High powered lawyer Claire Kubik finds her world turned upside down when her husband, who she thought was Tom Kubik, is arrested and is revealed to be Ron Chapman. Chapman is on trial for a murder of Latin American villagers while he was in the Marines. Claire soon learns that to navigate the military justice system, she’ll need help from the somewhat unconventional Charlie Grimes; meanwhile, Claire’s sister, Jackie, is falling in love with wet-behind-the-ears Lieutenant Embry assigned as the official defense lawyer. And most of the eyewitnesses have rather too conveniently died.

Also Known As: Zaboravljeni zlocin, Crimen en primer grado, Особо тяжкие преступления, Ypsila eglimata, Bez przedawnienia, Тежки престъпления, Rasked kuriteod, Crimes em Primeiro Grau, Υψηλά εγκλήματα, Baisus nusikaltimai, High crimes - Crimini di stato, High Crimes, Crime em Primeiro Grau, Tiszta ügy, Pravi zlocin, Büyük günahlar, Den skjulte sandhed, Salattu rikos, Crima de înalta tradare, Toda la verdad, High Crimes - Im Netz der Lügen, ハイ・クライムズ, High Crimes - Auf höchsten Befehl, Crimes et pouvoir

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