A drag queen takes in a drug addict and her daughter and helps raise the daughter.::Matthew Ignoffo

Also Known As: Holiday Heart, A Vida é Mesmo Assim, A Vida É Mesmo Assim, Праздник сердца, Holiday szíve, Una Drag-queen Come Mamma

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  • jason-richards
    jason richards

    Stunning and tear-jerking performance by Alfre Woodard as a crack addict. Good story line. Although Ving Rhames gave a good performance as a drag queen, he wasn’t a very attractive (believable) one. He was TOO manly to really ‘work’ that role, but his effort was commendable. I give it 3+ stars! Definitely worth viewing.

  • gregory-green
    gregory green

    This is probably one of my Top Ten of movies that one must see for the realistic plot and the plot formation. There was more creative thought into the plot and dynamics between the characters and this is not your “normal” movie, however, it shows a paradox between being a drag queen and also being a Christian, which is cool. It’s heart warming, yet realistic in a world that values quick answers and easy solutions. It offers hope and reality. The lines are well written. The music is great. The actors and actresses are well chosen. Top notch film.

  • bo-lundstrom
    bo lundstrom

    I rented this movie on the basis of Alfre Woodard,one of the most under-rated actors in the industry, and I was not disappointed. She is absolutely fabulous as the errant mother. The screen play is extremely realistic and the casting is superb. Ving Rhames is tremendous and Jesika Reynolds is a talented force to be reckoned with. We will see her in many movies to come.It was a feel good movie, but the ghetto scenes (whores, drugs, violence, crack, etc.) are so real. I know it’s a little “touched by an angel” ish, but sometimes that kind of movie just feels good. It gets your attention and never lets you go until the end. Sometimes good folks and children win in this world, if not the battle, the war.

  • eliza-bagratyan
    eliza bagratyan

    Remember Lou Reed’s classic “Walk on the Wild Side”? Ving Rhames’ portrayal of a gay female impersonator reminded me of that song.It was fun to have a movie take us into the life of a character who is so different than the characters usually played by the male lead.The opening scenes of the funeral service for Ving’s lover/domestic partner are tragic comic. I laughed out loud but got a lump in my throat at the same time.Alfre Woodard is great as a hopelessly drug addicted mother. I felt anger, disgust, and sympathy for her character.

  • danielle-hess
    danielle hess

    Holiday Heart was a very heartwarming movie. I have actually seen this movie three times. The story line is unique and makes you think about how much one person’s kindness and love can change a difficult situation. Alfre Woodard was great in her role as Wanda and Ving Rhames really touched my soul as the drag queen with a heart made of gold.

  • olivier-eerden-demmendaal
    olivier eerden demmendaal

    The previous “review” was incorrect on so many levels. First and foremost, the child is a GIRL. I tend to believe the “critic” had not actually seen the movie. Ving Rhames proved his range on this one and believe it or not, he made a pretty good drag queen. The story line was good and the acting was great. Holiday’s history was handled tastefully and realistically. I loved the character and got wrapped up in it even though it was chopped up for broadcast television and a lot of the language was bleeped out. Not sure who the censors were but they were button happy that day! Alfre Woodard is always a pro and her portrayal of a crack addict was on the mark. She really shines in this role.

  • unsever-saci-gul-yildirim
    unsever saci gul yildirim

    When I read the story line of Holiday Heart and discovered Ving Rhames played a drag queen, I thought “I gotta see this!”, After all, he is a big, burly ,mans man; with a big burly man’s body (Pulp Fiction, Baby Boy: in this, fully nude butt shot! extremely hot body!). This would be such a huge departure from the roles he usually plays.I could not wait to see if he would be able to pull it off. Well, pull it off he did; and excellently I might add. Great movie, great story and great acting. As usual, Alfre Woodard does not disappoint.A must see even if it is just to see Ving lip sync “baby love”.

