Two truck drivers fight off thugs who have been hired to drive them out of business.::[email protected]

Also Known As: Convoy II, P. F. Flyer, Los diablos del camino, Heißer Asphalt East, Szabad az út, Iron Duke iskee takaisin, Gangsterzy szos, Iron Duke slår tillbaka, O Comboio dos Valentes, コンボイクラッシュ, Sacrée balade pour les gros bras, Vauhtihurjat, Piratas del asfalto, A Estrada do Medo, Death Toll, Truck drivers, Konvoy II, Brændt gummi, Med högsta fart, Gypes tis leoforou, Svidd gummi, High-Ballin', Trucker West, High-Ballin' - öset...

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  • orban-janosne-toth-eszter
    orban janosne toth eszter

    A group of hijackers are harassing truckers. Iron Duke (Jerry Reed), and Pickup (Helen Shaver) are two of the independents worried about the situation as well as being pressured to sell by the ruthless trucking boss King Carroll. Visiting stunt driver Rane (Peter Fonda) is riding shotgun with his friend Duke when they are attacked.This is a Canadian action exploitation B-movie. The plot is pretty simple elevated by solid actors. Its action is reminiscent of gonzo Australian B-movies. There is a good amount of destruction. Camera work is not that imaginative but effective enough for the era. At various points, it takes its sweet time which is unhelpful in an action thriller. Overall, it’s not aiming that high and it mostly its target.

  • robert-cukon
    robert cukon

    As you no doubt know, the 1970s produced a number of American good ol’ boy movies involving truckers. This particular one is somewhat different, because it had significant Canadian involvement, in order to take advantage of a tax shelter system that existed there at the time. If you are thinking that the end results are a kind of mishmash between two cultures, you are right. The movie often feels kind of strange, not coming across as either Canadian or American in tone or appearance. But the feel of the movie is not really one of the big problems with the movie. While other good ol’ boys movies of this era were packed with action, there is very little action here, and what little there is happens to be choreographed and directed in a manner that’s more often than not slow and sluggish. And while other good ol’ boys movies had a lot of comic relief, the little humor in the movie is lame and passionless. In fact, the other parts of the movie also share a great lethargic feel. Maybe it was from the fact that most of the movie was shot in the cold Canadian winter (though strangely there are some scenes where there is no trace of snow anywhere on the ground.) Movies like this killed off Peter Fonda’s drive-in career.

  • ashot-kayfejyan
    ashot kayfejyan

    When I was a little kid they had these Trucking driving country and western movies. The great smokie Road Block, Convoy, etc. Many years later I watched some of this crap on TBS, boy did I not miss much when my mother made me go to bed early. Well, I have gotten older and watched this dog on TBS, and I still could not keep awake. Some movies like a bad wine will turn into vinegar with time, and that is what this film is or at least a sleep aid. Keep on Trucking, I am happy I missed the 70’s. 3/10

  • manon-adam-le-leroux
    manon adam le leroux

    Better head for Rosie’s Truck Stop Diner and order a king size stack of flapjacks! That’ll give you a higher burst of energy than losing it from watching HIGH BALLIN’. It’s got the right ingredients for a 70s trucker movie including some colorful comedy and a C&W music score with Jerry Reed singing the theme song. To my dismay, it has a terrible amount of substandard action. Few cars on the loose and big explosions do not help. A slippery snow setting makes this tough to get the best results out of a simple little basic chase film that carelessly becomes your simple little basic “Save me!” film. The climax is so nearly desperate that one will have in mind how mixed the entertainment gets. “Pickup” is a very appealing character at first, but she later starts going into an emotionally nervous and frightening breakdown, which brings to mind the harsh violence that can’t control itself towards the end. The word “confusing” best describes the movie in general. There hasn’t been any trucker films recently, but HIGH BALLIN’ may show you its greatest weakness: how not to adapt as a well thought out action film. Just leave the tip.

