Race car driver, Jim Douglas goes to Monte Carlo to enter his car, Herbie, in the Monte Carlo rally. When they get there, Herbie falls for another driver’s car and Jim falls for the driver Diane, who thinks he’s weird. But what they don’t know is that a pair of thieves who stole a very valuable diamond, hid it in Herbie’s gas tank. And the thieves try to get it back.

Also Known As: Herbie Monte Carlóba megy, Herbie ide u Monte Carlo, Herbie en el Gran Premio de Montecarlo, Herbie en el Gran Prix de Montecarlo, Herbie i Monte Carlo, Um Fusca em Monte Carlo, Cupido motorizado enamorado, Το Κατσαριδάκι πάει στο Μόντε Κάρλο, Ограбление в Монте-Карло Soviet, Herbie al rally di Montecarlo, Herbie drar til Monte Carlo, La Coccinelle à Monte-Carlo, Riemukupla Monte Carlossa, Хърби отива в Монте Карло, Herbie gaat naar Monte Carlo, Herbie no Rally de Monte Carlo, Der tolle Käfer in der Rallye Monte Carlo West, Cupido motorizado en Monte Carlo, O Fusca Enamorado, To katsaridaki sto Monte Carlo, Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo, Herbie, o Fusca Enamorado

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  • meghan-guerrero
    meghan guerrero

    Herbie goes Bananas stimulates the mind into the misconception that a car can really be alive. Not only this, it provokes the audience to the extent of the isolation of the fundamental principles which underline our corrupt society, which it goes a long way to highlight.If I was to re-write this film, I would not. This is because I feel corruption and deviance need to be highlighted in films of this nature as they reach into the thoughts of youngsters and adults alike.

  • alexis-sandoval
    alexis sandoval

    The third outing for the ‘Love Bug’ has the usual mix of caricature characters, slapstick and automotive anthropomorphism. This time as well as Herbie’s owner’s love interest, the car falls in love too, and they solve a diamond theft to boot.The idea of sequels is that the punters get ‘more of the same’ but with a twist, and I guess that is (for good or ill) delivered here. So, if you liked the first two films you will probably like this one too.Whilst key parts of the film do appear to have been shot in Paris and Monte Carlo respectively, much of the film was clearly shot in California. The racetrack sequences were (I think) shot at Laguna Seca and elsewhere the Sierras seem to double for the Alps etc.Anthropomorphism of a car still seems weird to me. Weirder still is that the type of car is as liable to go down in history as being ‘Herbie’ as for being the world’s most produced car, whilst it’s origins ( a pet project of Nazis) are quietly forgotten/brushed under the carpet.Yes, the ‘lovable’ bug/beetle was born as Hitler’s “Kraft-durch-Freude-Wagen” which roughly translates as the “strength through joy -mobile”. German citizens were encouraged to buy saving stamps every week which, once they had a full set, would be cashed in for a shiny new KdF-Wagen. Well, that was the idea… millions duly coughed up for the stamps in the late 1930s. It was in effect a scam; no-one (apart from a few Nazi high-ups) actually got a car, whilst the Volks themselves were robbed of their savings, probably to fund armaments…Faced with a need for transport in the post-war British sector of Germany, a surviving pre-war beetle prototype was (literally) dug out of the rubble of the factory that had spent the war years producing the mechanically similar ‘Kubelwagen’ and (in no small part due to the efforts of the Britsh Army) production of a revised Beetle (with engine bearings not made of cheese etc) was started. After a short period of time control of the factory was handed over the local German government and the rest, as they say, is history. 20-odd million cars later they finally gave up making them.Those who love these cars will no doubt think all this was a wonderful stroke of fate, whereas those who think that the these were horrible cars (and anyway should have been consigned to the dustbin of history because of their dubious origins) will wonder if perhaps the RAF/USAF bombers couldn’t have done a better job, the British Army a slightly worse one, and thus spared us 20-odd million (plus various equally ghastly Porsche progeny) farty monstrosities all with their engines in the wrong place.But I digress; if you liked the first two films you will probably like this one too. Kids will probably love it and adults will probably tolerate it, which is about as good a recommendation as you can give a Disney live-action film of this era.