  • albert-kudelka
    albert kudelka

    Well, I found this on BET today. It was on at 1pm. Channel surfing saves the day again. I thought Ving Rhames was very good in the part. Not all drag queens are successful because they are beautiful; a lot of their success comes from their humor and personality coming thru with a touch of outrageousness. Charlie Brown and Divine come to mind. Alfre Woodard was gold like always; very, very good portrayal of a crack addict. The actress who played the daughter was really good too. I kind of had a hate/love feeling about Silas. I think the script had some holes but overall a very good story. I would prefer to see it unedited as I think all the editing they did took some of the edge out of the picture. I felt good at the end even though it was somewhat tragic. I think this picture did what it was supposed to; it was supposed to make you care about the characters and I did by the end.

  • dzenis-vilis
    dzenis vilis

    This is absolutely the very best film that Ving Rames has ever made. His performance was amazing, totally outside of his expected roles. His portrait of a gay drag queen is exquisite. It shows a depth of understanding and empathy which has not been seen is years. His performance is more than deserving of an academy award, not withstandinq that this offering does not qualify for such an award.

  • stephen-vazquez
    stephen vazquez

    I mean the movie would be nice if this character that is gay ever read the Bible and his life to have known that the Bible makes it pretty clear how it feels about gay people. Just saying. Besides that the movie was decent and it had a good family connection while having the plot of a black woman dealing with a crack addiction. This movie was very annoying. And the cross-dressing character was a little way too religious for anybody’s liking. I felt bad for Nikki and the experiences she had with both of her deadbeat parents but I did enjoy the fact that the cross-dressing character took good care of Nikki.

  • valerie-hopkins
    valerie hopkins

    Holiday Heart is a very heart-wrenching drama about a Drag-queen played beautifully by Ving Rhames and a crack addict mother and her young daughter. Ving loves the little girl as a father and tried to protect her. But soon the little girl’s mother gets a boyfriend who sells drugs and her mother starts doing more crack and disappearing for days. Ving tries to help the little girl and her mother but things get very complicated when the girl’s mother owes money to the druggies. Fantastic family film that will make you laugh and cry. This sensational film gives you a sense of happiness and is highly entertaining. Watch this with your family and watch it again and again. ****stars

  • aurora-cases-diez
    aurora cases diez

    i just had to counter all the positive reviews.first of all, this is not a movie you want to watch with your kids, unless an addict trying to pimp her 12 year old daughter for crack is something you need your kids to see.you should also stay away if you have diabetes. this melodrama is as treacly as they come. i counted four kleenex moments in the first 30 minutes! and it keeps coming thick and hard, with christmas, people tearfully shouting their most intimate secrets at each other, the parent breaking down as the child is reading the heart-wrenching poem in front of the school, etc. thank goodness the obligatory tragic death at the end is instantaneous and doesn’t involve a hospital bed scene.the movie’s critical of the crack addicted mom for being weak, but where’s the criticism against silas, the drug dealer? there isn’t any. how’s this for a happy tv movie ending? niki ends up in a happy family with her new drug-dealing daddy. but it’s ok, because he only sells, never uses. and he’s the guy who ruined niki’s mom! a slight dilemma there, perhaps? not as far as the filmmakers are concerned.

  • tsovinar-taronts-yan
    tsovinar taronts yan

    I have watched this show twice now and I must say, this movie is a tragic winner. You know there is some truth to this movie and to see this with such touching acting makes you ache to help someone in trouble. I have known people going through life with just as horrendous times but never having a friend like Holiday Heart. Havin that would have eased their pain. I am happily married with 6 grandchildren and I would love for my son-in-law watch this and realize what drugs can do to a family. Loving someone does not make two yous, it makes 1 us. This movie is very moving and watching it with my wife, who is stricken with colon cancer, this movie made both of us turn and say I Love You at the same time. This movie is one I would love to own.

