Hey! Little Bone (2020)
Genre: Fantasy
Director: Ai Yanru
Stars: Zhao Jiaoxuan, Chen Xinzhe
Countries: China

Zha Lingkong, a junior monster of Xuantian Sect is appointed to invite Madam White Bone to fight Duanmo Sect with Xuantian Sect. But Zha finds that Madam White Bone used to be his lover, but Madam White Bone has lost her memory. She agrees to help Xuantian Sect on the condition that Zha helps her recover her memory. Zha tells her how they met, got to know each other, fell into love and separated. After this, he decides to go back alone and doesn’t want to put Madam White Bone in a dangerous situation. Unexpectedly, Duanmo Sect starts attacking. Then he realizes that he was tricked by Xuantian the leader of the Sect. When he rushes back, Madam White Bone lies in blood, and fails to recall her relationship with Zha before her death. At last, Zha defeats Xuantian for the people.

Also Known As: Hei, xiao gu tou, Hey! Little Bone

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