A Seattle detective and a biologist find themselves the targets of murder from an invisible assassin gone rogue, as well as the government forces who caused him to become invisible…

Also Known As: Невидимка 2, Човек без Сянка II, L'homme sans ombre 2, Hollow Man II, L'uomo senza ombra 2, インビジブル2, Nevidljivi čovek 2, O Homem sem Sombra 2, Hollow man - mies ilman varjoa 2, Aorato aggigma 2, Árnyék nélkül 2., El hombre sin sombra 2, Omul invizibil 2, Людина-невидимка 2, Hollow man 2 - mies ilman varjoa, Hollow Man 2, Człowiek widmo II, Muž bez stínu 2 Czech

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    Geoff Wisewould

    I have selected several movies, but have not been able to get any to start.