  • chad-mcdowell
    chad mcdowell

    Sorry, Ving Rhames. You might make a good tough guy… but as a drag queen, you are nothing but a complete EPIC FAIL. So seeing you gyrating your hips, clad in a dress and boogieing on down to The Supremes is uncomfortable to say the least. The worst aspect though, is the rent-a-crowd whooping and hollering his every facile movement. How hard up for entertainment must these guys be, to find this pathetic spectacle enjoyable? And enough to make him rich? Sorry, not in the real world, darl. You wouldn’t even make it past the audition stage of America’s Got Talent. Those buzzers would be going off faster than 4th of July fireworks.So you see, this made for TV film has a major credibility issue from the start. Another problem would be the amount of tolerance the church has towards homosexuality… In the rose-tinted view of Holiday Heart, it isn’t even raised. But as we know, America is one of the most divided countries regarding gays and Christianity, so the fact it wasn’t even brought up at ANY point here makes me smell a rat. Or rather, a cover-up. It’s much more interested in pursuing it’s stock characters with boring, melodramatic predictability rather than tackle anything of real note.I could also go into Rhames’s role further, as he is a complete pushover who gives up ALL his dreams just so he can look after this junkie and her daughter he’s known for five minutes. He also forgives a man who threatens and shouts homophobic abuse at him for months, at the drop of a hat. I’m sorry, but people who take so much punishment without trying to fight back even a bit do not earn my sympathy, but utter contempt. And that stupid camp voice he talks in… Yep, sufficed to say I don’t like him in this film. Or indeed, anything else, really.APART from one scene near the end, when he start beating up a pimp and his heavies. It’s completely unbelievable in context. but it did remind me what he was good at. Better stick to action movies, Ving… 3/10

  • owilyam-ts-olakyan
    owilyam ts olakyan

    I happened upon this movie recently while my girlfriend was watching BET. She remembered the movie from her childhood and wanted to give it another viewing for the sake of nostalgia. I was immediately stunned to see Ving Rhames saucing around in drag. Oh my. I actually thought it was an offbeat comedy of sorts. Apparently, it’s not, and that’s what totally captivated me.Every scene is played for sheer drama, and just about every scene had me howling with laughter. I’ve recommended this to many of my friends who are big fans of MST3K and unintentionally funny movies, in general, and every single one of them has been blown away. It’s pure gold.The movie has a very low-budget, Hallmark or Lifetime Network look and feel. I believe it was probably made for a cable network though because it does have a little bit of strong language. It has some top-shelf talent on-board as well: Ving Rhames, Alfre Woodard, and Mykelti Williamson (doesn’t ring a bell? Think “shrimp salad, shrimp and potatoes, shrimp burger, shrimp sandwich”)! The young girl, Jesika Reynolds, is beyond cute, and a serviceable enough actress, but just not really charismatic and plays her cues virtually flat. Mykelti actually does a fine job with what he had to work with, but Ving and Alfre and a few other cast members totally make up for it though, just chewing the scenery like Tasmanian Devils at each new scene.The story is meant to be a very serious drama, and is a very sad tale of drug abuse, physical abuse, parental neglect and even worse. It’s just portrayed such a corny, melodramatic and overacted way that I honestly can’t see how anyone could take it seriously. I mean, it’s got a lot of heart. Just no brains.I guess tons of copies of this movie aren’t around, because DVD copies out there consistently go for around $20+ on Amazon and eBay, but I kept a sharp eye out and finally grabbed one dirt cheap on ebay. The full movie can also be found on YouTube, if you don’t mind watching it via the internet.Some bad movies are just bad and not watchable. This one consistently entertaining at almost every second of its running time. I think about 1.5 or 2.5 stars out of 10 for it’s intended purpose. I’d give about 10 Ed Wood flying saucers out 10 for it’s unintentional entertainment value.