  • tomo-bobanovic
    tomo bobanovic

    This movie is made for truckers in the day of having long hauls, long distance traveling, and suddenly, there are hijackers in the wait. Life is a gamble, especially in the trucking field. Being an independent contractor is one thing, working for a big company is another. It’s best to stick with strong friends when you back’s against the wall. Jerry Reed, fresh from the first “Smokey and the Bandit” get to ride the big rigs again. This time, he’s a struggling trucker who gets to stand up to the big boss of a trucking company who is forcing the independents off the roads and drive them out of business. King Carroll(Chris Wiggins) runs a big company who will do anything to keep the indies off the road. When one of the truckers(Lex Tyrell) is head of a hijacking ring for Carroll. He had one trucker jumped. And when a former stuntman named Rane (Peter Fonda) , joins the Iron Duke (Reed), along with Pickup(Helen Shaver) the back up is all here. This movie is more like a western, only with diesel “horses”. There was a lot of action there. Some silliness added though, but I enjoyed it very much. This movie is for truckers. 2 out of 5 stars.

  • therese-larsson
    therese larsson

    Does anything happen in this movie? Truckers drive, eat in greasy spoons, have some fistfights…the only good part of the movie is Jerry Reed’s theme song, which is a weird country fried disco number. Peter Fonda seems to be wearing his Easy Rider castoffs for much of the film, but must have been on downers when he made this craptastic snooze fest. The ending is ludicrous to say the least.

  • slavica-bukvic
    slavica bukvic

    Women are referred to as “beavers”, presumably because that’s their most important asset. The heroine of this piece gets some foolish ideas that she can drive a truck, and live independently without taking orders from a man. In the end, of course, she learns that only men are capable of punching and killing each other, as well as women, and she accepts her rightful role. Heartwarming.

  • k-ristine-yowzbashyan
    k ristine yowzbashyan

    Not much to see here. A couple guys swashbuckling with big Ken-Tool tire irons. At least this is a movie that accepts the existence of snow. Jerry Reed plays “the Iron Duke,” a trucker who wants to make a few more runs and then stay at home. Peter Fonda perhaps should have played a trucker and not brought the biker element into this movie. After the chase with the racecar-laden auto transporter there isn’t much to see. One memorable scene is Duke’s poignant attempt to defend himself with nothing but a tire knocker. If you like trucker movies, it’s your duty to watch High-Ballin’ at least once, though. Isn’t driving a truck in Canada exciting enough without a typical far-fetched plot? I guess the ultimate truck driving movie would have no plot at all and would be just one big roadeo.

  • emanuel-fernandes
    emanuel fernandes

    Having spawned an entire exploitation subgenera of outlaw biker films with his excellent “Easy Rider,” could Peter Fonda do the same for movies about eighteen wheels of justice? “High-Ballin'” actually beat “Convoy” by one month on it’s release date for being the first movie action movie about truckers (although “Smokey and the Bandit” came out the year before), but it’s a pretty silly inconsequential hixploitation flick, and Jerry Reed is really the main character here. Reed and Fonda have to fight off a bunch of trucker thugs hired by a local crime boss who wants to put independent truckers like them out of business. Helen Shaver and Michael Ironside, in his first named-character role (he plays Butch), also appear in the film. Overall, I enjoyed this dumb movie and so will others if you’re a fan fo hixploitation/rednexploitation type of films (think good ol’ boys fighting one another ALA “Gator” or “Walking Tall”), even if it’s pretty routine and nothing all that memorable. “Smokey,” “Convoy,” and “White Line Fever” are all still better trucker films, but I was entertained by “High-Ballin’.”

  • barsamia-marina-khristophore
    barsamia marina khristophore

    Reed and Fonda make a great combo in this truckin’ action movie, you wouldn’t want it any other way. Reed with a beard, so much resembles one of my Dad’s friend’s in this movie, it’s almost uncanny, like in the way he answers people, especially in one response. Fonda, an ex truckie, a biker here of course, joins Reed on one last route, after a bit of friendly persuasion by Reed. Only this trip becomes one for survival. Truckies are being hijacked and robbed of their shipment and trucks, the players, are people in their own backyard, one a friend of a guy who gets in a fight with Fonda, the instigator, making a funny remark about his non use of roll on. The fight, where the players use irons is disappointing as it’s over before it’s even begun. The loser, if you can call him that, and it’s not Fonda, was trying to crack on to female trucker, prior, a hot number (Helen Shaver) who really gave him a serve with her sweet talking mouth, while nibbling cutely on some jerky. Fonda becomes the hero, taking down this operation, one scene has him and Shaver surviving a shooting in a motel room. This is a fun adventure movie but a good drama too. Another scene where Reed, Fonda, and Reeds’s little son, Tanker are being set upon by bad guys, firing bullets was compelling, where Fonda gets up on the second deck of the trailer at the back of the rig, and unhooks these cars, where they come flying back off the trailer into the path of the bad guys, one car making a backfire explosion which I thought was cool. Reed says to himself in the middle of all this chaos. “Oh boy, why couldn’t I had a girl”. It also had a good showdown between Fonda and his foe’s mate, who holds Shaver at gunpoint. Also what was great, was we got to spend some time at home with Reed’s family, which very much reminded me of when I was a kid and how I used to sit around the table, talking with Dad’s friends. Even though this movie’s dated, it’s worth a look, another reason why American International Pictures was a cool movie company. Reed’s performance here is impressive too.

