Policeman Bob Gold has to capture a murderer that not even the FBI has been able to find. But before he can even start he is re-assigned to the murder of an old Jewish lady in a black area. The evidence points at a Jewish hate group and he discovers connections between them and his previous case.

Also Known As: Gyilkosság, Brigada de Homicídios, Överlagt mord, Anthropoktonia, Homicide- Murharyhmä, 殺人課, David Mamet's Homicide, Identificación de un homicidio, Hatet, A gyilkossági csoport, Wydział zabójstw, Отдел *Убийства*, Homicide - Mordkommission, Homicide, Homicidio, Homicídio, Отдел по расследованию убийств Soviet, Die Totschläger

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