Time, Heimat ist ein Raum aus Zeit, Heimat is a Space in Time, Heimat es un espacio en el tiempo, Heimat est un Espace dans Le Temps

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