  • mateja-galesic
    mateja galesic

    Peter Fonda and Jerry Reed make a great team in this well-made Canadian-filmed action flick, which is very much of it’s era. Made during the height of the time (late-70s) when movies about 18-wheelers and CB radios were all the rage (you may remember Reed from another HUGE hit of that time, “Smokey & The Bandit”), “High-Ballin'” plays alot like a modern-day western, with Fonda riding into town after an extended absence to help his buddy and former road partner Reed, an independent trucker, take on hijackers who are trying to run him and other independents out of business and into work for a local trucking kingpin.There’s nothing too fancy about the straight-forward story, but there’s excellent camraderie between Fonda and Reed, as well as good supporting work from Helen Shaver as a saucy female trucker/groupie, and Harvey Jason as the chief henchman of the trucking company kingpin, King Carroll. It was also interesting to see Carroll played as a man who, while playing a not entirely honest hand, doesn’t necessarily want to resort to violence in trying to achieve his means. There are several impressively staged action sequences along the way, as well as some nice cinematography showcasing the snowy Canadian locations. Director Peter Carter keeps everything moving at an interesting clip.”High-Ballin'” is no masterpiece for the ages, but it’s an entertaining time-killer and definitely a movie of it’s time.

  • c-iuri-valievi
    c iuri valievi

    I can’t see why people are downing this movie because it doesn’t really fit in a genre like Action or Comedy. This is a movie, it tells a story, and some parts are funny, there is some action, there are some serious moments and it is a little dark. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll see some action.Overall it’s a story about a big trucking company trying to squash the independent truckers out of business with Jerry Reed and Peter Fonda fighting against The Man for all the colorful, CB jive talking’ independents out there.The main problem with the movie, in my eyes, is the dreary and bleak scenery and Jerry Reed’s overuse of “Son” as a form of address. There are some parts of the plot that are weak and not well explained, like the female lead “Pick Up”. She eats at truckstops with the truckers and is on the CB and acts like a trucker but she just drives a pick up truck with exhaust risers and a camper on back. What is her job? Just cruisin’ the highways pretending to be a trucker? She almost seems like a trucker groupie/wannabe, a step up from a lot lizard. Also not clear is why the big trucking company wants the independent drivers to quit and start working for the big company. The independents still haul loads for The Man and have to pay his fees. It is never really made clear.This movie was entertaining all the way through the only real downer was the scenery. Wherever they are up in Canada is dirty, snowy and downright depressing.If you like trucker movies and Jerry Reed, give it a spin. It isn’t as awesome as Convoy it still is a good view.

  • vitezslav-pokorny
    vitezslav pokorny

    If you think you might be getting into a jovial SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT type film thanks to HIGH-BALLIN’s ad art, think again. What the film delivers is a dark, moody piece set in snowy Canada that doesn’t seem to know what direction it exactly wants to go in. Reed plays Duke, an independent trucker who just happens to be next on the list of a bunch of local truck hijackers. Fonda is Rane, an old trucking buddy come to visit for a spell and ends up helping Duke take on the hijackers. Is it supposed to be a comedy? Well, there are some funny moments. Hard ass action flick? Well, there are some cool stunts. Romantic drama? Well, yeah, there are some tender moments. For some reason though, there is that aforementioned dark tone that somehow squeezes out any ounce of humanity and replaces it with an ominous aura that lays itself out on the characters and the landscape. Maybe it’s 1970’s Canada, as I got the same feeling watching Cronenberg’s FAST COMPANY. It may sound as if I don’t like this film but I do. It’s different and odd, especially for it’s genre. Definitely worth a look.