  • ronald-blanchard
    ronald blanchard

    I saw this movie, as other viewers did, by channel surfing. I almost stopped watching it when I saw Ving playing a gay man – not very attractive, but he really surprised me. His acting in this movie, along with Alfrie, was the greatest. I agree that they should not have glorified the drug dealer. But I lived around crack addicts and Alfrie gives a very accurate portrayal. I am trying to find it to rent. I want to see it again. I am sure we could all guess that she was going to die in the end, but it still made for an excellent picture. I have seen many movies on the street life, and yes, I do agree it is a little like a Touched by an Angel show, but America needs more of this type of thing because the problem will not go away by ignoring or judging it. People may very well be offended by her trying to pimp off her daughter, but that is the reality of the disease of addiction. Instead of spending money for a war across the seas, we should spend more on stopping the inflow of cocaine and heroin into this country. But why should they; the rich get richer, who cares if an occasional mother (loving mother) gets hooked and dies. That is the whole problem. It’s not looked at until it becomes personal, then they want to change things. Excellent movie.

  • nada-botica
    nada botica

    A great rental that makes you feel warm inside. This deals with raw issues. Ving plays an excellent role and he is what caught my eye to continue watching it. He is much more handsome in real life. 🙂 But overall, Alfre Woodard works it and the rest of the characters just adds color. it is funny and yet thought provoking. I watched the edited version on TV but would rent the actual copy to not have the edited scenes as i saw on BET. I don’t remember this movie getting a lot of publicity but this movie would have the same type of popularity as “The Burning Bed”. Don’t take my word for it. Check it out for yourself and let me know what you think.

  • blanka-kratochvilova
    blanka kratochvilova

    I came across this movie last night, I have to say that the movie was excellent. The acting was awesome, the story line was incredible. Two thumbs up for everyone, a job well done. I have 27 years of sobriety and I understand the progression of the addictive disease. Ving Rhames, you played an awesome role, I felt your compassion. Great job. Alfre Woodard, what can I say, you are an incredible actress. Your performance was amazing. I was captivated with your performance and was aww with how you portrayed a drug addict. Jesika Reynolds, as a young actress at that time you were amazing in dealing with a mother of a drug addict. Beautiful performance. This is truly a must see movie on anyone’s list.

  • elmira-qip-shize
    elmira qip shize

    “Holiday Heart” attempts to be a touching lite drama about a burly drag queen who befriends a female druggie and her daughter. Rhames works hard to fit into his character and his dresses and, to his credit, pulls it off. The film in general is a little schmaltzy around the edges, makes obvious efforts to push the viewers buttons for the desired result, and tells a story which beyond the unique premise is unoriginal. Nonetheless, the viewer who sets skeptical analysis aside and goes with the flow may just become pleasantly engrossed in this heart warming tale of strange bedfellows.

  • konstanty-barszczak
    konstanty barszczak

    Holiday Heart is the tale of Holiday, a talented drag queen and how his life intertwines with the lives of a young girl named Nikki and her mother, who tries to kick a drug habit during the course of the film. Holiday is at first accepted by the mother and child after he saves them from an abusive relationship, only to be rejected by them when a new love enters the mother’s life. The new love is a drug dealer, but does not approve of the mother using drugs. She eventually goes back to the drugs and he cuts her loose. After she disappears Holiday has to step back in to help take care of Nikki, which he does, even though he has dreams of getting away to Paris to start a new life since he recently lost the love of his life.Where do I start with this film? The acting is TOP NOTCH. Ving Rhames, who plays Holiday, gives one of the best performances I have ever seen in my lifetime. Alfre Woodard, who plays the mother, just steals the show though. Her portrayal of an addicted mother is so great that words can do it no justice. It really has to be seen. The child actor turns in an outstanding performance as the child distraught over her mother’s problems. I was extremely impressed at how she was so adult in many scenes, due to the fact that such a life will cause a child to grow up very quickly.I rate this a solid 10 out of 10. One of the greatest films I’ve ever seen.