  • sheila-lynn
    sheila lynn

    Even Disney are guilty of the cash cow disease, after the roaring success of The Love Bug in 1968, the house of mouse cashed in with Herbie Rides Again, Herbie Goes To Monte Carlo, and Herbie Goes Bananas. Neither sequel capturing the charm and inoffensive appeal of The Love Bug back in 68, in this one we find race driver Jim Douglas and his sidekick Wheely Applegate, entering Herbie in the Monte Carlo Rally. Naturally things outside of the race start to take over priorities, they get mixed up in a diamond robbery and Herbie falls in love with another car!. The car stunts are of course pleasant and easy on the eye, and it would be churlish of me to really vent venom on such a friendly piece of fluff, it’s just that the film goes nowhere fast and personally now i can see it for the coin motivated piece of work it is. Still you get to see Herbie take a bath, foil the baddies and of course dance for the lady in his life, so something there for everyone i think………………..4/10.

  • indrjit-dddhaal
    indrjit dddhaal

    I really like This Herbie movie but even Theo its not my favorite in the series but its my 2nd my favorite with some silly and corny scenes its still a bloody good movie its funny and fun I love how they brought back Dean Jones who also appear in The love bug 1997 TV movie and in the short lived series called Herbie the love bug a rare nearly forgotten series which ended after 5 episodes. The story is about Jim returning to Herbie’s life again after 12 years and takes him to Monte Carlo with a new car helper with him called wheelie played by Don Knotts and Herbie feels in love with another car which is one of reasons why this movie is really a charming movie and I think this is the 2nd best in the series so there you have it The love bug and Monte Carlo are far by the best in the series Herbie fully loaded is OK and Herbie rides again The love bug 1997 TV movie is pretty good the worst in the series Herbie goes bananas.{1 The love bug{2 Herbie goes to Monte Carlo{3 Herbie fully loaded{4 The love bug 1997{5 Herbie rides again{6 Herbie goes bananas} All in all Herbie Win the race again this is great fun and if you a Herbie fan like I am then I will love this movie I give this movie a 8.8 out of 10.

  • robert-borjesson
    robert borjesson

    ‘Herbie Goes To Monte Carlo’ is a fun movie, and that is all it is meant to be. It isn’t as good as the original but does raise some good questions. Like how do you determine the gender of a car?The plot is simple enough to follow. The story is simple, two thieves have hidden a diamond in a race-car which is now competing in the Trans- France Race, but it isn’t your usual VW. And who is this mysterious Mister X? The two thieves are pretty much the comic relief.It’s a humorous movie for the family, as long as you don’t take it serious. The kids will love the humor while the adults will love seeing all the old cars. I would say not the worst in the series but definitely not the best either. Stick to the original.

  • emilia-arce
    emilia arce

    Race car driver Jim Douglas (Dean Jones) brings Herbie to Europe with mechanic Wheely Applegate (Don Knotts). They enter the Trans-France Race from Paris to Monte Carlo. It’s 12 years since they last raced. Their opponents include the German Bruno von Stickle, Frenchman Claude Gilbert, and Diane Darcy. Thieves Max and Quincey steal the giant diamond Étoile de Joie and hide it in Herbie’s gas tank as the police surround the museum. Herbie falls for Diane’s car.Dean Jones returns to the Herbie franchise. The addition of Don Knotts does not necessarily add to the humor. Julie Sommars is beautiful and strident. However, she isn’t with the guys enough to create chemistry. The thieves and the cops aren’t that compelling. They do a bit of broad humor. It’s not that funny in this Disney franchise sequel.

  • dr-kjeld-ostergaard
    dr kjeld ostergaard

    Well what can I say about “Herbie” the good old vw with a humanside. Nothing much but, all that I can say even if I happen to watch this movie now I would for sure enjoy every fun moment of it for anyone who still has not seen the “Herbie” series go out and rent it. I am sure it will bring back the kid in you!!! or if you are a kid then you will surely like it.

  • jonathan-nichols
    jonathan nichols

    Vincent McEveety took over directing duties on this third “Herbie” film that sees Dean Jones return as Jim Douglas, who has regained possession of Herbie, and has entered a Paris to Monte Carlo road race with help from his friend Wheely Applegate(played by Don Knotts). Trouble starts when jewel thieves hide a stolen jewel in Herbie’s gas tank(located in a spot never seen before or since!) Herbie has also fallen in love with a light-blue Lancia car also in the race, which is a distraction Jim didn’t need… Nice to see Dean Jones return, though the unexplained absence of both Buddy Hackett and Michele Lee is annoying. Really no better or worse than the previous film, with equally silly plot elements.

