In 1892, after nearly two decades of fighting the Cheyenne, the Apache, and the Comanche natives, the United States Cavalry Captain and war hero, Joseph Blocker, is ordered to escort the ailing Cheyenne chief, Yellow Hawk–his most despised enemy–to his ancestral home in Montana’s Valley of the Bears. Nauseated with a baleful anger, Joseph’s unwelcome final assignment in the feral American landscape is further complicated, when the widowed settler, Rosalie Quaid, is taken in by the band of soldiers, as aggressive packs of marauding Comanches who are still on the warpath, are thirsty for blood. In a territory crawling with hostiles, can the seasoned Captain do his duty one last time?

Also Known As: Neprijatelji Bosnia and, Hostiles: Ostili, Недруги, Hostis, Hostiles: violencia americana, Feinde - Hostiles, Vahsiler, Naidnieki, Ταξιδεύοντας με τον εχθρό μου, Hostiles, Вороги, Oi'vim, Neprijatelji

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    Why don’t you load the entire movie before playing so my movie doesn’t have to buffer every 3 mins