  • dindo-pagano
    dindo pagano

    I’ve seen lots of movies with Ms Woodard and not knowingly have seen Mr Rhames in his other movies. Pulp Fiction was way too intense for me and Holiday Heart was something that I decided to watch, but these two actors in this movie are AWESOME!!! Ms Woodard is so convincing as a full-blown, out-there-on-that-end drug user, then to see her as a ghost who needs to finish business on earth in Heart and Soul…….this woman is amazing! And Mr Rhames had me thinking he was indeed a drag queen outside of the movies! Dang, he’s good!! One of the best scenes is in the drug store for Nikki and that’s all I’m saying!! (Unfortunately, there are women who fit Ms Woodard’s striking profile of the drug user and though some do end up as Wanda, many do make it through and become clean and go forward. I hope this was so for the lady who had to live the nightmare with her mother. (If this paragraph has to be removed because it’s personal, I understand.))

  • tomasz-krauza
    tomasz krauza

    What a surprise I had when I accidentally came across this movie. I saw Holiday Heart on Logo early one Saturday morning after dropping my partner off at the airport. I was basically killing time! NOT! I began watching the film and I simply couldn’t stop! I was hooked after the first ten minutes.This is really a great little film and I recommend it to everyone. It touches a lot of issues and the setting is so refreshingly different. I also think Ving did a brilliant job playing the main character. I am sure he is glad to have that as part of his CV.As for the rest of the cast, I thought they all did a great job. It wasn’t until later that I remembered where I had seen Mykelty Williams – Boomtown. He played a great supporting role! Its great that Logo is bringing this movie to us and I hope plenty of people get to see it.

  • andreja-leskovar
    andreja leskovar

    Upon seeing “Holiday Heart” last night, I was left with a heartwarming feeling. A slightly unusual Christmas tale, but very well done. As in any movie, there were certain parts that were less than realistic (Social Services would’ve been all over this situation) and I would’ve liked to have seen a little more development of the relationship between all the characters, but as I usually say, I don’t watch movies for reality, I watch them for entertainment or escape. I’ll watch A&E, Discovery, and The Learning Channel for reality television.The always-enjoyable Ving Rhames looked a little uncomfortable portraying a drag queen at first, but was impressively camping it up by the end of the film. There was a fine supporting cast as well, especially the exceptional Alfre Woodard as the mother who struggles with her drug addiction. Jesika Reynolds did a fine job in this role as the heartbroken daughter, and Mykelti Williamson was excellent as usual as Silas. Kudos to Robert Townsend for a lovely and slightly surprising story.All in all, if you have a chance to watch this movie, I highly recommend it! You’ve got to give Ving Rhames credit for being in full drag on stage lip-synching “Baby love, my baby love…” Showtime delivers another “No Limits” performance.

  • katie-sanders
    katie sanders

    I have watched this film numerous times. I have done so because this movie is wonderful, it teaches honesty, love, understanding and forgiveness. It also places emphasis on how to be a friend and open minded in the time of adversity. This movie is heart warming, sad, happy and very much entertaining. Being different only adds to the mystique of being an individual. This movie teaches us that we must be there when needed and that someone will be there we they are needed. DON’T JUDGE…LISTEN TO WHAT THEIR HEART IS SAYING!!! As Holiday says: “Honey, we all have a story to tell”…and we do.Listen…Understand…Know!!! Please take the time to enjoy this wonderful movie!

  • clive-barrett
    clive barrett

    Caught this movie on the Black Entertainment Network whileflipping channels. It was a pleasant surprise!!! Entertaining! Funnyand heart tugging all at once.When a young girl cries for help for her mom who is being beatenup by her boyfriend, the only one to help is a drag queen–HolidayHeart– who packs a punch. He befriends the duo taking them tohis home and they become a family in spite of their differences.All is well until another man comes along putting a rift between themother and Holiday. Then Drugs pull the mom away from thefamily.I found Holiday;s need for a family heartbreaking and truthful–andit was an incredible portrayal. Also great are Alfre Woodward andthe young girl.There are a couple of holes in the plot but this story of a dragqueen with a heart of gold really packs an emotional wallop. Whata sleeper. Highly recommended