  • chris-carter
    chris carter

    Nearly ten years after the original Love Bug races, Jim Douglas (Dean Jones) is back in the game! This time he has a new mechanic/sidekick, Wheeley Applegate (Don Knotts). Together, they have entered the Paris to Monte Carlo race and harbor high hopes of winning. Unexpectedly, as Jim goes through the first practice sessions, Herbie begins to act bizarre. Before long, the reason is clear; The Love Bug is in love! This time its a sweet blue racer driven by a WOMAN, Diane (Julie Sommars). Soon, there is a mild collision, as Herbie is trying to snuggle with the blue auto. Diane is furious at Jim and believes he, like all of the others, doesn’t respect her as a capable driver. Jim stammers apologies and sure likes the looks of Diane. Meanwhile, a respected professional is planning to steal a huge diamond that he has sworn to protect, by installing a new security system. However, his two minions bungle the theft and end up putting the beautiful rock into Herbie’s gas tank. Now, not only is the VW acting strangely, he is being followed by those who want to recover the jewel. With all of this turmoil and a large field of racers, will Herbie stand a chance of winning? Come on, he’s proved he is a winner, right? This darling movie, the third in the Love Bug series, is still fresh and funny despite being made long ago. Jones is terrific as the handsome driver while Knotts shines in the shotgun role. Sommars, who some may remember from the television show The Governor and JJ, is pretty and entertaining as the woman determined to show she can play with the boys. All of the other cast members, perhaps European but unknown to American audiences, are very comedic, too. Then, too, the scenery in Paris and the French countryside is wonderful, as are the costumes, script, and zesty direction. Are you a fan of this series? You will love it but so will most folks who sit down for an evening view.

  • rhonda-daniel
    rhonda daniel

    In the last few years of Ron Miller’s (son-in-law of Walt Disney cum Producer) reign he churned out live-action crap on a stick often starring the very boring Dean Jones, whose entire career was based on that kind of light, empty-headed fare. Other horrible films from that same period include Pete’s Dragon, the Last Flight of Noah’s Ark, Unidentified Flying Oddball and the dreaded Condorman. I’ll not mention Tron because I thought it ambitious and Miller was only the executive Producer on it, so he had little to do with the actual production. However he was in full force when this god-awful piece of human junk was expelled from the bowels of creativity. Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo. Second sequel to much- loved Love Bug tale finds Herbie in love with another car who has a brain and heart too. There’s a race, some lame bad guys, a diamond and Barney Fife. Shot in France, the film actually is nicely photographed and the countryside is lovely. But one gets the idea the film was made so all involved could have a three month vacation in France. The rest of film is a wreck. Prat falls, bumbling thieves, wicked German racing competitors and a pretty bouncing feminist all fall under the category of stock supply. The biggest insult of the film: trying to further develop Herbie’s lover personality via shakes, beeps, flashing lights and movements indicative of a horny seventeen year old, Disney’s writers do an injustice to our cute little VW. Then again I would think it’d be tough for anyone to top Helen Hayes driving Herbie around a skyscraper ledge in the second outing.

  • troy-gray
    troy gray

    I have been a huge fan of Herbie. The love bug is one of my favorite Disney movies of all time its I would over and over again. When I heard about its sequels I thought they where not going to be as good as the first one well I was wrong. While Herbie rides again and Herbie goes to Monte Carlo are very good in my book. Herbie goes bananas is by far the weakest in the series depited having some good moments in it. But I like this film a lot while its not as good as the first one I still its a great film for all ages. Scenes in this film are beautiful being filmed in France which is a beautiful country to visit. Overall another great film Herbie goes to Monte Carlo is one of the better sequels I have seen 8/10

