Danny Lohman and Patrick Armstrong – nicknamed Pip – are gay, one time lovers, and recovered best friends from their romantic split living in Los Angeles. Danny is a struggling actor who supplements his income by waiting tables. He is taking a private detective class taught by former PI Jimmy Peppicelli solely as research for a role on a television crime drama for which he has an audition. Well-connected Pip lives off his wealthy, overbearing, substance indulging and off-kilter mother Patricia, in whose house he lives in a separate wing all his own. Like Patricia, Pip is a narcissist who is all about self pleasure. He has convinced himself that he has long been on the search for Mr. Right, but in reality seems content to settle for Mr. Right Now, that role currently filled by actor/model Robin, who potentially wants to be Pip’s Mr. Right but is aware that he will eventually be tossed aside like all the others in Pip’s life. Pip is also not averse to more than one Mr. Right Now at any given time. Patricia indulges Pip’s search for that Mr. Right, she never having considered Danny in that category solely because he’s black. It is at a private gay sex party in his friend Michael Constantino’s house where Pip, drugged, awakens the next morning to find that the house has been ransacked, with many items stolen, including his Rolex and his car. This is the third such incident in the Los Angeles gay community in recent memory, they all which have gone officially unreported due to the number of famous people at the parties who would like to remain in the closet. With Jimmy in the background providing his expertise, Danny assists Pip in trying to find out who the perpetrator is behind these crimes. Despite Danny being at the top of Jimmy’s class, he and Pip may at times be way over their heads, with their lives potentially in danger if they get too close to discovering the truth. In the process, they may also come to some other truths about their personal lives.

Also Known As: Hot Guys with Guns

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