  • vardo-melik-ize
    vardo melik ize

    It has been twelve years since Jim Douglas last won a race; in fact, it has been twelve years since he last drove a race but he has selected the prodigious France-Monte Carlo race to make their come back. Being greeted with laughter is a problem they can overcome but when Herbie falls in love with a rival car it means that he is distracted and more interesting in impressing her than giving his all. Mind you, even if they manage to get over that problem Jim and Wheely don’t even know about the stolen diamond in their fuel tank or the international thieves chasing them to get it back.Herbie films have never been about high production standards, character or plot and this entry in the series is no exception. The plot mixes one thread about a jewel robbery and another about romance. The former is the more enjoyable strand but it doesn’t do enough to get the most out of it because it focuses more on the romance side of things. In regards Herbie, this at least provides some scenes that kids will find funny with the two cars, however it also brings tiresome bits between Douglas and Diane Darcy that aren’t fun at all. It all does what you expect it to in all regards and there isn’t anything special here but most of it is amusing and inoffensive enough for adults to watch while also being broad, visual and silly enough to keep children content.Dean Jones is happy to mug along as usual and he does it well enough to fit the mood of the film; likewise Knotts pulls faces and gurns as much as he possibly can. Sommars is really rather annoying and has as little character as her character’s ugly and charisma-lacking car. Herbie is amusing as ever and the film does well to draw a character out of the car without resorting to the cheap effects used by the modern entry.Overall this is not a great film but it is an enjoyable kids movie and should be viewed as such. It is delivered with consistent good humour even if it has no surprises or laughs to really speak of. Adults might get bored of it easily but are unlikely to be annoyed by it, while children should be amused and distracted by the inoffensive antics.

  • bagminji

    Herbie goes to Monte Carlo is my first favorite “Herbie” film. My favorite scenes were: The scene when the diamond thieves are chasing Herbie through the French country side and my other favorite scene was when Dean Jones and Don Knotts got into a fight with the diamond thieves. The whole movie is funny but I thought those were the funniest scenes. Don Knotts is hilarious as usual, just like on the “Andy Griffith” show.A cute scene I liked was when Herbie was taking a shower from the splashing water of a big fountain.

  • steven-davey
    steven davey

    Love Bug’s third entry in which Herbie is racing in the Monte Carlo Rally , it is full of pranks and car stunts that are great fun to see . Agreeable Disney’s love bug Wolkswagen plenty of action , slapstick , laughs and fun . This hilarious Herbie story concerns about The Love Bug falls ‘hood-over-wheels’ for a classy chassis! Herbie, the Volkswagen Beetle with a mind of its own undertakes the famous international car race but encountering all sorts of comical obstacles along the way . Unbeknownst to Herbie’s driver thieves (Ron Kinnear, Bernard Fox) have hidden a cache of stolen diamond in the gas tank . So the thieves resort to all manner of traps , legal or otherwise, to get it and are now attempting to get them back . There is one obstacle however : Herbie and a French Police Inspector (Jacques Marin) is investigating the robbing . Fortunately, the couple of pilots (Dean Jones, Don Knotts) have a sleeve in the form of Herbie , the fantastic car , as they takes the magical Wolkswagen Bug with a mind of its own . The VW falls in love with a sports car, a Lancia , as both of them compete in the notorious race . Miraculous Herbie take them for a ride and stumbles into evil hoodlums who pursue through roads , highways and race tracks . As always, Herbie the love bug , is helping the young couple (Dean Jones ,Julie Sommars) find romance but encountering all sorts of hilarious problems along the way . Meanwhile Herbie with the number 53 intervenes in the biggest race cars from Paris to Monte Carlo and win the Grand Prize , a challenge among top competitors circle the world’s most famous racing circuits and quickly slipping in the ranking.This ordinary Disney slapdash film displays great loads of amusement , fun , giggles , race cars and is pretty entertaining . It’s an enjoyable movie for kids and for those who enjoy cars racing round and round and bounds and leaps by Herbie . The actors seem to enjoy immensely , as Dean Jones and Don Knotts play of sympathetic manner and the mean-spirited villains performed by Ron Kinnear , Bernard Fox and Jacques Marin are top notch . Brief appearance as sympathetic waiter by Gerard Jugnot subsequently prestigious player in the successful ¨The choir boys ¨. Colorful cinematography by Leonard South and jolly soundtrack by Frank De Vol including the lively leitmotif , usual in the Herbie’s series. This is a delightful film , the original film turns out to be : ¨The love bug¨ (1969) by Robert Stevenson with Dean Jones, Michele Lee and Buddy Hackett , followed by ¨ Herbie rides again (1974)¨ also by Robert Stevenson and starred by Ken Berry , Stefanie Powers and Helen Hayes ; it’s followed by ¨Herbie goes to Montecarlo¨ and ¨Herbie goes bananas¨ (1980 , or Herbie Torero) by Vincent McEveety starred by Charles Martin Smith and Cloris Leachman , among others and a 1997-for-television-movie and a TV series , the most part filmed by Stevenson and Vincent McEveety and usually starred by Dean Jones . Furthermore recent version starred by Linsay Lohan , Justin Long and Matt Dillon , being directed by Angela Robinson. This ” Herbie goes to Monte Carlo¨ version is amusing and with lots of laughs but is a familiar film . The motion picture is correctly directed by Vincent McEveety . Worthwhile seeing , typical Disney slapstick ,it’s a great fun to watch and there are loads of entertainment in this one . It’ one of the best and funniest of ¨Herbie¨ series .

  • sigrid-andrea-evensen
    sigrid andrea evensen

    When you think about Herbie Goes To Monte Carlo raises some interesting philosophical questions. Such as how is the sex of a car determined? Are here certain part variations as there are with animals or is the sex determined by the owner?You won’t get the answer to these questions, but with Dean Jones as racing driver Jim Douglas back at the steering wheel you will get a reasonably fun movie from the Disney Studio. This is the third Herbie film from the Magic Kingdom and it lives up to the standard created by the first one.Jones after giving the car over to the tender care of Helen Hayes in the second film is back at the wheel, this time with Don Knotts instead of Buddy Hackett as his mechanic. Though I like Knotts very much as a performer, something was definitely missing without Buddy Hackett in the film. You’d have to have seen the first to appreciate it, but Hackett was the first to discover the true essence of Herbie, the Volkwagen with a soul.Dean and Don have several problems to overcome. The first is a pair of inept jewel thieves who nearly get themselves caught even with all the museum layout and security systems information. To avoid capture Bernard Fox and Roy Kinnear dump one very large diamond into Herbie’s gas tank before the Grand Prix race from Paris to Monte Carlo. The second is an officious German driver who apparently well remembers that Volkswagen’s were not vehicles of sport from the Third Reich. Eric Braeden is one of those Germans you just love to hate.The final problem is Herbie who takes one look at the lines on the car Julie Sommars is driving and guess what, her car has a soul as well. I guess you needed a handsome, devilish may car, rogue like Herbie to bring it out. He also of course brings Julie and Dean together, though I do have to wonder what happened with Michele Lee from the original film.Nice location scenery of France, the countryside and the metropolitan areas of Paris and Monte Carlo definitely help one enjoy this film even if you’re not a devoted fan of the soulful Herbie.

  • zvonko-dujmovic
    zvonko dujmovic

    Although the movie is quite old, the special effects are obvious and the cgi non-existent, this is one of the best family-movies ever. The story is simple, two thieves have hidden a diamond in a race-car which is now competing in the Trans-France Race, but it isn’t your usual VW. And who is this mysterious Mister X?The scenes where Herbie and the Lancia meet are unforgettable, the two thieves are pretty much the comic relief, the love interest Diane has some pretty sharp edges, and the racing against the German and the French guy adds another point of tension to it.The low rate for this movie surprised me. I thought it was a very good movie, with action, nice characters, humour, and some good fun. 8/10

  • jindrich-prochazka
    jindrich prochazka

    ‘Herbie Goes To Monte Carlo’ is a fun movie, and that is all it is meant to be. Some have said that it is not nearly as good as ‘The Love Bug,’ but let’s face it: none of the Herbie films are about great brilliance. They are all about having fun and getting a laugh. The kids and I really enjoyed it.It is great to see Dean Jones again, and he plays Jim Douglas as someone who knows, understands, and even loves Herbie. My only criticism of this film is that it lacks Buddy Hackett. Still, Don Knotts is a wonderful replacement.On a four-star rating system, I give this one ***. Come to think of it, that is about what I would rate ‘The Love Bug.’ The DVD of ‘Herbie Goes To Monte Carlo’ does not feature any extras, but there are plenty on the ‘Love Bug’ set, certainly enough to cover both films. Funny stuff, and loads of fun!